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Rumer Willis Boosts Beckley Boutique

Rumer Willis Boosts Beckley Boutique

Rumer Willis attends the grand opening of the Beckley Boutique in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Melissa Richardson, owner and entrepreneur of Beckley Boutique resurrects her roots and pays homage to her paternal great-grandfather by opening the modern version of an old family business.

The new Beckley Boutique will debut with women’s ready to wear pieces, evening wear, lounge wear, accessories and shoes from top designers as well as emerging industry talent.

Jenna Fischer, Amy Smart, Gabrielle Union, Ali Landry, and Bai Ling were also in attendance.

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Photos: Kavi/WENN, Toby Canham/Getty
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  • Lynda

    she is so full of herself………..what does she do?
    Apart from having famous parents, she needs to get over herself!

  • Val

    NOOOOO! My eeyyyyeeesss!

  • Aga

    She is sooo ugly…

  • Lillianne

    Poor girl thinks she looks like her mother.

  • Lillianne

    She has dirty feet.

  • Kim

    I don’t understand why the gossip sites keep taking pics of this girl. She is so ugly! And she tries wayyyy to hard to be a celeb!

  • bejeebus

    dear god…she makes me want to cry. you all should see the middle sister…..and we all thought it couldn’t get any worse than…..THIS. if that she-beast starts prancing around, then we’ll all have something to really complain about. ((((shudder))))


    I love Bruce Willis, his daughter looks exactly like a young Bruce Willis in drag, and that ain’t not half bad. If you’ve ever watched the original Die Hard with a raging erection then this is the perfect girl for you

  • jo

    DAAAMNN i’ve never seen such a huge head on a girl

  • anny

    why can’t Rumer stick with long hair? it suits her famous jawline a lot more then short hair

  • ra

    Every photo of Rumer is more painful to look at. It’s nice that Bruce and Demi didn’t ruin her self-esteem, but as others have already said, she’s really a nobody. The latest in a long line of faux celebrities. And not even the least bit attractive.

  • Shannon

    I hope she is talented because she is certainly not anything to look at.

  • Natalie

    The only nice thing about her..are..her eyes!

  • Natalie

    LOL yeah her feet are looking a little crusty!!

  • rae

    I love the dress. She always looks so surprised. Unfortunate looking girl.

  • Jessica

    Dear God, why do we have to see pictures of her?
    She’s so weird looking.

  • kris o

    She does have a large head

  • omg

    omg her feet!!!
    i think she really has enough money! so i think she can afford to go to the foot care..

  • cece

    I think she’s very pretty. Odd looking but pretty.

  • caroline

    GOOD GRIEF! Who in thier right mind told this kid she should be infront of a camera? She looks like Mr.Potato head’s retarded brother! This thing has got to be one of the ugliest things to crawl out of a womb.

  • debbie

    I hope no one was eating when they looked at her fugly mug.

  • gena

    Ugly. They keep trying to make her famous. She is nothing. Think she is trying to follow in footsteps of the other nontalented folks –Paris, Nicole. Tired of seeing her.

  • Fanny Steinburg

    Look at the JAW on this girl?
    Sorry, not pretty, she’s there because of her parents.

  • ashley

    Whats with the shocked look on her face? Is that her sexy face? lol poor thing imagine having a mother who looks like Demi Moore then turn out looking like Bruce Willis lol..She looks like that kid rocky from the movie mask!


    OMG – Jennifer Aniston’s chin is very long and very sharp. THIS IS SO MUCH WORSE !

    Lord have mercy !

  • sdfasdf

    she is so concieted, she is ugly ughh why does she think shes a celebrity. she keeps going to red carpets….like we want to see herr GOSHH it is soo annoying. her face is huge so is her jaw

  • Carlos Castejon

    Si el cielo esta sin luces
    el campo está sin flores
    los pajaros no cantan
    los arroyos no corren
    no saltan los corderos
    no balilan los pastores
    los ntroncos no dan frutos
    los ecos no responden

  • daisy

    I agree with cece, she’s not hollywood stunning in that she doesn’t look picture perfect from every angle but i do think that she’s attractive in the sense that she is quirky looking and striking. In fact, in some of the photos, she kind of reminds me of a manga character.

  • lana

    She’s so ugly. Stop posting her. Nobody cares about her.

  • Poor Me

    I really want to call this girl cute but I can’t

  • kkcc


  • malene

    she has amazing self confidence for someone so ugly.
    good for demi and bruce for nurturing that in her.
    it is the least they could do after passing on their ugly genes.
    ugly parents….one looks ok cos of all the help….
    ugly kids.

  • jubas

    The camera does NOT love her!!

  • lol

    OMG her feet ..a lot of fungus… SHE IS SO UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • macy

    she is soooooooooooooooooooo ugly!!!
    i need to cover my eyes!!!

  • Rick

    Daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnn…. That girl is ugly…!

  • Vibius

    Every time I see her in a dress I think “So thats what Bruce Willis looks like in drag”.

  • shaky

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! shes worse then v.a.h


  • Lenny

    Daisy and CeCe are either blind or just bad liars. Rumer is not pretty, cute or even fair. She is just plain homely.

  • michel


  • aummw

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    cavan buscando la aurora
    cuando por el monte oscuro
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    Cobre amarillo su carne
    huele a caballo y a sombra
    Yunques ahumados sus pechos
    gimen canciones redondas
    ¿ soledad por que preguntas ?
    sin compañía y a estas horas

  • James

    ugly ass white woman.

    thats a man!