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Rachel Bilson Doesn't Keep In Touch With O.C. Costars

Rachel Bilson Doesn't Keep In Touch With O.C. Costars

It’s been an entire year since Rachel Bilson left the FOX teen drama, The O.C. When asked if she keeps in touch with her old castmates, here’s what Rachel said:

“You know what? I haven’t seen anyone since the wrap party,” Rachel tells Moviefone. “I haven’t seen anyone since the wrap party. Well, Mischa [Barton] I actually ran into. But I don’t keep in touch with anyone. I’d like to get together with Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan. We were all really close. I heard [Kelly] had a baby and I haven’t even spoken to her! I need to send her an email.”

Bilson was also asked about her vignette in the anthology movie, New York, I Love You. She said, “It’s a cool little short about pick-pocketing. I wore a blonde wig for the day. It was fun — try something different … And Hayden [Christensen] and I got to work together again. It was really nice.”

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  • mimi


  • Ally

    she has (physically) changed so much since this picture had been taken!
    I hope we’ll have some news about Kelly Rowan, she’s such a beautiful and talented woman!

  • Casey Weatherbee

    The success and her famous Boyfriend all went to her head, that’s why she thinks she better than them and havent kept in touch! what a b***h!

  • Hayden&HEARS;Rachel

    There will be another 2 Jumper movies, so Rachel will not be going anywhere at all. She is in Ontario,Canada with Hayden right now. She’ll be back in NYC next week. Hayden really love this girl & it seems like they will be around each other forever. Jumper movies, NYIlove you promotion.these two are un-sepreable. How cute, right?

  • Hayden&HEARtS;Rachel

    There will be another 2 Jumper movies, so Rachel will not be going anywhere at all. She is in Ontario,Canada with Hayden right now. She’ll be back in NYC next week. Hayden really love this girl & it seems like they will be around each other forever. Jumper movies, NYIlove you promotion.these two are un-sepreable. How cute, right?

    I hope so!

  • Helena

    Who cares if there’ll be two Jumper movies? The first sucked, who’s going to see the next two?

  • Rosie

    I have nothing good to say about her. She can’t even get a movie role if its not involving her inner circle or Hayden. She needs to break free and do her own sh**, let Hayden be.

    I thought Hayden said he wouldn’t want to date someone he has to work with now look at what he is doing, dating this nobody piece of sh**.

    She think she better than OC that’s why she dont talk to them anymore. Adam deserve better. Im glad he dumped her ugly azz

  • tony

    I miss The O.C:( I’m sick to death of One Tree Hill.

    It’s funny she got on more with the older cast, good for her. I love Julie!!! Melinda Clarke should be in DH or GG .. SOMETHING, she is TV GOLD!

  • vanessa

    i want her with adam brody

  • Just me…

    Oh that is sad after working with all of them for 4 season!!

  • Just me…

    Oh that is sad after working with all of them for 4 season!!

  • tony

    @ Rosie

    LOL, Rachel Bilson isn’t ugly. And she never will be, not in this universe.

  • Sara

    That’s bad that she doesn’t hang out with her fellow costars from the OC :(

  • but

    Is there going to be a sequel to Jumper? The first movie cost a lot and barely broke even.
    Rachel seems to only get movie and TV roles based on her connections. The reviews for her acting in Jumper were horrible.

  • jj

    who cares what this retarded midget has to say or do, as to Hayden, if he loves her it does not speak too highly of him.

  • Orange Clockwork

    Why would she?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    what that sounds like to me is – none wants to keep in touch with her. lmao loser

  • trish.

    lol you guys are idiots.

    that’s not her family or anything.
    it’s a JOB, like any other person who goes to work everyday.
    are they OBLIGATED TO KEEP IN TOUCH? no.
    they arent.

    So, if she doesnt keep intouch with them that’s fine.
    if she does, that’s really great.

    lol you people are SO wrapped up in shows, it’s not even funny.
    you’d like them to somehow emulate their characters.


    they were, not anymore.
    get over it.

  • tony

    trish hit the nail on the head. 100% right.

  • popup

    Are they dating?
    So why the f**k is she crying like this?

    hayden is increasingly pale and thin. Is he ill?

  • the oc fansite

    It’s sad that she doesn’t keep in touch with anyone, they were all working together for over 4 years! :(

  • Paul Making Me Same :)


    Rachel is a N O B O D Y!

    Fcae it she is not famous only to blogs like this. she aint sh**


  • Kaycee

    This saddens me. The OC was my favourite show, and Rach was my favourite of all. It’s a shame they don’t keep in touch (although you don’t see photos of ANY of the cast together, so it’s not just Rachel theyv’ve lost touch with. It is upsetting though.

  • Ally

    Except Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody who became friends thanks to the show and Kelly Rowan and Peter Gallagher who had worked together before The OC, the whole cast don’t keep in touch. Well, life goes on.
    Rachel keeps in touch with Josh Schwartz though.

  • Ryan

    Rachel I love You

  • neverends

    The oc is dead. Is the door-coat always dating the vacuum cleaner bag?

  • trish.

    lol@paul making me same.

    if she’s a “nobody” do you know her?
    YOURE the nobody because no1 really knows you.
    maybe your friends/family. after that, no one else.

    Rachel bilson just started. She’ isnt as good of an actress compared to who? kate beckinsale, angelina jolie? Of course not.

    how you think isnt even near being logical.

    And OBVIOUSLY she got a movie role because she’s in the Jumper movie and that new york i love you movie.
    New york i love you movie is filled with AMAZING actors and actresses.
    if the director didnt know she can ATLEAST pull it off. i doubt they’ll put her on it.

    give it up.
    you can talk all that trash about rachel bilson.
    many people still KNOW and love her.

  • trish.

    you guys are so stupid. ;/

    Let it goooooooo!

    whether or not you know her as a positive or a negative thing.
    she’s still known.

    she’s amazing and funny.
    to each own.

  • jackie

    trish you are my hero !!! 100000% RIGHT !

  • isis9

    #4 & #5: How do you know that Rachel is with Hayden in Ontario right now? Do you have any pictures or any press indicating this fact from anywhere? Or are you just pulling this information out of the other end of your digestive system?

  • essie

    i get her mixed up with mila kunis, they should star in a movie together, they can pass for twins!

  • sam

    I have always liked Rachel, so what if she didn’t keep in touch? I think she is doing great things and was really good in Jumper although to me she will always be Summer Robberts- the best character in The OC in my opinion.

  • any

    omg!! she looks just like selena gomez!

  • reba

    Well Ben McKenzie was said a similiar thing in an interview with Blackbook Magazine. Here’s the excerpt:

    BB: Do you keep in touch with any of your co-stars from the show?

    BM: Adam Brody and I are still close. We see each other a lot, probably too much. I just got a dog, and he’s got a dog, so we do a little walking. They’re both pitbulls. I’ve seen Peter Gallagher maybe once or twice since the show wrapped. To be honest with you, life goes on and there’s no reason to get together unless you’ve formed some sort of deeper friendship.

  • Susan

    She doesn’t keep in touch because she broke up with adam brody, and it would be awakard…

  • Steph

    Don’t say you were close but haven’t talked in 1 year.. well then, maybe YOU WEREN’T THAT CLOSE. Don’t say we were close but Kelly had a baby and you haven’t talked to her and maybe you’ll send her an email? Ugh.

    And probably no one like her anymore cause she was with Adam they kinda broke it off and like 1 month later she was with Hayden. So, though we don’t know the facts… I’m pretty sure everybody in the OC cast has a say about that. Like, Ben or Peter.

  • but

    Rachel doesn’t have time to keep in touch with her ex costars because she’s too busy shopping. Girl’s got to have priorities.

  • amanda

    the sad part is.. that after 3 years of dating Adam, she’d like to get together with Melinda Clarke. o_O she won’t even mention him. makes me pretty sad:-/

  • christy

    Adding to #34, here’s an interview with Adam Brody that he gave after the OC was over.

    “I was with Ben McKenzie yesterday, who plays Ryan and I guess we’re adopted brothers (in the show). I’m always embarrassed hanging out with him because I feel like a fictional person. I feel that everyone who recognizes us is for sure laughing at us. If you work with someone, you like them, but then you’re out in public… I would laugh at us, if it wasn’t us. ‘Oh they’re really hanging out! Cool.’”

  • Raven

    Only thing. This picture is old! I will admit Rachel looks better with darker hair. I’m not one of her fans but I will advise her to go back to her dark root’s. She looks more exotic. The dark hair is much more pretty then her reddish highlight’s she is sporting.

    There I’m done!

  • lai

    She and Adam must have had a really bad breakup. I wonder if the rumors are true about her cheating on him even when they were still together.

  • Kelly

    I love OC and Rachel. I wish Just Jared had candid photos of Kelly Rowan!!!! She’s amazing!!

  • Kelly

    I love OC and Rachel. I wish Just Jared had candid photos of Kelly Rowan!!!! She’s amazing!!

  • Kelly

    I love OC and Rachel. I wish Just Jared had candid photos of Kelly Rowan!!!! She’s amazing!!

  • blairite


  • emma-australia

    This depresses me. They were the best cast and don’t even keep in touch. I mean its understandable that they all have different projects but yea…so weird. They used to do everything together. Especially Adam and Rachel of course. Well Rachel obviously still talks to Josh, not that he’s a cast member really. I’m guessing the time that Rachel “bumped into Mischa” was at that Costume Gala. All this time I’ve been wondering why they didn’t get a photo together….
    I think its really only Adam and Ben who still may keep in touch.

  • reedley

    Her middling features could be more APT to play as “Trumpkin’s daughter of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”. I bet that she wouldnt need anymore too much make-up…

  • ja

    Sweet and adorable on the outside, but ambitious and fame-obsessed on the inside.

  • Raven

    OMFG @ #4 & 5,

    No comment. You had me laughing at ROTFLMFAO!!! Okay!! Got pictures of them in Ontario, Canada then?? Where is your proof or information? It is only your untrue rumor your spreading about. I heard from a very strong source Rachel is still in NYC doing business and getting her DNKY line started this week. You sound like similar trolls wishing the Rayden bandwagon. Same troll using different names once again! PATHETIC!! You will have to do a better disguise of hiding yourself better! :lol:

    @ Isis9,
    Good for you! :D you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

    @ FAMOUS,
    Good for you too. I usually don’t agree with your posts but your right on the money this time! Glad to hear you make some sense! Keep on rocking! :D

  • ATlqueen

    You guys are so insane! The girl doesn’t have to keep up with her ex costars. Who does that anyway? Do any of you keep up with people you worked with? The girl moved on. And I doubt she’s gonna be in the next Jumper. And people will see it because the first one had good action sequence in it and left us hanging ON PURPOSE! Just because 12 said they didn’t like it doesn’t mean it sucked. I know at least 12 people that said they did like it. Just like they did Spiderman and Lord of the Rings and all them other damn trilogies out there. Doug knows what the hell he is doing. Some people just don’t use their brains. Come on people, think outside the box sometimes. Maybe you could you weren’t so busy being mean and judgemental.