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Brody Jenner Scores 'Bromance' TV Series

Brody Jenner Scores 'Bromance' TV Series

The Hills star Brody Jenner has scored a new TV show called Bromance, a reality series from Ryan Seacrest‘s production company.

The six- episode stint will feature a group of “bros” compete to join Jenner‘s entourage. Contestants will have shots at a “group date” and “alone time” with Brody in every episode. At the end of every ep, a rejected “bro” will be asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet during a “‘Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony”. Expect a lots of shirtless dudes!

“I thought it was funny, and we recently lost a member of the entourage, so I thought we’d have fun with it,” Brody told Variety.

Brody‘s BFF Frankie Delgado, who also appears on The Hills, is one of the show’s producers.

Similarly, Paris Hilton is on the hunt to find a new best friend as well. Her show is called Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend.

Pictured: Shirtless Brody with his girlfriend Cora Skinner, his mom Linda, his younger brother Brandon and Brandon‘s fiancee Leah on a family vacation in Hawaii late last week.

WILL YOU WATCH Brody Jenner’s search for a new BFF on Bromance?

10+ pictures inside of the Jenner family vacation…

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Credit: Starsurf, Will Binns; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jenny

    I didnt no Brody was in Laguna beach..
    I knew Frankie was though..



  • hjk

    didn’t he say at a premiere or something that him and cora had broken up? ugh i guess they’re back together…

  • Orange Clockwork

    Sounds pretty gay, but okay.

  • hello1

    these people are losers. wonder why paris and this dude are looking for friends?…i dont even have to answer that. dont waste your time with this guy. and i feel sorry for those contestants, you honestly think there gonna be friends after the show? lol

  • michelle

    His show sounds so lame! Of course I’ll watch though, because it’s Brody!

  • hello1

    and who gets a large tattoo of there name on there body?…douche…

  • Audi

    He’s so stupid! This show will suck!

  • Yum!

    I think he should say goodbye to each of his new boyfriends by jacking off on their face – the one left clean is the winner.

  • naty

    Honestly who will want to watch that show? It sounds stupid and pathetic, can he find friends on his own?

  • poop

    what a tool his brother is better looking

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    very, extremely gay.

    it wont last very long. they’ll drop it before it’s 5th episode. like this douchebags last (scripted) “reality” show.

  • Jessica

    is ryan seacrest mentally retarded? no seriously is he?

  • April

    No way will I watch either show. Nope nope nope.

  • jade

    I won’t watch Brody’s show. He is handsome,but is full of himself. He
    has famous parents and I guess that is all, I can say about him.

  • TiaBia

    I thought Brandon was older.

  • bri

    NO WAY

  • tony

    I’m sick of these talentless losers given LIMELIGHT.

  • kathy
  • veisner

    Man, MTV is going down the tubes… I read about this at too.

  • Cat

    brody seems like he is super fun so i get his appeal w/ the ladies. however, i don’t find him all that attractive. i think he dresses awful & i don’t like the tats & jewelry he wears. his girlfriend is a total butterface & she is probably dumb as rocks. he likes the adult film star type. i will probably tune into his show but i doubt if i will be able to make it through an entire episode. i must say he helped fuel the obsession w/ the hills – he knows how to work the drama.

  • Jonathan Bodack

    Brody’s new reality show, Bromance, sounds really good, can’t wait to see it, and I can’t wait for the Hills, season 4, to come back on August 18th, etc.

  • John

    so gay! for real!! this foo only joined the hills for attention/fame. He used lauren so that he can spawn his own reality show….attention whore.

  • kristan

    what guy would voluntarily want to join brody’s *entourage?!?!!?
    a fame hungry loser, thats who.

  • erin

    ok, I know he’s a little bit of a tool, but come on, the premise of the show is freaking hilarious. BROmance? It’ll be one of those shows that is SO corny that it is funny…and I’d like to believe that’s what they’re going for.

  • Laura

    Kinda cute !

  • Cati

    that’s the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard and a waste of television air time.

  • Jaye

    Good Grief, are the reality shows getting more stupid or what? First Paris with her BFF show, then Hulk Hogan with the D-list wrestlers, now Brody Jenner wanting someone to HANG with him.

  • john

    If he gets rid of the dork shorts and starts wearing Speedos, I might watch.

    Consider that he and his girlfriend have got double standards when it comes to beach wear. She wears a bikini, he wears dork shorts. He needs to wear Speedos if they’re going to be in an equal relationship.

  • michael

    Yeah, why are so many American men afraid of wearing Speedo’s at the beach? In other countries, you often see ordinary men wearing Speedo’s at the beach. But American men seem to be self-oppressing.

  • anonymousbyotch

    omg. ugh.
    ughh.. why can’t ppl stop making stupid FAKE reality shows?!?!?!
    and why can’t ppl make shows like HEROES, and LOST, and like tv dramas. not stupidd reality shows.
    ugh. what’s wrong with the world these days….

  • princesscarrielynn

    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooo gay!!! What a loser if you want to have a “bro”mance and need to be part of this dorks cliche!!!!! I will watch just to make fun of him. LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • extra odinary person

    is he an actor?? so infamous….

  • jmc

    Sounds like a lame show, and he seems like an a**hole, but I would probably tune in while surfing the channels just cause he is so damn hot.

    A real main with chest hair not waxing and plucking his eyebrows like some of these Hollywood metros, drooooool.

  • chris

    damn brody has a ass on him yummm

  • cheif

    bro love rules… good work sir seacrest

  • Karissa

    The show may have a lame concept, but it will guarantee some super hot guys : )

  • Jon

    Haha my Buddy Alex R. is on this show…..this will be unreal

  • karen

    Bromance!!! What is he a closet gay? What a stupid show. All these losers cry on the show. It’s just someone else trying to make money off of a reality show that is lame. Brody stick to your real friends!!! You will never be like Lauren.

  • karen

    OMG!! I just read what the show was about. They have alone time and get kicked off like they were on a date!!!! They leave dripping wet from the hot tub!!! Is this gay porn? Save it for the porn movies. Brody get out if you still can, you look like a sellout, gay, loser.

  • Juanes

    No offense to Gay people but to actually see another man cry on TV especially for a reality show or Bromance is simply just Gay…Brody’s dad looked Gay and so is Brody. I mean I can handle Paris Hiltons blonde moment in her new BFF but Bromance? C’mon…

  • against babylon

    pathetic, having a show on the air too look for friends, which is lower than paris’s stupid bff thing. this guy just wants someone to be his possy. he must think he’s the coolest guy ever. having a “bro pad” and eliminating people from a hot tub meeting after sucking eachother off. bahaha what a rich pathetic lonely bastard. heres a spoiler for him and everyone watching, YOU WILL DIE ALONE HAHAHAHAHA

  • brody #5555 LOVER

    I think brody’s show will be amazing, just like him! I think the people who left mean comments are just jelous of brody, but who wouldn’t be. I wish i could be brody’s bro, on bromance. HELL YEAH, bring on the bromance

  • http://bromance/brodyjenner julianne orth

    i just found out on mtv and i was surprised that brody is very hot and sexy guy i ever see but i wish to meet him. wow! that so amazing show of mtv

  • jasmine

    brodyy is hott
    his tattooo is the sexiestt tatoo i have ever seen
    and bromance is a wickeddd show
    whoever thinks thier too cool to watch it is missin out

  • buzzkill

    OH vomit puke

    How uncool can you really be. MTV continuously shows us uncool untalented snoby people.

    If you looked at them once you might think they were attractive but then if you listen to them and view what they are really like you completely realize how ugly they are.

  • pops

    SICK SICK SICK! – Crashing, ( and he’ll be the one weeping) just might be the last of his “famous” performances. I’m sure we’ll all read about it. Seacrest, if he continues with trash productions will soon follow.

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