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Reese Witherspoon's Yoga Years

Reese Witherspoon's Yoga Years

Reese Witherspoon channels her inner super soccer mom outside of her Brentwood, Calif., home with daughter Ava, 8, on Saturday.

Earlier this weekend, Reese, 32, was seen with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal taking private yoga sessions in Santa Monica.

Ms. Witherspoon also recently landed in the Forbes‘ Celebrity 100 List, ranking at #60. The mag said, “Witherspoon will star in the big-budget comedy Four Christmases this winter. She also landed an estimated $30 million, three-year contract to pitch Avon cosmetics.”

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  • linda

    she looks great with the short hair!!!! she and jake are sooo adorable as couple!!!!

  • linda

    I wonder how their baby will look like if they would have one omg I trulely hope so!!!! they’re the perfect match!

  • rOSIE- X


  • sunnykidstyle

    The short hair suits her! I don’t know what the upcoming movie is about, but generally, every film she’s in is great!
    Nice also, that she’s doing some breast cancer awareness, but if Avon pays her 30 million to do so, well it’s a bit strange I think. It rather feels then, that breast cancer awareness is just used to make the add campaign more original. Not that you get me wrong, awareness is good, but considering her salary for doing this, it would feel more genuine if she spoke for something less profit oriented, like an NGO.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • hilah

    Reese’s just so sweet. Yeah so sweet that she doesn’t let the kids be with their dad for Father’s Day. Yeah that’s classy.

    She is an opportunist who uses her kids to get back at her ex and for publicity.

    And for 30 million she should walk at least a mile for Avon, like she was supposed to in DC. I will never buy Avon ever again because of her.

  • Paige

    30mil eh? Who knew Avon had that much scratch to pay their spokespeople. I would hope that if it’s for charity she would have done it for free or a lot less but I guess she figures her image is worth it and will bring a massive amount of awareness to the cause. It certainly better for that much.

    I do get a kick out her driving a highlander! My gramps has a highlander lol.. for real.

  • Reese is fugly bitch

    Got to hate that smug face.

  • Lidia

    Reese and Jake are sooo boring and fake as fauxmance couple.

  • Charity? LOL

    Global Ambassador my a**.
    Reese Witherspoon is PROMOTING AVON, she is not doing any charity work.

    Fake b!tch doesn’t know the meaning of the word Charity, all she cares about is money and good PR.

  • yeahhh

    i love her!!

  • PR whore

    Forbes‘ Celebrity 100 List, ranking at #60.

    No wonder Reese Witherspoon is doing so much photo opportunities with her fake boyfriend, that’s her only chance to get media attention.

  • daniela

    30 millions for charity work? LOL!

  • sweetie

    The new haircut is not too flattering but she’s very pretty.

  • Mel

    30 mill is a lot of money. probably one of the biggest cosmetics contract today

  • jeg

    “Reese’s just so sweet. Yeah so sweet that she doesn’t let the kids be with their dad for Father’s Day. Yeah that’s classy.”

    Where did you get that information? Did you make it up? It is pretty standard for dads to get their children on Father’s Day, UNLESS THEY HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO AND DECLINE TAKING THEM.

    And if you will never buy Avon because of her, it sounds like you were never a fan of hers anyway…or Avon.

  • Jazzy

    She just made an ad for an avon lipstick, and she should get paid for that cause that is promotion after all! apart from that, she’s doing some charity, which doesn’t seem bad at all to me…

  • laurie

    so cute as usual. # 13 pitching avon is not charity.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    when she wears glasses to cover her ugly bagged eyes, and wears a bang to cover that disgustingly huge deformed forehead.. she actually looks ‘normal’.

  • Lauren

    I don’t get how some women are famous. She looks like your average girl/woman.. I wouldn’t notice her or look at her twice if I passed her on the street. I guess she photographs well, and can play pretend well enough to make movies. Maybe it was good timing or knowing the right people.

  • mike

    I go to the same gym as Jake Gyllenhaal and he has the nastiest smelling feet ever ! We all starred at each others when he removed his trainers, it was horrible !

  • anon.

    Mike, i don´t care with bad smell I would love to go to this gym but I live in other place of the planet!

  • legally blonde

    Jake must be home babysitting the kids.

  • s

    Yesterday in a german channel of television they show the ticks of computer when they modify a photography. They change complitly a the face of a person. They change the collor of hair and eyes the for of face.
    It is the reason Reese Witherspoon in magazines change her appearence and in a normal photo of paparazzi she looks like a cleaner or a maid!

    AVON is a dirty enterprise whose works with one of CORRUPT institution of world United…

    The government of rich Japan can help their women without problems. AVON ma

    Reese Witherspoon is a dirty person and an opportunist!

  • aummw

    Salva mi amor este metal fundido
    ese lino que siempre se devana
    con agua miel
    y el cerro con palomas
    y la felicidad del cielo
    y la delicadeza de esa lluvia
    y l el tomillo rastrero en tierra ocre
    la sombra de la playa al mediodia

  • yawndotcom

    Most boring person ever! No wonder I don’t like AVON. That’s a match made in snoozeville.

  • diane

    Reese is so pretty but I don’t like avon cosmetics

  • chelsie

    #25 You are borderline retartded. Boring is what keep her out of the tabloids. Damn this woman can’t win with Ryan posting online as other users. We all know he likes to google himself. She will never live up to your expectations until she becomes a plastic doll and learns to fly.

    Get the stick out of your a$$es already and accept what’s reality. Oh and #23 the only opputunist is your mother. Go figure! There will always be an ignorant one always. # 5 Your another dumb b*tch I see. There are too many in the world today so why add on to it?

    He got to spend time with the kids. Go ahead and spare your life time of looking it up since you didn’t have one to begin with. #22 your legally dumb. Does it ever occur to any of you people when she’s not seen with the kids that their with Ryan? She doesn’t have to be seen with them 24/7. And as far as I see if she’s not seen with them-she’s trying to keep them out of the tabloids from stalkers like you.

    When she’s with them people are nagging ‘ Oh she’s a b*tch. She’s usuing those kids for PR’ And when she’s not its ‘ oh she never spend time with those kids because she’s too busy and leaves them home why she goes prostituting’ Are you people so full of uglinest and hate that your too dumb to realize how stupid you really sound. Really when I read things like that I laugh. You guys keep me laughing I gotta say. I never really knew how funny ignorance and lack of a brain could be so funny.

  • Alison

    I guess with the Avon contract – it is a case of the rich get richer….. That certainly is alot of money for a budget cosmetic company to pay someone. Sure, now if it was Mac, Revlon or L’oreal I could understand, but Avon???? Half their stuff is not even very good (my friend is an Avon rep).

  • Chris

    Movie stars don’t do much of anything for free, They are in the business of selling themselves (or their image). She is simply cashing in on her celebrity. About Jake’s feet. Why would Jake go to a gym that you go to? He can have a gym of his own in his home. I suspect your story is a lie. Anyhoo, now we know the license plate of her SUV. I doubt she is happy that info is public.

  • Chris

    I rather doubt this is in front of her home. I have seen it said that she lives at 340 Gunston Drive in Brentwood and that house from the air does not seem to have a sidewalk in front of it or a picket fence around it. Odd.

  • Dr J

    chelsie =Reese Witherspoon.

  • shut the f*#k up already!

    No bitch Dr J = Dumb a$$ Ryan posting as other users. We all know here that he likes to google himself LOL. He practically tells on himself in interviews. I don’t have to be Reese or her fan to be honest and to tell the truth the way I see it and really I’m neither(her fan nor her). So come off you high horse and get the stick out of your a$$es enough already. We get it you’ll keep posting as other users until Reese dies. Are you happy now? B*tch

    You just can’t let one comment go about something you don’t approve of without jumping down someones throat for their opinion. Your like a f*#king bug that won’t stop buzzing and go the hell away already! Heres a line you should be use to already. “Get A Life!” Go f*#k, clubbing, or do your mother a favor and shot yourself. Do you people ever go to work?

  • chelsie

    And yes Shut the f*#k up was the name of my title dedicated to you!

  • Chris

    What a company pays for advertising has nothing to do with the cost of its products. Avon sells lots of cosmetics and makes big money. It can pay top dollar for ads and the people to convey them.

  • s

    She is a opportunist and a very dirty women. Nobody understand how this women win lot of money for failure films. Probbably she practice prostitution with old leathers of Hollywood because she is very old to to a normal young men has a sex with her exception of a prostitute men like Jake Gyllenhaal.

    This contract with AVON is dirty too because they are using a serious thing like charity to make propaganda for yourselves and they lie for people .

    Look likes the propaganda of Goebbles, minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany. It is the same sistem that Hollywood are using at present.

  • Ivana

    I don’t understand you all……
    When you see beautiful actress, first thing that you all do, is that you start to numbered silicons, she has in breasts or butt, botox in her lips…..

    But if you see someone quite ordinary like Reese, you start with comments, she is bitch with ugly nose, she have horse teeth, blah, blah…..
    Where is the middle….

  • Ivana

    Little misunderstanding….
    I don’ t understand most of you-
    Some people here love Reese and her way of life…..

  • legally blonde

    chelsie = Reese Witherspoon. Why did you lock up Ryan in an attic for 10 years? Why Reesy why?

  • Ivana

    chelsie = Reese Witherspoon send regards to Jake…..:-D

  • s


    I don’t like the most part of actresses of Hollywood . Reese Witherspoon is more corrupt. Angelina Jolie is the hell… I don’t believe in this “charities”.

    I told you taht there is here in Europe prominents whose practice charities but they control where the money go too or they do something very modesty but efficient .

    I have a old friend whose worked by army and he was officer.
    He worked in a factory for exposive materials and in the past they used wood to heat up the oven. One day he observed that the quantity of wood was smaller, the he decided to stack the wood and measure them. It was minus then the half …

    When the people fool the other people front of another people . Imagine when you don’t see!

    Reese witherspoon is aan opportunist without character! Angelina Jolie is another one etc!

    Reese Witherspoon had a facelift in her chin, it was worse in the past.

    Megan Fox is very young and she can learn lot of thinks. We must give a little chance for young people.
    I haven’t lot of hope with this young generetion of USA but we must help the yourth!

    Hollywood industry must select their personal. Every enterprise of world do this!

    It is time for Reese Witherspoon go out of films and enjoy their money in other place.
    Jake Gyllenhaal had his chance. The family helped him and stop.!!! He must go out too.

    Robert Downey Jr., Winehouse, Spears, Paris Hilton, Wood Allen, Victor Slva, Roman Polasnki, director Stone etc…All they we can throw away!!!

  • Ivana

    If you throw all of them, who will left….
    Personally, no one actor or director is not clean enough, if you replace him with younger one, you will have a same thing….
    The younger one will repeat older one…
    You probably learn sociology, you know how this things works…
    I am glad that you want young people in Hollywood, i want them too, not only HW, but in every profession, but i am not that one who brings decisions…..

  • Chelsie

    All you b#tches are dumb. If I were Reese and looked up myself as much as Ryan does and read your comments then I would find your a$$ and burry you in a desert. So no I’m not Reese because you would already be dead with the money that I would have.

    #38 I think you are confusing this statement for your mother. Do you mean why did I lock up your mother in a basement?You can’t talk correct English. So in order to TRY and curse me out. You’ll need a translator. S: please shut the hell up already. When you comment I don’t even read that sh#t because you say the same exact thing every post.

    Unless you say something different besides Reese being a prostitute, Hollywood, or Meagan Fox then please don’t comment again. Please! I beg of thee.

  • jojo

    I think its hilarious that Jakey’s feet stink so bad. I’ll bet they stink most of the time. And Reese loves this???? What a weirdo!

  • john witherspoon

    who the fuck is she? she took my fucking surname hanging around motgher fucker brentwood street in califlower lost virginity

  • john witherspoon

    allright allright so whatever u type in here like bad word u cannot able to see but im gonna write it in different language twats cunts wankers ananizin amini yalayayimmi orospu cocuklari hepinizi sikerim amcik hosaflari dolumu icin all of you

  • john witherspoon

    reese this is for you which I wrote it a few days ago

    in this big world in it starting the pain

    which writes to us wrote with pen

    now I understand it is mortal or ( its just a lie)

    the life which ive it and the air which inhale a lie)

    the beloved of the heart that we love them

    and put crowns on their heads our dreams that becomes real

    all of that is just mortal or it is just a lie) its not over that we used to do

    and the dreams that’s we waited come to true

    and all the things that stayed in this world is the death

    the death is real and the world is MORTAL…….