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Vanity Fair Features Just Jared!!!

Vanity Fair Features Just Jared!!!

Vanity Fair has charted the most influential blogs about politics, gossip, Hollywood, media, and miscellany, and located them on two basic continuums: tone and content. From “news” vs “opinion” and “earnest” vs “scurrilous”, Just Jared fell into the “Earnest and Opinion” category. Here’s what the mag wrote about

Just Jared: Kinder, gentler celebrity-gossip blog, chockablock with exclamation points!”

Score!!!!!! Interestingly enough, Vanity Fair chose Angelina Jolie as this blog’s icon. Hmmm, wonder why!!!!!

Also, is the only celebrity gossip blog in the lower right-hand quadrant (+X, -Y), alongside online news website Huffington Post, techie blog Boing Boing and fashion blog The Sartorialist.

Much love to all the “BAMPZS _ _” fans out there who have stuck around here for years. And to all the newbie readers who have tuned in recently! XXOO.

To read about Vanity Fair‘s Blogopticon, visit To see the full-size chart, visit

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  • indiesr

    Woo Hoo. Congrats Jared.
    Brangelina forever. :)

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  • crash heart mick and alex


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    congrate are indeed great blog.

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    That’s fantastic! congrats! ;)

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    Wow! Great job, Jared. :) It’s well deserved.

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    Pretty cool. I fall into the newbie category in posting, though I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time. Keep up the kindness, it’s why I come here!

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    congrats JJ you’re awesome.Thanks for all the Jolie Pitts news.

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    Your site is the most decent celeb-gossip blog I ‘ve read. Congrats Jared

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    Congrats JJ!

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    Jared , so proud of You .. You are The Best, but You know that… We love You…
    Cheers to You Jared! Clink , clink…

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    Way to go Jared! :D Thank you for all you do for BAMPZS fans. :)

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    Be the same nice, clear and gentleman gossiper! YOU ROCK!

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    Congrats Jared!! I’ve been reading for years and you definitely deserve to be recognized this way.


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    congratulations to your decency Jared!

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    ahhhh that is amazing congrats JJ!!!

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    Congrats Just Jared and keep up the good work.

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    CONGRATS JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been reading since October and I’m hooked! You’re my homepage!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 Just Jared!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats Jared – thanks for all the BAMPZS +2 news. :)

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    Congrats Jared!!!!!!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS! u deserves it!

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    Congrats,Jared,your blog rocks indeed:-)


    WOW – I am in most of them. I’m surprise MENSA blog was ignore ?

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    Heyy! congratulations just jared! that´s a great new! :D

    you´re the best blog i´ve ever seen!!

    rock on!

    JJ 4 ever!

  • allison

    Congratulations, Jared!!! I’ve only been coming to your site for a few months, but I don’t think I”ll ever leave – you’re amazing!

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    Congrats, Jared! Really appreciate all your efforts to keep the blog off the “scurrilous” side of the tone continuum.

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    congratulations just jared!

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    Congrats and best wishes! Way to go Jared!

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    Congratulations Jared. I love your site and it is kinder. Thanks for all the varied offerings, especially my favorites Angelina and Brad. Way to go!

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    Congrats Jared!!!!!!

    So happy for you.

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    Way to go Jared!!! :)

  • Love

    Score!!!!!! Interestingly enough, Vanity Fair chose Angelina Jolie as this blog’s icon. Hmmm, wonder why!!!!!


    Jared , you know why.

  • oh snap!

    congrats!! jared you deserve it, you rock, except for all those hills posts and other less talented “wannabe stars”

    i love you blog it’s the only one i visit everyday :)

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    Blanca y desierta la vía
    entre los frondosos setos
    y los bosques y arroyos que bordan
    sus orillas, con grato misterio
    atraerme parece brindarme
    a que siga su linea su término

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    Congrats JJ! Keep up the good work

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    Congrats Just Jared!

    You guys are the BEST blog ever.

    Not just because you guys are nice about celebs,

    but because you post ACTUAL NEWS AND AMAZING PICTURES
    of the stars, which is what we NEED!!

    Keep it up!

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    congrats jared! ur getting rich. i really think u should thanks wentworth. u know what i mean

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    Not surprised! This is the only blog I go to often, and it’s full of positive energy, unlike other sites! Keep it up!!!

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    this blog is the best
    you rock jared!

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    You have the best blog in this Galaxy!!!! LOL and I’m totally ITA with VF on their assessment. As one of the loyal member of your blog since 2005 and one of the citizen of BAMPZS Ville, I thank you for all of your support in posting of many fabulous BAMPZS’ threads.

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    You deserve it..your blog is great!!

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    KUDOS and Congrats Jared :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!