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Taylor Hicks is The Jonas Brothers' Biggest Fan

Taylor Hicks is The Jonas Brothers' Biggest Fan

Taylor Hicks joins a crowd of screaming (and crying) Jonas Brothers fans outside ABC studios in New York City before an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Thursday morning.

The 31-year-old season five winner of American Idol held up a sign reading “The Jonas Brothers Rock My World!”

Taylor has been busy promoting the Broadway production of Grease. He made his Broadway debut when he joined the cast in the role of “Teen Angel” last Friday, June 6. In the role, he adds his soulful flavor to the classic “Beauty School Dropout.”

WHICH JONAS BROTHER do you think it Taylor Hicks’s favorite — Kevin, Joe or Nick???

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rockergirl @ 06/12/2008 at 5:35 pm

I love that guy

Taylor who? @ 06/12/2008 at 5:39 pm

Is that the guy that sings in shopping malls? I guess he must have retired from that career as well.

Look kiddies. Come on now. The Jonas Brothers are adorable for teenagers and pre-teens and that’s who likes them and that’s who was there today. I saw them myself. It’s typically how teenage girls behave over teen idols, I sure did… I thought it was great fun!

Taylor Hicks has his fans, a lot of them. If you don’t know what he’s been doing, then you live in a cave and are ill informed, but hey, that’s okay with me! I don’t defend Taylor, don’t have to. I’m just very proud of his accomplishments in the entertainment business, that’s what HE’S in. As for his two year tour? I would say that was very successful, he made almost 4 Million in barely one year, just for that tour. Obviously, there is so much he DID do, I would never attempt to write it all here. For the record, Taylor is 31 years old and he appeals to ALL women, not pre-teens, unlike they like the fact he won American Idol by a landslide. So, having said that. Taylor had just finished taping Kelly and Regis. Taylor was there for the heck of it, it was fun. So what? You kids need to ligten up, you’re far too serious!!

Taylor is starring in *GREASE* on Broadway! Woooooooo!

We can do without your assinine comment “Taylor who” whoever the **** you are. Obviously a disgruntled AI fan who’s still in a pissy mood cuz egg-head daughtry lost. What’s he up to lately? Did he die?

This guy got pretty lucky. How many parts are there on Broadway for an over-the-hill Elvis impersonator? After Grease, he’ll have to go further into drag to get a part. Why in the world wouldn’t he just go home and sell life insurance.

chrollssuck @ 06/12/2008 at 5:45 pm

I see the chrolls found another article about Taylor. They just love to trash him as much as they can because, you see, they still can’t get over Chris Doughtry not winning AI season 5 and it still chaps their asses after all this time.

rockergirl @ 06/12/2008 at 5:45 pm

The Bill Will sh*t’s gettin old peeps.

No way! The man is a total flirt when he spots a pretty girl. I’ve seen him in action, so stop with the gay nonsense. You’re probably a fan that writes that ridiculous slash fanfiction crap and is now starting to believe your own crap, LoL. You need help!

Taylor grossed more last year that Daughtry did on tour last year. And Taylor wrote a best-selling autobiography! He has 2 CDs and a DVD coming out in the Fall and will continue to shine bright!

You should see the crowds at the Brooks Atkinson theater for Taylor!! It’s a madhouse scene! They LOVE him………

And that Billboard with his BIG MUG on it! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard they tried to put Daughtry’s mug up there but couldn’t find an egg-shaped backdrop! LOL!!!

What in the world are you idiots talking about? Who in their right mind watches American idol? Why are you people so mad at everybody when they tell what they think of Taylor Hicks? You are proof positive that the things being said about his fans are, sadly, very true. Poor guy.

I doubt that’s your real name, but let me just say this. I know Taylor’s girlfriend, she’s amazing, she’s smart and beautiful. I find it really a low blow when people like you have nothing better to do than to embarrass yourself with such trashiy comments. You know its a lie, lets not start with the bashing, okay? Let the kids on here talk about their teen idols and get off this troll jag of yours.. It’s not only childish of you, but untrue and boring.

I’m not Earnie but I doubt that many of Taylor’s fans will say he has a girlfriend. It’s pretty common knowledge about Bill.

chrollssuck @ 06/12/2008 at 5:51 pm

Oh Bud, apparently you need another bud, we just get tired of the same sick psychos who continue to harrass the SP by doing such things as joining the Grease site to trash him and also joining his official site, so who is sick now? The Tay fans are trying very hard to mind their business and then this.

Taylor does not have a gf, but he’s not gay, so Branch, your information is wrong and I highly doubt you know him.

He has an official site? Boy, talk about optimistic wishful thinking.

Watch the video. He was JOKING around!

http://www. sendspace. com/file/5hggr0

Jesus you people are ******* stupid.

Watch the video. He was JOKING around!

Jesus you people are ******* stupid.

Warning to Jonas Bros. fans @ 06/12/2008 at 6:09 pm

No, don’t watch the video. It doesn’t matter if he was joking around. Nobody cares. Just keep your minor boys away from him.

Warning to Jonas Bros fans….. you’re ******* retarded.

Again, the SP makes total fools of themselves. Poor Taylor.

Taylor won American Idol? I thought Chris Daughtry did.

Geeze he is so old and frumpy looking. He looks older than my Dad.

Jonas FAN @ 06/12/2008 at 6:17 pm

You’re calling Jonas Bros. fans retarded? Go **** yourself.

omg look at that girl in the 3rd picture on the far right. she looks like she’s horrified and/or sobbing. that’s so lame. i’m sorry but they’re just people. like it’s one thing to get a few tears from excitement…but to get THAT freaked out?

they’re just people, i mean come on. and those are the types of fans that think they’re going to marry one of the boys. how do you seriously expect to date/marry let alone be friends with someone that you go ballistic over. that’s freaky, who would want that?? i think it might scare me if i was them.

celebrities like people that treat them normal. they have enough people who freak out over them.

So funny! The old ladies in Taylor’s fansites don’t even know who the Jonas Brothers are. Ewwwwwww! The old hags are pathetic!

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