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Heidi Montag Draws $60 From ATM

Heidi Montag Draws $60 From ATM

Heidi Montag takes out $60.00 and at an HSBC ATM machine in NYC on Monday.

Yes, we know exactly how much Heidi withdrew from her bank account because she flashed her receipt to paparazzi. The receipt also notes a $1.75 transaction fee!

Heidi Montag was also at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The Hills is currently on summer hiatus, so who knows what Speidi are promoting. Other than themselves, that is!

And yes, this is the most baseless post this site has ever posted about Heidi–including all of the staged photo shoots. Don’t you love it?!

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Credit: Roger Wong; Photos: INFdaily
Posted to: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

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  • Helena

    Yes, because that is so interesting.

  • Adelle

    OMG! OMG! OMG! She got $60??? This is the most fascinating piece of news ever! I don’t know why i didn’t see this on the news last night? oh, that’s right, this is all crap!

  • iloveny

    This makes me never want to wear high-end brands again!

  • Lee

    Wow, I can’t believe this shit was even posted. WHO GIVES A FUCK!

  • kkcc


  • reny

    who pays her that good?! i mean, she is all the time in top-designer clothes.

  • rae

    She actually looks cuter in the ATM pics and less plastic and horse-like than she has in a while. I now feel weird for thinking that.

  • Nikki

    She’s got one of those faces you just want to punch

    Now that would be an interesting story

  • mju8

    OMG everything about this girl is FAKE!

    Fake breasts, fake nose, fake face, fake chanel, fake LV bag, fake boyfriend, fake life!


  • talula

    Wasn’t she just on Letterman just a short while ago? I hope she wears something more ska_nky this time.

  • Seraphime

    Heidi looks uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!

  • kyooo

    does anybody really give a fuck?
    this post is the lamest thing ive read on this website.

  • http://. marina

    Jared, your HM’s posts are sinking your site to new lows !!! :P

  • jessica

    oh my, OH MY GOD!!! we are receiving breaking news! HEIDI MONTAG DRAWS $60 FROM ATM! I repeat, HEIDI MONTAG DRAWS $60 FROM ATM!!

    doesn’t fit i guess. i tried to make it interesting…

  • rolling eyes

    Shame on you Jared, your no better than Speidi for perpetuating the madness

    I hope your soul isnt completely rotted

  • edna

    I love this pair, they should seriously remove LC from that show;
    and who gives a s****? obvbiously all of you taking time to actually post a comment

  • boohoo

    someone kill this b’itch!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!

  • emilie

    pleeeeeeease Jared you HAVE to stop posting stuff about Heidi and Spencer!!
    they suck and you know it!

  • geniass

    Good thing you feel the same way. Ughh…who cares!?!?!

  • Marissa

    there”s 160 dollars on the receipt….

  • Marissa

    there”s 160 dollars on the receipt….

  • Pam

    The receipt has a $ sign in front of the 60 – NOT a 1 you moron.

  • Hayley -x

    Heidi Montag draws $60 from ATM….QUICK SOMEONE CALL CNN..Im soo glad this didnt go unreported…..

    I have a question how come you never see the papazazzi in The Hills or you never see camera men for The Hills in papazazzi pictures??
    Can anyone explain??

  • http://. marina

    how much do you think they pay the paps to take the pics? because there is no way that the paps are just selling them because of their HIGH demand

  • Halli

    She’s making a second appearance on Letterman? You’ve go to be fucking kidding me. She has no real life other than Lauren Lauren Lauren. What does she have to talk about anyway? Her stripper-gear?

  • Taylorblue

    Yes, the slow days of entertainment news are upon us…way to go for being so creative!! :)

  • level12

    Speidi has become the Brangelina. They both spend alot of time on photo ops.

  • Cat

    DEAR HEIDI: We all know you have lots of designer goods. You don’t need to wear them all at once & if you feel like loading up please stick to one designer logo at a time i.e. chanel scarf w/ chanel bag / louis scarf w/ louis bag. At least you were only working 2 designer logos today. That is a big improvement. By the way, LC called & she wants her scarf back & for you to stop stealing any other of her signature looks.

  • ericka

    too bad the receipt doesn’t have the current balance of her account…I’d LOVE to see that lol

  • Ellen

    WOW, i dont understand why you would even post this, Like honestly nobody gives a crap about Heidi and Spencer, theyre not famous, These people are not celebreties and dont deserve to have their picture famous. REAL FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING LIKE REAL ACTORS LIKE BRAD PITT,MATT DAMON,ANGELINA JOLIE, AND SINGERS THAT ACTUALLY ARE HERE FOR THE MUSIC. THESE UGLY LOSERS ARE NOBODYS.

  • neverends

    YES, and I love your humor, Jared! This post is a perfect representation of nothingness, you’re an artist of philosophy.

  • billbob

    what a dumb ugly human being. She thinks shes god’s gift 2 the earth when in reality she’s an insignificant piece of trash who knows nothing of reality or real life. I can’t wait for her 15 minutes of fame to be over, and when I don’t have to see her big ass bulbous head ever again. Btw her bf is just as much a famewhoring STD carrying scumbag just like her. Has the world really come to this?

  • sana malik

    awww jared i love you! dont listen to any haters your site is awesome it is the best celebrity site!

  • anonymousbyotch


    oh puh-lease. isn’t there some other better news that this?!?! this is soooooooooooo lame. no one gives a shit the heidi draws $60 from the atm. this has to be the lamest post EVER!!!!!.

  • lew

    one of the most overrated celebs of all time

  • \\\

    she is so annoying and such a media wh*re.

  • lc

    very interesting…
    she looks so fake!!

  • Selma

    Thats prolly all she had in her bank account. Looks like she’ll have to let Spencer maker her look like a a** on tv to give some more money.

  • lauren_conrad

    Who the f takes out $60 when they are being charged a transaction fee? Any sane person with money in their account takes out a couple of hundred bucks if they have to use an atm that charges a fee. (That way you don’t get charged another fee when you inevitbaly have to use another atm when you use the cash.)

  • David

    You call this news?! Now $80, THAT would have been news!

  • David

    You call this news?! Now $80, THAT would have been news!

  • Carlie

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