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Gisele and Tom Brady Are Set to Jet

Gisele and Tom Brady Are Set to Jet

Gisele Bunchen and Tom Brady are spotted leaving their apartment in New York City on Thursday.

Gisele has reportedly purchased her very own jet, a Gulfstream G550 for $50 million, according to the Boston Globe. The super-fast jet, which can carry 14-19 people, will enable Gisele to fly from the US to Sao Paulo to Paris without worrying about connections or waiting in lines.

The Gulfstream 550 is the longest range business jet in the world and more than 124 aircraft have been produced.

More pics of Gisele and Tom Brady set to jet…

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gisele bundchen tom brady jet 01
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 02
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 03
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 04
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 05
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 06
gisele bundchen tom brady jet 07

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Cecilia

    Gisele is such a hottie

  • goodluck

    Gisele is making it big and being the most succesful model in the world….

    Good Luck Gisele with what you are doing..

  • Jill

    She is awesome! You go girl.

  • bridget

    Gisele is so pretty!! Love these two about the jet!!

  • She’s gross

    She’s gross. Come on Gisele, wash your hair, pull up your jeans and hide your bra straps – you would think you were some piece of white-trash……………oh, wait………….

  • She’s gross

    She’s gross. Come on Gisele, wash your hair, pull up your jeans and hide your bra straps – you would think you were some piece of white-trash……………oh, wait………….

  • Sam


  • JIMI

    Gisele’s has a horse face.

  • elicard5

    I love Tom Brady!!!!

  • hello

    One of the most environmentally friendly things one can do is to fly commercial instead of flying one’s own jet.

  • josie

    wath? supermodel or not, she have a ugly face

  • BLAhhhhh

    This site is soooo sad and pathetic . . . each post gets like what, maybe 20 comments, even if it is about someone really famous, not a Z lister like Vanessa Minillo, and every post Perez gets, especially if its about a loser like her, gets at least a hundred comments! Just goes to show who is a more successful and better blogger! What’s the saying, Jared? Nice guys finish last?? Hahahaha Perez is awesome!

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    I didn’t know she was that rich?.With that much money, i’ll do the chick.

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    #13. If you like gay ass Perez so much. WTF you doing here?. Go back there and STAY THERE.

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Perez SUCK.

  • Helena

    She really wants to píss off her ex-boyfriend, Leonardo Dicaprio, by getting her own jet, doesn’t she?

  • Jinxele

    Why are they always trying to hide that they’re together? They made a sex tape – how much more together can you get than that? Look at her jeans – she’s showing a little down front for the paparazzi! or maybe easy access for Tom on the plane …..

  • who

    I do not see any beauty in this woman…and Brady reminds me of a little boy , he has not grown up..sad that people look up to a person like Gisele Bundchen and even Tom Brady..They might have money, but they are not the kind of folks I look up to nor would want any of my children to look up too..Sad American people, and I am an American. I am in college and I have learned there are so many more important things in life than admiring people like these two. And yes, I am posting here and I have looked at this blog, but no more for me..More interesting and good people than these two..

  • Esme

    To poster# 13.. Perez Hilton is gross. He can’t even go by his own name…has to borrow from someone else to get attention. Jareds site is great because he doesn’t just post crap to boost his own popularity, he actually posts things that are of interest to others. Gisele looks great in these pics..always beautiful!!

  • si

    Heee Gisele….o Brasil te apoia!!!!!

  • Paul

    It’s amazing how people believe everyhting they read! They made a sex tape? Where’s this sex tape? Hey! Wake up! they already said there’s no sex tape… Don’t believe everything midia says about this couple, ok? Cause it usually bullshit

  • Gislut

    She’s going to fly her environment damaging plane from the profits of her eco friendly sandals. I wish she would stay in Brazil. Kick her out of NY!

  • me

    rich trash ..high dollar “ho”..high dollar football jock..what do they actually contribute to society??????? I mean GOOD contribution to society..a “little bit” to charities because they need a tax break..big deal..tacky, tacky, tacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack


  • poo

    #19, Please step off of your high-horse, elitest, I-can-save-the-world-cause-I’m-in-college-rant. Here’s a newsflash: Looking at such a website is not the end of the world, nor does it make you less of a person. But if you want to tell yourself that you are too good for it, ‘no more for you’ cause obviously your college-educated brain is too full of education (oh by the way I graduated from colleged and I have no shame reading these websites! Guess what I also read the NYTimes too! ITS OK!) People will always look up to celebs and athletes, get over it, no shit it doesn’t mean that you will have to live that way or you will raise your kids that way, duh. Who cares?? If you really didn’t care to read them anymore, you wouldn’t have posted a comment, so get over yourself NO ONE CARES if you’re in college!!

  • lalala

    #20 Perez is the man. I <3 him because despite the fact, god forbid, he altered a ‘celeb’s’ name and made it his own website’s name, his material is more fresh and original than anything else out there. I check a couple of celeb blog sites throughout the day, and I just felt the need to say that justjared really doesn’t compare, hes so hum-drum and goody-goody, and will NEVER attain the success of Perez, and for several reasons; I mean, he doesn’t post in the quality or quantity of perez, he won’t speak his mind like perez (and don’t give me that crap that perez is ‘mean,’ he’s friggin hilarious, his posts make my days and if you ppl can’t handle it then you take yourselves too seriously), and because, straight up, he’s boring!!!!!!!

  • Just another ploy

    This is just another ploy by the Brazilian bimbo to get her name in the press – she also said she was doing a Super Bowl Pepsi commerical – nada; a clothing line with Dolce and Gabanna – nada; in Austin Powers movie – nope; in DiVinci Code sequel – that’ll be a no too; yada, yada, yada! Don’t believe anything announced by this woman or her PR – it’s all to get her name out there, including the engaged, wedding, pregant with Tom Brady – just more ways to make sure she’s in the press. She is not only homely – she’s is a manipulating b*tch! Brady deserves her! Mark my words – 2010 – there’ll be no plane – but no one will remember! Just another way to make herself seem important!

  • al

    Maybe he can use it to go to California and see his son.

  • me

    boy poo, you are a bad work of art..the college person was not bragging that he or she was in college, just that there are so many things going on in this world that are more important than a ho and her football jock..back off the person..did you really go to college because you do not sound like an educated person..I imagine he or she reads the ny times and more, but he or she reads REAL news not just celeb shut the hell up poo can lick brady and giseles a**..nobody cares about you..

  • kathy

    I want a Jet! lol.

  • ybgolbgllr

    by what I see and nobody wants to read this couple so uneven

  • Jessica

    Ditto to what #29 said.

    Does he even remember his son’s name?!?

  • debbie

    Gisele looks like a man. Cut off her hair and she is a man.

  • sunnykidstyle

    I guess she has so much money, she doesn’t even know what else to do with it! 50million! plus it will cost another fortune to use this plane, and the environmental impact is horrible as well! At least I hope she put some money aside for the time when she won’t be pretty and young enough anymore to get money with modeling and isn’t all spending it on frivolous stuff!

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • metoo

    Do any of you believe Tom Brady would have looked at Gisele Bundchen twice if she wasn’t the supposedly “highly paid beautiful supermodel” she is made out to be??? Or, do you believe Gisele Bundchen would have looked at Tom Brady twice if he wasn’t the “football hero” he was supposedly made out to be??? Ha ha , not hardly..They are together because they are BOTH HIGHLY OVERATED…by the media, except for tmz they tell it like it is, and so called fans…The woman, Gisele, is not beautiful and she sells her body not clothes..Brady cannot remain standing playing football unless he is extremely protected by defensive lineman..He does not know how to scramble and remain standing..Both are overated..

  • janie

    Tom Brady is hot, hot, hot!

  • bobo

    #36, do you believe that Tom and Giselle are the only celeb couple who looked at each other because of who they are? I don`t think they are the only ones, I personally assume that that`s the standard. There are countless `celebrities` who wouldn`t be worth looking at if it wasn`t for their position in Hollywood/fashion/music.
    #17 Even though Leo doesn`t own a private jet he flies private frequently so I doubt it would piss him off too much.
    i`m not convinced about this purchase, someone pointed out earlier that $50 million for the plane is one thing and later you have to maintain it. I don`t think she is that rich or if it`s worth it for her, so I`m sceptical. We`ll see I guess…

  • metoo

    bobo…no i do not believe tom and gisele are the only couple to look at each other because of their status…they are just the ones being discussed here..i also agree that the jet purchase may just be “talk”..

  • latian

    enrique iglesias owns a private jet a gulfstream also

  • Carlos Castejon

    Y aquellas que en su casa
    campo vieron volver, sus telas hierba
    a la deidad de baco inobedientes
    - ya no historias contando diferentes
    en forma si afrentosa transformadas-
    segunda forman niebla
    ser vistas aun temiendo en la tiniebla

  • Stetson smells like farts

    The hat is gay. Too warm for a scarf, so he wears a gay hat.

  • marla

    Tom must have just gotten some hair plug treatments again. Who would wear a hat like that in this heat.

  • metoo

    enrique iglesias is HOT HOT HOT..

  • nd

    Who knows if any of this is true. The lie tellers in the media lie so much I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the sky was blue. The media engages is “Hate Games” . They pit one person or group against another and they feed the morons in this country loads of BS and see what stick. Whatever makes them the most cash they go with it. (Most people in this country fall for anything) Not the brightest tool in the shed that’s for damn sure.

    Or they do the “Build you Up to Tear you down Game”. That’s when they start kissing your ass 24/7 because you’ve just made it big and like sharks, they can smell the cash they can make off of you. Now they tell you how wonderfull you are nonstop. That’s the set up. They will make money feeding you to the public until they’re sick of you. As soon as they sense that, Now they begin making money the opposite direction tearing your ass down. TMZ does that to perfection. Master celeb stalker Harvey Levin surounded by his little stalkers pretending they’re a real news orgnization LOL LOL are masters at it. He likes to remind you he’s a lawyer, probably to explain the GREED & SLEAZE factor . The key is to not believe the hype and fall for the trap. From the videos I’ve seen G & T do not fall for the trap. They keep quiet and keep to themselves. BRAVO.

    If it’s true, good for her. It’s her damn money she can do whatever she wants with it. All these corrupt greedy politicians & CEO’s have private jets. Why can’t a hardworking model? YOU GO GIRL!

  • emma

    enrique iglesias IS NOT HOT.BTW where is he now?

  • sam

    unfortunately enrique iglesias is still around making crappy music as usual.

  • Kiki


    Her sister…who always speaks for her….said today that this is a big fat lie!

    Okay…you ghuys REAlY think that somenone worried about the planet and the enviroment would buy somenthing so damaging 4 Earth as a PLANE???

    No fuc*ing way!!!!


  • barbara martin

    leave tom brady alone!!!!!

  • wake up Tom


    What are you thinking? Why are you wearing a black jacket and a hat in this warm weather where we don’t need jackets? Wake up and check the weather reports when deciding what you’re going to wear!