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James McAvoy is a Wanted Geek

James McAvoy is a Wanted Geek

James McAvoy attends the photocall for the movie Wanted at Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday.

Originally, James, 29, was rejected for the lead role of Wesley Gibson in Wanted.

“They wanted someone geeky. I screen-tested for the movie over a year ago and they never gave me the part. Then, it was about seven months later when they went, “Look, we’ve been trying to find someone who’s muscle-y who looks good and all that, but it just didn’t work with someone like that so they said, “Could you come and do it?” They basically just said, “You’re the runt of the litter and that’s what makes it work” so yeah, and that’s why I like it. So while I’m doing all this physical work, it’s important for me to remain small. I’m sure they want me to get all big, but it’s important to remain believably geeky,” he told back in February.

More pics of James McAvoy, Timur Bekmambetov (director), and Thomas Kretschmann at the photocall…

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84 Responses to “James McAvoy is a Wanted Geek”

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  1. 1
    soopx Says:

    waiting for this movie to open in our state.

  2. 2
    bella Says:


  3. 3
    Helena Says:

    Hot. Did you really think Angelina would turn up heavily pregnant?

  4. 4
    Scots sarnie Says:

    I’d loved a James McAvoy and Gerard Butler sandwich please. Hold the lettuce.

  5. 5
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    fcuk angie. james mcavoy’s movie is gonna kick ass.

    dude has a bright future.

  6. 6
    A passerby Says:

    If Aj was here, the comment will be a few hundred. Fan of AJ shd support “WANTED” coz AJ is one of the lead.
    We will love to see her at this photocall. Anyway, wish her a safe delivery and hope it is a boy and a girl or better twin boys and not twin girls.
    We want to see what a baby Brangelina boy will be like, another mini Brad?.

  7. 7
    Regina Says:

    James McAvoy is a better actor than Angelina Jolie, anyway.

  8. 8
    bella Says:


  9. 9
    london chica Says:

    James McAvoy looks amazing right here! Thanks so much Jared :D One of the best looking guys around, except maybe McDreamy… Patrick Dempsey.

  10. 10
    yolly Says:

    I will watch “Wanted” because of Angie. This is an awesome movie based on the trailers. It will be a nice photocall if only Angie was there.

  11. 11
    remember da truth Says:

    McDreamy? Give me a break! McAvoy is wayyy sexier than that TV star!

    James McAvoy might be geeky, but he’s SEXY geeky, and a great actor, too.

    Bella, get over yourself. I like Angelina as much as the next person, but a lot of people know and love James McAvoy, just as we love and respect Morgan Freeman, and it’s not because of Angie.

    This is going to be a great movie and I can’t wait for it to start hitting theaters everywhere!

  12. 12
    forever young Says:

    Regina @ 06/10/2008 at 8:19 am

    SHUT your FACE

  13. 13
    ivette Says:

    Brad was seeing in Berlin few days ago before this hotel with couple of people.

  14. 14
    Regina Says:

    #8, you’re an idiot. Try renting State of Play, Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, Inside I’m Dancing and Starter for 10.

    Angelina may have the oscar and she may be the a-lister, but after that she was in it for the money and it’s only since she started boinking Brad, she’s been getting decent roles again. James McAvoy is more consistent.

  15. 15
    jee Says:

    i think i love him.. he is really great actor

  16. 16
    forever young Says:

    Regina @ 06/10/2008 at 8:33 am

    Didn’t your momma shut your face yet?

  17. 17
    rien Says:

    Agree, “remember da truth”. I will go to see Morgan Freeman at any time. I am still a little bit blinded by James after Dune and State of Play the mini series. Those blazing blue eyes, and when he smiles…

    Geek? As I am a geek my self, I would love to be companied by another geek like James.

    Does anybody know if James also will play in State of Play the movie?

  18. 18 Says:

    Wanted: Casting the Right Ensemble
    James McAvoy

    Since “Wanted” is very much the transformation story of one man, Westley, it was crucial to find the right actor.
    At the outset, Westley is about as far from a
    comic book “hero” as you can get. He’s miserable, a doormat for the world, punching the clock until his pitiable day comes to its end, hardly the stuff of a towering, square-jawed, steroid-sized, classic leading man. And yet, the character undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, from pathetic to powerful, embracing his legacy and allowing his inner strength to push aside the weakling.

    Director Bekmambetov explains, “We watch Wesley grow up. He finds his abilities and his intelligence. He starts out as a weak boy who everybody thinks is a loser. That is because he does not believe, and he does not know what is in his genes. Because he is different. He is unique. Once he finds that, he grows. He becomes a man, a killer. And then he starts to see that there are lies in his world. So he has to choose—to go back to believing what is told to him, that’s a fake truth. Or go his own path and find a real truth.”

    It took young Scottish actor James McAvoy a while to sink his teeth into the idea of playing Wesley: “I’m not used to seeing someone like myself in these roles. As a movie lover, I do complain frequently that I’m fed up with seeing 6’ 5” alpha males in these roles. I’m glad they cast someone like me, not in terms of what I can bring to the role as an actor, but more because I’m not an obvious choice.”

    Bekmambetov says, “I knew James was a different kind of actor for Wesley, but I wanted a real actor. We needed someone people will identify with. Somebody who kind of looks like an everybody. Wes changes a lot, on the inside, on the outside. And James can do that—we believe his changes. I wanted somebody to bring humor to the story, because I think it’s impossible to create a believable fantasy world without humor. He is skeptical and ironic—and when he believes, the audience believes.”

    Platt comments, “It was essential that we found an actor who was accessible to an audience.” The filmmakers wanted someone “who could exist in a world that was heightened, but who could communicate with enough emotional truth that his reality became our reality. James is very smart about his character, even down to his
    movements and his action. He wants to know everything about what his character is
    doing and why he’s doing it, otherwise it’s just not believable for him. Watching the
    character’s transformation has been a palpable, visceral experience as interpreted through James’ great creative mind and ability.”

    Bekmambetov remembers, “Early, we were trying to find some ways to make the change in Wesley, like hair or costume. Then, we had a test in London before shooting. And suddenly, without costume or makeup or anything, James did it himself. Right in front of us. First, he was this silly boy and then, a totally different character, almost like a superman. It was unbelievable. Then we understood that we didn’t have to do anything, that James could do it himself.”

    The Scotish actor was drawn not only to the character of Wes and his arc, but also to the world that the Russian director was creating: “I like action movies that don’t take themselves too seriously—I like them when they have fun,” McAvoy provides. “Sometimes, I was quite shocked at what Bekmambetov asked me to do, but generally, it was for the best and elevated the material. He really does think differently than most directors. I think he’s a mad, evil genius and his work is incredibly cool and strange. Even on big, emotional, sincere things, he undercuts it with a very strange angle…which I respond to very well.”

    Author Millar found the character of Wes particularly interesting as he transits
    from geek world to underworld: “The idea of a young, geeky office worker going through this transformation to become the ultimate super-powered killer was really more interesting to me than the big, super villain stuff. I’ve always been interested in secret societies…there’s a romantic notion about a secret society. I like the idea of a super cabal of bad guys who are running the show, and the Fraternity was my version of that. Seeing Morgan Freeman bring this idea to life as the head of the organization was really quite thrilling.”

    Like any strong organization, the Fraternity finds unity in and lives by its mission, to preserve balance in the world by eliminating those who are predicted by the Loom of Fate to disturb this balance and to cause harm.
    And “Loom of Fate” is not just a metaphor, the Fraternity is, indeed, an ancient fraternity of weavers, whose headquarters contains the enormous Loom that weaves the destiny of those targeted into the fabric it produces—the tapestry’s flaws are translated into a decipherable, binary code. Literally, when someone’s number is up, a member of the Fraternity is dispatched to ca

  19. 19 Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s Fox

    In the Fraternity, the woman who sits at Sloan’s right-hand is named Fox. There are few actresses who have the strength and skill to believably portray one of the world’s best killers while, at the same time, possessing the talent to inject that assassin with emotional strength, a no-nonsense attitude and an all-encompassing commitment to the Fraternity, its Code and its way of life (which actually revolves around taking life). As far as the filmmakers were concerned, there was only one actress in mind: Angelina Jolie.

    Platt reflects, “Fox is an incredibly powerful, strong-minded, singularly willed person who has overcome obstacles in her life to become this great assassin. She becomes Wes’ mentor who watches him, trains him and helps him through the difficulties of accepting and understanding what’s happening to him and the grueling physical nature of what he has to overcome. Angelina was the dream choice for this role.”

    Producer Lemley notes: “Fox is stoic. She’s a soldier in search of a cause, and with the Fraternity, she’s found it. The Fraternity has shaped her life and character, and Fox has become a fully formed assassin who takes her job very seriously. And she kicks ass, too.”

    Angelina Jolie takes her job of inhabiting her character on screen seriously: “Fox is a believer in the Code,” Jolie offers. “I like the fact that she’s quite flat, in a way; she just believes in getting on with it and doesn’t really show any emotion. However, let’s not get too serious about this film—it’s supposed to be a fun movie, but the idea of assassinating one person to save thousands is very interesting.”

    For an actress who throws herself into her work, one of the things that appealed to Jolie was that she had input on her character’s look. She adds, “Fox has binary codes on her arm, which is part of a reading of the fabric from the Loom of Fate. She has ‘know your rights’ in different languages and ‘toil and tears,’ which is from a Churchill speech. It’s things like that that the audience won’t notice or pick up, but giving Fox all these tattoos is symbolic of somebody who lives by a certain code of honor.”

    The director says, “We were very lucky—and very happy—to get Angelina. She is just so solid, and such a nonconformist. She’s also a perfectionist, so in everything she does she wants to be the best. She is deep and talented, grounded and specific. She knows, every second, what she wants to do in the scene. Her viewpoint is very strong, and so you have to understand it. We worked with her on her dialogue, and she really helped to make it stronger. When we first met, we talked about her character. From then on, she was always trying to keep everything in line with what we discussed. A very focused actor.”

    While on paper, the subject of Wanted sounds dark and dire, Bekmambetov injected his wry and decidedly off-kilter sense of humor into the narrative. Jolie comments, “I like that this film doesn’t take itself too seriously…It’s a little more nutty and has a sense of humor about itself. It doesn’t pretend to be too cool and there is something textured, European and a little funky about it. Timur is a very focused, deep-thinking guy, and it’s cool to see him in the middle of a big Hollywood movie, bringing something to it that is unusual.”

    Bekmambetov is quick to point out, “My humor is not dark. It is life that is dark—the humor is just in a dark context. When things are dark, people turn to humor to survive. To keep your mind. In the middle of all this violence, humor helps the characters—and the audience get through.”

    A true survivor (and one of the more unusual, ex-officio members of the Fraternity) is Pekwarsky—an expert who fashions ammunition discharged by the fighters’ magnificent array of custom firearms. And such a gun would require more than just over-the-counter bullets. Pekwarsky’s bullets are themselves tiny works of art, emblazoned with intricate designs and ominous messages (like “Goodbye”). These works of art are lethal, called upon to enter a target from a curved trajectory or to stop an adversary’s bullet by ricocheting off and deflecting the oncoming slug.

  20. 20 Says:

    Morgan Freeman

    The head of the Fraternity is the same man who reads the will of the Loom: Sloan. Having already played God twice, it wasn’t a stretch to see Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman as the master architect of an ancient society. Freeman says, “I’ve been in many, many films, and so I’m always looking to find something different to try. As an actor, you don’t want to do the same thing ad nauseam. When I read Wanted, I thought the concept was compelling, and Timur’s a very interesting filmmaker. Combine that with the rest of the cast—and the fact that I haven’t done too many action movies—and I was eager to participate.”

    Producer Platt comments, “Morgan, as both a human being and as an actor, possesses such integrity, such a strength of character that I’d believe anything he would tell me. He’s someone you would want to be your father, which in our story is very important for Wesley. There is a strength and force that emanates from Morgan without him even trying. We needed someone who could also articulate the mythology of the Fraternity in such a way that the audience would follow and accept it.”

    “As a person, Morgan Freeman is very levelheaded and very noble,” says Bekmambetov. “We must believe what he says. He is a businessman, and the head of the Fraternity. He is able to engage Wesley, and so us. That was most important for

    “Something that really impressed me,” says Freeman, “is the depth and detail that Timur has provided. There is a whole history of the Fraternity, an actual handbook with their philosophies, their codes, their legacy as weavers, weaponry, abilities, hierarchy— hardly any of which the audience will be privy to, but as actors, and for the crew, it’s a great tool for us to use when we’re building our characters and creating this world. Something like that is a luxury that doesn’t come along all that often when you accept a film role. He just has such a creative mind.”

  21. 21
    ???? Says:

    I didn’t even know James McAvoy before he made “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie. I’m glad they did the movie together, Freeman, I like him too but over all, I like Angelina the best. Definitely, be watching “Wanted”.

  22. 22
    rien Says:

    Regina #14,

    Except Starter for 10, and Atonement, I watched James’ other films. I can not stand Atonement because of Keira. I guess, I just have to ignore her.
    What do you think of this Atonement? A must see film?

    And Starter for 10, it is damn difficult to get it, but I will try.

    And “Inside I am dancing” — what an amazing film! My favorite quote:
    “Look, if I said somethin’ earlier to offend ya’ or anything… good! “

  23. 23
    besane Says:


    Go back to FF cesspool.

  24. 24
    gena Says:

    The publicity for this movie will not be bring the bang without Angie. But she has other obligations. I think she is a little busy right now. James, Morgan and Angie are all good actors. They each have their unique style. But in the end I AM DEFINTELY AN ANGIE FAN!!!!!

  25. 25
    millie Says:

    I think Jolie is due with The Pitt Twins any day.There is no way she can show up.But i will go see this fast action movie,I never had seen McAvoy until he started making this movie.Looks like its going to be good.

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