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Halle Berry Roasts Warren Beatty

Halle Berry Roasts Warren Beatty

Halle Berry speaks during the 36th AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to her Bulworth costar Warren Beatty held at the Kodak Theatre on Thursday in Hollywood.

Halle, 41, referred to Warren, 71, as “the greatest white rapper of the past 15 years.” She also added, “There was the usual discussion with the studio if there should be a scene to spice up [Bulworth]”if somebody should go topless. But I have to say, to Warren’s credit, he put his foot down and insisted on keeping his shorts on for the entire movie.”

You can watch Halle‘s speech when the show airs on USA Network @ 9PM ET/PT on Wednesday, June 25.

20+ pictures inside of Halle Berry roasting Warren Beatty

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI
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  • yeahhh


  • Helena

    What is the point of saying first?

  • Tijen

    I love Annette Bening..Warren Beatty’s wife. I wish she would act more.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Wow, she looks gorgeous in these photos! not much pregnancy weight left and she will be as slim as she was before Nahla. Hope we get to see the little girl soon. But I have a feeling that if she wanted us to see her, some photos would have already appeared. Too bad for us, but at least she has some privacy from the media harrassment.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • Vee

    Halle is just darling–but, I wish she would show us her new baby girl!

  • Monika

  • cece

    She looks great. I’ve never really considered her a good actress until I watch Alex Haley’s Queen recently. If you have never seen that movie before, her acting is on point and she does an excellent job. In my opinion Losing Isaiah and Alex Haley’s Queen are the only movies where her acting doesn’t fall short.

  • Laila

    The woman who was riding Billy Bob like a bull in the soft porn movie (Monster�s Ball) has suddenly developed some moral standards and doesn�t want to sell her baby�s photos! OH PLEASE, give me a break! Is she so stupid not to know that she is now putting a bounty on that child�s head? Now the crazy paparazzi will chase her every time she leaves her house. She can�t hide the baby FOREVER! I swear sometimes these celebrities have their own little agendas as to why they do certain things; it�s always to garner more attention. Halle Berry needs to remember her that she days of being forgotten are slowly approaching and someday NOONE will care about her or her family. Spencer and Heidi are on her heels to take over HOLLYWOOD!!!!

  • Jack

    She’s looking great. It looks like she’s regaining her health and shape =).

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    She looks nice. Where’s the baby//

  • gorgeous

    okay where are all the real big stars and actors? You’re just showing Halle Berry why? There were a lot of legends there like Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Diane Keaton and the legend Warren Beatty himself! But you choose not to feature those icons and talk about Halle Berry. Why? Becaue those people are too old and Halle wears pretty dresses? Kind of shallow Jared. Nothing against Halle but I want to see Warren Beatty and his wife Annette, Nicholson and all the others. I’ve been a fan of Beatty’s work for years. He knows how to make some good movies.

  • parisgirl

    it’s one thing to show your body, it’s another to thing to show your baby
    don’t get mad because you want to see her daughter that bad
    sheesh lol

  • Laila


    FYI does not matter to me if Berry shows her baby. Afterall you just look at the picture and move on. I think it’s funny that everyone expects this baby to be the most beautiful child ever because of the gene pool. But let’s not forget that some of the most unattractive people make beautiful children. So having 2 good looking parents is not gaurantee that you will be stunning too!!!

  • roberto

    she looks great

  • Carlos Castejon

    hubo un momento en que pusieron un tomorrow en mi cuenta.

    - y tu que tal estás,

    me dijo

  • Carlos Castejon

    hubo un momento en que pusieron un tomorrow en mi cuenta.

    - y tu que tal estás,

    me dijo ella

  • PP


    click here!!!thanks:D

  • Maria

    she looks great love the dress :)

  • RachelSun

    If you really believe she had sex w/ Billy Bob in Monsters’ Ball then Halle did a very good acting job and the Oscar was well deserved. The movie was not soft porn or any kind of porn. I’ve seen more graphic sex scenes in other independent films w/ other respected actresses.

    She looks great. She did a good job in Bullworth too.

  • HalleGAbriel

    I like the fact that she is taking her time in losing the baby weight and isn’t starving herself and/or over exercising in order to be stick thin less than two months after giving birth, like some others.

  • Licky

    Laila, you had an o.k. argument until you mentioned Heidi and Spencer.

  • just me

    If she shows pics of the baby people will say she is just exploiting the baby, if she doesn’t show the baby people will say she wants the paparazzi attention! She can’t win!

  • kitty_kat

    She was on EVERY talk show talking about nothing but her pregnancy so how stupid is it now to not SHOW the kid. I don’t think it’s wrong of people to want to see it since it’s all she seemed to exploit while being pregnant…guess it was all about her. That or the kid is FUG! If it was cute she would be flaunting it all over the place. If you see earlier pics of her and her ‘boyfriend’, they are not that attractive.

    She looks OLD and TIRED.. No longer sexy, she’s trying too hard now. It came natural before.


    Actually, it is none of your business Laila what Halle does or does not choose to do as far as exploiting her daughter to the paps for money is concerned!!!

    Just wait for the bast/ard twins, we know they’re for sale to the highest bidder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JunoFirst

    Yep, one really can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t even talk about her daughter. Okay, it’s norm to be a protective mother, and prevent the child to be scrutinized by the media. BUT generally, mothers always gushes over their child, or talk about motherhood. For someone who wanted a child so badly and talked a lot about pregnancy, she is now mum over motherhood and her daughter. Why?


    I ws thinking the same thing. Why is she not bringing the baby out after all the talk during the pregnancy.

  • Media

    Halle did anything to get that so called oscar she definetely prostituted herself and COME ON WE ALL KNOW THAT!!! You could not have missed the obvious ..she is really a P*RN GIRL

    And now we have Halle doing anything to get a child with WHOEVER WHEREVER AND HOWEVER and it has come through…what the idiot didnt bargain for was for GABRIEL to pull the strings after the baby born hahhahha she is in for a REAL SHOCK..

    I really wish she would piss of from showing her presence anywhere in the world as she is a TOTAL embarrassment to all womankind whether white or black..she lacks honesty grace and sincerity….she trying hard to look like she is okay and that FAKE HAIR looks atrocious and the smile is so ugly like who the hell cares if she is around or not…THIS STUPID WOMAN HAS TICKETS ON HERSELF,,and really thinks She has what is takes hahahahaha that baby she can keep in the house thanks NOT INTERESTED IN SEEING IT FULLSTOP—another way of tension seeking she can stick it where it fits

  • @Media…

    Media…how’s Gaybriel in control? He has nothing to do with Halle not showing off the kid nor giving any interviews. The only thing I can think of where he may be in control is that he doesn’t want to commit and possibly has forced Halle to go back to work i.e. the Coty deal and the movie she’s supposedly working on instead of wanting to be a stay-at-home mother .

    Even with that, I think it’s more of Halle knows she can’t count on him and is preparing herself to be a single mother when they actually do call it quits. They both have known it hasn’t been working for awhile and both don’t know how to end it.

    From my sources, he hasn’t done much since the baby’s been born other than being lazy at Halle’s and playing golf. He’s been leaving taking care of the baby to Halle and her nanny. He’s not going to be in the picture for much longer.

  • agatha

    Go Girl!!

    you are one sick person!! GO TO HELL WITH YOUR COMMENT!
    you are the BASTARD!!

  • very funny

    Halle’s comment to Warren Beatty was very funny considering he couldn’t keep his pants on when he was doing the casting couch thing with Halle and who could forget all the pix of her sneaking out of his house as well as he and Oprah bailing her out from her second hit and run?

    RE: her looks, she looks okay for a typical A-list event. No one noticed her hair is somewhat reminiscint (?sp) of how she kinda had her hair in Bulworth?

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks beautiful. hope to see her baby soon.

  • TCB

    To all you haters on Hallie what ever she did is in the past, she is over it and is moving on with her life with no regrets. I suggest you all do the same thing.

  • Sushi


  • Media

    ????? ROAST ?? TRIBUTE??
    who cares as its gone to sh*t comming from halle it means diddly squat.they should have kept her out of it..she stuffs up real bad

    oi sushi no hate just completely no respect for this trash and feel nothing but pity for it


    Halle is going to get criticized no matter what she does but that is the price of being famous.

    I have to say I am a little puzzled by the whole thing. I have not seen one interview where they are talking about their new family, about blending their extended families, about being new parents, about their careers after the baby? Nothing that would answer the publics questions. I know in the end it really does not matter to us what they do but it does look a little suspicious. Halle is no victim. She has calculated her every move to get what she wants, and with that said, whatever is going on with her keeping the baby in the dark after a month tells me that she is calculating something big.

    Maybe Gab does have something to do with the baby not being seen but I think it has something to do with a publicity stunt in the future.

    I hope they are happy with their new family and that they stay together to give the baby a balanced home but something looks off about them.
    They are really never smiling or touching each other when they are out.
    And why all the interviews about being pregnant and not even a glimps of the baby now. She is sending some real confusing messages. I am sure the baby is beautiful but most of all hopefully she is happy and healthy.

    As far as this roast thing, I guess they have to do things to recognize each others careers.

  • don’t think so

    Looks like she’s doing typical A-List celebrity stuff with the AFI thing, nothing at of the ordinary.

    RE: why Halle hasn’t shown the baby or given any interviews? Why being soooooo secretive?

    None of our business, no matter if some think it’s strange with her being so over the top with her pregnancy after saying she would never give another an interview after Perfect Strangers flopped or changing her comments about going back to work and/or being a stay at home mother. She doesn’t owe us or anyone anything!

    RE: Halle’s planning a publicity stunt—don’t think so. If she was, she probably would have done it by now.

    RE: why no smiles or pda—nothing new–still none of our business.

  • banana

    umm she has talked about the baby in a few interviews and she just had her….its up to her and gabriel to decide when they want to show her to the public and i am sure they will. halle looks effin beautiul as always. love her nahla must be gorgous!

  • gabriel

    You are dead wrong!!!!!

    She is not FAMOUS she is dead as a meataxe is the acting department .the only thing she is famous for is that she is a WELL KNOW PO*RN STAR thats all she will ever be…so stop trying to put another spin on this HAG

  • For #s 28, #35 etal

    For #s 28, #35 etal who think she’s owe’s everyone the right to show the kids….Agree with the posters who say it’s none of our business.

    First and foremost, now that Halle’s Golden Child has arrived, it is NO longer about her. Everything up to her delivery including her getting Aubry was ALL about her. Don’t know if this has already been said, but for the FIRST time in Halle’s life she has to put someone’s (Nahla’s) needs before her and her personal agenda for the next 16-18 years (whatever the age of consent is in CA) and every decision (personal, business, otherwise) has to be made with her in mind.

    It has nothing to do with Aubry ‘putting’ his foot down or the pappis etc. If so, he would have been more vocal than he has been over the last 2-3 years and we wouldn’t have been bombarded with the daily or weekly pregnancy developments and pictures etc. Please.

    Whether the reality of motherhood has set in and/or her hormones are back to normal, I dunno. Also, agree with the going back to work and hiring a nanny comments.

  • km1

    I believe it is our business what is going on with Halle and her baby because once she brought the world into her and Gabriel’s life on Oprah, she kind of left the world hanging now. She talked about how much her and Gabe tried to get pregnant, how many pregnancy tests she had taken, and how impatient she was about being pregnant. She gushed over and over about this baby. And now she doesn’t even mention this baby. You don’t see any pictures of the baby. I’m sorry but she left us hanging. Where is the baby? We want to see this baby that she told the world about. I’m sure she’s a beautiful baby because both of her parents are gorgeous. I just think she could have at least let us see the baby by now. ……Unless she’s waiting for all of the other celebrity baby news to die down and make a grand entrance once again with her baby, where all eyes have to be on only her baby!!!!.