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Nicole Kidman Bumps It Up

Nicole Kidman Bumps It Up

Mom-to-be Nicole Kidman shows off her burgeoning belly as she grabs her morning coffee with country crooner husband Keith Urban at Starbucks in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday.

The Aussie power couple were later seen maintaining their healthy lifestyle, working out together at the gym. The 40-year-old expectant mom is due next month and is expected to grace the July cover of Vogue.

At the recent CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Keith didn’t know what a “onesie” was. He later sheepishly admitted that he’s slowly learning new baby terminology: “I’m learning a new vocabulary. We also got a tiny T-shirt that says ‘I crawl the line’ that we like a lot.”

Other pictures include Nicole after a yoga class this past Friday morning.

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  • e.

    I hope that’s decaf. Exercising is healthy for the baby. Coffee is not. =P

  • Just me…

    I don’t know why….but all her pregnancy seems fake to me!! :(

  • Sandra

    Such cuties! Wow, that’s what I call a baby bump! :) Good luck Nicole and Keith! I bet your child will be sweet and kind just like you are.

  • melanie

    Nice…there’s the bump. You see it much better in the profile pictures.

  • chey

    I wish someone would explain this “her pregnancy is fake” rumor to me. The woman is slowly, but definitely surely, getting bigger. And her “bump” doesn’t drop off like a shelf, a la Katie Holmes.

    Plus, not to state the obvious, but would she be working out if she had to think about her prosthetic falling out? C’mon, common sense!

  • Urban Myths

    Drinking coffee, eating sushi… real healthy, NK! At least she’s not smoking in public.

    Nice purse-carrying puppy dog, too!

  • Jessie

    She looks good in red, always has. She’s getting bigger now! They say the baby is coming at the end of July.

  • Jessie

    That fake rumor is dead and gone unless you are blind.

  • UB

    do us a favor and drop off a cliff.

  • Bob

    She’s due in a month? She’s not very big. My wife is due in 2 months, and her belly is MUCH bigger than Nicole’s. I hope her baby is allright. My guess is that it’s goign to be extremely underweight due to Nicole’s age.

  • how sad

    Nicole looks like a pregnant grandmother.

  • jen

    probably tea she is drinking.

  • daisy

    Wow! I didn’t know these people had looked in her cup to know what exactly she was drinking! Keith is a coffee drinker that doesn’t mean Nicole is drinking coffee just because they went to Starbucks. I HATE coffee but guess what I have gone to Starbucks numerous times & had drinks there.

    Also you can have Sushi that is cooked it is not always raw fish. LIke someone else said, some people need to think & use common sense.

  • UB

    She’s HUUUUUGE for being Nicole Kidman. Congratulations Nicole!!!!

  • Kat

    Hopefully, this Vogue cover won’t have her looking like a Playboy playmate like the last cover did.

    4 Days, 4 trips to the gym. There’s such a thing as over doing it.

    Urban Myths, it’s called being a gentlemen. But I’m sure that the men you attract wouldn’t know anything about that.

  • Helena

    You’re confusing Vanity Fair with Vogue.


    i think she needs to darken her hair she looks like an old lady and isnt she a little old to be pregnant??


  • anne

    Some of the comments made by a few posters here are ridiculous. A fake pregnancy ? come on, it’s obvious she’s pregnant. And each woman looks different when she’s pregnant. NK is a tall person, it’s obvious she won’t look like a pregnant woman who’s tinier than her. I’m just happy she finally managed to get pregnant, after all the miscarriages she’s had in the past past.

  • me

    WOW! She’s popped!

  • daisy

    Just noticed too that they use a gym bag similar to the one I use when I go to my gym.

  • laura

    VERY much pregnant! Boy or a girl??

  • Marie

    Calm down people, coffee is fine during pregnancy, you just have to keep it to a minimum— under 12 oz a day. And I don’t like sushi, so I don’t really know much about its restrictions, but I believe I read somewhere that you can have it as long as its been cooked to some extent.

    And Bob? It’s great that your wife is huge and all, but not every woman show the same during pregnancy. Nicole has a very long torso (she’s 5’10″) so the baby has more room room to grow up before it starts to grow out. If the baby was not alright, I doubt Nic would be exercising…

    Honestly, I really hope she has an 8 pound baby just so everyone will shut up and lay off her…

  • yeah right

    Bob is a fake. A man here at a gossip site discussing pregnancies..think not. “He’s” just one of the trolls at muuhmyth who hang around here writing garbage, hoping some of it will stick.

  • JusttheFactsPlease

    Urban Myths (#6) – There you go again!

    - How do you know she was drinking coffee? And if she was, how do you know it’s not decaf?

    - In the past, she had always ordered green tea at Starbucks. Isn’t it possible that’s what she had?

    Yes, eating sushi IS very healthy. Just check out the Japanese. They have the highest percentage of their population living past 100, compared to the rest of the world. Also, they have one of the lowest occurences of cancer.

  • she looks like his grandmother.

  • sarah

    No, she looks like his very pregnant WIFE. Does that bother you?

  • CracktheNuts

    To those with the “she looks like a grandmother” comments:
    It must really hurt, isn’t it, that a hunky country music superstar like Keith would rather be with her than someone with the looks and brains of a 12-year-old like you.

    #11-how sad: “Nicole looks like a pregnant grandmother” and
    #17-FRESHRAGGEDYANN: “isnt she a little old to be pregnant??”
    Why don’t you two get together and decide whether it’s too old to be a “pregnant grandmother”?

    And btw … it’s not “too old” to develop some maturity and intelligence. But you better start NOW!

  • nda

    nice. . .

  • dancer

    Why do people keep bringing up the fake rumors? If you look at the picture of her in black that is posted here and on other sites, it is very clingy and I’m sure any strapped on device would show through.
    And the age nitpickers. So what if she is 40. She followed her values and heart and waited until she was married and then waited until the marriage was strong enough to sustain a child brought into it. I’m not against being single and pregnant–just being young, dumb, single/married and pregnant!

  • gjgjh

    Nic is wonderful!!!

    They are so happy.

  • alfalfa

    JusttheFactsPlease – get your facts straight. Sushi maybe a healthy food in general, but it can be filled with parasites that are harmful to an unborn child. Raw fish (sushi) is prohibited to American mothers-to-be. Asian mothers don’t become sick because they are immuned to the parasite because of their culture.

    Keith carries her purse all the time. Now, I wouldn’t say it is being a gentlemen. Opening a door, letting a woman walk through a door first – that’s being a gentlemen. Carrying a purse . . . sorry, my husband wouldn’t be caught dead carrying my purse, and I wouldn’t expect him to – that is a woman’s accessory – not a man’s! I can’t imagine that her purse would be that excessively heavy that she couldn’t handle carrying it. With the daily work-outs, she should be in prime condition to carry her own purse!

  • veisner

    It’s good to see she’s doing her best to care for the kid. I think she’ll make a great mom, once she puts away the botox. I read about this at too.

  • me

    Is she planning on having the baby in the U.S.? How far along can you be and still fly?

    I heard a couple of months ago that she would have the baby in Australia but it may (and probably was) have been a rumor.

    I agree with the person that said she should get her hair darkened a bit. I think she would look younger.

    Also, why is she wearing a jacket? It was about 95 in Nashville yesterday.

  • how sad

    Look mom, a pregnant grandma.

  • nan

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. When she announced her pregnancy, that was almost a year ago. Nobody is pregnant that long.

  • hostas

    Anybody wondering why we are getting these happy and in love pics while there is a story about Keith’s love child that just came out in an Oz magazine?

  • vi

    Adorable, the baby is growing

  • sunnykidstyle

    Her bump is definitely showing now, cute! And I think in these last 2 months, she will grow quite quickly. I knew a girl just like her that first didn’t show at all, and then suddenly, you could watch her belly grow daily. And the baby terminology will be easy for Keith once the baby is there, in a matter of weeks he’ll be a pro! But perhaps he as an Australian didn’t know the term onesie because it’s an American term.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • JusttheFactsPlease

    alfalfa (#31) – “Raw fish (sushi) is prohibited to American mothers-to-be.” Raw fish is considered a “risk” but is NOT prohibited. This is what the American Pregnancy Association stated:

    “Most women who are pregnant or wishing to become pregnant have heard the warnings about eating sushi due to the risk of certain bacteria and increased exposure to mercury. But women also need to remember that not all sushi is uncooked, and most fish contain essential nutrients and vitamins needed for growth and development of their baby. Eating fish that is cooked can help reduce the risk of exposure to certain bacteria. ”

    You also need to get your facts straight. The raw fish offered in sushi places is SASHIMI. There are many, many items on the sushi menu that are cooked. Unless you are in the restaurant and saw what Nic and Keith ordered, and saw what she ate, how do you know she’s eating raw fish?

  • vio

    #36, i don’t understand what you say…
    what is the story about?

  • sarah

    Filled with parasites? Where do you eat so I can avoid the place? Good sushi is very healthy food, for everyone, and is eaten by millions of people, including pregnant women, all over the world. You really have a stick up your as*, don’t you? You must be a real bore to live with.

  • hala

    she’s drinking something ,mihtbe coffee and might not be a coffee !!
    god you people are so annoying , let see you get knocked up !!

  • Eleonora

    Awww…look, there’s the bump! Nicole is really showing now. Why are those nasty people picking on her? I’m sure she is living a VERY healthy life style. She is fit, athletic and in top condition. I bet all these nasty and ugly witches have really empty lives and husbands who can’t stand them.

  • Jessie

    Look at the trolls! They’re getting desperate hihihi….coffee..sushi..oh my god..I’m sure it will make the cover of the New York Times tomorrow! Morons

  • eva

    Nic looks so beautiful pregnant

  • Dieter

    Jared – thank you so much. I wank on Nic wearing RUNNING SHOES on daily basis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if she would smoke one of these ultra light cigarettes which are so wonderful for the mother and can´t be bad for the baby either I would probably rub my dick wound !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alfalfa

    #41 – sarah – until this happens to you, keep your mouth shut! Just as with raw beef and pork, bacteria, parasites and diseases can be spread by eating raw seafood!

  • redheadlady

    I don’t blame Nicole one bit for following that man around Nashville.
    Morning people…. ugh. Cute story about the onesie.

  • Marie

    She’s getting big! Love it. I can’t wait to see their baby. With two such gorgeous parents he or she will be a real cutie.

  • alfalfa is bacteria

    Shut your trap, troll.