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Matilda Ledger Rides the Stroller Coaster

Matilda Ledger Rides the Stroller Coaster

Michelle Williams takes a leisurely stroller through through New York City’s Brooklyn on Monday with daughter Matilda Rose, 2 1/2.

The paparazzi have been following Michelle very closely the past six months for obvious reasons. It seems like photographers were hiding out while these photos were taken but Michelle has a sixth sense about cameras in the distance now! She definitely pointed the paparazzi out to her friend. Paparazzi spotted at 2 o’clock!!!

And here’s a cute story from Britain’s Telegraph Magazine as told by Heath Ledger‘s Casanova costar Sienna Miller: “Heath and I had this amazing night out in Venice with my mother. It had been pouring with rain. Heath ran out in the middle of St. Mark’s square [in Venice] and we were running around, and I slipped over. We all ran back to his [apartment] and he gave me these dry pajamas to get home in… [Two years later,] when he came over to my house last November, and he was having trouble sleeping, I gave them back, to help him sleep…When he died, I was so sad that I didn’t have these stupid pajamas anymore, so his father found them to give to me.”

Sienna apparently keeps the blue checked pajamas close, and had them with her in Prague during the filming of her upcoming movie, G.I. Joe.

FYI: Michelle is pushing Matilda in her Maclaren stroller.

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  • paula


  • courtney

    I feel Michelle’s pain!! I can’t help but say Matilida is sooooooooooooo cute. Heath is written all over her face!

  • hannah

    The paparazzi are pigs! They only think about $. How do you have a good night sleep knowing that you make money off by desperately want that perfect picture? Ughhhhhh annoys me really.

    On the other hand Matilida is the cutest thing ever!
    I agree she looks so, so, so, so much like Heath.


    shes adorable
    gosh why cant the paps just lay off these two.
    also its kinda scary in the second picture cuz
    i felt like i was looking at heath for a split second
    he sure passed on something special to that little girl:)

  • O.M.G.


  • sunnykidstyle

    I know, she must be getting annoyed of the paparazzi all around her, but I just can’t get tired of looking at new photos of her and little Matilda, so beautiful, and so much like her dad. And by the way, her name is perfect for her as well, IMO. So hopefully the paparazzi will only take photos from a distance and won’t directly harrass her and frighten little Matilda.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Today’s topic is owls (tableware, pajamas, decoration, bean bags) and tomorrow I am talking about elegant black and white things.

  • Jessica

    they should leave them alone. people just don’t respect others these days. yeah i get it they are famous, they signed up for this. but before heath’s death these two didn’t get so much as a simple sentence in a magazine.

  • Dina

    the mom is a witch

  • katherine

    Why oh why is our interest in “how they look today ” more important than the two of them having some quality of life? Matilda DESERVES to be able to walk down the street (or be strolled) without being followed by cameras. I hope her daddy in heaven sends a big bird to poop on all of those with cameras following her.

  • mary

    St Mark’s square is in Venice, not NYC.


    DINA How the heck would you feel if photographers were hiding out STALKING you and your two year old child (especially after the death of the father) just constantly snapping photos?? Yeah until you are put in that situation my suggest is you keep a lid on it.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Mary!

  • Natalie

    wow.. Matilda looks EXACTLY like her dad!

  • celebrity=PUBLIC PERSON

    People, celebrities are always gonna be photographed, it is part of the reason they get paid obscene salaries.

    They knew what they were getting into when they signed up tp he a celebrity.

    The paps are not after the children. But since the children are there, they will be in the photos.

    If I got paid the money these people are paid, you can take my picture all day and night, as long as I am in public. When the paps stop taking their pics, they will be begging for paps to show up.


  • celebrity=PUBLIC PERSON

    CORRECTION: That should be:~~~~~>They knew what they were gettng into when they signed up to be a celebrity.

  • me

    I agree with #16 about the celebs, but leave the kids alone.

    Michelle is trying to raise her daughter as normally as she can, the little girl does not need the paps hounding her!

    No wonder Michelle gets mad.

  • Mary

    Sienna miller should keep her story to herself.

  • ashely

    It seems that thebcutie pie, Matilda, doesn’t smile much. she looks so sad

  • emma

    The baby is adorable the mom however has the worst personality out there. Not so talented and her films are flops.

  • anonymous

    ice queen and her movies tanked so badly

  • Arden

    The world would be a better place if those of you who don’t have something nice to say would just not say anything at all.
    ~Do unto others…~

  • Lori

    I understand Michelle’s annoyance, but why live in a paparazzi filled area?
    She would be better off moving to New Jersey or some other low key state.

  • Dee

    People on here are so mean. Calling Michelle an ‘ice queen’ or saying she has ‘no personality,’ ‘not so talented,’ her films have flopped? ‘
    What has she done to anyone on here?! Seriously, lol. I feel bad for Michelle she’s hated for absolutely no reason she’s a talented and beautiful woman, I sense some jealousy. It sucks she’s getting this kind of attention that she so obviously doesn’t want. Cute Matilda.

  • suzy

    I will disagree with some of you.

    I don’t believe that Michelle signed up to be a celebrity, I think she signed up to be an actor. There is a difference. We have stupid asses in the public eye who are “celebs” for not doing anything, but there are some, like Michelle who have worked hard at their talent of acting.

    So no, I don’t think that some famous people sign up for celebrity status, they just want to do what they love to do.

  • Kooky

    Why does she keep taking that poor child out in this horrible heat, its not healthy and it makes you feel like shit. Poor kid.

  • S

    I agree #26, it’s been unbearably hot here in NYC. They’ve had pictures of M&M out on two of the hottest days, 98-99 degrees. My friend will only take her 2 yr old, by car, to air conditioned places in this heat. Not saying Michelle is a bad mother, just that she should keep her daughter indoors until this heat wave ends.

  • morgan

    Just Jared,
    Your website visitors have spoken. Please do not buy any more photos of Michelle and Matilda.
    Thank you.

  • gizmatage

    Gosh, that little girl has her daddy face on her face…. Breaks my heart every time I see her picture. I wish her and Michelle wonderful and fulfilled life!!!

  • legs

    matilda is a big girl now. :) adorable.

  • Natalie

    LOL it’s funny how Matilda is giving the paparazzi that look of hers…. she’s def a cute one

  • Lookie Here

    I find it amusing that yesterday, when we saw pictures of Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, everyone quickly jumped on her case and was saying how a two year old shouldn’t be in a stroller. Lo and behold, today we see pictures of Matilda (who’s older than Kingston) in a stroller, and no one’s complaining.

    I think it’s the whole sympathy thing. Heath’s death was terribly sad, and an absolute tragic event for the family. I wouldn’t wish something like that on my worst enemy. But that doesn’t mean that now we have to pity Michelle all the time and not treat her like every other celebrity. People can say negative things about her. It’s OKAY. You don’t have to jump on their case just because they call her an “ice queen” or “witch”.

    And to the person who said that Michelle chose acting, not celebrity: Please, just STFU. Every idiot knows that once you go into the world of acting, celebrity might come with it. It’s a chance she took, and Brokeback Mountain plus her relationship with Heath made that chance a reality. She really shouldn’t be acting like a btich now just because her pictures are taken once in a while when she goes out. If she doesn’t want pictures of Matilda to be taken by the paps, then DON’T TAKE HER OUT WHERE THE PAPS ARE! CHOOSE ANOTHER STREET TO WALK IN! MOVE TO ANOTHER CITY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILD! She has options; that she doesn’t act on them is her own fault.

    Ok, rant is over.~~~~~~

  • Reese

    Just because someone died in your life does not mean you are a nice person like MW.

  • jj

    Lay of her – please. No one deserves being harrased almost everyday walking the streets. Just because you are an actor, doesnt make you everyone elses property!! Why should she move our of her neighbourhood if she loves living there? Should the praps dictated what she should or should not do?? I sure hope not.

    I really does not understand how it can be legal to follow and harrash other people in the name of them being celebrities – especially when they are with their kids. Children sense these things and it scares them and makes them self concious ,which they shouldnt have to be.

    Cute story about Miller and Heath – to think that his father in all his grief bothered to find a pyjamas for a friend speaks more than words..

  • Jenny

    Michelle ALWAYS had that stinking attitude. She shutdown her 9 year old own fansite because they posted a candid of her that she didn’t like. She really took it out on her fans and the paps the fact that Heath wasn’t happy with her and that he had left her months before making the break public. Heath had moved on, was dating other women, the last one being ‘serious’, model Gemma Ward as he introduced her to his family in Perth over Christmas, but for the press it’s easier and lazier to just take photos of this ungrateful D-lister. Her films tank because she is isn’t neither a good actress nor even charismatic. Heath Ledger and her womb were her meal ticket to fame, so why doesn’t she drop the sour face now because she KNEW 100% what she was doing when she ‘oops accidently’ got pregnant with Heath. Heath didn’t leave her or his child in his will because he couldn’t stand the mother and didn’t want her to get a cent from him. He would be turning on his grave if he could see how much she is taking advantage of being associated with him again. Like I said, she knew 100% what she was doing when she tried to pull one on him……..the really sad thing is that in the end, she got her way. I feel sorry for Heath Ledger and his memory, to have it always linked to this ex who he was only too glad to get rid off.

  • jj

    And how did you become such an angry expert??

    First of all, the fact is that Michelle did NOT shot down her fansite. The administrator of the site has said those rumors where false over and over again.

    Second how dare you be so disrespectful about another human being, who you have never met. You do not know the first thing about what was going on in her private life nor in Heath Ledgers’ for that sake. To make such sickening accusations about her is just too much!

  • Helena

    I like her sunglasses.

  • Ingrid

    I cannot believe people are saying why doesn’t she move? Maybe that’s because where she lives. She’s not moving for some stupid paparazzi!

  • Ingrid

    Maybe it’s because it’s where she lives?*

  • -

    Oh fuck, leave them alone!!!

  • Justine

    I understand Michelle gets mad. She just wanna spend some time with Matilda out.
    I think paps are crazy, but I love looking at pics of Matilda.
    She is just like Heath. Sweetest thing ever <3

    Heath, miss you.

  • taylor

    god she looks just like her daddy…. its so sad she is so young and didn’t get a chance to really know him know him!

  • bejeebus

    please do not post anymore pix of these two. just leave them alone.
    no demand = no supply.
    they deserve their privacy.

  • anita

    People are such hypocrites. If you really think that movie stars should have privacy when going about their daily lives,then why do you come here to see them? Why gush about their children if you really think their pictures should be sacred? Why say ,”Lay off Michelle” when the others are fair game?

  • laura

    I cannot believe what I am reading here.

    Some people really need to take a hard look at themselves.

    God Bless Michelle and Matilda.

  • alondra

    If she doesn’t like her pictures in the magazines then she shouldn’t be a HW actress. Even the not so famous actors get photograf some times.
    If she doesn’t want to spare the world her “wonderful acting” then she should do theater and don’t show up at events awards.

    being a celebrity is nobodys written fate, she is famous because she wanted it.

    although, i don’t think she is the bitter witch everyone says she is.

  • Kerrie

    Hope a solid and fabulous man finds Michelle Williams and they can create a magical life on behalf of this little girl. Children deserve the love and guidance of (two) parents and not simply that of grandparents.

  • Cathy

    OMG…….i can’t believe all this, why do people always have to comment on how Michelle tricked Heath and how he wanted to get rid of her. Does anyone really know what happened between them…..only the people involved. You wanted to know what is sad is people writing things that they know nothing about…..I enjoy seeing pictures of them both, I think Matilida is the cutest and it is nice to see them out and about. I understand how she can get so upset i wouldn’t want my picture taken so offen all she seems to do is go for a walk and a coffee and try to live a life as normal as possibe…..keep the picture taken to a minimim and maybe she wouldn’t get so upset……just my thought.

  • Diana

    NOBODY on here knows what happened between Michelle and Heath and this Jenny just sounds like jealous petty girl and doesn’t know when to shut up. The whole website thing was confirmed by the site’s owner! It wasn’t Michelle. Those negative comments are too much and FYI Heath and Gemma were supposedly only friends. I wouldn’t call that serious and he was rumored to have been going out with that other model and probably some other girls but like I said that all could be bull because no one knows anything about it. So just leave it alone.

  • Anon

    Michelle needs to improve her ‘tude. I agree that the minor children of celebrities ought not to be photographed at all without their parents’ permission. But I also think that once in a while it’s gonna happen and when it does, someone has to be the grown up. Michelle will pass all her stress and tension on to that kid and that is wrong. Look at how the two yr. old reacts when mom points. She gets very withdrawn and that is not healthy. I love Matilda Rose. She looks so much like her father it breaks my heart all over again. I will not say anything about Michelle, bcz Heath loved her and they made Matilda together, and that is all there is to say. Jared, you need to not post any pictures of the minor children of celebrities if they were taken without permission. And you can tell from the photos and the parental reaction whether it is with permission. I think when the parents are all happy, or if the photographers can do it from a far distance so as to not disturb peolpe that is OK. But to swarm them or intrude on them and scare the kids is disgusting. And to do ANYTHING if the parents say no ought to be against the law. It is a violation of the child’s privacy.