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Rachel Bilson's Flower Formalities

Rachel Bilson's Flower Formalities

Rachel Bilson attends the world premiere of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 26-year-old actress was acccompanied to the event with younger sister Hattie.

RB was recently asked about an interview where her mother stated that she taught Rachel to ask a flower’s permission before picking it! “I still do!,” say Rachel. “‘I try to be as green as I can. Little things count, like recycling and driving my hybrid car.”

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Credit: Jen Lowery; Photos:
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    she’s so hot.

    now I’ll wait for the pages and pages of low lifes saying how horrible she is.

  • Bethany

    Ma taką badziewną bluzkę ale ogólnie jest ok, nawet ładnie wyszła, fajne dzieciaki :]

  • linday

    she’s sooo awesome and pretty!Also i wonder if selena and rachel talked?The reason is the compare them and selena was saying how flattered she was!Selena and Rachel are complete sweethearts!

  • yeahhh


  • yeahhh

    who is the other girl then?

  • yeahhh

    i love rachel bilson!
    bring back the o.c.!

  • anonymous

    Finally! I wondered where she was.

  • l

    I don’t see how you can compare a 15 year old disney actress to a 26 year old professional actor lol but good one I guess.

  • Helena

    Why oh why would you name your daughter Hattie? We’re not living in the 20′s!

  • the oc fansite
  • jackie!

    RACHEL….IS SIMPLY THE BEST…..can you tell me if the kid next to hattie is the other nice….i mean hattie’s sister..i saw some pictures of her in october 2007…and she was amazing…but even if this child is very similar….she seems too old…she cannot be that old…however….plz Hollywood…just Copy rachel…the bestttttt

  • newport beach, 92660

    Aw I remeber my first American Girl it was Samantha!

    That’s nice that Rachel Bilson went with her sister, it shows just how nice she is. :DD

  • e

    nope, that is not her other sister..she is just a friend. Hattie’s sister is only about one and a half.

  • Ryan

    I love you Rachel Bilson

  • Katie

    Rache is so cute and Hattie too

  • luna

    Rache is so cute and Hattie too

  • Cecilia


  • anna

    Aww so adorable!

  • Gwen

    Thanks Jared :)

  • ab

    what a disaster, this retarded midget is on Just Jared again

  • irina

    Hattie is cute but she’s looking too much like her mom

  • Andhra

    They look so cute!!!!

  • sd

    shut up, first poster. nobody’s going to bash her, and if there was somebody to do so, you would be the low life to even get upset and whine about it

  • abcdefg

    does bilson even know the alphabet, she is retarded

  • haley

    I adore Rachel!!! She is so down2earth. Rachel and Hattie are supercute. Who is the other girl ?
    Thanks JJ for Rachel news :)



  • abcdefg

    she is the same height as her little sister, but not as intelligent

  • haydenlover


    HAHAHAH LMOA here the crazy Rayden fans are back.

  • @#26

    No, she’s Adam Brody’s niece. How cute.

  • tessa

    She looks great, I love the top and pants

  • dont you know


    no it isn’t ! that is hayden & rachel’s daughter. dont you know they are parents by now. they are so happy and in love. nothing can tear these two apart. except for the fact that hayden might be lured away by someone with beauty, talent AND brains.

  • Ally

    The other little girl is probably one of Hattie’s friend! They look about the same age (about 6 years old) but Hattie’s taller.

  • Question mark

    I wonder where her favorite large fashion accessory is…

    I think she is the 21st century of the Gabor sisters…famous primarily for being famous.

  • anonymous

    @#31 LOL
    But who might be lured by hayden?


  • dont you know

    any woman / man with a pulse ! LOL

  • abcdefg

    very ordinary looking, no talent, no brains nobody


    @ 26,

    What have you been f*cking smoking?! Tove, Kaylen and Hesja don’t have kids yet!

    Actually, it is Hayden and Natalie Portman’s love child from ATOC!! Isn’t she CUTE!!!!! Congratulations Hayden & Natalie!


  • Lara

    I seen that JEN ( desiringhayden owner) made a Edie Rose Myspace profile for Rachel’s clothing line. Which was stupid and you can tell how fake that sh** was. Jen is becoming too obsessed for the fact that her obssesiveness and her idol Hayden is dating someone that looks better than her!

    The Myspace for the clothing line that Jen tried to pretend to be Rachel. It got deleted she deleted it because someone called her out! Jen, is never gonna have a life. She is only going to have Hayden & Rachel’s lives. I bet on the next movie premiere Jen will be the first one lined up like anyother fan. She aint no one special!

  • Kasey Weatherbee

    @ 38


    I seen that crap. Jen even added herself and left herself a comment saying how great her website is. Talk about stupid! I looked at it but I didn’t even bother adding that edie rose BS because I had a feeling it was just Jen trying to upper her self esteem and be like Rachel Bilson.

    Have you seen the pictures of Jen on her myspace profile. She is sooo ugly LMAO and she posted up some pictures of her on the forum. I didn’t even want to say sh** thats how bad she looks. lmao. I’ll post the pictures here!

  • Lara
  • Lara

    see how ugly Jen is
    lol kasey we think alike

  • Kasey Weatherbee

    Here is the one from the forum

  • Whitney K.

    I never gave a fuck about Jen just as much as I dont give a shit about rachel. I seen those pictures of her on her Myspace the night out and other hideous pictures she have up of herself. Myspace shpuld ban people that are ugly and obsessive. I wish Jen didn’t delete the edie shit because I would love to look at it and laugh so hard at how crazy this fat b***h Jen is. tisk tisk tisk Jen. When is she going to find a new job?

  • 69

    Who the f–k is Jen. Can someone tell me?

    If I dont know her then she must be a nobody!

  • ((Kim))

    Ofcourse you dont know Jen. She is a NOBODY obviously. Visit her EVER SO WACK website calles sourgirl. ( she look sour in the face with her humongus nose) and on the far right is her myspace profile. which you have to add her if you want to be her friend on there. but If I were you I wouldn’t waste my damn time.

  • Jessica

    You people are mean :(
    as long as she keep up with Hayden’s life then less job I have to do to google him. so I dont care what she look like or if she made a fake profile of rachel bilson on myspace. Its not me so …..

  • anonymous

    @#35 LOL again
    What generalization! I think I’m compelled to try to love your hayden too, if I want to stay alive. :-)


    I HATE THAT FAT B*i***H.








  • //Bean//

    Last time I checked this board was about Rachel. Fuck Jen.

  • kaycee

    Awh, adorable here. As per.

    The thing about the flower is SO CUTE! And I can’t wait till she has her own kids.