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Violet Affleck is a Bicep Baby

Violet Affleck is a Bicep Baby

Jennifer Garner dresses in head-to-toe white as she takes her daughter Violet, 2 1/2, to breakfast in Pacific Palisades, Calif. early Saturday morning.

The mother-daughter duo then hit up a small sporting goods store, where they picked a few bags full of exercise equipment. A mystery male helped Jen carry her purchases to the car.

Violet even helped out! The tiny tot worked out her arms and carried some free weights. Work those biceps, girlfriend!

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violet affleck bicep baby 01
violet affleck bicep baby 02
violet affleck bicep baby 03
violet affleck bicep baby 04
violet affleck bicep baby 06

Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • becca


  • becca

    such an adorable baby!

  • http://msn penny

    Lol The Perfect Fam!

  • choeh

    chrish is 1st

  • mel

    Where’s Ben? He’s never with the fam.

  • Ben?

    Does Ben know about her boyfriend?

  • flo

    big mickey mouse ears

  • flo

    mickey mouse ear kid

  • vi

    she’s sooooooooooo cute

  • mimi05

    Jen is the MAN!

  • m

    Check out her nasty overlapping pinky toe on her right foot….ewwhhhh!!

  • love her style !!

    awwww violet is soooooo adorable!! she looks like her mom O_o …yea, where’s Ben? he’s never with ‘em….did he forget he has a beautiful wife and a gorgeous little cutie?

  • S

    I actually liked not seeing daily pictures of JG and Violet. Now it seems they are back. I think her marriage to Ben is on the rocks and has been for a while.

  • Ben is in Canada

    God people. Do you go shopping and everywhere with your husband, boyfriend, etc?

    Ben is in Canada @ a charity event. Doesn’t anyone actually read?

    Boyfriend? Try Sporting good store worker, shop attendant, or HOPEFULLY, security.

  • Carlos Castejon

    Aquella eterna fonte está escondida
    que bien se yo do tiene su manida
    aunque s de noche

    Su origen no lo se, pues no lo tiene
    mas se que todo origen de ella viene
    aunque es de noche

    Se que no puede ser cosa tan bella
    y que ceilos y tierra beben de ella
    aunque es de noche

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    oh man, the horror. no wonder ben hates his life.

    god bless that poor

  • Monika

  • XxMANAxX

    Check out the ears on Violet. But shes a happy little girl. Work it out!

  • bena

    where is Ben?

  • Carlos Castejon

    luego de darle las flores
    el pecho me latía
    y al ella coronarme
    quedabame embebida

  • Carlos Castejon

    A los terribles goples
    de eco ronco una voz pura de plata
    y de cristal responde… hay una niña
    muy debil y muy blanca
    en el umbral. Es toda
    ojos azules y en los ojos lagrimas
    Oro mpalido nimba
    su carta curiosa y asustada

  • yeahhh

    she is so cute!!

  • BEN is in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the last time people……………….

    BEN IS IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT A CHARITY EVENT.

  • You/Me

    I still don’t see how Ben made the top ten father list…..I think I’ve only ever seen ONE picture of him with Jen & Violet.
    Who cares if he is in Canada….he is always somewhere other than with his family. I think he has issues.

  • angel hair

    is she wearing the same shades as reese witherspoon down there? i like!

  • http://justjared dina #1

    The bodyguard is nice looking. Not implying anything. Just appreciating a brother. Peace

  • Ratu

    I always love this mother daughter, always so adorable.
    Nothing wrong with Violet’s ears, her ears are like that, but you know what, it tell us that she is very smart girl, that the signs of the smart girl.

  • Carlos Castejon

    Al punto una ventanilla
    de un pobre casuco abren
    y los tendones y huesos
    sin jugo como sin carne

  • Alexandria

    The ears can easily be put back with plastic surgery when she’s a little older. Why bother even commenting on them? It makes you look like totally losers. Well actually you ARE total losers…lol

  • libby

    I think Jen looks pregnant. Does anyone else?

  • Agu

    Violet looks sooooooooooooo like Jennifer!

  • OMG

    I think she’s pregnant for real this time!!!!!!!!

    they look so cut give me more of them JJ :)

  • http://. marina

    Carlos Castejón , no estes poniendo tanta poesía esperando que los blogueros la lean (aquí son mayoría de habla inglesa por si no lo has notaddo) o al menos ponla más alegre, esta liga es acerca de una niña y tu hablando de carne y huesos ugh

    Me imagino que estas esperando la próxima noticia que va a poner jared para seguir pegando poesía, bien por ti aunque estás en el foro equivocado creo yo

  • Natalie

    Violet is SOOOO cute !!

    Haters need to grow the FU^K UP wow. She’s two years old for pete’s sake!!

  • yay!

    Violet is the cutest celebrity baby! She always looks so happy. She is absolutely adorable playing with those weights. Love the Garner-Afflecks!

  • yeah

    F*ck off haters
    it’s just a kid (a very cute one) if you don’t hane anything nice to say, don’t say it!!!

    you sound so bitter what the f*ck is wrong with you?! get help and stop taking you shit out on the kid!

  • ok, whatever

    #24, do you see Ben 24/7? NO! You only see what the paps. snap and then gets posted online. Which I imagine is about 20% of Ben, Jen actual life.

    For months Ben, Jen and V. were in Boston. We didn’t see pics of any of them for months. Well besides an occ. pic of either Ben and Jen on a set. Or Ben flying from Wash. back to Boston to be with Jen and V.

    Just a couple of weeks ago did we see a pic of V. for the first time in several months. Someone had to be taking care of her.

    My husband doesn’t spend 24/7 with his kids either, isn’t photographed no stop with them, but is still a good dad.

    Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean these people don’t have a life beyond what a camera takes pics of.

  • laura

    You people scream when we talk about Madonna’s girl and how she should wax (“she is young, blabla, leave her alone, blabla”) but you dare criticizing that poor Violet’s ears. Pathetic.



    There are those who chose A-list career over family and motherhood. There are those who can balance family, children and career. And there are those who believe that children are a blessing, and there are those who believe that children are a burden

    I am glad for Jennifer – GARDNER, that is. Apparently some women can have it all – children, family and A-list career to boot !

    I am also glad for my mother – that she chose to have me and my brothers, but never forgetting her worth as a woman, and with sheer determination to pursue her own ambition to be a lawyer.

    I am so proud and laud these women – shinning examples of the independent and confident women.

  • Vee

    You/Me @ 06/14/2008 at 5:14 pm I still don’t see how Ben made the top ten father list…..I think I’ve only ever seen ONE picture of him with Jen & Violet.
    ______________I agree–RARELY do we see Ben with his family. However, Jen is out there every minute with Violet! What’s the problem?

  • ok, whatever

    Every minute as captured by the paps. That is all we know…is what is captured by the paps. You don’t know what, how much time he spends with V. or Jen for that matter.

    3 seconds of people walking out of a store, caputred by paps does not a life make.

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet is so beautiful. I wish I could babysit her. She is such a fun loving little girl. Jen and Ben must truly be great parents. You can tell just seeing how happy go lucky and loving Violet is. The papz love her and she actually thinks they’re her friends. She seems to always show them what she has. What’s not to love about this little girl. I love her little ears, her mom has those same ears. So cute. Love this family.

  • just me

    Boring Jen! Poor Ben-I bet he misses JLo, at least life was fun back then. And,I’m sorry,but Violet is not cute.Looks too much like her Mom-Dumbo ears and all.

  • Carlos Castejon

    se querian
    sufrian por la luz, labios azules en la madrugada

  • Alison

    Cute little girl, but poor thing has inherited Jen’s ears.

  • me

    I haven’t seen sacha cohen with Olive & Isla since she was tiny, like last October or something,(when she was just born) just with her mom. I havent seen Keri Russell with her husband– just her son in months and months– I haven’t seen Luciana and Matt Damon together since last March or so. What does it all mean? Shall we get our panities in a knot over them all? The paps are after adorable Violet who is one of the most popular celebrities babies out there. She is just adorable with a darling personalitiy. And she is beautiful! If you cant say anthing nice ===creeps go away!

  • Rick

    Man! Those are huge ears!!!

  • Cat

    what’s up w/ all the jan garner pics? i can do w/o seeing her everyday. it isn’t like she ever has on some fabulous outfit that we are going to drool over & she isn’t very interesting.

  • to cat

    Why dont you just skip over the Jen Garner pics then? Duh…The more people comment the more likely JJ will post more so dont comment dummy

  • Tara

    #30- I was going to say that she looked pregnant too!