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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Hit the Gym in Vogue

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Hit the Gym in Vogue

Parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban head to the gym in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday to get their workout on.

It had been rumored that Nicole, 40, was doing a pregnant nude cover shoot with legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier, but actually, she will appear on the cover of the July issue of Vogue and is fully clothed. The photographer was reportedly Annie Leibovitz, the same photographer who photographed the controversial Miley Cyrus pictures in Vanity Fair.

“There is no nude cover,” a source told E!. “They’re just gorgeous Annie pics.”

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  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Cute couple.

  • vio

    i love them very much… such a very cute couple…
    but i am wondering why she went to the gym so often where as she’s at her final stage of pregnancy…
    hope she just gets a rest…
    wish the best for them and the unborn baby..
    can’t wait for the baby..;D

  • nda

    love them!!

  • nda

    love them!!!

  • the captain

    THANK GOD she’s gonna be the Vogue cover ‘girl’ in July. That birth won’t get much attention – this could help. Classy.

  • Cecilia

    Nicole looks like a guy. She has no feminine look…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    fake ass bump. shiit is smaller than it was a week ago, wtf?

  • PP


    click here!!!thanks:)

  • Ivana

    Her belly seem so small, for someone who is in final stage of pregnancy…..

  • pooky

    YUK….Rotten Mother

  • Can

    They are so cute together. WIsh them all the best!

  • sony


  • Ivana

    Sony’ i love them too, but i was concern……
    Now when you explaine, it is easier……
    I didn’t know how many months, she is pregnant….
    Normal belly for someone who is 6 months pregnant….

  • Can

    she is in her final stage of pregnancy. They say July. But that doesn’t mean shet has to be a huge. Some people just don’t get big. There’s lots of room to move around in there.

  • why?

    Her belly is really so small for an 8th month pregnant woman, I think her baby will be very small. Even her boobs are so smaller than ever! There is just something suspicious in her pregnancy. I think she just get lazy and do not want to wear a bigger belly prosthetics. Her surrogate must be from Nashville.

  • Helena

    Why did you have to mention the Miley Cyrus pictures? Annie is an iconic photographer, out of all the people she’s photographed…

  • Ingrid

    ” [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 06/11/2008 at 7:14 am”
    You’re always full of such crap. You also never back it up. Show me a picture in which her bump looks small than it does there. She’s been wearing puffy dresses for a long period of time, so something tells me you won’t find a picture. Idiot, per usual.

  • emma lee

    According to everything written, she is due at the end of July. She seems to be growing and progressing at a normal rate to me for someone of her body type. Yes, she is small, but that is OK. I’ve been a labor and delivery RN for many years and I have seen many pregnant bellies. She seems to be keeping the weight gain to a minimum and there are some theories now that believe women only need to gain about 20-25 pounds to deliver a healthy baby. Most women naturally gain more than that and that is OK, too.

    Boob padding can and does get sewn into red carpet gowns and push up bras do a body good in regular clothes. Most women look different depending on what they are wearing to enhance their look or to be natural.

    Once again, let her alone. Too many people are paying more attention to Nicole’s belly than they are to “important” events going on in the world. This is one baby being born to one couple. Let them enjoy their moment in peace.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Her belly looks just so cute! She’s really starting to show. Wish them all the best for the last 2 months and looking forward to see some pictures of a surely beautiful baby.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • it’s all fake!!

    She’s pregnant and she went to the gym?!!….What a crazy!!

    I tell you that all her “pregnancy”… FAKE!!!

    She’s gonna adopt a baby and wants to make us believe that she has give him/her birth!!!

    why are you lieing to us Nicole?

  • dancer

    #20-It’s all fake
    What, pregnant women don’t go to the gym? Are they supposed to sit around on their butts and get fat and be lazy? Most of the women I know went to the gym and continued their exercise routines throughout their pregnancy-adjusting them whenever the doctor said to. They had much easier births than those like you that sit around and eat chocolate all day and gain 100 pounds.
    There is no way that is a fake pregnancy. You’d see the straps under the sheer and/or tight clothes she has worn if she was wearing a fake bump.

  • say Something good or do`t say

    What do you expect from a woman tall and thin like Nicole Kidman
    she is Lucky to show that much

    In fact, she waited 40 years to give birth to a child of her own .Some
    people say that she is to old for that why ! just give her afew
    moments of joy . Halle Berry gave Birth .41 . Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair gave birth of her Youngest sons . 46 .

    I’m happy for her next time i hope to be twins

  • ???????

    my bet on a boy.she is carring low.

    btw how can you tell she is small?you are comparing her to whom?I don’t think I have seen any woman in HW with her body and her height to be pregnant.

    so how can you tell she is small when you don’t have any woman with her body type to compare Nic to her.

  • emma lee

    If and I do mean IF she is faking and I don’t for one minute believe she is faking, why in the name of all that is reasonable would she be CONSTANTLY pictured leaving a gym. It does not mean that she is in there “pushing it to the limit”. People seem to have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that pregnant women can exercise.

    My co-worker rode her bike to and from work (5 miles) everyday until 1 month before delivery and she is also a labor and delivery RN. We all thought she was crazy and reckless but her doctor OKed it. She had an easy delivery of healthy 8 pound 3 oz pound baby boy.

    Is Nicole weight-obsessed? Maybe, probably. Is she looking to have an easier delivery and wishing to stay limber and loose for it? Most definitely! Will exercise help? Absolutely.

  • emma lee

    I meant to imply that if she was faking she would make sure she was always pictured doing “traditional pregnant” woman things like looking all pretty and plump and not “21st century pregnant” woman things like exercising.

  • Kat

    If she didn’t have such a sway back, which she has always had, her belly would look even smaller.

    Weight-obsessed? Definately. She was jogging just a few months back. Not to mention the spinning classes she was still attending last month. Not to mention the sightings of her eating just salads. For somebody who was supposed to have lost 2 children and couldn’t get pregnant for years, she’s been doing some pretty amazing things during this pregnancy.

    I don’t think she’s faking, but I think her weight obsession is out of control. Regardless of how tall she is, for 8 months pregnant, her belly should be bigger.

  • Marie

    Some of you people are just plain ridiculous. Let me explain this to you ONE more time: Nicole is 5’10″ and has a long torso, which means the baby has A LOT more room to grow UP before it begins to grow OUT. In the first trimester, it is only necessary to gain anywhere from 2-5 lbs, and then a pound per week in the second and third trimesters; this would put weight gain anywhere from 25-30 lbs… not 65 like some women get, that is unhealthy, and gaining too much weight during pregnancy can be just as bad for the baby as gaining too little is. You also have to keep in mind that since Nicole is so tall, (and was VERY thin prior to becoming pregnant) when she gains weight, it has more places to spread out. I would say she’s gained around 20 lbs.

    And you are supposed to keep active during pregnancy (although a lot of women ignore this and sit on the couch eating cheetos all day). Exercise makes labor easier, not exercising when you’re pregnant is like preparing for a marathon by eating nothing but ice cream and chips and sitting on your ass watching tv. And it does not harm the baby… not unless you’re entering body building competitions or something, but a day at the gym taking a spinning class or going for a light jog is actually a good thing.

    So, once again, f’ck off.

  • Kattys

    Hey [☆I n F a m o u s☆] I’m with you if you go back to April 14 th 2008 Nicole in a red dress than go to May’s picture of CMT awards.How did Nicole bump grow so big in just one month?Nicole is not pregnant they will adopt .Also who would let their father deliver their baby what woman would want her father looking up her blessing assurance ??Her father is not a family Dr.whats up with that?They need to come clean tell the people and fans that Nicole can’t have kids Tom said she spend almost $200.000 trying to get pregnant that is the reason he divorced her.After he lefted her she was embarrassed and said she was pregnant thinking that would stop Tom from leaving her.She told the paper that she still love Tom. Wake up people the fans are being taken for a ride.I can send you pictures if you want them. Poor Keith!!!?????

    Vote for your city’s best dining and nightlife. City’s Best 2008.

  • notbusy

    Nicole’s father is not delivering her baby. That is just a tabloid story that people like you choose to believe. He didn’t deliver any of her sisters babies either! Nicole’s father just had heart surgery so he probably won’t even be able to travel to the states for the birth anyway.

  • taste

    It is said he is dating a beautiful girl he met through seek Is it true? I think everyone would like to see what his profile look like there.

  • Halli

    It sucks that people not in the know are introduced to Annie Leibovitz as ‘that Miley photographer’. Pathetic.

  • Raven

    Nicole is in last Trimester?!!! WTF?! She looks only in her fist trimester! Hate her! Gnaw!! She perfect!! She will be back in her skinny jeans as soon as after the baby his born. LUCKY!!!

  • kit

    I predict a boy too based on the shape of her bump.

  • liz

    LOL Poor Keith’s fans are truly in a severe state of denial. They cannot stand the fact that Nicole (who they absolutely hate) is carrying his baby. It’s sad in a way, even though their silly little troll comments are a bit annoying. Hopefully they’ll calm down a bit after Nicole has given birth. Give them some time to adjust. ;)

  • forever young

    Helena @ 06/11/2008 at 8:15 am

    Why did you have to mention the Miley Cyrus pictures? Annie is an iconic photographer, out of all the people she’s photographed…

    Shut your face, Jared can write what he wants.

  • katy

    She never get any bigger! I think its a fake preg.

  • notbusy

    You can think what you want, but Nicole IS pregnant. That tight/snug workout outfit makes her look smaller whenever she puts it on. I have noticed that almost all of the celebrity babies born this year have been around 6 pounds, but these women had gained a ton of weight. So regardless of how big they were, none of them have had 8 or 9 pound babies. Bump size has noting to do with how big or small the baby will be.

  • hostas

    I’ve never seen a baby bump go in and out like Kidman’s does.

  • alfalfa

    95 and humid, dressed in layers and long sleeves – yet no water weight due to the humid weather conditions all while being 8 months pregnant – hmmm!

  • ally

    Some of you people….are crazy.

  • daisy

    Some of the posts here are just laughable. I hope some of your pregnancies were not questioned & analyzed by your families & friends the same way some people feel the need to analyze Nicole’s. LOL. She can wear what she wants to when she wants to, it doesn’t mean she wears all of that while in the gym. Geez.

  • Ingrid

    I find it funny that people think that she’s faking her pregnancy. If she was faking her pregnancy, she had some hugeass bump and it wouldn’t look natural. Some women’s bumps are small, get over it.

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Exactly, LMAO. If she was faking it, why would she only put on a small bump and not a massive bump to make it look like she was actually 8 months pregnant? Her bump looks natural to me and especially for a woman of her size.

  • emma lee

    daisy @ 06/11/2008 at 12:06 pm
    Ingrid @ 06/11/2008 at 12:09 pm
    ClaireBabyGirl @ 06/11/2008 at 12:12 pm
    ally @ 06/11/2008 at 12:01 pm

    Yes, there is intelligent life out there. Thank you and thanks to all of you I haven’t mentioned but are on the “sane” side of the street.

  • Sara S

    Now WE all know, where these crazy comments come from. It is very sad that any site would allow crazy people to devote 3 years of their time to running around the net posting the same sick comments day after day.

    The very ones who hate Keith Urban and his wife. Yes they spend 24/7 combing the web to find sites like this that allow them to post crazy rants.

  • liz

    Ingrid, people don’t think she is faking her pregnancy. That is beyond absurd. It’s a very small group of really disturbed Urban fanatics who hate Nicole. They troll these sites and write garbage, hoping some of it will stick.

    Let the trolls vent and fume for a while. Eventually they’ll have to accept the truth. They’re just desperate right now.

  • vivian

    nicole is perfect, a pregnant woman doesn’t have to be fat.
    fat is not healthy!!!!

  • Miller

    Hey SaraS and liz – if what you say is true, then what does that say about YOU since you must be following THEM around the net!!

    HAHAHA!! Whos the idiot now?

  • liz

    You are the idiot. You are the one thinking she is on her way to the hospital for a maternity check-up wearing a pillow, and going to the gym and yoga classes wearing a pillow. You are an idiot for fooling yourself.

    I have no idea why or how you became totally obsessed with Keith, “nomorefan”..”Miller”, but you seem to be completely delusional. Keith is married and will most likely stay married, and he and his wife are expecting a child – not a pillow.

    Get over it , or seek professional help. You don’t hurt Nicole’s image in this pathetic way. That’s the intention, but you see, the only image you damage is your own. People see you for what you are, a disturbed individual who refuses to believe Keith loves his wife and that she is expecting his child. You are so pathetic and you don’t even see it, apparently.


    I don’t think that she is faking her pregnancy but I have noticed that one day (yesterdays pics in the red sweatshirt and black leggings) her
    abdomen looks much bigger than it does in these pics taken supposedly one day later. Who knows? Maybe black really IS a slimming color. Am a huge KU fan and hope that they have a healthy baby. They both deserve the happiness!