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Katherine Heigl Slaps 'Greys' Writers in Face

Katherine Heigl Slaps 'Greys' Writers in Face

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl said on Wednesday that she did not put her name in for Emmy consideration this year because she did not feel she was given material to justify it.

Now, a Grey’s Anatomy insider fights back and says, “The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material?” the insider told EW. “It’s an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place.”

Last year Katherine was advised by her own manager/mother that she “didn’t have a shot in hell of winning,” and made a point of telling the Primetime Emmy Awards audience in her speech.

Grey’s Anatomy has slipped in the ratings this past season but is still a top 10 show.

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  • anon711

    amazing how the talented ones are the most humble. heigl should be counting her blessings that someone without any acting ability has made it as far as she has.

  • Slagbag

    No one cares. F*ck off.

  • Nanea

    What a hypocrite! I don’t know why anyone would want to cast her in movies.

    I stopped watching Grey’s long ago because of her, and I don’t buy tickets for her films, because she’s so obnoxiously self-righteous.

  • Ouch!

    I love her! She’s always so honest!
    I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy cause the 4th season was pretty awful…

    Jared, I need some Ben Barnes! LOL Are there nu pics?!

  • sunnykidstyle

    Haven’t seen this past season, so I can’t compare. But I do think she could have formulated her opinion a bit more diplomatically, and should have talked to the writers earlier on, if she was unhappy with the script. But I also think, even if the script isn’t excellent, a really good actor is still able to make a decent show out of it by playing esceptionally well and putting in the rigtht interpretation to spice up whatever the script is lacking.

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  • tina


  • tina

    my mistake sorry

  • kik

    she’s crazy. she forgets she;s just a supporting actress in the show.

  • c

    Honestly she’s so right. Grey’s went down since mid of s3 and I hope after taht amazing fianle everything will be up soon. But Izzie’s storylines sucked badly.

  • parisgirl

    I stopped watching Grey’s cause of Izzie/Katherine so if she wants to go, good lol

    and #5 is indeed right
    a great actor manages to turn a shitty role in something great
    (ex: Robert Knepper in Prison Break does an amazing job with T-Bag) so again stfu Katherine -.-

  • jess0

    I thought it was unfair that she didn’t get the equal paycheque of her Greay Anatomy co-stars. Now I realise what she’s all about. Katherine STFU and be greatful for what you’ve got. She’s not that great an actor. If she keeps it up she won’t have a career at all.

  • Ivana

    What will happen with George and Izzie……..

  • Helena

    So annoying and ungrateful. Why don’t you just leave then?

  • Maddie

    im so sick of her! shes seems to stew up something new all the time!

  • zeggy

    What an arrogant b…h! If she feels she doesn’t deserve to be nominated, fine, she could say there are more deserving actresses, but no; she had to say it was because she wasn’t given good enough material for her to shine! Another slap!

    It’s true; the talented ones are humble and respectful. The good thing is when GA ends she’ll be back to anonymity!

  • Ivana

    Only problem of Katherine is that, she speak to much….

  • Peace and love

    lol, she’s lucky she has her own production company now…i think other movie people will not want to hire her that much she’s trashed everything she’s done after she’s done it. KU, 27 Dresses and now grey’s. At least in her company she can hire herself even thought anotehr actress could probably do better.

    She should take her own advice and just stop talking……i love watching her shot herself in the foot all the time its so entertaining :)

  • a,

    Last season Pompeo went all last Summer whining that she didn’t understand her character, She is lucky people think she is dumb as a doorknob, and actually took her words at face value, and not as a slam to the writers.

    Heigl hasn’t the luck of being as stupid as Pompeo.

  • Stefanie

    wuah I hate how her fame got to her head! gooosh!
    she’s just annoying! and rude!
    look at Patrick, he manages to be successful AND a nice person! He says he’s greatful for what GA helped him achiefe.. and Katie just doesn’t see that if it weren’t for GA.. she’d still be hidden somewhere and wouldn’t have gotten those roles in Knocked up and 27 Dresses and all! ANNOYING!

  • rien

    Miss Heigl, I would like to know if you can write.

    You are not Edward Norton or Kenneth Branagh, do not even imagine that you are Emma Thompson.

    Prove it to anybody that you can write better than the writers in your show, until then, you better shut up. Or tell it to your hairdresser, it looks like you need one!

  • Sam

    Girl speaks her mind & is blasted for it.

    She is right. What exactly did she have to work with last season ? Nothing. Good on her declaring herself out of the Emmy race.

    Given Greys is down 25% in ratings & she has a thriving movie career, I don’t blame her for wanting some decent material if she is to stay on Greys.

    #18 – I agree with your post. Heigl is a bankable movie star now, so everything she says is jumped on regardless.

  • Peace and love

    #18 when EP and for that matter PD and SO voice their displeasure with the show they do it with tact and manage to NOT come off as whiny brats. Their critisism of the show is constructive and not bashing like Heigl does here. But i guess its all in her plan to get out of the show, maybe she should take pointers from IW :)

    Who wants to bet that she only have like 2 lines in the season opener??

    (Sorry for my numerous spelling mistakes :))

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    still a arrogant bish.

  • Mike

    Honesty in Hollywood is rare. Everyone knows that “Greys” had a rough season, even those of us who love it.

    Based on her high profile, she could have gotten a nomination just for showing up to work.

    She and the show don’t deserve it this year and she knows it. And deep down, I think most fans do too.

  • Anonymous

    Her bashing Grey’s Anatomy also effects other people’s jobs connected to that show.
    You supporters of her so called “honesty” forget the rippled effect her bad mouthing does. Less people watch the show and that puts not only the careers of the other actors in jepordy but the rest of the monior cast crew who most likely don’t make as much as her.
    If she were off the show and wanted to speak openly that is one thing BUT to bad mouth her show while on it, makes her to be an idiot. And in that small will backfire on her. THEN she has the nerve to still bring Isiah Washington into the mix to deflect attention off her ingratitude.

  • Middle man

    Heigl is just speaking her mind and she shouldn’t be blasted for doing so. The truth is that the writers really did not give her character much to work with this season, and even if a top actor were to play her part they may still struggle to win an emmy over this insignificant role of Izzie Stevens this Seasons. Heigl is only stating what she feels and she shouldn’t need to cover up for the writers or say anything otherwise.

  • melissa

    Hmmmm I think I sense the death of a supporting character next season……………..ha
    Katherine needs to get over herself and stop biting the hand that feeds her.

  • Tara

    she’s an ungrateful bitch who needs her untalented ass fired

  • To Middle man

    Speaking her mind? She’s biting the hand that feeds her.

    she could have pulled out without the blasting her writers but that would require her not being a selfish diva bitch. give her 2 lines next season writers — better yet don’t write for her at all.

    who the hell will want to write for her in this movie career she wants? she blasted seth rogan she blasted grey’s anatomy. the girl needs to do what she told isaiah and just not freaking talk period.

  • jerzeegirl

    She is part of a ensemble cast, sometimes she will be window dressing. Ms. bankable star also blasted the “Knocked Up” movie. So I guess next she’ll be writing, directing and producing.

    If she had a problem with the show go directly to Shonda and sit down face to face. There’s plenty of out of work actors who would trade places with her in a heartbeat. Nothing wrong with a woman speaking her mind but how about some decorum?

  • hhmm

    Snaggle tooth speaks again…

  • Aleksandra

    it’s ok if she feels that way, she has a right to it, but c’mon…”speaking her mind”?? that’s just rude… I love Izzy, don’t get me wrong, but this is a true example of being ungrateful…just shut up and do your job!

  • brenda

    What are you people talking about, everytime people say no to something like this you all just assume it’s a slap in the face to the writers. Maybe she just wants to give someone else a chance. To me she seems like a very genuine person that is not greedy. Did any of you people ever think of that. Stop making a big thing out of nothing and stirring up shit all the time.

  • naty

    I understand were she comes from, but she shouldn’t have made her
    “feelings” about the script public, she should of have talked to the writers instead of going public.

  • ekks

    she is getting too big for her boots, 27 dresses sucked, the chick who plays “fern mayo” in jawbreakers made me laugh more than she did!! LOL

  • Cait

    People seem to be forgetting, Katherine included, that ALL shows suffered last year due to the writer’s strike. Once the strike was over, writer’s tried to get everything they’d had planned for the season into fewer episodes.

    So it’s understandable that some shows were not up to par with previous seasons because in previous seasons they didn’t have to deal with a writer’s strike and cut episodes.

  • weetiger3

    It has been reported she wants out of her Grey’s contract because of her burgeoning film/producing career. Ya think this latest has something to do with that?? Hmmm?

  • blackfriday1978

    I believe people should always be honest and truthful… however, there is a difference between grateful/with class versus ZERO class/arrogant… clearly KH is trying extremely hard to tell us who she really is…

  • beanie

    she has such a BIG MOUTH!!
    sweet lord, just take the nomination, and smile!
    be thankful people still hire you!

  • beanie

    she has such a BIG MOUTH!!
    sweet lord, just take the nomination, and smile!
    be thankful people still hire you!

  • egad

    That is her opinion. But she also shows lack of decorum. Maybe she thinks that she is being a smart.

  • d

    Does she ever stop whining? She also bad-mouthed Knocked Up. The sad thing is it would have been a better movie except she sucked in it. She was NEVER believable in that role. Almost managed to ruin a very good movie.

  • emma lee

    She has a speak first, think second or not at all mentality. Her outrageous comments will continue to come back to bite her in the tush.

  • black

    She is really getting annoying, isn´t she?

    And that stupid hairstyle doesn´t help either…

  • PP


    click here!!thanks:D

  • oh snap!

    please b*tch, i’m tried of this wh*re she can’t act she 95% ain’t gonna win an emmy of anything ever in her suck acting career

    ONE HIT Wonder Hegial

  • Ha!

    When I first read this, I thought that she made a formal statement to the press about this. Last night I saw the footage of paps surrounding her walking down the street asking her why she withdrew her name. She probably should have just said “no comment”, but she didn’t. Not a shocker, since she hasn’t been shy about voicing her opinion in the past.

    I have no problem with people being honest – I’d prefer that than people who say what they think everyone wants to hear. She obviously wants off the show, but she has a contract she can’t get out of. Hopefully she realizes that she’s burning bridges saying things like this in public. Maybe there is no other way for her to get herself out of her contract?

  • Ha!

    “oh snap”, hate to burst your bubble, but she already won the Emmy for this role.

  • Kat

    Classless talentless chain smoking trash, not even pretty.

  • suzy86

    Um… I would have done the same thing?

    If I felt like I didn’t deserve the nomination I would have given it up to someone who was more worthy of it.

    So… I guess I’m the only one on her side.

    Her character on Grey’s didn’t have a storyline that would deem her worthy of an Emmy. This past season was more about Meredith and Calli, the whole lesbian thing and George.

    Izzie’s storyline wasn’t prominent. It’s not a shot at the writers per se, because her storyline wasn’t focused as much because the other characters need more developing.

    So, I agree with Katherine.