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Willow & Jaden Smith: Just the Two of Us

Willow & Jaden Smith: Just the Two of Us

Willow and Jaden Smith keep it young at the world premiere of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Will Smith, 39, and Jada Pinkett Smith, 36, brought all three of their kids to the premiere. Trey is 15, Willow is 7 1/2 and Jaden is 9 1/2.

Willow, the youngest of the Smith trio plays the Countee character in Kit Kittredge. She also had a small part in I Am Legend, playing the Marley character.

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  • shenanyginz

    hmmm… trey is a cutie lol

  • shenanyginz

    oh yea first

  • vic

    omg they are so cute

  • anon

    they look like a nice family. :]

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    cute kids – horrrible hair!

  • http://JustJared WHAt

    For I n F a m o u s.

    What so horrible about the hair. Its obviously well Kept.

  • Sara

    I love love love this family and the kids are super cute!

  • Amy

    Lovely family. They are going to be one of those rare, Hollywood famalies that lasts forever. :)

  • 4 sizzle

    they are sooo cute i love will smith and his movies <3

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    well kept hair – HORRIBLE hair styles.

  • sarah

    WOW, they are cute, look at the starlet willow! And trey is a cutie!OUUH, is it me or it’s hot in this area?!? OUHH!!

  • Mike


  • courtney!

    I think I speak for everybody when I say this, that is one talented family! Jada is gorgeous. Will is looking younger than ever. Willow is the cutest thing. Jaden is a carbon copy is of his daddy, and as for Trey..he has GROWN to be a very fine handsome young man

  • ARiana

    aww they are so cute! :)

  • ARiana

    aww they are so cute! :)



    hehe thats funny


  • LuckyL

    Aww I literally smiled lol dorky cute kiddies, just like the old me, and the boys will be stunners

  • ☆ Beach Europe Vacations ☆

    :) :) Lovely family. :) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Jill

    Lovely kids but dang, Jaden needs a haircut!

    Willow is going to be beautiful when she grows up.

  • Sam

    Willow looks like a little bit of a show off, maybe a little full of herself, sort of like ‘I’m the queen’. I think Jaden looks exactly like Jada, not Will. All the pictures we see of them are posed – waiting for the camera to capture them. What is with that?

  • K

    I agree, this family’s one that’s gonna last a looooong time! they look so happy!

  • Jamila

    They’re a beautiful family, but I get turned off when I see the kids interviewed because – especially Jaden – acts really sassy and cocky, with lots of attitude, like Will and Jada have encouraged them to act that way for the cameras. My mama would say that’s bad manners.

  • tia

    does anyone know how old Trey is cause he looks like a full grown man

  • tia

    oh nevermind I just saw his age I guess thats my cue to go to bed

  • Donkey Punch

    Too bad that the parents are Scientologists and should have their kids taken away for involving them in a cult.

    Will and Jada recently gave a 1 million dollar donation to help build a Scientology school. That’s right Will, keep denying you are part of that cult.

  • American

    He’s not a Scientologist

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    KIDDIES are ‘da CUTIEST…..Have some More WILL & JADA!! – Lovin’ Jaden’s ‘Fro.

  • Beth

    The kids are beautiful, especially the boys. Willow looks like a little diva. As for the Scientology, Will denies it, but I think there is something to that rumor.

  • silentsophi


  • will smith is the best dad

    will smith is soooooooooooooooooo hot,so sexy jeda is one lucky woman and she knows it well.

  • meamelia

    Will’s children are gorgeous!!..
    and he’s so hot!
    cant’ wait to see Hancock..

  • Kikigirl101

    OMG! they are so cute! I love them. They are like mini versions of Will! Lol!

  • aummw

    Lo que en duda crei tome por cierto
    pues desde el mar del sur , nave de pluma
    en las puertas del alma tomé puerto

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Love them. And Willow is a super star.

  • ~Khaj

    They are definitely adorable kids. :)
    I absolutely love Jaden’s hair… and he does not need a cut.

    And Will is not a Scientologist. The donation was for what…? A school. So… if they donated to a Jewish school… would that make them Jewish? Or a Public school, would that make them agnostic? Good lord, it’s a *school*.

  • Helena

    I love Will in the Fresh Prince, just watched the finale and realised that in a way, Friends ripped it off in the end, with them moving out to the infamous iconic apartment like the Banks moved out of the infamous, iconic mansion. They were both great endings, anyway.

    Willow is adorable.

  • Isis Lara

    Awww! Willow looks just like a mini Jada on the tv show “A Different World”.

  • wow

    awwwwwwwwww cuties!

  • Lette

    the kids are crazy adorable; i’m sooo jealous of jayden’s gorgeous hair – a boy has no right being that beautiful.

  • pr person

    It wasn’t a ‘donation’, Will Smith is FOUNDING his own school that will be based on L Ron Hubbard’s principle’s or Scientology. Who cares? Nobody really, except for the fact that he just doesn’t come out and admit it. The school is being founded on lies. The teachers and admin of the school are Scientologist’s. Their information was on the ‘school’s’ web sight, however it has since been removed. Why? When a parent places their child in a Catholic school or a Baptist school they at least ‘know’ what the school is about. Not so with Will Smith’s school.

  • Bmadison

    hell, if I had parents who made millions of dollars, i would act that cocky too, believe me ;)..

  • Cool

    Cute family, but what did they do to Willow’s hair. No!!! Let it grow the way her brother’s does. And Will “I am not a Scientologust” Smith, just admit you are.

  • Cool

    Cute family, but what did they do to Willow’s hair. No!!! Let it grow the way her brother’s does. And Will “I am not a Scientologist” Smith, just admit you are.

  • diane

    So cute and handsome

  • sunnykidstyle

    Cute family, all of them. Jaden has such beautiful features, he looks a lot like his mom. Willow used to look like a mini Will, but with her hair and glasses in these photos, it’s difficult to tell now. Though she will need braces once she’s a bit older, because she has the Madonna gap between her front incisors. But almost every kid gets them, and if you’re a celebrity, it won’t be that bad, nobody will make fun of her, or she may even get an invisible one.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    nice family. kids are adorable

  • http:/meg Meg

    love the kids, love the hair, love the family!

  • kathy

    OH wow! look at willow’s pose she is a pro..beautiful family..

  • pattigurl

    There is nothing wrong with Jaden’s hair. Sometimes it’s cornrowed, sometimes it’s in a combout and sometimes it’s just wild. That is the beauty of a curly texture. I am glad his parents allow him to be who he is: a gorgeous little black boy.

    Jada is sexy but in some of these pics she looks kind of harsh.

    The daughter really is comfortable around the camera. I think Will & Jada just try to be sure their kids remain confident in a world that will use anything to make you feel small.


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