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Violet Affleck's First Day of School

Violet Affleck's First Day of School

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet Affleck, 2 1/2, to her first day of summer school in Santa Monica, Calif., on Monday.

Then 36-year-old actress has been busy filming her latest drama comedy, This Side of Truth.

Jen was recently named one of the top 10 hottest assassins in movie history for her role as Elektra in Daredevil and Elektra, according to CraveOnline. Other femme fatales included Angelina Jolie in Wanted and Mr. & Mrs. Smith as well as Lucy Liu and Vivica A. Fox in Kill Bill 1 & 2.

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s First Day of School…

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violet affleck first day of school 01
violet affleck first day of school 02
violet affleck first day of school 03
violet affleck first day of school 04
violet affleck first day of school 05
violet affleck first day of school 06
violet affleck first day of school 07
violet affleck first day of school 08
violet affleck first day of school 09
violet affleck first day of school 10

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  • http://nhfcncf lol

    wow she came bac to it means more photo op with her kids.I bet she felt depressed in Boston as she didn’t have as much papz as she

  • http://justjared Victoria

    First!!!! Violet is adorable. Looks just like her father. Every picture of her always shows a well behaved and happy little girl. I love her little dress.

  • http://nhfcncf lol

    kid not

    where is her other kid?I mean BA.she is no where to be seen with

  • Ingrid

    Let me get this straight, Angelina Jolie was listed even though no one has seen the film yet. I hope her performance gets panned. That’ll show them!

  • wowza

    ingrid is an idiot this is about jen and her kid. Yeah that wil lshow them lol haters are stupid

  • Orange Clockwork

    Summer school already? That can’t be a good sign.

    Oh, and the only idiots around here are the maniacal Jolie fans.

  • Janie

    I love how the haters take their time and post! Love the Affleck family!

  • kelly

    Love this family! I have always liked JG…I am the world’s biggest Alias fan…and her daughter is TOO cute. They seem so normal and that is such a change from most famous people.

    Haters, back off!!!


    Uhuuuuuuuuu vocês não estão entendendo naaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Português é phfodáh!!!!
    Beijinho pra Vi, meu bombooooom!!!Eu sou toda boa!Toda boa!Toda boa!Eu sou toda boa!aaaaaai aaaaai

  • Ingrid

    “ingrid is an idiot this is about jen and her kid. Yeah that wil lshow them lol haters are stupid”

    It’s actually about Jen, her kid and the fact that she was listed in the Top 10 Hottest Assassins. Just because I expressed my opinion, doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. Stop going crazy over Jolie. It is incredibly annoying.

  • Laura

    So cute. I love this family. I think Jen & Ben are great parents. They rock !

  • Ingrid

    Even though I just realised it said Top 10 HOTTEST ASSASSINS, still doesn’t give a reason for you to go crazy over everything.

  • Jaye

    Good luck in wishing WANTED will be panned, INGRID. Figures that’s the only thing you would have to say when this is a JENNIFER GARNER thread.

  • Heather

    I find it funny how much people are in love with Jolie. :lol:

    I mean seriously.they bring her name in almost every single thread of this blog and other blogs.

    and don’t jump on me and call me brangelinal**y,since they call me hater in their thread but seriously I think AJ is turning out to become a star of this century.all the people just can’t get enough of her.they just can’t stay away from wishing her luck or bad.they can’t stop commenting about her even If the story is about something else.

    should give credit to Jolie.since she is upgrading her from wild child to people wannable talk. :lol:
    btw JG looks great and now that she is done with her film.time for getting pregnant.Violet is too cute to be the only child of them.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Such cute pictures! She looks more and more like Jen every day, IMO :) And first day of school, that’s such a special day, she really is a big girl now! So perhaps Jennifer and Ben are planning for a little sibling now, well of course they haven’t said anything. But I’m just hoping they have another one, they are such great parents!

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Sunny greetings!

  • Carrie

    Those who should receive the “Parent of the Year” awards never do! Two beautiful parents with a lot of gray matter and common sense….a beautiful little girl who will grow up to be magnificent unlike most neglected and spoiled Hollywood brats.

  • Gamina

    Aawww, such a cute girl! :)

  • naty

    I love JG she is so down to earth!

  • me

    Some website is voting on Top 10 HOTTEST ASSASSINS? Isnt there something sick abut our society that we glorify assassins?

    By summer school I think they mean vacation bible school. They don’t have summer school for little ones.

    Violet always seems so happy– I just love her.If they only have her=they’ve still done well. Not everyone wants more than one.

    btw: WHy is it when I click to get a bigger picture, a lot of little pictures come up to obscure my view?

  • bambamswife

    I think this family is so adoreable. I took my son to a church school when he was 3 so he could play with other children and not adults all the time. It’s a good idea for them to socialize with children. It must be difficult to be celebrities and have a somewhat normal life for you and your children. I know they choose this life ,but the poparazzi must be too much. There are just certain couples that they seem to be hooked on. They could do me a favor and stop being around the bisexual Joile. So sick of seeing pictures of her. If I never saw one again, it would be too soon. I am definetly a joile disliker. (hate to say hate about anyone.)

  • me

    Some website is voting on Top 10 HOTTEST ASSASSINS? Isnt there something sick abut our society that we glorify assassins?

    By summer school I think they mean vacation bible school. They don’t have summer school for little ones. Or maybe its a mother’s day out program.

    Violet always seems so happy– I just love her.

    btw: WHy is it when I click to get a bigger picture, a lot of little pictures come up to obscure my view?

  • lolly

    I think they look lovely :)
    Are her and ben still together?

  • jade

    I like Jennifer and little Violet is a darling girl. I like her smile!

  • dont like her

    Jen garner is so fake

  • snore fest

    If i never see a pic of this fake boring woman and her funny looking kid, it will be too soon.

  • lorie

    sounds like carrie is getting “carried” away. a lot of gray matter? jen and ben? LOL


  • kitie

    she should have another kid, but doubt she will.. Violet is going to be very spoiled. Hate..DISLIKE, how jen dresses. dull

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Sweet kid.

  • jada k

    Ingrid doesnt think Jolie should be included because Wanted hasnt been released(althought mr and mrs smith has been, and parts of wanted have been seen by some) sooo she thinks Angelina’s acting should be panned to show..Who exactly?

    and she calls others crazy for jolie when her “thinking” is questioned?!!

    RIIIIGHT! THIS IS ABOUT GARNER AND HER KID; But some cant stop bringing the beautiful and amazing Jolie into a thread not about her. If you dont knock her.. you are supposed to be in love with her or worship her or crazy looney or whatever. Now THAT is looney thinking.

  • ingrid is bizarre

    ingrid IS terribly annoying but that is just MY opinion. Who in their right mind would say she wishes an actresses’ movie gets panned just because some website put her on some list? That is insane. Who is that supposed to be showing? and why?

  • O.M.G.


  • edie

    Oh no a#sface is back…I bet all her movies bomb…horrible actress.

  • me

    I love Jen and Violet is adorable. She seems like such a happy and well adjusted girl.

  • buckeyegurl

    I love this family! I’m happy to see them. Violet is such a cutie, she gets prettier everytime I see her.

  • Adoring Fan

    THERE BAAAACK! GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING! My favorite mom and daughter duo. So glad to see them. Violet has really grown. She is sooooo cute. Love the Afflecks!

  • Renata

    Que lindinha, já está indo para escolinha!!
    Adoro esta família!! Adoro a Jen!!

  • ~Khaj

    Ingrid… First, it mentions her role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith as well. Second, I don’t imagine that much of a film needs to be seen in order to vote on “hottest assassin”.

    Heather… Uh… the story brought her name into it first.

    What’s with the “fake” comments…? What’s Jennifer done that was fake?

    And as far as the way she dresses…? *shrug* You think that’s dull, you should see the outfits I wear around my house. *lol*

  • legs

    violet is adorable.

  • jess

    Violet is so adorable!

  • MC

    Violet !!!

  • just me

    Come on!! Uma Thurman in Kill Bill is the BEST!!!!!

  • mimi

    The kid used to have dark brown hair, and then it turned blond, and now we see roots.

    That is just sick.

    Violet looks just like her mother- pre plastic surgery, which would explain why they would try to make her look better- but going to a hair stylist so early?

  • mimi

    JG has made a craft out of dating and marrying up- to promote your career.

    Whay she did to Ben was disgusting, and I assume that is the reason we never see them together anymore.

    I feel bad for him, since now he is stuck with a women he doesn’t love who trapped him and also- he has got the ugliest kid in hollywood.

    Think about all the beautiful children there, and that plain Jen- mini me.

  • zoe

    they look so cute together. violet looks adorable in that dress. jen looks natural- with no make up and very down to earth. but i really dont like her pants or shoes.

  • cute cute cute

    they both look cute :)

  • babydalailama

    isn’t 2 a little young to be going to any kind of school..she’s still a baby.

  • a realist

    Look at the mother, daughter profiles in the third photo. Violet is the spite and image of her Jennifer.


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  • NancI

    I think Suri is a really cute child… so is Shilo and there are many others. This child is just ok looking. Yes, I dont see much of her and Ben together …whats up with that?

  • that’s your opinion^^^^^^

    I think she looks BEAUTIFUL and CUTE and so does SHILOH but suri is just OK looking :o/