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Clay Aiken: I Want More Kids

Clay Aiken: I Want More Kids

Clay Aiken is already having a son but he’s not stopping there!

The 29-year-old singer and his best friend, 50-year-old music producer Jaymes Foster, used advanced IVF therapy to conceive their first child but an In Touch insider reports that they’ve already frozen eggs and sperm so they can have a second baby next year.

Jaymes is due in August, so she’d like to conceive again next March,” an insider says. “That way, she would give birth in December 2009… Clay and Jaymes are committed to having at least two children. They’re both incredibly successful and wealthy, so money is certainly no object. And he just adores children. He is going to make a wonderful and caring father. There’s no doubt about that.”

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  • Moviewatcher

    Whatever, I hope it works out for the best for the children sake

  • anon

    well I think they will make good parents but the way these tabs are talking about how the baby was concieved and general medial information is really creepy. No one should be printing medical info. It’s priate.

  • l

    wtf !

  • jmc

    Wow, I have heard nothing about this so I am not going to base my opinion solely off a tabloid like Jared, but this seems strange. Are Clay and the music producer in a relationship, or are they just choosing to have a child together via advanced medical procedures? If the latter is the case, I hope for the child’s sake nothing developmentally wrong happens.

  • black

    Best friends—————50 years old—————?????????????

  • Jessica


  • owen

    why wont they just have sex.
    do it like old school.
    why pay to insert the semen when you
    can do it yourself.

  • to owen

    The woman is 50. It’s a miracle she did get pregnant in the first place no matter how it was done. Obviously it’s a blessing because she was married before for 23 years and didn’t get pregnant. Her ex hubby may have been sterile.

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    Ok. Ewwww.

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  • momsword

    lol don’t most people want more kids? when someone is preggers? Hell, I want another kid but I can wait 2 years (mine is currently 9 months old). I want my body back! :)

    maybe he will pick a younger woman?

  • Sandy

    If this is true who is leaking medical information.

  • kaly

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  • Grace

    Does this woman know that when her kid is 20 years old she will be 70 years old? I would not want to be 20 with a 70 year old mother. Thank goodness my mom was in her 40′s when I was 20. Poor kid.

  • wth?

    Clay Aiken: Stranger than Fiction.

    I’m hosting an internet prayer vigil tonight. Please join. We’ll pray that Faiken just disappears. Maybe he’ll be beamed up to whatever planet he’s from. Maybe he’ll crawl under a rock. I’d be happy either way. And Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson could rest easy that they have one less competitor for strangest and creepiest celebrity.

  • Hakan

    They did it by IVF cos Clay is blatently gay & wouldn’t want to go near a woman in real life.

    Still hope for the best with regards to the kid/future kids

  • ally

    Jaymes and Clay have not said a word, yet the tabloids/magazines etc are never at a loss for “news” about them. lol I’ll wait to hear from them before I believe anything.

    I bet half ot Hollywood uses medical intervention to get pregnant and have twins IF and WHEN they want to regardless of age.

    IF this story is even true Jaymes probably needed medical intervention anyway because of her age.

    If they’re happy together. more power to em. John Travolta/ Randy travis, Burt Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher,Usher …. and on and on and on.

    Maybe he finally found someone who loves him for who he is . She doesn’t need his money or fame. Good for them.

    the thing that makes me go hmmmm is, isn’t there a law about revealing other peoples medical treatment?

  • KillerFlower

    That’s just weird.

  • shully

    I hope some of the most recent posters are not procreating. Otherwise their ignorance will be passed down to the next generation. You might want to do some research before posting again. Never mind, you probably would not understand it anyway.

  • shannon

    Notice the devious, nasty comments about gays. People who hate gays, get away with attacking Clay because it is acceptable in our society to mock someone who is not gay using gay slurs.

    It is becoming increasingly clear what you are doing. You are not allowed to mock or hate on gays directly, so you show your hate in a sneaky way.

  • tammy

    I get it that they love each other like a brother and sister, but should they still have children together?? This kid (kids!?) is gonna get all kinds of teasing because of this.

  • Hakan

    Hey Shannon, if that comment was directed at me then let me just say that I’m gay myself so no it wasn’t a slur…just a statement. Clay gives off a heavily gay vibe to me, and this arrangement with this woman/friend is just another point that makes me think he’s gay.

  • SUZY

    Finally, someone got the terminology right at least! IF this story is true, the only way it makes sense is that IVF was used, not AI. In vitro fertilization is the process used for most women near menopause, because it significantly increases their chances of becoming pregnant. Eggs are retrieved from the ovary and then are fetilized in a petri dish with the donor’s sperm. Sometimes, they even use donor eggs to ensure a healthy baby. It is almost impossible for a 50 year old woman to become pregnant any other way! If Clay is indeed the father, he and Jaymes may very well have tried to conceive in the “usual” way, but because of fertility issues, they may have had to choose this route. They may or may not be a couple and he may or may not be the father – at this point, the only word we have on that is from the tabloids. Unless Clay or Jaymes decides to inform the public of the circumstances surrounding this very private matter, we may never know the whole truth. We will eventually find out whether or not they are a couple (married or not) and we may be able to guess who the father might be once we see the actual baby, but for now, it is useless to speculate on anything beyond the fact that Jaymes appears to be pregnant. How, who, when, why…those questions remain unanswerable.

  • Sarah

    Okay, I agree with someone else who said, “where is all this coming from or something like that?” Neither she or Clay have apparently spoken, so who is doing the talking? They should be fired!!!!

    None of my business anyway, I like Clay as a performer, he really is engaging on stage! But his personal business is something I get tired of hearing about. And I can see why others who don’t care or like him get tired of it too. It is not like any of this is all that alarming or interesting. It is not like he has been arrested, or is in rehab, or drove his car off the road.etc. What any of the stars do behind close doors is really not my affair. They are “stars” and that is part of their mystic and I would rather leave it as a mystery and not have their lives splashed around! Talk about something else.

  • Belle

    The reports start to die down and then a supposed new piece of news from a source or sources turnes up. Sounds a little suspicious to me. If this source was truthful why don’t they fess up who they are. It has been disputed in other articles as well. And at least these people told who they were. I really doubt that a source would know all the details of such a complicated procedure. Until I hear from the man himself and or her, I will just enjoy listening to his CD!

  • volleyballgrl

    ewww.i really don’t know what happened to him. I just look at him and think eww. he NEEDS to change his hair!!

  • shannon

    Hakan Quote: “let me just say that I’m gay myself so no it wasn’t a slur…just a statement. Clay gives off a heavily gay vibe to me, and this arrangement with this woman/friend is just another point that makes me think he’s gay.”

    Tell me another story. If you are really gay you would not be stereotyping. You would know the truth about gays. Psst, they come in all shapes and sizes and colors and are just like everyone else. I think you have been watching way too much television.

  • tammy

    It’s really sad that all of this personal info is leaking this way. I’m sure they’d like to sell their unusual story to People, or some such publication.

  • Diana

    I am surprised that Clay, being a Christian, would have a child out of wedlock no matter how conception occurred. I also think Jaymes is too old tho I certainly sympathize with her desire to have a child. I don’t believe for one minute that they are ‘just friends’. I’ve seen videos of her all over him, but I guess it’s their business. I’m sure this child will be much loved by them.

  • mjl

    If any of this recent information is true, someone should be fined or jailed for releasing such private intimate details. (HIPPA laws, anyone???)

    Clay Aiken is an entertainer, which does not mean he signed on to lay his entire life out in front of the masses for review. He has a God-given talent, a personality that wins over those who actually meet him without prejudice, and a heart for doing good in a world gone bad. None of those means he owes anyone any explanation for his personal decisions and the choices he makes off-stage.

    By appearances over the past 3 1/2 yrs, he and Ms. Foster are very close and attuned to one another-”on the same page.” If they feel secure enough in that closeness to make a commitment to one another and the child/children they will share, more power to them. I only hope Clay doesn’t get sick of the ridiculous trash-talking that follows his every move so that he will hang in there and continue to entertain. NOBODY does it better. You just can’t get enough Clay Aiken! (So sorry for those who have closed their minds to him & his talents due to sensationalized tales and media hype!)

  • mjl

    volleyballgrl – haha! no worries, he’ll change his hair. Of THAT, you can be sure. If I’ve learned nothing else in five years of being a fan of Clay Aiken, it’s that if you don’t like how he looks one time, hang in there, it’ll be different the next time you see him! I kind of like the blonde, but only when it’s fluffy, not flat-ironed (looks sort of dried out when flattened.) Best look yet, for me: the Bearded Ambassador, from when he went to Afghanistan for UNICEF. Yum! Quite attractive! Too itchy to keep I guess, but definitely HOT!

  • 1.-


  • Aimee

    He is so freakin queeer!

  • nancy

    Aimee…You have offended my for the last time….Didn’t you know name calling is not nice….YOu would be up for a lawsuit if you said that in public…but you hide behind your computer…

  • mjl

    Aimee, if you’d ever see him live you’d know better. He reacts and responds to the ladies just like any normal man does. Just because he doesn’t f**k-&-tell like so many indiscreet men do (famous or not), or because he doesn’t think he has anything to prove to anyone by parading his personal activities in the public eye, does not make him “queer”. Unusual, out-of-the-ordinary, different…..maybe that. but “Queer”, no. I think it’s pretty refreshing for once that maybe SEX isn’t the first thing on somebody’s mind every minute, and maybe it would be nice if more people ran their lives that way!

  • zoey

    Love Clay. I think he will be a great dad!

  • rickyb

    I would like to know who this “insider” is that all the mags are using as a source. Their ass should be in jail for divulging private medical info.

  • Deede

    He gives me the creeps – FAGG!

  • Steph

    He looks like a child molester

  • Mul

    Claye Aiken is a weirdo. Lock up your children. I would not trust this guy!

  • Molly

    This woman must be desparate! Who in their right mind would have a baby with him???? He is a sicko!

  • shannon

    I see we have some name callers. They must align themselves with those who attacked Matthew Shepard and left him to die.

  • Janie

    This is just plain disgusting! I feel bad for this baby having HIM for a father!

  • Janie

    He seems like he would be more like a mother than a father! He is so femine!

  • emmie

    All this talk of sperm and eggs and petrie dishes kinda makes it seem so scientific. I am sure, if this is true, that a lot of thought and love went into making the decision to have a child. I think Clay Aiken would be a great father. He has worked with kids in this country, Africa, Banda Aceh, Afghanistan and Mexico. He has also chaired the Toys for Tots in the past. He seems to love children. All I can say is, that baby is going to be one lucky kid.

  • Janie

    This is not normal – it is sick!

  • emmie

    I think the people making these negative comments are the sickos. Maybe they think he is gay? Would that make him a sicko? Tell all of the other gay people in this world that they are a sicko because they are gay.

    In the 5 years since he was on Idol, he has recorded 3 major albums and has gone on 7 concert tours, had his own Christmas Special on NBC, wrote a New Times bestselling book, formed a Foundation for kids with disabilities which has resulted in integrating kids with disabilities in camps and classrooms with kids who do not have disabilities, received a major award for his work with kids with disabilities, performed for numerous charities to raise money for worthwhile causes, was named as a UNICEF Ambassador (traveling to the tsunami affected region of Banda Aceh, to N. Uganda in Africa..where children are abducted to be child soldiers, and he traveled to both the war-torn area of Afghanistan and to hurricane ravaged Ostuacan, Mexico in 2007) and did a four month run on Broadway in the musical Spamalot.

    To all of those who think Clay Aiken is just some sicko, I ask only one question. What have you done lately to help others around the world?

  • Rita in Cary, NC

    The ONLY thing any entertainer owes his or her fans is the best performance they can give! We fans have NO RIGHT to any of the details of their private lives! That’s why it is called “PRIVATE”!!! I can only hope that Clay is strong enough endure all this nonsense from the tabloids, & won’t STOP performing!! He has an enormous TALENT!! Those, like myself, that were lucky enought to be at the evening & last performance by Clay, May 4, in SPAMALOT, witnessed a true phenomenon! The entire cast “Gave it up” to Clay!!!! The cast are NOT “Claymates”! They are his peers, & they recognize talent when they see it, and character, as well.

  • Genie singer

    If Jaymes Foster used IVF – which she probably did at age 50 — it’s because it’s extremely difficult for a woman to successfully get pregnant and avoid ectopic pregnancy any other way at her age. It has nothing to do with whether or not she’s in a sexual relationship with the father or whether he’s straight or not.
    The media are really revealing their incredible ignorance by the way they are spinning this “story” — even if it’s true Clay provided the sperm. And that has not been substantiated so far either.

  • Janie

    This is just plain creepy. What has this world come to? This guy is a weirdo.