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Demi Lovato is Bangin' at Camp Rock Premiere

Demi Lovato is Bangin' at Camp Rock Premiere

Rising actress Demi Lovato is all smiles at the premiere of her new movie, Camp Rock on Wednesday in New York City.

In the film, Lovato, 15, plays Mitchie Torres, the female protagonist of the movie. She isn’t very rich, but had always wanted to go to Camp Rock. In order to do that, she had to work along with her mother, Connie, in the kitchen and mess halls. Mitchie lied about her “fabulous” life and pretended to have rich and famous parents, like everybody else. But when her secret got out, Tess blamed Mitchie and her friend, Caitlyn, for stealing her charm bracelet, which led to banning Mitchie from camp activities. She sang a song (“This is Me”) and Shane overheard her singing it. He was determined to find her because Mitchie’s song reminded him of the music he used to like, but because Shane had never even seen Mitchie sing the song, he would have difficulty finding out that it was her singing it.

10+ pictures inside of Demi Lovato at Camp Rock Premiere…

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demi lovato camp rock premiere 02
demi lovato camp rock premiere 03
demi lovato camp rock premiere 04
demi lovato camp rock premiere 05
demi lovato camp rock premiere 06
demi lovato camp rock premiere 07
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Photos: Scott Gries/Getty, WENN
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  • liz


  • ELI

    HOLYYYYYYY she looks FINE..(NO HOMO)
    i loveee her…she can actually sing
    and act she PONES mileyy boooyahhh!

  • ELI

    DEMI looksss gourgeoussssss

    Mileyyyyyy watch out… comes demi and she can ACTUALLY SING !..ha!

  • Porsche

    She looks soooo pretty! Love the outfit and bangs!!

  • Alexandria

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • PardyHardy

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much makeup for a 15 year old.

  • Vfan

    She looks quite different in the movie.Btw the summary told pretty much the whole story and spoiled it.Good job justjared.

  • Vfan

    She looks quite different in the movie.Btw the summary told pretty much the whole story and spoiled it.Good job justjared.

  • linday

    She looks really gorgeous and she has a perfect figure!I hope the paparazi follow her around because I find her interesting!Also can’t wait till camp rock,mollywood,princess protection program,and her new album!Demi see you in the Burning Up tour!

  • vicky

    She is so cute!
    And CAN sing haha

  • i love pink

    Demi looks like a rat.
    She will end up like vanessa hudgens.
    I can already predict it.
    Demi will probably have nudey pictures floating around in a few years.
    BLECH disney needs to sotp making these child robots.

  • Troy

    #7 Gving the relentlessly ugly tone of EVERY single one of your posts I would imagine that you could never look as good as this girl does in your wildest dreams.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    I love demi…she and selena are 1000 times better than miley and mandy…and all of u haters..go jump!!! :)

  • anna

    These girls are clearly just jealous. Demi you look smashing! but please, do stop looking so smashing in front of my boys. :)

  • nikki

    are u sure she is 15

  • nina

    Love Demi.
    She looks amazing as always.
    && ohmiwow, get this.
    She can actually sing, unlike some of the talentless
    bimbos in the industry today.
    She will get far, I have no doubt.

  • anna

    oh,and also I am both a Demi fan and a Miley fan. come on guys,there is the room for the both of them and they are both so sweet.

  • linday

    UGLY FUGS !!!!(JONAS) and liz you wished you looked like her!demi lovato it’s a fuckin’ b stop hating it’s bad for the soul!Troy i agree with every single word you wrote down!

  • anais

    i love her, she looks soo pretty <3

  • soff

    but she is very pretty :)

  • Nina

    For all the people dissing on Demi, honestly need to grow up.

    Okay, so Demi has not done anything bad, or wrong.
    She’s simply just doing what she does..acting and singing which she is very good at.

    There’s no reason why we should hate her. If you do, it obviously means you’re jealous of her. She didn’t do anything wrong.
    And if that’s not the reason, then you’re obviously a big jerk that likes to bash people for no reason what so ever.

    Grow up. She’s beautiful. And yeah, I know everyone has their own opinion, but if you don’t have reason to back it up then shut your mouth.
    And plus, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then damn..don’t say anything at all.

    Oh, right. You think you’re cool because you call someone ugly.
    Hahaha, right. Get over your selves.

    And don’t assume that she will end up like Vanessa Hudgens.
    You don’t know shit. And besides, people love Vanessa.
    You’re a d-bag that knows absolutely nothing.

    And okay, #15 you said she looks like a rat? I understand that it’s your opinion, but I’m pretty sure she looks way better than you hun.

    Honestly, there are way too many judgmental jealous people in this world.

    Bottom line, I love Demi.
    and the haters? Keep hatin if you want. You’ll just make her bigger.
    But people who run their mouths, get no where in life.

    and to the person who called her a mut, go kill yourself

  • etsgrdydry

    She looks older that she is. no way was she born in 92

  • lee

    i think she looks beautiful.
    love the non-red lipstick.
    more natural than usual

    very age appropriate

  • cool

    she doesnt look like a 15 year old she looks like 20!
    she really looks pretty heree!

  • tarly

    Nina is right! Don’t be mean! go Demi!!!!!!!!! demi is awesome!

  • lee

    she does still seem to look a lot older than her age.. but i can’t really pic point why. she looks gorgeous though.

  • kay

    yea i like that she’s not doing the whole red lip thing but i think she still has a bit to much make-up on.. but she’s getting there


    G O R G E O U S!

  • Britney

    I love Demi! She looks very gorgeous there :) She’s going to be big, no doubt about that <3 I definitely agree with #24.

  • Sue

    beautiful, she can sing! but miley’s better! :) i hope miley’s goin to the premiere

  • coco

    Very nice dress, her face on the other hand…
    And no just because her voice has some power in it, does not mean she can actually sing.

  • samantha

    if u say ewww ur a hater or more!

  • Keilah

    she looks amazing! don’t talk bad about her. she’s just a star like everyone else. just cause she kisses joe in the movie, everyone suddenly hates her.. you don’t know her. no doubt that when camp rock premiers, everyone is gonna like her.. well its gonna be late for them!

  • Patricia (demi and Jonas fan)

    She Looks Really Really PRETTY!!
    I wish I could sing like her!

  • -In love with JONAS

    Demi Lovato ! Gosh she is so gorgeous :D

  • jo

    I HATE when people compare the Disney girls.
    They are all so different, and as cheesy as this may sound, talented in thier own way.
    With that said, because Demi can belt out notes does not by any means mean that Miley can’t sing. Miley’s voice may not be a ‘powerful’ one but it’s powerful and unique in it’s own right.

  • krispy

    Camp Rock looks good but it will never be High School Musical

  • alexandra

    Gorgeous girl!!!!…..

    I wish that I could sing like her

    she’s soo pretty & talented……all the girls are just jelous =)

  • Lilli

    i think she looks awesome! I am so proud of her! Hey, JJ was Selena there to support her BFF?

  • oh snap!


  • ashley

    yeah she is 15..but i LOVE her makeup and she looks gorgeouss. this girl is truley my idol. im so excited for her!

  • Troy

    #14 You mean she’ll end up in a happy relationship and a successful career? One can only hope.

  • Vanessa Love

    I love Demi. She is one very pretty girl

  • melissa

    one word: G0RGEOUS

  • alexaailynickj

    she looks gorgeouss!! i love her she rockks and yeahh WATCH OUT MILEY…CAUSE DEMI IS COMMING;) and yeah demi can actually sing live:)

  • Wow.

    Demi’s gorgeous! A little too gorgeous though. Lol she better stay away from Nick! Lol j/k they would be cute together.

  • BEBE

    Demi Lovato is so pretty <3
    I can’t wait till Camp Rock !
    - XOXO

  • holly


  • abby

    i TOTALLY agreed with you #40!!!

  • aGU

    How will she look in 1 years? she already looks like a 25 years old. Don’t try to skip years Demi! you’ll miss them someday.. too much make up..