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Hugh Grant Hearts Ziyi Zhang

Hugh Grant Hearts Ziyi Zhang

Hugh Grant is set to star with Ziyi Zhang in a romantic comedy entitled Lost for Words, reports Variety.

Hugh Grant reportedly first falls for the charms of a director’s translator, but soon recognizes the real object of his affection is the director herself, Ziyi Zhang. However, the translator is the only one able to communicate between the two and she has her own motives and intentions behind her actions.

Lost for Words was written by Jamie Curtis and Dan Mazer (Borat).

DO YOU THINK Hugh Grant and Ziyi Zhang would make a good couple?

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  • Lynn

    no way…..she’s to cute.

  • abbi

    this sounds cute

  • abbi

    this sounds cute

  • Lynn

    no way…she’s to cute.

  • http://MIVIDALOCA Lola :)

    I totally agree with you Lynn, she’s gorgeous and he’s hideous.
    They should of casted a much hotter actor instead of him :(

  • michelle

    she is lame….

  • london chica

    This has got to be an false rumour right? Because seriously, although I love him, Hugh is getting a bit old for these cutsie rom-coms now and the girl does look a bit too young and fresh for him.
    He should save himself solely for Richard Curtis because he is a guy that can get the very best out of Hugh like no-one else.


    If you think Sharon Stone and Tobey Maguire would be a cute couple then there’s nothing wrong with this.

  • rosafay


  • fgkjfdh



    Hugh Grant is over rated, and this pairing would be a total mismatched. Just look at those bags underneath his eyes.

    Ziyi must have been 1 day old, when Grant was beginning his career. Way too age-mismatched. As to talents – Ziyi is a critically acclaimed Chinese actress in China. Internationally, all eyes are on her. Grant ‘s allure was his image – none one iota more. Brits are superb breed of actors, Grant, regretfully is an exception.

    Grant and Zhang – foul chemistry !

  • Helena

    They should replace Hugh Grant with a better actor. I mean, you have a great director and lead actress!

  • Some chick

    I heart her, too! She is so beautiful and so talented. I loved her in House of Flying Daggers.

  • jilly

    Oh pleeeease! Have you seen her boyfriend? He is old and looks like a brown leathery ugly …thing! Ewwwww! She should go for Hugh!

  • geniass

    Ughh…this sounds like a movie they made just for her … and her lack of English speaking skills.

  • pinkrose

    Isn’t Hugh Grant a litle long inthe tooth for this kind of thing? Can’t he play anything else? Move On Hugh…play someone’s father (or grandfather).

  • pinkrose

    Isn’t Hugh Grant a litle long inthe tooth for this kind of thing? Can’t he play anything else? Move On Hugh…play someone’s father (or grandfather).

  • Kerrie

    Ziyi Zhang is so beautiful and is talented….will look forward to seeing her next film.

    Don’t think this is the best photo of Hugh Grant! I enjoy his humor and quirkiness in romantic comedies. He and Rene Zellwegger should partner up in real life!

  • lol

    no she is way out of his league

  • remember da truth

    Jilly, you are soooo superficial!

    Zhang is not only gorgeous, but extremely talented. Even this movie is a step down for her, let alone having Hugh be the one interested in her. They should have used someone like one of the Ryans, Gosling or Reynolds, or someone like that.



  • LuckyL

    Hugh Grant is too hideous

  • joss

    #15 i don’t think she should be criticized whether this movie was made for her or not just because of her english-speaking skills…

  • I don’t find Ziyi talented. She has the same expressions on the three movies I saw–Crouching Tiger, Flying Dagger and Geisha. It was a bore watching her and Gong Li (another with same expressions throughout). Personally I like Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh. There are also a host of Chinese stars who started around Maggie and Michelle started that are more talented.

    Grant too is over rated.

  • beautymyth

    typical HOLLYWOOD SEXISM. the man is 47 and she’s 29. 18 year age difference.

    technically speaking, he could be her dad!

  • sean

    #15- right on!!

    #24-I totally agreed with you-Same expressions on the three movies,

    If she is talented, since 2005 how come no big directors in hollywood have worked with her?? No hollywood directors want her, because they know she can’t act. This is the role/movie she is getting & so perfect for her-lack of English speaking skills.

    Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh are the best.

  • Sinna

    #20 I agree, they should cast someone who is easier on the eyes. Or maybe the guy in 27 Dresses, don’t remember his name, but he’s a hot piece of a$$. She’s beautiful, and should be paired with someone equally as beautiful. Maybe somewhere in the plot he’s suppose to be an old far

  • Wise

    He’s too OLD for her, but then again, she has been dating an OLD, WHITE DUDE for the past few years.

  • Wise

    Th guy is 27 dresses is James Mardsen. He was also in Enchanted.

  • http://deleted jessica

    #19,kinda agreed with you,they are totally different kinda person,I mean the expression on the movies,one is typ of emotion ,one is typ of kungfu!!!!!

  • paddies are the best

    I love Hugh! Great fun and he is a great actor!

  • neverends

    Hugh Grant… a romantic comedy… never seen before

  • Anonymous

    Have you noticed lately there’s this trend of white dudes with asian chicks..whaz up with that…?
    it’s absolutely taboo and sheer a ‘NO’ in Hollywood to depict interracial relationships between white and black but it’s exoctic if it’s between a white guy and chinese girl.

  • csxyz

    I don’t think it’s considered “taboo” to depict a relationship between black and white. I’ve seen plenty of those!
    And personally, being an Asian female, I don’t have a problem seeing movies with white men and Asian women.
    In fact, when I saw this post, I thought it was a really cute idea for a romcom – it didn’t even really process that it was between a white male and an Asian women. I think people need to stop labeling everything so strongly by saying, “Oh, here’s another story with a white guy and an Asian chick.” I’m not talking about you specifically, just people in general. By saying that, it just shows that there is still some racial discrimination because it can’t just be seen as a love story between two people.
    Sorry for my rant. That’s all I have to say. :)

  • remember da truth

    She’s talented … and Sean (same person?) but yes, her lack of English-speaking has kept her from Hollywood. Just because a Hollywood director doesn’t want to use someone who can’t speak English well enough for the dimwitted American audiences doesn’t mean they don’t respect her.

    The fact she’s having a movie made that takes into account her lack of English tells you how badly they want to use her.

    And no, those weren’t all the same expressions, unless you are so obtuse you can’t tell.
    But yes, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh — they are excellent actresses also.

  • remember da truth

    Anonymous, what are you talking about? What trend? Name at least two other times you’ve seen it recently.

    And I’m with csxyz. Until you pointed it out, it didn’t even register to me that it was a white dude and an Asian chick, as you so ineloquently put it. Why is it so important to you?


    Good observation Anonymous. At Harvard, Princeton and Yale these Asians are kicking our butt ! Why is that ?

    They are in the student counsil, law review, debating club, math club etc. I was always jealous of them. It’s hard to compete with them. I had an asian room mate for 2 years. She was exotic, shiny black hair and that golden brown skin. She was soft spoken and brilliant mathematician – a walking PC. She sits ways back the classroom, but always no. 1 in class standing. I didnt like her – well, maybe just a little bit jealous.

    When she enters the class room, the guys just stare. She just sit so quietly. Oh yeah – last I heard, she heads the CDC’s AID’s research center.

  • BeatricePotter

    Asian women have a mysterious quality about them (especially Chinese) that westerners find compelling. Gong Li is an exceptional beauty and a highly talented actress. She was fantastic in Curse of the Golden Flower, Raise the Red Lantern , Chinese Box and many many more. I like Ziyi Zhang very much as well but haven’t seen her in as many films.

    Love Hugh Grant in anything…just like his personna and self-deprecating manner. Very charming.

  • rien

    As far as I know about “Asians” (not all of them), they know how to respect other people. They say many times “yes” even when they meant “no”. Your opinions matter, but it doesn’t mean that it is always right.
    You don’t have to be loud in order to be heard. They rarely call names, and they have this “respect the elder” tradition.
    Many times they are natural, do not show too much of what they have (I am not talking about Bai Ling, here).
    And what I admire the most is their hard work ethic and their friendliness!

    But, there are also many bad mannered people. It happens to be, that people who can get out the “slums” are normally the best ones and the lucky ones.

    And I hope you are over with your jealousy, by now!

    And about Hugh Grant, British or not British (you know I have a special taste about British Boys, especially that one), Grant sucks!

  • xoxo

    I don’t know but the plot premise sounds very interesting and fresh!

  • zaranikita

    no…. they are qa mismatch couple. its an eyesore to watch hugh these days….

  • howfunny

    She can’t act. He looks (is) old. But there are all kinds of weird (totally unmatched) couples out there. So why NOT?


    Dearest Rien,

    There is so much to learn about China and the Orient.

    Asians are viewed as timid, that they bow to men, or that they say “yes” when they mean “no”. Historically however, it is true to ALL culture – in the medieval times in all of Europe as well as in the USA. Americans are still struggling with gender discrimination. Despite gender inequality, women leaders in China and the Orient seas are rising. Case in point – Madam Mao was responsible for the excesses of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

    Here is a perspective in China – Behind those those powerful emperor/ruler, there lies a woman dragon. There is none more manipulative than the Emperor’s concubines. Chinese history is littered shared power between the emperor and his wife and concubines; Chinese women could be dragons ! That phrase – behind powerful emperor, is a woman dragon – originated from China.

    So that in my view, while these women were behind the scene, they enjoyed equal power. Events in the last 50 years have revolutionized women all over the world, and none more compelling proof that the Asian women of today.

    Fast track to the present – Forbes list many women among the most influential in world economics, history, medicine and arts, films and all fields of endeavor – among them are notable Asians. Just go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell – or any US university. Or take a good look in all leading Research and Development field – Asian women of all kinds are in the forefront ! They are indeed redeeming their rightful place in history. EQUAL AMONG THE MALE SPECIE !

    That Asians are subservient IS A MYTH.

    You are definitely right – SILENCE SPEAKS IN A MORE ELOQUENT TONE. As does Lailani, my former college Asian room mate – her quiet demeanor, jet black hair, and sad brown eyes, understated elegance, and razor blade mind.

    Pre-Med and Med School – I would study day in and day out, then spent 4 hours in the library; Lailani would devour the book in 3 hours. She is indeed a walking hard drive. And then there is me – Blondie, blue-eyed Yankee . Yes – it’s heartbreaking to be always # 2 or catching up with her. Today, Lailani heads the AIDS Research Center @ CDC, and me – at the Trauma Unit attending to battered women, children riddled with bullets and shifting thru pulverized organs. Still behind her successes !

    So Rien, I am still jealous. But ill will – never ! Not to the same female specie that I am a part of !

    As always Rien, a good discourse for both of us. And thanks !

  • lea

    LO. this will be funny. but i think Grant might be too good for Ziyi as she is famous for her critically acclaimed slutty moves (not to mention that she is arrogant!), there will properly be another scandal on this couple! hehehe

  • Bekki

    I so have the biggest crush on here.
    She’s stunning
    They don’t make a good couple but it’d be good to see her in a film with and A-list celeb. She’ll beat them all. Big time. love her. <3