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Audrina & Lauren: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Audrina & Lauren: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Ever since the end of last season on The Hills, co-stars Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad were having problems with their friendship.

Now, in recent events, OK! Magazine did an exclusive photo shoot and interview with Audrina but when Lauren came home, she wasn’t exactly pleased.

“She was very, very, very mad,” explains Audrina. “She said it’s her house. But this is my room. I said, ‘We’re not taking pictures of your house — don’t be rude.’ It just adds to the tension. Now she thinks I’m sneaky and shady for doing this photo shoot, yet she and her team knew about it. She won’t let it go.”

A sneak peek of the photo shoot is pictured to the left.

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  • Moviewatcher

    Lauren is a girl who loves drama

  • b


  • kay

    I’m slowly falling off Team Lauren… she needs to get over herself sometimes! by the end of the Hills, she’ll have no friends!

  • b

    or second, lol

  • TheTabloidsChic

    Lauren is LAAAAAME!

  • anny

    Audrina is such a good sport, I hope she moves far, far away from Lauren the psycho bitch

  • io

    audrina is so cool

  • emmer

    lauren has always been and will always be a striaght up drama-queen-bitch.

  • trish.

    oh god..

    you people dont even know Lauren’s side yet. ;x..

    you people arent logical at all.

    either way. What? Audrina got casted..what the hell is she doing? not acting. that isnt acting. i meant i cant say much..but i’m waiting for the “into the blue” 2nd movie.

    let’s see how she acts then.
    and lauren is doing more than audrina.
    wtf is she doing?!

    i’m SURE this is just one of the shows stunt to make it seem like the hills has drama.
    that show is scripted. get over it.

  • trish.

    oh god..

    you people dont even know Lauren’s side yet. ;x..

    you people arent logical at all.

    either way. What? Audrina got casted..what the hell is she doing? not acting. that isnt acting. i meant i cant say much..but i’m waiting for the “into the blue” 2nd movie.

    let’s see how she acts then.
    and lauren is doing more than audrina.
    wtf is she doing?!

    i’m SURE this is just one of the shows stunt to make it seem like the hills has drama.
    that show is scripted. get over it..

  • naty

    LC loves drama she looks for it! If things are not her way then you can not be her friend anymore, if you don’t do the things she wants you to do then you can’t be friends. she is lame I don’t like her at all

  • yeahhh


  • michelle

    TEAM LC!
    I think this drama was Lo’s fault!

  • dumb

    I would be pissed too if I were LC.

    Audrina is a guest in LC’s home.

    I really doubt that the photographers, interviewers, etc were only restricted in Audrina’s room.

    I bet Lauren came home with lights, cameras, and strangers all over her house.

  • deedee

    Lauren FIGHTS with EVERYONE sooner or later


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, i have a better title.


  • bee

    I used to love lauren but now lauren jsut seems like she has to have all the attention. I still like her though, but Shes blind for not noticeing that Lo is the one that screwed up their friendship.
    Maybe yea we have to hear lauren’s side of the story but I still think Lo is the reason why they are not friends because Lo does shut audrina out and lauren lets her do it.

  • bee

    thats retared i wouldn’t be pissed. They have cameras in their house all the time so taking photos of audrina IN her bedroom shouldn’t make a difference. Its not liek they were in lauren’s way.

  • leslie

    Ugh, this is Lauren’s house, she can do whatever she wants, and why is Audrina running to the media.

  • Jessica

    everybody thinks that lauren is the great friend and is always there for her friends no matter what. which i don’t know how anybody could think that after seeing the first season of the hills. as of now though i am sure that she has lost her nice image and received the coveted b with an itch image.

  • amy

    Someone should tell Audrina it’s LC’s house. A tabloid magazine cannot just show up at someone’s house and start taking pictures. Audrina, it’s your room but it’s still LC’s house, duh.

  • katherine

    I HATE LAUREN! there is obviously something wrong with her if she can’t hold onto her friends.

  • Le

    Don’t be rude? It’s her house she can act however she wants and don’t go running to the press with what she does in her house if its not illegal

  • jalgal

    lauren-put a smile on your face for a change.
    your such an uptight “business woman”

  • Alyn

    I really think Lauren needs to get rid of anyone that is just being her friend because she has a show. Its obvious that Audrina is tired of being Lauren’s sidekick and now wants to break away. She sees how popular Heidi got and thats what she wants. She knows being Lauren’s friend isnt going to get her anywhere. She will only become famous by creating drama with Lauren both on and off the show.

  • xoxoxo

    lighten up lauren

  • Haven

    Lauren’s a b!tch. I mean.. get over yourself. I know she’s kind of the main character and all but without Audrina (we can do without Lo) and HEIDI the show will be nothing.

    Lets face it.. Lauren is boring.

  • Little Loca

    So whats the big deal Audrina? Why call Lauren’s people to ask about a photoshoot?. Call Lauren yourself. Isnt she your friend? I think it was rude and I think Audrina did this on purpose to create drama.

  • Rasta girl

    Its obvious what a setup this was. Why is it OK magazine and not the MTV connected US Weekly? Audrina knew what she was doing and she did it on purpose. She is creating drama just like Heidi did. I hope she moves out, moves in with Heidi and gets off the Hills show. It is so boring when she is on anyway. She can’t even get her lines right half the time.

  • papoose

    Audrina is the problem, stop creating drama and stop calling the media. If you have problems with your roommate you don’t tell your friends you address it with your roommate. Even though I think Lauren is a B@TCH, I give her props for staying quiet. She still has some class.

  • jasmine

    Audrina is a famewhore who takes ugly nude pictures to make herself famous. She is worse then Heidi in my books because she is trying to hide her famewhoring ways

  • l

    audrina is quickly becoming the new heidi in the hills. shocker!

  • Go Audrina

    LC’s a diva and can’t stand her ‘friends’ making independent descisions without her approval. Lo and Whitney are still in her clique coz they kiss her ass and agree with whatever she says. whereas Heidi and Audrina did’nt

  • dina

    I really do think that Audrina, just like Heidi used Lauren to get ahead.. By hanging out with Lauren as her BFF, she took advantage of Heidi’s and Lauren’s fight to get more screen time on the HILLS…

    Now, that she thinks she’s a celebrity, she’s doing just what Heidi did… fueling this fight and going to the media.. Lauren isn’t even addressing this fight… and treating it as normal friends fight… because FRIENDS do fight…

    I think this is why people are thinking Lauren is the villain, because she doesn’t want to address the situation…

    I used to like Audrina.. but after she denied the fact that she won’t betrayed Lauren, she became friends with Heidi… saying she had nothing to do with that fight..

    Well if I remember clearly, the night that Lauren and Heidi had a confrontation at one of the club, she was clearly on Lauren’s side and defending her and all… now she supposedly had nothing to do with it…

    Whatever, people like Audrina who has no talent will do everything to use people to get ahead…

    If she’s classy, she won’t address this on the media and if she claims to be really Lauren’s friend, she will work it out with her….

    I feel sorry for Lauren cuz she’s getting all the heat for trusting bitches who used her to become famous.. and Lauren’s flaw is she is soooo trusting of people.. I’d be careful of being friends with Stephanie… next thing you know, she’s in OK magazine fighting with Lauren too…

    Hollywood.. hollywood….. hollywood!!!


    Audrina’s boobs are soooooo fake.. what a liar saying she and Lauren did not have any plastic surgery……

  • Sherry

    I think Audrina is jealous of Lo and LC and now she is striking back at Lauren. How do you not tell your roomate that there will be a photo shoot at the house. Sounds very fishy to me. Looks like Audrina is shady after all.

  • yessiree

    I don’t think Audrina should’ve mentioned the whole room/house deal in the interview. It created tension then, but now it’s escalated to an even bigger scale since she talked about to some interviewer instead of privately aside to Lauren.

    While I get where Lauren is coming from being that it is HER house and all, there’s no point to really get mad about the ‘damage’ that has been done when she got home. Why bother making a deal out of it? There are MTV cameras constantly filming around the house so what difference does it make for a photoshoot in Audrina’s room ? (which we all saw some parts of during one of the last view episodes of The Hills).

  • tia

    I had to laugh my ass off when someone said that Lauren probz didnt like having camera’, lights and randm ppl all over her house….umm wtf do you think the hills is!!! laurden has that every single day!

    I used to love her but ahhh she brings all the drama upon herself!! and she doesnt even own that house! mtv bought it for her! so like, she needs to grow up and get over herself. she cant stand when ppl start to get more attention than she does. she was like this on laguna beach as well. if any other girl got more attention than she did she always turned it into such a big drama.

    honestly, audrina is like the sweetest person on that show and she has been there for lauren from day one!!! If Lo hadnt of come back to reclaim her 15 minutes of fame, i bet none of this would be happening!!

  • jessy

    Audrina is a whore… Now she’s using the same strategy that Heidi used to stay famous…

    OMG, just because she’s talentless, she’s resorting to fighting with Lauren too to stay famous…

    GEEZ, if you wanna stay on top, this is not the way to go…… BE ORIGINAL at least… don’t steal Heidi’s style…. PATHETIC!

  • yessiree

    last *FEW* not view….urg wtf.

  • Aloney

    Slagdrina is obviously taking lessons from Speidi on how to get press and destroy friendships. Shame on you wannabe.

  • sPEIDI sucks

    Lauren was forced to be friends with Audrina and now its coming back to biting her in the ass. Next Audrina will say there is a sex tape too. Attention whores are pathetic.

  • tina

    So what if it’s Lauren’s house. It’s not like they’re taking pics of her room. They are all the way in the pool house taking pics of how Audrina decorates. I share a house with my friends and they can do whatever they want and i’ll do whatever I want. She needs to start treating people as equals. I was Team Lauren, but now I think she wants everything to revolve around her.

  • dumb

    tia… i have to laugh at your stupidity..

    There’s a huge difference.

    There’s the cameras following you around and THen you let them enter your house, knowing what you’re doing, knowing who’s there, etc.

    Then there’s you entering YOUR house and seeing different camera people and interviewers that you’ve never met before all over the place.

    See the difference?!!

    In case you don’t, let me dumb it down for you a bit:

    It’s like saying, you’re used to sleeping with your school’s football team and then one day, you come home and see a different football team waiting in bed for you. Would that be okay? I mean, you’re used to football players and all so I assume that would be okay for you (based on your argument).

  • yikes

    I’d have more respect for Audrina if she didn’t start yapping about how mad Lauren got to the magazine.

    She’s acting like Heidi now.

  • nina

    why doesn’t Audrina just move out?

    Everyone obviously thinks she’s unhappy… she acts unhappy, etc etc.

    So why doesn’t she move out?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh, that’s right… if she leaves, then she won’t get to stay in the big house and she’ll get less air time on the show.

    If she’d just move out, shut her mouth about Lauren, then I’d be team Audrina.

    Otherwise, she’s just a fake-boobed, burnette Heidi 2.0 with weird eyes.

  • nina

    It’s Lauren’s house. She had the right do and say whatever she did.
    Audrina needs to understand that she’s just a live-in guest, if even that.
    Audrina pretty much is just trying to follow Heidi’s thing and get out of Lauren’s shadow. She sees all the attention Heidi got, and now she wants it to.

  • whatev

    Audrina is a dumb slut. If it weren’t for Lauren she wouldn’t even be famous or living in that house

  • whatev

    Audrina is a dumb slut. If it weren’t for Lauren she wouldn’t even be famous or living in that house

  • k

    Lauren is always has ploblem with her friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don’t like her at all


    me 2 i hate LC she love drama and she keep fighting with her frinds plz grow up LC