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Selena Gomez Goes Green

Selena Gomez Goes Green

Selena Gomez of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, shows off her t-shirt at a recent photo session and declares that it’s easy being green!

The 15-year-old starlet is currently filming the 2nd season of Wizards.

You will be seeing more of Ms. Gomez in two future projects — Another Cinderella Story with Andrew Seeley and Princess Protection Program with BFF Demi Lovato.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena doing both tv and movies — YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures of Selena Gomez going green…

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selena gomez goes green 01
selena gomez goes green 02
selena gomez goes green 03
selena gomez goes green 04
selena gomez goes green 05
selena gomez goes green 06
selena gomez goes green 07
selena gomez goes green 08
selena gomez goes green 09
selena gomez goes green 10
selena gomez goes green 11
selena gomez goes green 12
selena gomez goes green 13
selena gomez goes green 14
selena gomez goes green 15
selena gomez goes green 16
selena gomez goes green 17
selena gomez goes green 18
selena gomez goes green 19
selena gomez goes green 20

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  • http://msn Datgirl2000

    i luv selena g but hating those outfits

  • I’m betting on Alice.

    She’s cute. I think she’s a talented girl too, so I’ll watch her movies.

  • euge.

    i don’t like her, she’s trying to be the new miley cyrus!

  • Helena

    This girl, along with those other annoying Nick and Disney stars are boring. Post some REAL stars.

  • jess

    horrible hair and horrible outfits= horrible selena :P

  • Amanda

    i think she and demi lovato may be the new miley cyruses!! i think they may be prettier and more talented than she is, but dont get me wrong miley cyrus is cool and will remain popular for a long time but i think i heard that her show hannah montana is stopping after maybe only 1 or 2 more seasons of it or something soo yeah. ill see the movies w/ selena and demi lovato (cant wait for camp rock too) they are both very gorgeous and talented teen actresses/singers.

  • ha

    she’s not horrible, i think she’s really cute. she has a lot of potential and she is waaay prettier than miley could ever be.

  • http://fhsdi jojojojojojojo

    whatever people i cant wait to see her in a movie

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)


  • EM=]


  • Regina

    I really wish you’d stop throwing these fakeass Disney actors down our throat.

  • erica

    I think she es too young to co star with andrew
    how old is she?
    13 or 14?

  • Natalie

    What makes her any different than any other young actress out there?? There are way more talented actresses like her age or even younger out there that deserve to be on this site as well :)

  • hmm

    selena is so much prettier than demi. demi have a broad facee and just EWW.

  • molly

    no, 12.. she’s almost 16.

    and i love her, shes so cute and so are her outfits. love the vest


    zZzZz BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do u got next for us Jared

  • LuckyL

    She’s the idol of infants–why should a site full of adults care?

  • Mike

    what show is she off of? I’m being serious not sarcastic….i dont know…lol

  • nunny

    i actually like her better
    and to be honest i like the fact that she is mexican b/c u dont see many hispanics on disney channel.
    go selena
    eres definitivamente mejor que la otra estrella en disney que pretende ser dos personas :-P

  • hjk

    oh my godddd seriously please stop posting on this girl. youre going to lose adult visitors if you keep posting on people like this nobody.

  • Marie

    Okay, just because Selena is on the Disney Channel it doesn’t mean she’s a “wannabe” who’s trying to outshine Miley… if that’s the case then Emily Osment, Brenda Song, and Ashley Tisdale are all “wannabes” as well, I mean they’re also on Disney right? And, why in the world would anyone want to be the next Miley Cyrus anyway? After the Hannah Montana craze is over, Miley will be a washed out has-been. Selena is taking things slow and trying to establish an actual career…

  • Britney

    Stop with the mean comments toward her. She’s not trying to be the new miley..she’s trying to be herself. She’s just being Selena and I love her =] She looks gorgeous in all those photoshoots. Thanks for posting her Jared!

  • Britney

    Oh and Mike she’s on Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel =)

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    I think she’ll do great in movies, she is really pretty!

  • tizzy

    selena me caes mal¡¡¡

    no se x k tuviste fama

    estas = k mailey cirus

    la fama se te subio a la


  • chantall

    she wil do really great in movies she is an amazin actor but if u dont b careful she will b more played out than miley cyrus!!

  • youngy

    im already getting sick of her. blah. and it does seem like your trying to shove her down our throats.

    She’s trying to make her self seem like she’s perfect. “I got my ring blessed, and im staying pure!”. Okay nobody asked you.

    no one really cares to hear about her on here except for ages 11-16.

  • Jack

    She’s a cutie =).

  • vic

    wow whats with the world to day the most untalented people are the ones that are getting notice thats sad Selena you are not talented

  • ac

    No idea who she is but she looks like a mini Mila Kunis.

  • selgomezfan

    OMG! she is not trying to be “the next miley cyrus” miley sux btw, she is just being herself. her and demi are my role models i just hate how ppl say bad things about her and number 19 WOO!!! GO MEXICANS I AM A HISPANIC AND THEY ROCK!!!!! and she seems really cool the way demi talks about her and she is great role model for kids not miley she is a jerk

  • sarah

    hope she won’t become like the slutty miley! Like u selena, but be careful and do not become a slutty biatch like curus!!!!

  • sammie

    dumb asses she dont ask to be on here.jared keep it up we love selena and shes so gorgeous

  • Rachel

    she has a horrible nose and looks like a whore

  • selgomezfan

    rachel that is just mean :p



  • selgomezfan

    rachel that is just mean:p

  • twiiist

    i just don’t like her.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I could careless what she does.
    I just want her to take Miley-the-monkeys spotlight!

    i dont wanna see that girl again.

    So go SELENA GO!

  • MyEyeisonyou

    She has a great smile!

  • madonna


  • iza

    She looks pretty in all the pictures.

    I don’t get how others can say she’s trying to be the next Miley Cyrus. What is Selena doing that is so Miley Cyrus..? going to movie premiers, getting her picture taken, having her own show in Disney, have photoshoots..? Come on..

    I can’t wait for both her movies. She’s a great actress.

  • Joy

    #19 callate idiota, esa tonta nacio en nueva york en el 1992. no sabe nada del pais de su papa, es muy americana. gracias a dios, porq no la queremos aqui!

  • Sue

    stop posting fakeass news!! post miley news! selena is just a no talent wannabe!!

  • rawlyn

    booyah i designed that couple skate tee!!!!!!
    hahahahaha!! and my co-worker did the green one. ha!!!!!!


  • selenaluvr
  • Vfan

    love the outfit they make her look like a normal 15 year old.

  • sdfasdf

    selena and demi are awesome
    hopefully they takeover disney and
    miley will be out

  • CC

    She’s really cute and talented. Disney needed someone new who has the right kind of image. I’m glad it’s Selena!

  • 4 sizzle

    young wh*re in the making