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Reese Witherspoon is a Global Girl

Reese Witherspoon is a Global Girl

Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon attends a press conference introducing Japan’s partnership with the United Nations Development Fund For Women (UNIFEM) to introduce the “Women’s Empowerment Bracelet”, on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan.

Reese was also the guest of honor at a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony where she met female breast cancer survivors.

“As Avon’s Global Ambassador, I’m honored to have this opportunity to meet with such extraordinary women, and experience a highlight of Japanese culture,” Reese said. “While their courage is inspiring, I was saddened to hear that only about 12% of women in Japan receive regular breast cancer screening. The lack of testing equipment and breast cancer experts in Japan means that many women here do not have access to the medical technology and care that is critical to diagnose and fight this deadly disease.”

Reese, 32, also introduced Avon’s first-everglobal fundraising product, the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet, which features a clasp in the shape of the infinity symbol to carry the message of the limitless possibilities for women. Over half a million units of the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet have already sold in the U.S.

15+ more pics of Reese as an Avon Global Ambassador…

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reese witherspoon unifem avon 01
reese witherspoon unifem avon 02
reese witherspoon unifem avon 03
reese witherspoon unifem avon 04
reese witherspoon unifem avon 05
reese witherspoon unifem avon 06
reese witherspoon unifem avon 07
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reese witherspoon unifem avon 09
reese witherspoon unifem avon 10
reese witherspoon unifem avon 11
reese witherspoon unifem avon 12
reese witherspoon unifem avon 13
reese witherspoon unifem avon 14
reese witherspoon unifem avon 15
reese witherspoon unifem avon 16
reese witherspoon unifem avon 17

Photos: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty
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  • Halli

    She looks like that Indian chick from The Office. Forget her name.

  • Sandra and Carina

    Reese looks great. I love the new haircut!

  • joss

    love her new hair!

  • Jack

    I can’t recall what she looked like before the haircut. In any case, she looks good although she doesn’t look as good in some angles.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Oh she looks so pretty in those pictures, make-up, hair and all! I really hope the wedding-rumors about her and Jake are true, they both seem perfect for each other!

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Today’s topic is vintage design.

  • Lynn

    I think it’s wonderful that Avon is trying to fund other countries for proper screening of breast cancer. Reese is a great spokes woman. Such a lovely woman

  • mina

    I never noticed she had an ugly nose before.

  • Ivana

    She looks sweet like always, but OMG those shoes!!!! :-D

  • DENG

    the nose with that chin is positively gruesome!

  • sasha

    aww I love reese! but look at this new artist i found! here’s the link to his music video!

  • Laney

    Eww she’s repulsive. No wonder her husband left her for another woman.

  • alana

    hey, what happened to the cate blanchet thread?

  • amle

    That haircut brings focus to her chinny chin chin

  • esther

    i like this haircut a lot on her

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    People are fcuking blind. This big is everything fug. Look how her eyes, nose, and mouth and all mushed together. It looks like her forehead and chin are trying to give eachother a high-five. Lmbao how in the worl can you be beautiful when your nose is touching your top lip!?

    Her chin is way worse than manistons and lenos

  • lousta

    she is one beautiful and classy lady!

    I love her hair so much…i want mine like that :D

  • snoozedotcom

    She had no self identity. She’s copying posh and it looks very BAD. She is the most boring person ever.

  • Ivana

    Ok, she is not that beauty, but she seems like strong person….
    First Ryan ( i don’t like him ) and now Jake. both goodlooking….
    Maybe she has something which attracted opposite sex….

  • Helena

    Famous, you always criticize, I would love to see you.

  • bejeebus

    take off those me-maw shoes!!!!!!!!! wtf are you thinking?????
    dear god…the humanity………

  • P

    I love her cause, but the haircut is unflattering.

  • Amy

    Poor Jake. Can’t believe he is stuck with such an ugly hag like Reese.

  • sweetie

    She’s very pretty but that haircut doesn’t flatter her.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    18 – c’mon. Ryans a funny-voiced twerp.major weirdo. And jake, lol he’s a step up, but he’ll always be bubble-boy to me.a well-built nerd who’ll never be a leading man.jake is so desperate to play a superhero I think he might off toby just so he can have a chance to play spiderman lmbao

  • bella

    I like Reese and I think she is a good actress but her chin is seriously looking more and more pronounced as she gets older, in the new add for Avon on tv they hide her chin in just about every shot.

  • Mary

    i like reese too! Her new haircut is probably accentuating her chin…which is something she shouldn’t do.

  • yeahhh

    i have that bracelet!! i love it!!

  • SofiaRocket

    I will not comment on her features, but her smile is wonderful. She has charm and personality.

  • Lakers fan

    With a face like hers, I would have cheated on and dumped this troll too.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks good with her new hair

  • Amanda

    I’m not trying to start any rumors, but her face is looking a bit more plump than usual… sort of how it did in cruel intentions…. Do you think it’s the haircut or something more?

  • black

    Man, in the large pic she looks……..odd. I think the hair doesn’t suit her. Also, she looks exhausted but trying to grin and bear it out for the camera. She needs to change her makeup artist…pronto.

  • Sara

    Wow,she is so pretty and the best,she is best friends with Jenny Affleck!.That´s so f… cool! Like them both!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    Personality?? Hahaha that’s funny. That’s like saying a tree or a rock has personality. If there was a list of the top 3 most boring female celebs ‘alive’ – reesesus christ would be #1 & #3

  • kermit

    Normally a very cute girl. Her face looks like Miss Piggy here.

  • Chin chin

    Reese looks exhausted. She must still be coming to grips over those recent pics of her ex husband and his gf. Now the entire world officially knows her hubby cheated on her. How embarrassing for her! AHAHAHAHAH!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    35 – dont you EVER insult miss piggy, you son-of-a-bish!

  • Chris

    She doesn’t look good. Take a good look at under her eyes. Jakeypoo must be keeping her from her sleep at night, or something. Maybe the plane trip to Tokyo was a bummer. Anyhoo her makeup people should have fixed all that, and for an Avon press conference too! Ick.

  • LT

    I’m sorry, her outfit is wretched!! I think she also should grow her hair back.

  • Anna

    Look at the bags under her eyes. She looked good for a few months but now she’s looking pudgy and haggard. And now everyone knows for sure that Ryan cheated on her.




  • jess

    Her makeup looks terrible. They put eyeshadow under her eyes which IMO exaggerates the fact that she has fine lines and bags under her eyes. Notice that she actually looks better/fresher without makeup.

    FIRE your makeup person immediately Reese,

  • Ivana

    She stole Jake’s slippers…. ;-)

  • angie

    Who’s jealous of Reese.?I look a lot better than she does and I’ve never had a guy cheat on me. She used to be cute but it looks like those days are long gone.

  • Ivana

    Agree with #41
    Jake is way hotter then Ryan…..

  • Lava

    Angie, I doubt you look better than she does and you actually have to have a guy to have one cheat on you.

    Chris, you sound like aa bitchy, silly queen, she was in Japan to promote awareness for breast cancer and promote the Avon Empowerment fund not make up, not this time around. Stop being so shallow.

    PS: Jared, why didn’t you post the pics of Reese in her kimono like the other sites? She looks incredible.

  • Chris
  • Chris

    I thought she was at her best in Election where she played an insanely ambitious, obnoxious bitch. A natural role for her, I would think.


    Bitchy, silly Queen.

  • Reegan

    Why is Reese so fug? She used to be cute. I guess being left for another woman must have taken it’s toll on her.

  • lexy

    Ryan is 1000% hotter and sexier then Jake ever was or will ever be….
    and Reese, what happened you not lookin’ so good here.