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The Jonas Brothers are Manhattan Moguls

The Jonas Brothers are Manhattan Moguls

The Jonas Brothers are greeted by fans as they leave their Manhattan hotel in New York City on Thursday.

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas are all set for Camp Rock, the new TV movie premiering @ 8PM ET/PT on Friday, June 20 on the Disney Channel. Disney has been giving this movie serious backing in hopes of following the success of the High School Musical series.

DO YOU THINK the Jonas Brothers can turn Camp Rock into the next High School Musical?

10+ pictures of The Jonas Brothers after the jump…

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Credit: PNP; Photos: WENN
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  • Angeline

    It’s gonna be wayy better than HSM.

  • http://justjared blah

    it will never beat hsm

  • jo

    Eh they’re alright

  • Kayla

    I love these boys!!! I cant wait for Camp Rock!!

  • me

    u can tell disneys trying to make it as big (if not bigger) than HSM. but honestly theres no way to no till the premiere…itll b intresting

  • Diana

    i definitely don’t think it can beat HSM.

  • KRisten

    love them so much!

  • :)

    I hope so!

  • hannah

    i LOVE the jonas brothers! they’re so cute.(:

    AND YES! it will be soo much more popular :D

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)


  • ur ass bitch

    Camp Rock is gonna be bigger than HSM. Camp Rock is so popular and it hasn’t even premiered yet! HSM didn’t become big until AFTER it opened. SO, I think Camp Rock will be bigger.

  • rawya

    of course they can duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juju

    no way it wont beat hsm cuz hsm iz or has been da realist movie on disbey it wont beat it or get near dat…. wisg them luck but nawwwwwwwwwwwww. i will be watchin it fine ass joe honas

  • martha

    Move over HSM, Camp rock is gonna be sooo much bigger and so much better!!! LOVES JONAS!!!!!!<3
    gahhh their so hot!!!! :)

  • kakaface

    Of course it’ll be better- Joe’s in it!

    Joe got a haircut! Loves it =)

  • juju

    i meant {disney}practicing on keyboard

  • Jewelsjonas

    Camp Rock will WAY bigger haha

  • dancergirl

    OMG i cant believe i missed it!!!! were they in the city today?!
    **They look SO hott by the way**

  • flan

    it will, and i dont really even like the jo bros :]
    i mean this movie isnt just going to be on disney, the next night its going to be on ABC than on sunday ABC Family.
    oh and i love demi lovato lmfao XDD

  • brynne_xo

    YESYESYES! camp rock will pone.
    jb = loveee


  • isaaaa

    i lovee them soo much!
    and camp rock will be really better then HSM!

    love JB soo much
    come to BRAZIL!

  • SiblingRevelry

    Augh…Where did Joe get that awesome t-shirt?

  • Rianna

    Its going to be BIGGER than HSM.

  • youngy

    I think the Jonas Brothers being in it, sort of hurts the major sucess for the movie. Yes, MILLIONS of JB fans will watch it.

    But HSM was so big, because it was unexpected success. It had actors nobody knew and wasn’t overhyped. Camp Rock is being shown on ABC, etc.

    It seems like a little TOO much promotion.
    With everyone expecting it to be great, what will happen if it doesn’t meet up to it’s standards?

    Sorry but I don’t think it will be as big HSM.

  • billi

    Camp Rock will be amazing and so much better then HSM! Can’t wait to watch it because these guys are amazing, adorable and oh soooooooo cute! Hope it blows away HSM because all that Zanessa drama is getting old already! The Jonas Brothers Rock! They are the real deal and it’s time for a new spin with Disney!!!

  • dancergirl

    are they going to be in the city tomrow?! and if so what timee?!?!!?!

  • magical

    yay I love them! They are so cute, camp rock will be great :)
    let’s see what’s the one that will be better HSM 3 or camp rock.
    love JB soo much
    come to BRAZIL![2]

  • dancergirl

    are they going to be in the city tomorrow?!!?!

  • hannah

    camp rock can never be big in the sense that hsm was. the jonas brothers are already famous, and there has been massive promotion for this movie, so of course it’s going to do really well. if it didn’t, that would be a huge surprise.

    what made hsm so special, though, is that the actors were virtually unkown and nobody expected it to become such a huge hit. thats why no other disney movie has gotten the amount of post-airing publicity as hsm did. because now disney EXPECTS their dcoms to do well.

  • jen

    Love them, love them, love them!! Move over HSM you’re old news and this movie will blow you away!!

  • nORmiZ!

    I LUV THEM.!
    I LUV YA.!

  • haley

    Love the Jonas Brothers and can’t wait to see Camp Rock. Gonna have a party with all my friends that night to watch the movie. Sick of HSM so ready for a change!

  • kristan

    i shouldve skipped school to go see them :/

  • levi

    hannah i totally agree with you… rock is at the status is right now because the jonas brothers are in it, if they werent, it wouldnt be getting this kind of hype and the reason hsm did so well wasnt because of who was in it but because of how the audience connected with the characters and the songs and how the roles were portrayed. i think that hsm was truly this generations musical and camp rock will be big but not in the same sense. hsm just sprung out of no where and took the world by surprise.

  • sarah

    Absolutely will blow HSM away. They are a great talent and tweens love the idea of three gorgeous guys in one movie. Besides, HSM is always so much of the same that it’s getting boring. I agree that Zanessa romance stuff is old news so let’s move on to bigger and better stuff.

  • Lindze

    love jonas brothers! can’t wait to see them in august!
    and camp rock is gonna be so much better than hsm!

  • mapi

    NOOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYY… hsm is the best!!!!.. people are only gonna see camp rock because of the jonas brothers!!!!… it will not beat hsm!

  • kristan

    oh and their feet are SO HUGEE!
    they’re like monster feet lmao.
    & they all are carrying pens.
    & nicks manpurse hahahaa.
    these guys are always so great (:

  • iheartzdae!!!!

    this is selfish, but i kinda don’t want it to be bigger, but it looks like it will be. HSM was Disney channel’s breakout as well for movies so i think it will always be number one

  • tina

    Camp Rock will rule this summer and HSM will be a thing of the past. The Jonas Brothers are solid and oh so cute they will do disney proud.

  • zandvfan.jbfan

    hsm is the best :)

  • anna

    Camp Rock will rock Disney’s world like no other has done! These guys are all win and I can’t wait to watch them. They are so honest and down to Earth it is amazing and a credit to their family!

    No one will even care about HSM, which in my opinion is getting old already, after this movie hits the channels!!!!

  • momma

    Camp Rock spells success. Jonas Brothers are the most requested performers on daytime programs. Love them and they will definitely be bigger then HSM.

  • CHeyanne haycock

    UMMM EWWWW this was gay

  • Victoria

    I think that Camp Rock will surpass the success of HSM, no doubt. The Jonas Brothers are amazing and their popularity just keeps rising. I love them! <3

  • kathastic

    seriously… camp rock is a made-for-tv movie!
    hsm3 is going to be in cinemas

    so obviously by the time october comes, hsm3 will be even bigger

  • pam

    Yes it will, yes it will, yes it will. Can’t wait for this……move over hsm here comes Camp Rock.

  • abbey

    They are incredible and yes this movie will be bigger then HSM. Will be good to see someone else in the Disney limelight. Getting sick of that whole HSM bunch and Zac Efron who looks way too old to still be playing in a High School movie AGAIN!

  • molly

    They are amzing and the movie will be bigger and better then HSM. Love the Jonas Brothers and wish them success on this Disney venture. Can’t wait to watch it!

  • nicole

    UH, yes. it will be bigger than HSM. I CANT FRICKIN WAIT.

    i love nick.