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Oprah Overpowers Brad and Angelina

Oprah Overpowers Brad and Angelina

Oprah Winfrey was ranked the world’s most powerful celebrity for the second year running in a new survey published by Forbes magazine on Wednesday.

Tiger Woods retained the No. 2 spot on the list, raking in $115 million on and off the course, while actress Angelina Jolie jumped to the third spot, combining $14 million in earnings with unequaled levels of fame while Brad Pitt rounded out the top 10 earning a cool $20 million.

David Beckham‘s move to the US Major League Soccer team the Los Angeles Galaxy helped him shift into the top 10, taking fifth place with earnings of 50 million dollars, ahead of actor Johnny Depp in sixth.

Other notable mentions: Jennifer Aniston – No. 17, Miley Cyrus – No. 35, Jonas Brothers – No. 89

Check out the complete list of the world’s most powerful celebrities.

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  • meamelia

    that’s good…
    Oprah deserves the seat!

  • francesca

    miley cyrus rules

  • amy

    yay im happy oprah’s the first! damn, angelina pisses me off!!!!!! i loathe her and brad too! =) congrats to miley for being at No35!

  • anustin

    well ,okrah winfrek is old .sure she deserves the seat!

  • joey

    zac efron no. 92
    daniel radcliffe no. 64
    keira knightley no. 47

    congrats them





  • O.M.G.


  • Eliea

    Good morning to whoever is awake…I know its to early but just want to say.. I don’t think Brad and Angie cares about power or being anybody other than having a happy family, balancing their carrier and family and things that are very important to them.

  • sera

    Congratulations again to my favorite couple the Jolie Pitts

  • http://bdbd Katie

    I hate Oprah,but she is indeed a powerful woman.

    I hate Brangelina but they also deserve to be there,they are powerful.but I think Brad Pitt should be over Beckham.he does NOTHING.just posing for underwear.beside of that he can’t even play soccer anymore.

    but yay for Johny depp.he deserves it.

    what the hell Jennifer Aniston does trhere,what has she done in 2007 except showing herself in Bikini,have they given this place to her because of her bikini?so maybe next year she will go out without bikini,then she will get to number one

    and miley is there?wtf?oh If Jen could get there with bikini,sure Miley with those sh*t pics can also get to this

  • Oksi

    Hi to all Jolie-Pitt fans & admirers.
    Visit to share your admiration of Jolie-Pitts with the Russian and Ukrainian fans.
    Love them so much.

  • Mike

    I LOVE OPRAH!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!! <3

  • //

    This is an Oprah thread

  • Cecilia

    Jennifer Aniston is so sweet…she is 17th powerful.

  • what??

    who can hate oprah? she’s charitable and she makes people alot of money. she’s tried to keep america reading and conscious of themselves… save your hate for bad politicians or paris hilton…and useless david beckham

  • warfreakbix

    Yay, for Angie & Brad!!!!!!!

  • Eliea

    What Oprah has is empty…. she may have money..fame or power but…..but she do not have the love and joy of family, children that Brad and Angie have, and she will never be able to say… being pregnant is beautiful…and sexy…..

  • zoe

    oprah deserves to be up there but i feel as if she’s fading away. congrats to brad and angie. they certainly worked their way up but i agree with #9, this doesnt affect them at all. oh and amy, you’re such a pathetic hater. you can continue ‘loathing’ them but they’ll be up on that list for a very long time.

    and what…is jennifer aniston doing up there? she hasnt done anything for the past year. surely, keira ‘overpowers’ her!

  • acki

    brad and angie brad and angie brad and angie…what’s wrong with u everywhere these two!!!! i am so bored..this is a oprah thread !!!!

  • soopx

    Congratulations to Angelina and Brad for making the top 10 List.

  • frenchie

    Hmmmm… in a country where money is above everything else, I’m not surprised why Oprah is on top.

  • /

    This is not just an Oprah thread, it is a a thread about everybody mentioned in the article!!!!

  • pwee

    It really must be nice to know you earned over $200m in one year

  • Eliea

    This article is in Angie and Brad’s thread.. go to Oprah or Jennifer’s thread
    and have fun there by yourself.

  • Vauginiston 2005TBU





  • Can’t stand Oprah, the big hypocrite. I wonder why she doesn’t go to Africa and buy herself a Queen seat in a country there and try to build that country into a country wealthier and more powerful than America.

  • neer

    Angie’s influence is so great that she now landed on no.3, and so is Brad on no. 10. People can’t just ignore them because they are that powerful & influential.

    With the new EW feature on Angelina Jolie, she has shown once again that she’s a very good interviewee. She is only one of the very few if not the only celebrity I’ve known whose answers to every questions are always VERY CANDID, VERY INTERESTING, VERY SMART & VERY WITTY ALL AT THE SAME TIME & she doesn’t sound like she’s trying to impress the public or the readers at all. She is just expressing what’s on her mind. Direct to the point. She can answer or discuss WITH EASE a wide range of topics such as SEX, TATTOOS, MOTHERHOOD, WAR, PEACE, JUSTICE. Her SENSE OF HUMOR is really great, although she’s not trying to be funny. She’s just effortlessly keen-witted. It is said that people who have great wit are generally intelligent. And I really find her to be very brainy or smart, that’s why this is one of the reasons (among the 5Bs) why I do like or adore this woman a lot as what i stated on my previous post on another thread.

    About the gun issue, boys will be boys, always like to play with guns…imaginary guns, toy guns, toy weapons, toy soldiers. Even on the video games, there are guns & soldiers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that her children will turn out or grow up violet individuals just because of this. I think with the proper guidance of the parents, teaching their children what’s right or wrong, instilling them the right values, Brad & Angie’s children will turn out fine. So please don’t nitpick Angie on this interview. She just answered about guns because she’s promoting Wanted, a movie with guns.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    Why couldn’t this thread just be about oprah being #1? Jared, you stay dcikriding those two for more hits. Lmaoo ish should of been “oprah overpowers tiger woods”. And why didn’t cruizy make the top 10?!? Recount!!!

    At least becks is holding it down. Putting a $-smack down on grandpa.


    Not all in impressed with the line up. This is for the MOST INFLUENTIAL CELEBRITIES IN THE USA.

    TIMES AND NEWSWEEK mags are more reputable. 100 most influential people of the WORLD – It list the Dalai Lama as the most influential, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in the # 20 slot while the Diva Oprah was # 21 ! THIS WAS A WORLD VIEW, AND NOT ONLY IN THE USA !

    Despites the Diva’s powers – financial as well as political clouts, her reputation is slowly eroding. Conservatives and former fans are annoyed because of her “alleged bi-sexual or gay tendencies, sudden political maneuverings and her push towards pseudoscience. And her most ardent critics and enemies smells blood ! Right or wrong, her sexual orientation is a hot topic.

    Why ? Because our society remains CONSERVATIVE. Gay rights rights, sexual proclivities and gay marriages are toxic topics. Her ardent critics and enemies smells blood.

    IMO, her sexual preference, her political views are none of my business, or anyone else for that matter. I take offense, however, in her effort to ram over my throat , her views of science and religion. How I worship my God is none of her business !

    Having said that – we are entitled to voice our opinions. OPINIONS are the essence of FREE SPEECH. It need not be right or wrong, sound or unsound, or however misplaced or appropriate.

    So here is my OPINION – albeit her billions and political clout, she does not come close to Brangelina when it comes to credibility !

    Like I say, IMO !

  • http://justjared susieqt

    Congratulations to Angie and Brad!!! Sooo proud to be one of their billions of fans. :-)

  • Magnolia

    thats all Angie and Brad make?? Jeez I think they deserve to be making more then that. Come to think of it I think they do seeing as he is also a producer, a savy producer at that and has made some real goood films which have grossed well at the Box office example being the departed, jesse james and lots more.
    Angie also has lots of endorments examples Siant john and sheumura.
    I know alot of the money they get goes to charity but never the less they still make it.
    Anyways I am just curious how accurate thease salary assessments are seeing as I know Angie is one of the Highest paid actresses in Holly wood and can comand from other reports 20 million a movie.
    For gods sake Reese witherspoon does.

  • Ha!

    Well, she’s entitled to voice her opinions too. The list is the most powerful celebrity. Not the most liked or the most middle-of-the-road politically. She blows everyone else on the list away. Who else can propel an author to the top of the NYTimes best seller list simply by mentioning their book on her show?

  • sasha

    where is Britney

  • diane

    I never cared for the oprah show

  • Ann

    I don’t like Oprah but I think she very well earn her spot. She is a hard worker.
    Angelina and Brad both deserve to be there. I like and respect them.
    Tiger deserve it to. congrates.
    Jennifer Aniston must have brought her way on to the list. She does NOT belong their. Tooting your butt up to the camera must be hard work. She is a lazy desperate cow.

  • bampzs#1

    Angelina should be #1, What the heck did Oprah do this year to earn her the spot? I don’t even watch any of her shows. She is a big fat hipocrite.

  • alia

    I doubt Brad or Angie really care about where they rank on any lists…lol
    They are extremely content with their four beautiful children and two more on the way…

    God Bless the Jolie Pitt family :)

  • bampzs#1

    Oh yes, and what the hell did Maniston and G Putrid do to be on the fcking list ? Who the hell come up with this list.
    Angelina and Brad on top.

  • bampzs#1

    Brangelina should be #1.

  • alia

    Eliea @ 06/12/2008 at 8:41 am

    Good morning to whoever is awake…I know its to early but just want to say.. I don’t think Brad and Angie cares about power or being anybody other than having a happy family, balancing their carrier and family and things that are very important to them

    Very well said :D

    btw: do you pronounce your name the same way as mine?

  • Truth

    Well Oprah definitely deserves that number one spot! The woman really is powerful and has worked so hard. She is someone who grew up in a not so priveleged background and has proved that with hard work and determination you can do anything. Also congrats to Tiger Wood for his consistency. He’s amazing and very talented!
    Congrats to all the other contestants aswell! I have admired what Brad and Angelina have accomplished this year in terms of humanitarian work and they should keep it up.

    There’s no need to express hate for others. I guess deep down it might just be a reflection of how you see yourself. Pity really.

  • amle

    Johnny Depp — So powerful, but so humble. One would never guess he would be #6. Especially since he doesnt whore out his family and use them for gain/ pr. His power comes from his acting. Many of the others power comes from several different things. The others only wish they were as perfect as Johnny. One Word–Talent

  • grandmothers against war

    anustin @ 06/12/2008 at 8:32 am

    well ,okrah winfrek is old .sure she deserves the seat!
    HOW DARE YOU! Oprah is only 54. Which is not old.

  • Ann

    bampzs#1 let me help you this is what they have written up about her.

    >>>Ratings for the self-made billionaire’s flagship production, The Oprah Winfrey Show, may have diminished, but her earning power appears bulletproof—at least for now. She will debut the Oprah Winfrey Network in partnership with Discovery Communications next year. She also has a three-year, $55 million deal with XM Satellite Radio. Her Harpo production company helped create Dr. Phil and The Rachael Ray Show. Less successful: a recent reality-TV show, Oprah’s Big Give.
    I agree with you. I don’t like oprah she turns my stomach but people will pay her alot of money. Why do people pay her?????????
    I think Angelina should be #1 to and Brad should be rank higher.
    Jennifer Aniston is garbage and should not be there at all.

  • grandmothers against war

    Oprah is more powerful than all of them on the list. I love Oprah!

  • dancer

    What I find interesting is that Tom Cruise fell to #31. He must be rolling on the floor sobbing.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    bampzs#1 – oprah made a shiiiiit load of money and did exactly what she has been doing for the past 10+ years. instead of hating you should be showing her hustle some respect.

    question – what the heck did brad do this year to earn him a spot, period, other than be angie’s BISH!? cause she’s the more popular and sucessful one.

  • jANE

    I agree with you. I don’t like oprah she turns my stomach but people will pay her alot of money. Why do people pay her?????????
    I think Angelina should be #1 to and Brad should be rank higher.
    Jennifer Aniston is garbage and should not be there at all.
    Why does Oprah turn your stomach? Are you jealous of her? The woman who is so powerful that she is a self-made billionaire?

    Angelina does not hold a candle to Oprah, Oprah yields way more clout than Angelina.
    I like Angelina, but she is no Oprah, and never will be.

  • a realist

    ONMYOWN @ 06/12/2008 at 10:28 am

    So here is my OPINION – albeit her billions and political clout, she does not come close to Brangelina when it comes to credibility !
    What do you mean? How is Brangelina more credible than Oprah? You can’t even explain such non-sense.