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Katherine Heigl is a Bikini Babe

Katherine Heigl is a Bikini Babe

Recently-withdrawn-from-the-Emmy- race-actress Katherine Heigl straps on her bright pink bikini and enjoys some fun in the sun with musician husband Josh Kelley at a beach in Mexico on Sunday.

The couple enjoyed a few drinks while while lapping up the sun on a well-deserved vacation with another female friend.

Kat just wrapped her new movie The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler.

15+ pictures inside bikini babe Katherine Heigl

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  • Jay

    Not bad lol

    -Social Elitist

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    disgusting body – even worse face.

  • Helena

    “Recently-withdrawn-from-the-Emmy- race-actress Katherine Heigl…”

    You really like to rub it in, don’t you Jared? LOL.

  • stellar sophie

    wait what happened to her and the emmy’s again???

  • J

    I”m not a KH fan…but i do like her’s cute

    but where is Ellen Pompeo lately? I really want to see pics of her!

  • rawya

    2 words geor-gus lol

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    This style suits her so much :) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Nana

    She’s so full of herself…

  • jared doesn’t like me

    What an ugly ass on her! It matches her ugly face.

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Oh, and while we are at it, have another smoke Kathrine. That’s the way to preserve your youthful looks.

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Oh, and while we are at it, have another smoke Kathrine. That’s the way to preserve your youthful looks.

  • 4 sizzle


  • J

    ok im loving the anti katherine comments because i dont even have to say what im thinking

    again…love her suit…not her


  • emma


  • http://jj MB

    I don’t have a great body, but it’s also not that bad, so when I see celebrity bodies like KH’s, it actually makes me feal better, you can see that is not all that great, they are normal people like us.

  • Kate Heigl is a cow

    Vomit! Heigl sucks!

  • sofia

    I think she;s beautiful…ok, maybe not a gym fanatic but still beautiful.

  • sara

    I dont normally critic women’s bodies…..BUT I MUST SAY….SHE DISSAPOINTS…..SHE LOOKS WAY BETTER WITH CLOTHES ON!!

    Maybe if she stoped smoking…………?????

    Though I do like that she is not tryin to be Hollywood stick thin……..but somehow……….I was expectin that she would look better.

  • Joseph sacroletti

    I have to say that after seeing her with no cloths on with her pet snake I was a little dissapointed at these photos, I like my women thin like those on prothinspo but it is funny that she is still hot anyway… I nice face can do that

  • Sheryl

    I think she looks awesome!

  • Emily

    What are you guys saying she’s ‘fat’?!

    This is what a normal woman looks like and I’m glad to finally see an A-list actress with curves.
    It’s about time the freaking anorexia-madness disappears.

    Besides, what’s fun about looking at someone who is in the media world ‘perfect’? Difference and imperfections is what makes a human interesting.

  • Coco

    Weird bikini color, she has a lot of cellulite.

  • claire

    she has cellulite,but not that much…

  • ugly

    She’s an idiot..she doesn’t deserved to be called an a-list..she’s lucky she even got grey’s anatomy. If it weren’t for her begging, she would still be doing small sh*tty roles for another 20 yrs of her 50 yrs of trying to make it in the bussiness..if she’s lucky.

  • Taylor

    All these negative comments are why 9 year olds are dieting and (part of) the reason behind eating disorders! She is NORMAL… N-O-R-M-A-L. The images that Hollywood media projects is not normal.

  • Mary

    She shot herself in the foot. She forgot where she got her start. She was probably mad the entire year did not revolve around her when she had her story with Denny….I use to like her too…

  • Frida

    Thanks Taylor #25, finally someone sane.

  • Lizzie

    Hey Katherine you reassure me with your cellulite!!

  • Lizzie

    But she’s beautiful anyway, if the magic of tv can make her look so good, It means she is basically good looking.

  • moi

    Finally a celebrity with curves GO KATHERINE GO!!!
    And she is sooooooooooo damn pretty!!

  • Regina

    I’m not a fan of her, but I like her body. Good to see someone with meat on their bones.

  • aummw

    Pero tiu duras, nunca desiendes, y el mar suspira

  • ZIneb

    ewww her bodyy that is a bikini babe omg i have tons and tons of girl much better than her
    she has tons of celulite she looks like an orange peel and she has a tummy her stomach is not flat and she’s a total diva first at the Good Medicine then her emmy withdrawl who does she think she is Audrey Hepburn seriouslly

  • Crunchy

    How does all that sexy equal “fat????”
    You people are sick.
    You probably think the girls on are fat too. Crazy.

  • rr

    I love her! But I was shocked at just how much cellulite she has! I wasn’t aware that she had that much! She was very skinny when she was a teen playing in that movie My Father The Hero. She looked then that she would be one of those rale thin actresss. She’s super cute though!


    She looks awful. With her body it should be either a much better bikini or no clothes at all.

    I happen to have no clothes in my bedroom…

  • Can’t Stand Her Anymore

    i liked her so much when greys started. however, she has gotten so full of herself. she made the tr knight thing so much about herself & what a good person she was because he is best friend & she was sticking up for him. that disgusted me – to exploit something that she didn’t need to keap talking about when he wasn’t even doing that. then her comment about how she didn’t really like her character on knocked up because it was degrading or something to women. hello – it is a comedy & don’t underestimate women – we get it & we appreciated & liked your character for who/what she was – obviously she wasn’t a role model. get of your righteous horse girl. finally the nail in the coffin was the comment about how she wasn’t given the material this year that would be worthy of an emmy nom. how can she dis the writers & the show like that? hello – those are the same writers that gave you the material to win the emmy last year & greys made you famous & has given you the platform to do movies. also if you weren’t given the material then you wouldn’t be nominated anyway. so are you saying you are just that good that you would for sure have been nominated if you didn’t w/draw you name? she needs to go away. i stopped watching greys shortly into this season because even before the last couple comments she made she started to annoy me & she it just keaps getting worse. she also needs to hit the gym. her body is gross. how can someone so young have all those dents & cellulite?

  • esther

    I don’t know where you live people but that woman has no curves !!
    Have you already seen a woman naked ?
    Do you live on an island with Karl Lagerfeld ?

    She’s thin, and she’s got a nice butt, she’s feminine and I wouldn’t even call her “normal” : normal women don’t look like that in a bikini

  • YUCK

    Bikini babe? I think more like bikini WHALE. She has a gross body. Sorry but she deserves all the negative comments coming her way. She has become so incedibly full of herself it is beyond belief. Greys needs to write her off. She thinks she is too good for tv now. Let’s see what kind of longevity she is going to have as a movie star.

  • Mona


  • Peace and love

    That suit does not suit her.

  • Joy

    OMG! She has the legs of a 50-year-old woman!!! You might want to hit the gym Katherine!

  • Jose

    i’m so disappointed

  • Tara

    she sickens me

  • Ally

    I think she’s an ungrateful b*tch for the comments she made about Grey’s writing and her criticism of Knocked Up, but even I have to admit, she isn’t fat! Women with curves have some cellulite- welcome to the real world, minus the air-brushing. Too bad her personality isn’t as great as her body.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Damn…….everyone’s a critic, huh? I see nothing wrong with her body. And where is all this cellulite you keep whining about? I see some in one…….maybe two… And it’s pretty mild.

    I find it funny how some of you call the thin girls “anorexics”, but then you turn around and tell Katherine Heigl she needs to hit the gym. Say what you like, but she looks good (and normal) to me.

  • LuckyL

    Disgusting all around and unfit as well as an unhealthy smoker. Figures

  • LuckyL

    I can see the cellulite without clicking on the picture


    one not all non-cellulite women are anorexic and Karl lagerfield model’s are model therefor paid to be skinny
    she’s supposedly an A-list actress people like that have enough money to go to the gym don’t they and with all the diva crap she pulls she better be at least pretty but no she looks like a 50 year old women’s leg for god sake my mom doesn’t have that much cellulite and she’s like 53 okayy
    SHE deserves to be kicked off of grey’s!!!!

  • Hopfarmer

    Listen to all of the jealous women spewing hate at a talented beautiful women.