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Ashlee Simpson's Got Pregnancy Curves

Ashlee Simpson's Got Pregnancy Curves

A solo Ashlee Simpson shows off her pregnancy curves as she leaves Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood on Tueseday..

Mrs. Wentz attended a taping of her husband Pete new MTV show, FNMTV (read: effin’ MTV), which hopes to “save the music video”.

The new video show is hosted by Pete and premieres this Friday night, June 13 @ 8PM ET/PT. It will feature a live performance by Panic at the Disco and world premieres of videos from Flo Rida, the Ting Tings, Snoop Dogg and the Pussycat Dolls.

10+ pictures inside of Ashlee Simpson‘s pregnancy curves…

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ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 01
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 02
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 03
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 04
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 05
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 06
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 07
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 08
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 09
ashlee simpson pregnancy curves 10

Credit: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios; Photos: JFXOnline
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  • me


  • Anon


  • Cecilia

    Anon you are second LOL ;-)

    Ashlee is pretty unlike her dumbass sister

  • tori

    Geez, put the boobs away. why do pregnant woman think that when they get huge hooters, they have to show them off all the time. Less is better…xtina…angelina. Be a bit more classy, there is a difference between the two.

  • bejeebus

    okay, her boobies are completely awesome but this really isn’t an appropriate look…not for daytime anyways.

  • kaly

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    …………. `-;`.-’ ………….
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    ……………. || _.-’| ………
    …………. ,_|| \_,/ ……….
    ……. , ….. \|| .’ ………….
    ……. |\ |\ ,. ||/ …………..
    …. ,..\` | /|.,|Y\, …………
    ….. ‘-…’-._..\||/ ………….
    ……… >_.-`Y| ……………
    ………….. ,_|| …………….
    ……………. \|| ……………
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  • yeahhh

    i don’t like her dress, or sunglasses.

  • Helena


  • sunnykidstyle

    This dress shows way too much cleavage for my taste, I wouldn’t be wearing it without a tanktop underneath. But I guess she really embraces her pregnancy boobs. And there is a tiny bit of a belly, too. Though if we didn’t know she was several months pregnant, we’d probably just assume she merely had a big meal.

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she couldn’t wait to show off her pregger-boobs.

  • sofia

    Not a very elegant look IMAO!

  • daph

    she wants attention

  • re: #4

    omg i was just about to write the same as #4!

    i dont understand that either, and its inappropriate

  • Regina

    She probably secretly got a boob job. Expect a ‘miscarriage’ in a few months.

  • emma lee

    If most bathing suits give you more boob coverage than your dress than you should rethink your dress choice. Please put those things away or bring them out in the privacy of your own home! No need to give all the adolescent boys around an anatomy lesson.

  • EVAinCH

    she can’t sing. her latest video, outta my head, is a cheap, desperate and exceptionally poor imitation of a “wannabe Gwen Stefani”,she’s so desperate she even tries to dress like her. so now, her last chance for any kind of “fame” is to hang on to the coat tails of someone who is, remotely, vaguely, famous…o.k with the exception of wannabe “emos”, no one else knows who the hell he she desperately spreads her legs and will spawn a TESTIMONY to her existence in this world so that a small percentage of this world can continue to justify her being a “celeb”. My god, what has the world become.?

  • givemeabreak

    gross. gross. gross. put them away!
    Those aren’t pregnancy boobs-just her lame fake ones coming out to play!
    She’s only like, what, 4 or 5 months along? that is a little early to be claiming prego boob-although I do know all women are different!

  • ruby

    the cleavage is very inappropriate. She should wear a tank underneath.
    The dress is nice but two low cut.

  • just a comment..

    As far as giving young boys an anatomy lesson – go to the beach. Go to your local mall. There are much more revealing clothes then this dress being worn.

    I wouldn’t have worn it out during the daytime perhaps, but the reaction here really surprises me. This is why the enitre rest of the world considers us so repressed and republican.

    She’s young, she’s pretty, her boobs look great. I see nothing wrong with what she’s wearing.

    Oh, and as a final thought, mentioning miscarriage in regards to a new pregnancy is the only thing shameful here.

  • V

    My boobs started getting bigger just a month after I got pregnant. So yes, these are pregnant boobs #17. However, I wasn’t walking around with that kind of clothes.

  • jessica

    their show premieres friday the 13!! that can’t be good.

  • Coren

    Ashley is ugly, she looks like the skinny face green witch on the wizard of oz. She does everything to be relevant…know she is pregnant with that midget’s baby. Let’s focus on the real stars and not the my sister made me famous fools that shop in the day just to be in a magazine.

  • emma lee

    just a comment.. @ 06/11/2008 at 6:14 pm #19

    I know there are more revealing clothes and bathing suits out there but it still does not make her dress appropriate. Those clothes are worn just for the attention. I agree with the person who says she should have worn a tank or camisole underneath. I’m all for the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” attitude but within reason.

  • Furby

    i think the boobs are hot lol

  • shawna

    #17 – Um, yeah, those are pregnancy boobs. Your breasts enlarge within the first month of pregnancy usually. I went from a C to a DDD within the first 3 months. Of course I wasn’t wearing stuff like that, but I think she looks fine.

  • exactly

    They look like two high beam headlights..hahahahahahahaha

  • showtime


  • dee

    Jesus Christ some of you should get over it there just breast, so what if she’s wearing something low cut

  • grammar police

    Dee, watch your mouth. The JC comment was uncalled for. Also, you may want to check your grammar. A period should follow the word “it”. “There” is really “they’re” as in “they are” and I see two breasts not breast. It is never too late to learn how to write.

    Maybe she has the dress on backwards.

  • Jan

    She’s dressing like Angelina with long dress and boob exposure.

  • Jughed

    Yum! She looks all grown up and maternal now. In a good way.

    However, I agree that this look isn’t appropriate for anywhere else but Hollywood, California, or wherever. Those crazy kids!

  • whatever

    For all the people who say she is not pregnant they probably have never seen a pregnant woman before. She has a baby bump and her hips have widened. I am 6 months pregnant with a similar frame to Ashlee’s and my boobs grew huge within a month. She will also ‘pop’ soon as her bump is growing by the day.

  • wika

    big and fool woman who want a famous

  • Bess

    The dress if fine. All these people keep complaining about pregnant women briging out their boobs but they aren’t wearing more revealing stuff than before it’s just that their cleavage is more obvious.

    If you have big boobs you can look like a streetwalker in something that would look demure on a flat chested girl.

    Anyway – if they are proud of their pregnant bodies than they are allowed to show it.

  • Kattie

    she looks so happy))))))

  • PP


    click here!!thanks:))

  • cheryll

    WOW! her BOOOBS are DROPING!

  • naacp

    top right photo, look how angry, awnry and jealous that black bitch security guard looks in the background like “fuckin white ho getting all the attention…”

    Unfortunately for blackey, that white ho is about 1000x hotter and more talented, which doesn’t say very much for her.

  • Lindsey

    Its to much but at least she not wearing a push up bra like Christina did that was scary and ugly!

  • Anastasia

    Well hell-oh Mrs. Wentz.

    *eyebrows shoot up*

  • Jackie Brown

    I love Ashley’s dress, does anyone know where I could buy it.

  • cyn

    I think she looks fantastic and happy and glowing.

    I love the dress!

  • :)

    i think it’s great she’s confident with her new curves and wants to show them off. mmmmm. boobies.

  • Shelbs.

    OMG! Why is she dressed like that?! Jesus christ, get them away!

  • tyana

    u guys r fucked up get a life assholes

  • http://j2 ds

    YouGuys are so stupid and I mean the people who are making mean comments and your just haters and I need to shutup and one of I said petes noone ur noone a**hole

  • http://j2 ds

    I. Love. What she wearing and shutup haters fuck u

  • annonymous

    Why does everyone think that you aren’t allowed to be sexy when you are pregnant?? I think she looks very womanly and nice. If you had boobs like that you would be putting those things out there too!

  • yepimmaperv

    dang that makes me so hungry!