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Marisa Miller is Hyper and Hot

Marisa Miller is Hyper and Hot

Marisa Miller arrives for her appearance at the Tribe Hyper Club as part of Formula One week in Montreal, Canada on Sunday.

The 29-year-old American supermodel landed the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover in February, is a seventh year veteran as a Victoria’s Secret model, and was recently ranked #1 on Maxim‘s Hot 100 List.

In April 2006, Marisa married Hollywood producer Griffin Guess, after an earlier marriage to Jim Miller in 2000 ended in a divorce two years later.

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  • PP


    click here!!!thx:D

  • PP
  • Not a SUPERmodel…

    Totally looks like Jessica Simpson and she is not a SUPERMODEL!
    Never heard of her before so as below how could she be a supermodel…
    A supermodel is a highly-paid elite fashion model who usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. The term took hold in the popular culture of the 1980s and 1990s.The models who are given the appellation of “supermodel” often share similar traits. These models are reputable in the fashion industry. They usually work for top fashion designers and labels. They have multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements and campaigns. They have branded themselves as household names and worldwide recognition is associated with their modeling careers. They have been on the covers of various magazines. Claudia Schiffer stated, “In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognize the girls.” First-name recognition is a solid indication of supermodel status in the fashion industry.

  • jer

    i agree, she looks like Jessica Simpson, the hair and the face

  • Jessica

    to mel* yeah she does look like jessica simpson! that’s what I thought when i first saw it and then i read the headline.

  • JUC

    o my gosh.

    i just saw jessica simpson wannabe.

    PLEASE don’t try to be like her whoever you nameless nomad you are!

  • rita


  • Tanda

    Are you all THAT DENSE??? She looks nothing like Jessica. Marisa is a VS Angel for Heaven’s sake!!!!! You don’t know who she is????!!!!!

  • ey

    she pretty
    for a “american supermodel”

  • zoe

    her skin looks kind of weird here but its probably the lighting. and yes, she does look some what like jessica simpson. but marisa is actually a VS angel. i dont get what the hype is over her- adriana, and alessandra are so much better. she’s pretty and she’s good on the runway though.

  • @ Tanda

    Nope we don’t but apparently you do… Bravo!

  • krung krung

    she does look like J. Simpson but the boobs are obviously FAKE….

  • bejeebus

    29? she sure isn’t aging too well. her face is totally beat and sun battered. she needs to stay in a very dark room for a year or two…or three….maybe four?

  • cece

    I’m sorry but I honestly thought she was near the age of 38-40ish and people were so into her because she’s an older woman who happens to look good for her age. I never would have guessed she is only 29, I’m not hating but she looks like the sexy older mom that lives next door. Her skin is totally rough.

  • agreed with #4

    omg like wow shes a victoria secret model. therefore she MUST be a supermodel? are u f**king kidding me? btw here face is beat. she looks like she got slapped in the face with a tree branch, and it permanently stayed that way

  • jengirl

    i thought it was jessica simpson

  • wow

    She’s from my hometown and I’ve seen her in person. Boob job, thin as a rail, one of the thinest people that I’ve ever seen and she looks a little tore up, like she’s done too many drugs. And the people who know her personally say she and her younger sister are total bitches.

  • Caycie

    I thought it was Jessica Simpson…but Jessica looks BETTER!

  • Marta

    that’s funny

  • Helena

    29? She looks about 35.

  • jazmine

    she looks like Jessica Simpson!

  • Goods

    Not a Supermodel, is Adriana Lima a Supermodel? She’s recognized world wide, has been on various magazine covers: Elle and Vogue (though not Am’n.Brit.French), GQ, worked in high fashion for a brief time and is highly paid. She’s a supermodel.

    But I get your point, the label “supermodel” has been abused. Even some dumb heiress Lydia Herst or something claims to be a supermodel. It’s annoying, but the it’s the fault of the high fashion industry that the supermodels are dead. Most of the girls coming from High fashion are UGLY, alien-looking, pasty white, boyish-looking and just not appealing. The VS models of today are throwbacks to the runway models of the ’90s and late ’80s…they tend to be more traditionally beautiful and appeal to the general public more than high fashion models today.
    Even Gisele is boyish-looking and ugly, but she slept her way into the consciousness of the public via her tabloid-relationships with Leo Dicaprio/Tom Brady and she is liked by the gay men in the fashion industry and isn’t threatening to the staright women like Wintour who promotes her.

  • eddie jones

    aren’t these model types old news, what big fake boobs, blonde, yay. Anytime someone undergoes surgery to look another way they shouldn’t be able to model, what’s next, creating people just to pose in magazines?

  • Jessica

    She may have a lean body and ample cleavage but her skin is in horribly bad shape. She looks way older than 29. Her face looks dirty, weathered and just, well, old!

  • johnythecrazymuthafucka

    she looks hot, but her skin is really bad, because she is obviously a californian girl, plus all her modeling require her to be at the beach, yeah ladies tanning is not cool, I seriously will take a gorgeous pale girl over a wrinkled tanned girl any day!

  • Sam

    Oh my… catty comments about a gorgeous woman most people know nothing about… coming from WOMEN???!!! I totally did not see THAT coming!

    Kidding, of course. I think she’s gorgeous and her very down-to-earth personality is awesome. I’m glad to see she’s starting to get more notoriety. Go Marisa!

  • oh snap!

    she soo ugly if she can be a model then tori spelling and heidi montag can be a Victoria’s secret model they all manly UGLY

    she need to get her boobs redid, and her skin looks awful.

  • kelly

    I’ve never thought she was very pretty. Sometimes, I think she’s borderline ugly. AMAZING body though.


    i thought i was the only one who didn’t think she was pretty. she has the ugliest nose & her face looks super weathered. she has major sun damage. i also think that blonde hair does not go w/ brown eyes. i couldn’t believe that she got the cover of the SI swimsuit issue & was even more surprised when she was #1 on the maxim list. she has been an SI model for quite some time but i don’t know what else she has done. i think people get overhyped & it makes everyone think they are much more attractive than they really are. i bet her sun damage can’t be corrected or she would have had something done. looking at her makes me never want to go in the sun. i will give her props for being a surfer. i think that is pretty cool.

  • bridget

    I agree with # 4..marissa is NOT a supermodel…Naomi, Claudia,Gisele, Eva H,…those are supermodels..they actually have something to do with couture..this chick..not so much.

  • kristol

    I was wondering if you had more photos of when she was speaking to the blonde girl in the audience

  • Lizz

    I seriously thought that was Jessica Simpson before I read the little blurb. She is her doppelganger

  • k

    Jessica Simpsons

  • k

    Jessica Simpsons

  • authority

    oh shut the fuck up you complainers…that girl looks so good. In 20 years she will still be hotter than you ever were.

  • swebster

    this women is amazingly hot, this picture just isn’t her best…
    most of her pictures are more like this
    (time to look at picture)……..
    ok now tell me she’s not a beautiful woman

  • Tiffany

    Miller has seriously bad skin and severely bleached hair…reminds me of “Magda” from “There’s Something About Mary”. In twenty years I bet Marissa will look very similar to the overly bleached, overly tanned, skinny “Magda” character.

  • MoonBeamFluffyBunny

    She is gorgeous…period.