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Mischa Barton Toots Boots

Mischa Barton Toots Boots

Mischa Barton and boyfriend/guitarist Taylor Locke are spotted walking around New York City on Saturday.

Earlier in Wednesday, the 22-year-old actress was seen wearing the same boots leaving the dentist’s office!

Mischa has a busy year, with three films coming out — Don’t Fade Away, Homecoming and Walled In.

DO YOU THINK the former OC-actress can make the transition to the big screen?

More pictures of Mischa Barton tooting boots after the jump…

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mischa barton toots boots 01
mischa barton toots boots 02
mischa barton toots boots 03
mischa barton toots boots 04
mischa barton toots boots 05
mischa barton toots boots 06

Credit: Lisa Mauceri; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jack


  • jelly

    love her

  • stella

    those boots are not good

  • mnm

    obviously she won’t make the transition, she’ll just further embarrass herself with her “acting”. side note, the boots are actually a good choice since they make her legs look smaller, not bigger

  • sharon

    WHY??????????is this girl famous?
    So boring.


    in the fifth picture she looks like his mother…that scares me. i dono, but there a really weird couple, and u can tell hes not that into her. check out his body language…forgot the boots, lose the boy

  • big silk

    shes only 22?

    wow pale skin ages very quick

  • hush

    Celebs sure do dress tacky. I just can’t see the need to walk around LA like that.

  • sorry

    Does she work? I never see her doing movies. She must be a has-been.

  • hush

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Anon

    She is not a terrible actress. I’d even say she was a decent actress if you look at what’s out here, especially on TV. But she looks really bad, physically. I think she has too ma

  • Anon

    She is not a terrible actress. I’d even say she was a decent actress if you look at what’s out here, especially on TV. But she looks really bad, physically. I think she has too ma

  • Anon

    She is not a terrible actress. I’d even say she was a decent actress if you look at what’s out here, especially on TV. But she looks really bad, physically. I think she has too ma

  • e

    I seriously don’t understand girls who wear boots with their skirts, dresses in the summer! It was friggin’ 90 degrees in NYC today!

    Stylish? Maybe so (although I don’t think it is).
    Practical? NO WAY.

  • Bess

    It was wrong of her to ditch the show that made her a star. She needs acting lessons if she wants do movies – she prob needs to leave the public eye for a little bit too.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I havent really seen her acting so idk if three movies will really be great or not. !

  • Shonathan Hilton

    so idk if she is good at acting or not. !

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  • Cecilia

    Those are real UGLY boots

  • pinkydoo

    What a dreadful choice in footwear. But then again, she is dreadful.

  • aummw

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  • aummw

    the legs of this woman are very strong, I bet she is an atlete and plays a lot of sports.

  • PP


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  • PP
  • aujsd

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  • aujsd

    Quedan por delante la vendimia
    y las dulces castañas de otoño

  • Zain

    she is hot but those boots arent looking good on her :(

  • cassie

    she is looking more fat than taylor .but she is still so pretty ! how can she do that(:

  • Josh

    Her legs look like tree trunks in those things.

  • kkcc

    Yikes! Sunglasses are bad and the boots are H-I-D-E-O-U-S!!!!!

  • the oc fansite

    I love Mischa Barton, she’s looking so good. Im sure she can make the transition ;)

  • desi

    ulgy as always!!!

  • meeshhead

    I think that Mischa has already made the “transition to the big screen”. She’s made 9 films since The O.C., which makes 23 films in her career so far. That’s a pretty big number, given the fact that she’s only 22 years old!

  • Paige

    Um, #34.. how many of those films were successful? Just because a person is working doesn’t mean they should be or that it’s work that’s anything to brag about. I’m sure she appreciates you doing so for her tho.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared is the only blogger on the net who thinks she’s a celebrity. lmao

  • pennie

    i get the boots. they’re a bit much, but she doesn’t look as fat.

  • lisa

    the only thing she’s done that’s any good is “assassination…”, and she’s not even good in it. they only hired her because they needed a name actor to get the proper financing. that IS how film financing works, people typically can’t get funding for great scripts unless they attach someone whose name people know worldwide. mischa’s not an A-lister, but the OC airs in enough countries for her to have international recognition. she only works now because she was once on a hit show. no one’s actually stupid enough to think she’s talented.

  • Kat

    Those boots are awful. I think she will have a chance in movies. She already made a couple before she was on the oc.

  • piero

    a big salute to you and Taylor

    you are marvelous it would be a dream meet you

  • piero

    I Adore

  • Ally

    OMG thank you so much! I know have gym inspiration. The next time I feel lazy and spend my evening with a pint of cookie dough ice cream I will look at the 2 pictures of Mischa’s HUGE GINORMOUS thighs and stop myself.

    Seriously though, this girl must NEVER work out at all because her big stocky thighs are ridic. What a shame.

  • neena

    ‘DO YOU THINK the former OC-actress can make the transition to the big screen?’

    Who knows…it’s hard for tv actors to make the transition from tv to movies…only time will tell with Mischa. I don’t think she’s a good actress tbh. Her last couple of movies haven’t exactly set the box office alight. The Oh in Ohio got a limited release; the Decameron went straight to DVD and You and I was so bad she didn’t even bother to attend the premiere.

    However the Assassination of a High School President is getting good reviews; so maybe that will be her breakout hit.

    BTW – I don’t think she is fat at all. So she’s put on weight? Big deal; a couple of years ago she was being criticised for being too thin. I think all the body criticism has to do with the fact that she is more known for her looks and fashion, than her career and acting.

  • real world

    I like micha barton i first saw her in the trailer with hayden in virgin territory. which is coming out dvd. which is sad beacause i looking forward seeing.She have real style. mscha and hayded did really well in it. they made it believable. She ‘s not stuck on herseif like rachel. she moves on. She will become grat movie star one day!

  • meeshfeat

    Meeshead you have to stop bringing up the fact that Mischa’s made 23 films as proof that she’s a good and succesful actress. Nudie actresses make dozens of movies but that doesn’t mean they’re good actresses.

    And the 9 movies she’s done since she was on the OC? Well, only one movie, Oh in Ohio has actually gotten a US release since she was on the show and even after she left. Most look like they’re straight to DVD. The only exception being that movie with Bruce Willis where she plays a stunningly beautiful high school student. Quite a stretch for her.

  • happyfeet

    gosh she really has changed since the OC… she was so cute now she just looks like a 70year old mama with no taste whatsoever in clothes… that is awful really! she looks so redneck..

  • NY see

    Her boyfriend is really into her.He dumped this old girl, the guitar player from The Donnas, for her.
    Mischa cannotd ress. She looks good foraward shows but on her own, she looks just mixed match messed up.

  • sarah


    Tragic a la Britney Spears.

    Please remember what Chanel said: Always leave an item before you leave out the door.

    Raybans, cuff AND those damn boots WITH tassles AND suede..

    I wish I had about one percent of the money/connection this retard has to dress chic for once. STUPID biatch can’t even act.

  • BlaBlabla

    she’s not a fucking hippie, but she always tries to be.
    gosh 60′s are so over. come on girl, get a boy who
    really likes you, get a stylist and focus on making good(!)
    and not b-movies.