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Courteney Cox: Dirt Got Dumped

Courteney Cox: Dirt Got Dumped

Courteney Cox Arquette just revealed that her FX series, Dirt, will not be renewed for a third season. It got the axe!

“It just got canceled,” Cox told TV Guide yesterday at a charity event in Los Angeles. (Season 2 was cut short by the WGA strike.)

But this won’t put a damper on her and husband David‘s producing dreams.

“We’re developing all kinds of stuff right now,” she said. “We’ll be producing more stuff together, for sure.”

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  • amle

    Lifes goes on!! I am sure Courtney will be fine.

  • gumball

    She should stick with her home repair idea.. What happened to that?

  • Stefanie

    that sucks! I really liked that show!

  • American

    Yes! That show was terrible!

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Thank god!!! Show was just plain awful.

  • amle

    Better to try and fail than to never try at all. Plus, it helps when you are worth millions.

  • Ally

    oh no :(

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    doesn’t pay to be manistons friend.

  • rolling my eyes

    Nor surprised, the show was Pure DIRT.

  • Moviewatcher

    I like her but the show was horrible

  • sunnykidstyle

    I think she look pretty in these pictures. I’ve never seen that show, but in any case it must be sad for her, if her project is discontinued. Good for her if she has the motivation to do something else instead and not let it get to her.

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  • sunnykidstyle

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  • flora

    that’s a shame, i loved the show! even though i have never been a huge courteney fan, i definitely was a fan of dirt!


    Dirt’s theme is ho-hum and of no critical value. I like CC, however. She’s good friend to Aniston, although I don’t see any positive gain of being the third wheel. Let Aniston loose.

    I am no film insider, but it must be difficult to start a production company. There are other doors to open. Good luck to her !

  • original jpf

    I like CC, and I wish her a better show because IMO, DIRT was probably one of the worst I’d watched in a very long time. It had nothing going for it other than making REAL Tabloids look almost journalistic lol. The last show I watched was probably the 2nd one in, and speaking of in, it was the eppie with Rick Fox getting it up the arse from a chick with a strap-on that said this was not the way I wanted to waste another hour.


  • hobbity

    She should have married Brad Pitt…as his ex she would still be offered movie roles.

  • meangirls

    whats wrong with the face? looks so old

  • thescoop

    what’s with the self promotion here, is that allowed? um, anyhow, Courteney is by far the wealthiest ‘friend’, from all her real estate projects she has been doing for years now…she doesn’t need to work another day in her life..
    lastly, why is this one particular poster, no names mentioned, so mean spirited..what does being Jen’s friend have to do with anything? grow up, and stop all the hating.

  • lylian

    I respect Courtney. I’m sure they’ve learnt a lot from Dirt. The next production will be better.

  • Jess

    She looks so old

  • Michael Compton

    i watched the first 6 episodes and found i still didn’t care a whit about any of the characters…….forgot to watch it the seventh week, and decided to just keep on forgettin’ …….Better luck next time CC – looking forward to whatever it might be (in spite of my opinion of Dirt, CC has talent)

  • hello

    she always looks so haggard


    hobbity @ 06/09/2008 at 7:17 pm She should have married Brad Pitt…as his ex she would still be offered movie roles.

    LMAO, funniest post I’ve read all day. I actually think maniston is hurting her career, hurting her husband’s career and her husband’s family’s career – I even think Maniston is so toxic she is hurting the career of her kid Coco, if she wants one. Aniston is such a life, time, and career suck (she’s a coattail riding leech of the biggest movie stars in the world) and ‘Brangelina,’ is soooo huge, and Aniston chose to make SUCH a huge deal and drama of her dumping that THAT is how she is viewed, as the biggest hugest woman scorned and ‘victim,’ of The Brangelina – which makes The Cox-Arquettes, on that sad pathetic whiny ‘team Aniston,’ for life. No one can see past it. The smartest thing the other ‘Friends,’ have done, even though they aren’t in the ragloids every week being mauled by clingy 3rd-wheel Maniston, therefore less tabloid exposure…which I’m sure they could give a f**k about.

    The reward for them, whether it’s Kudrow (the most talented friend), or the others, is that THANKFULLY they are not associated with that desperate weak lame Aniston. They should do themselves a favor and keep her not only at arm’s length but at a country mile length. You what she’s done to the ‘Arquettes,’ they and that whole family a’re basically her ra-ra section and babysitters…or make that middleagedNO-talent-sitters.

  • required

    that show was awful. i cant believe it lasted 3 seasons. nip/tuck needs to go next pleeeze.



  • Poor jenho

    That’s great news, hope the next to be ax is Oprah’s show. O ‘s rating is tanking as fast as a torpedoe. good for them.

  • sue

    #23….you are totally insane.

  • lol

    Of course it’s Jennifer Aniston and Huvanes fault..LOL Cliniquia , your not right in the head. Always blaming Jennifer Aniston for everyone else’s failures and faults. I guess it’s Aniston’s fault that Brad flew the coop too. Hmm

  • lylian

    original jpf @ 06/09/2008 at 6:29 pm


    Personally, I think the only way to do DIRT – given its subject matter, was as a COMEDY. Not drama.

  • moppsy


    I believe the show was a satire

  • C’est la vie…

    Maybe Courtney and Jennifer can get the old gang back a do a TV sitcom about two girls and three guys (David, Matt, Matthew) who live in New York).
    Lisa Kudrow shouldn’t be on the show, she’s far too talented for this bunch of whiney “celebrities”.

  • lylian

    moppsy @ 06/09/2008 at 10:59 pm

    I see. I’ve never seen DIRT. But whenever I’ve read about it, it seemed like a drama.

  • cc

    is it me or is she looking really old lately???

  • Missy

    ^^cc it is you! The girl is not wearing any makeup and is like 44 she looks great!! you obviously dont know what really old looking is, when your old yourself maybe you’ll see the difference then

  • Queen Bee

    …LOL!!…First “JOEY”, then Courtney BOTOX Cox’s show is AXED….

    …The FRIENDS curse lives on!….he he…

  • Raichill

    She looks so old. She needs a decent hairstyle. Her long hair is dragging her face down.

  • Dan

    That´s a shame…but she´ll be fine…

    Do more movies Cox…u r so talent!!!!

    Ps: That Cliniqua must love Jen inside…she just can´t control herself… every topic there she is….

  • QQQQ

    Thank GOD!

  • tondogirl

    courtney and chinny chin chin chinniston are both boring middle aged ugly women…period !!! and both knew it.. pheww

  • Tracy

    The show was OK-not great,but it was something to watch besides all these f’ing reality shows.

  • andrew

    at least cc has talent, ive seen her in some other totally different roles then Monica and she is convincing, im sure when she tries something else in that area it will be a success. Dirt wasn’t bad either, it had more viewers then alot of other shows and everything went well till the writersstrike. It prob has to do more with financing the show after the strike then with the viewers because there were many back then! But aniston, she has no talent, all she can ever play is rachel green, brad pitt is what made her famous!

  • http://jj Barbie

    I feel sorry for CC, she is always stuck being asked about Jen.

  • http://jj Barbie

    CC is screwed ever stuck with Jen.

    It appears Lisa Kudrow made the smart move.

  • hisyumminest

    I feel for Courtney, she’s a decent woman and proved that, even if her friend is not!

    I thought Dirt shoud have been lighter too. It was a satire but maybe it should have been an out right comedy, because that’s the only way to think or relate to tabloid writers.

    Hopefully her next projects will last longer, you learn from your mistakes.

    I agree that she has other things outside of Hollywood. Like Brad she was always interested in architecture and design.


    Forty is a death sentence for actress in Hollywood culture. Physical attributes count best, talent second. Obsessive and self absorbed culture. It is what it is. There are those who can sustain A-list level after 40.

    CC was and will never be an A-lister. Friends was an ensemble. Any one of them could not sustain an A-list category. Offshoot shows were all cancelled.

    By virtue of her marriage to Pitt, JA’s short A-list status was an overlay from that marriage, and predictably dissolved when the marriage ended. Her staying power are just remnants of gossips, tabloid press and power PR machine known as HUVANE. That too is just temporary.

    I must say however, that JA was wittier than any of her Friends co-star. She definitely has dry wit. In and of itself, dry wit will not sustain her place in the A-list.

    Case in point – Jodie Foster is over 40 and a formidable A-list contender. So are Meryl Streep and Helen Miren. I am not being unkind, but JA’s talent is for TV Lifetime Movies – those weary, boring and dull roles and predictably a ho-hum performance – and NOT 1 IOTA MORE.

    It is what it is !

  • Ole Skovlund, shrink, Denmark

    CC is great in informal, comical satire e.g. on the american society like in “Friends” an “The Shrink Is In”. Let’s get more like that, although it probably is as difficult to produce as it immediately doesn’t seem.

  • sue

    Pitt and Aniston were the golden couple. Angelina Jolie thinks she can take Jen’s place, but it isn’t working. oops!!!! She will never be in Jennifer Aniston’s league, no matter how hard she tries. boohooo! can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  • ugly maniston

    sue @ 06/10/2008 at 6:33 pm Pitt and Aniston were the golden couple. Angelina Jolie thinks she can take Jen’s place, but it isn’t working. oops!!!! She will never be in Jennifer Aniston’s league, no matter how hard she tries. boohooo! can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

    Better know history and little facts, just little facts,before you type anything ok? You are ranting out of nothing little girl! Don’t be stupid your idol!

  • Monica

    She was my most favourite on Friends. I think that was what she is and will always be best known for.. Monica Geller :D :D

  • Shy

    Besides Aniston all the others of Friends cast seems like a nice people. But Cliniqua is right – people will never look at the Courtney the same. Anistons shadow has ruined her career. When i read the news of Mathew Perry or David Schwimmer – Aniston’s name never comes to my mind. But when i read any news of Cox or Arquette (even like this one) Aniston’s name is the first thing that comes to my head. Manniston is such a vampire and has such a bad karma that she ruins everything around her. And who can say that it’s not her fault? She started the “pity” campaign – and now has consequences.