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Anne Hathaway - "InStyle" July 2008

Anne Hathaway -

Anne Hathaway makes fashion fun in the new July 2008 issue of InStyle. Here’s what she had to say:

On her “conservative” style of dress: “I’ve always been on the conservative side when it comes to showing skin. I’m from the school where you show one part of your body, not all of it. So compared to the girls you’re talking about, I’m quite prim. One of my favorite things to wear on a night out is a short turtleneck minidress. Everything up top is covered…and then it’s just all about your legs.”

On using Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend to prepare for her role of Agent 99 in “Get Smart”: “I started working out about three months before the film began. I wanted to be curvy and muscle-y. I took my body inspiration from Jessica Biel. I didn’t quite get those results, but she’s great.”

On what fits her body best: “Clothes that nip at the waist suit me best. My body is more fifties era, more busty with booty. Anything too unstructured doesn’t work.”

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This issue of InStyle hits newsstands on Friday.

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  • ah

    what is that picture?!she looks so much photoshopped!i can’t even recognize that is Anne.Disgusting picture.

  • twinkatplay

    hmmm is it just me or is she looking abit strange???

  • Mike

    she looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    She is hugely homely. What do people see in her? She has horse teeth and unshapely big lips. Her eyes are just loaded up with tons of eye make-up. And her nose is terrible.

    At least her hair is hiding her dumbo ears in this picture. Perhaps she just doesn’t photograph well her bad features are barely disguisable under the make-up and hair.

    Honey, if that’s gorgeous then we ALL are gorgeous.

  • a

    this interview just reminds me of why I don’t like her,
    could she be any more full of herself!?

  • sunnykidstyle

    Guess it’s Anne Hathaway day. I don’t think this is a bad photo, maybe the lighting is a bit too harsh though. I agree with not showing everything at once and keeping some parts covered, not like Mariah Carey, either wear a miniskirt, or a dress with cleavage, not both at the same time. I don’t think though this makes her conservative, I think it’s rather normal style to do that.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • Halli

    Ack. I don’t like to hate but reading about Anne is like taking a sleeping pill. Completely uninspiring and boring.

  • Furby

    Wow that picture is horribly edited.

  • aummw

    Al volver en moto por filadelfia por la ruta 30 , empezó a lloover

  • jkljklj

    yeah what a fake pic, her arms have never looked that thin! It looks like she has nicole richie’s arms (or that of an 11 year olds’)

  • jmc

    The photo is edited badly, I agree. However, I would love to see what some of you ladies look like rat tat tatting away on your keyboards with all the insults. Give the girl a break.

  • Nancy

    Love Anne Hathaway!! Gorgeous and Talented!!

  • Elvis123

    Photoshopped completely. Fake fake fake.

    Anne hathaway is homely. She is not beautiful. Teeth like a horse. Eyes too big. Badly proportioned face. Stop spreading this rumor that she is beautiful. Gawky and homely.

    Mother is an actress. Don’t tell me she didn’t have connections that helped her get a leg up. A miilion more beautiful and talented girls could have done the roles she’s done.

  • http://elo wiwiw

    helo… anne hows you today what amzing ur magazines kind of ur godness amen today you behold princess alimea amd queen ur look nice to ur show inthe princess diares 2 and princess diares i like it because of ur beauty… nice and white skin and again merry xmasss today you be a princess i hope tp you that i can congratulATE to you today merry xmass and a happy nw yer ur godness ur love of all for your family to love you any more

  • http://elo wiwiw

    thak you for being you today ….

  • Denise

    Your comments amaze me. How dare you guys criticize her features? Im guessing you all are little 13 year old kids sitting at home in your computer who belive that you are the overall look of perfection. Newsflash, its impossible. Unachievable.
    I understand that everyone is entitiled to their own opinion, but give me a break.
    @Elvis 123-”Her eyes are big?” (Last time i checked, the eyes were the window to the soul.)
    -”Badly proportioned face?” The proportions of the face are not equal to beauty. Many people believe that beauty is not the perfect jessica alba bombshell (that no doubt pop up in tabloids everyday), and perfer the rare, distinct and mysterious beauty.
    -”A miilion more beautiful and talented girls could have done the roles she’s done” I find it kind of funny that a reference to her physical is made to judge her acting. Do we honestly need another commercially pretty, blond, tanned, bowling-ball breasted girl, with a lift that reaches up to her chin, and a butt that will knock someone over if she turns around? An actress that you know in the back of your mind was only used because her looks will attract a salivating male audience and envious shallow teenage girls?
    @Halli-And dont worry kids, the reason you find her “boring”, is because shes not doing drugs, getting arressted or parting all night long like all of your other disney icons. (lindsey, miley, etc.)
    But maybe I’m wasting my time.
    Maybe you all know that she owns up to a different, unique kind of beauty, which in turn, makes you feel like another boring “pretty” face in comparison.

  • Rob30718

    Anne is being modest. She has an even better body than Jessica, especially her amazing legs, but her entire body is in great shape! Anne has the most beautiful face in Hollywood too, especially her unmatched smile! She is an incredible actress too!!