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George Takei Receives Marriage License

George Takei Receives Marriage License

Shortly after California announced its same-sex marriage ruling, openly gay actor George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) announced that he would marry his longtime love, Brad Altman.

On Tuesday, Takei, 71, and Altman, 54, receive their marriage license in West Holywood.

A spokesman for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said, “We are grateful that George and Brad are putting a public face on marriage, and are so willing to share their story during the coming days with millions.”

The couple plan to wed on Sept. 14.

10+ pictures inside of George Takei receiving his marriage license…

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Photos: Faye Sadou/WENN
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  • Sarah

    thats just gross.. i cant watch this.. im going to watch “The Nuttcups” at digitalfuntown dot com!!! <—- google it lol

  • ck

    Oh my!!!!!!!!

  • gross

    omg nuts people

  • Don Corleone

    So good for them. I find it funny how ignorant people don’t know a thing about science and call it abnormal. :P

  • null

    For a moment there I thought Clooney and Pitt got married! LOL.

  • d annnn

    this is sick! i challenge anyone to show me in the bible where god accepts this twisted behavior?

  • Mike

    The bible is not the only book in the world……get over it….other people have views and opinions that don’t always coincide with the bible!!!

  • Ellie

    Finally! Congrats to all getting married. Excuse the negative comments from others. Much happiness to all.

  • Janie

    I have a question for those who don’t believe in same sex marriage who believe you are bron gay. If you are born gay, then why can’t you get married? All marriages should be accepted!

  • woo

    hooray for george! they look so happy. =)

  • Jane


  • Audi

    Congrats! I think it’s awesome :)

  • anonymous

    aww thats cute! :-)

  • Joe

    The Bible is for hypocrites. In fact all middle eastern religions are a joke.

  • [marie]

    Go Sulu!!

  • Dancer

    Congrats to George Takei. He has been with his partner far longer than most Hollywood hetero pairings!
    Glad they are able to grab some happiness and joy!

  • lena

    i believe in LIFE!
    congrats to them :D

  • doodle

    I am so delighted for George!
    He is truly the most wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And he is so sweet and friendly.
    I wish him and Brad all the best :)

  • ugotmeinsd_619

    Congrats!! Happiness, Love & Joy for everyone!!



  • EM=]

    >>The Bible is for hypocrites. In fact all middle eastern religions are a joke.<<


  • t

    If your reason for not agreeing has to do with the bible you should instantly know you have no place voicing your opinion? Separation of church and state??? We live in a country where not everyone practices your religion sorry to tell you, and you shouldn’t force your beliefs on others, just like they aren’t making you not read the bible, people should have the right to live their own lives, it has no affect on you, they are together without the license or not, get over it. Congrats george!

  • edgeboy1

    Love is “gross”, “sick”, “abnormal”?

    If that’s how you really feel, do us all a favor and don’t reproduce. Ever.

    Congrats to ALL who are getting married!

  • Amanda

    If being gay is normal, and if people are born gay, why can’t same sex couples reproduce?? There is NOTHING normal about it. I am a Christian and Biblically it is wrong, but it’s also wrong and abnormal SCIENTIFICALLY. Reproduction is essential to the survival of the human race. Everything about the world and society shows that it’s wrong. The ignorant ones are the ones who fail to open their eyes to that.

  • cbc

    How very cool for the both of them, & congrats!
    Love rules above all else, even the haters.

    This whole stupid argument about “the sanctity of marriage” versus G&Ls, when almost half of all straight marriages end in divorce, is laughable.
    Beside, gays & lesbians have as much right to be as miserable as the rest of us! =)

  • postwatcher

    Have you noticed only the geriatric gay crowd is getting married?

    I don’t see any 20 or 30 somethings getting hitched.

  • Amber

    Amanda, you bible thumping BITCH. I’m not a lesbian but a lot of you are so fucking stupid, hypocritical and uneducated.

    Why is homosexuality the only “sin” you despise and seem to comment on.

    You’re on JustJared , a blog dedicated to celebrities. Did you know who AL celebrities have PRE-MARITAL SEX, a lot do DRUGS, a lot have CHILDREN OUT OF WEDLOCK. If you were so Biblical Hollywood = A very sinful industry.

    Why aren’t you on Angelina Jolie’s thread throwing your bible at her. She is PREGNANT AND NOT MARRIED, YOU FUCK. DID YOU KNOW THAT’S A SIN????

    And every other stories about unmarried starlets fucking, sucking, kissing, etc Why aren’t you in those threads preaching your stupid worthless posts?

    UGH, people like you need to be slaughtered. Stupid cunt. You and the rest of you “hypocritie” Christians on this forum who sleep around and SIN.

    Dumb fucks.

    That’s all!!

  • juju


  • lia

    Why aren’t you on Angelina Jolie’s thread throwing your bible at her. She is PREGNANT AND NOT MARRIED, YOU ****. DID YOU KNOW THAT’S A SIN????

    Uh, why bring Jolie into this? She gets enough unfair criticism,

  • http://JUSTJARED ED Santistevan


  • JAniston


    The only thing worse than poop-scoopers is married poop-scoopers. The “ignorant” people are the ones that have bought into the fallacy that is behaviour is normal and should be accepted.

  • to amanda

    you do know what the first amendment is right? you do understand this amendment guarantees the separation of church and state? whether you like it or not, all amercian citizens even those who are gay are entitled to the same protection under the law. the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. no where in the first amendment does it say that only straight right wing christians need apply. if happiness for george takei and his partner is a wedding license then all power to them.

    as for reproduction, wake up! look at jodie foster. she has two biological children. she’s not the only one. other gay women have gotten pregnant; some by finding a willing man and others by going to the sperm bank. as for the men; all it takes is to find a woman willing to carry the child and low and behold he’s a father.

  • Agu

    OK, for those who said that pleople who read the Bible is insane, think very well what you’re saying, because if you don’t respect our beliefs you can’t expect others to do the same with you.

    I saw some other questions over there like “why can’t you get married if you born gay” Yes, you can’t get married but you can’t do it by church and it’s still a sin. And people aren’t born gay; you are born male or female.

    i believe in LIFE too! It’s a shame that things like gay marriage (and of course wars and all that things) are going to finish with it…

  • eddie jones

    Before I make the comment I do like George. However I feel he’s wrong on this. Any law abiding citizen of any state would recognize that gay marriage was something FORCED on the good citizens of the state of california. They did NOT vote for this. This measure was put in by Judges.

    Let’s see what happens in ten years when we have all right wing judges and they grant homosexual activity to be illegal and start jailing everyone that’s gay, what will the gays say then, oops we went too far?
    We’ll see.
    Anyhow, all my best to George, wish he wouldn’t of participated in this.

  • sylvie

    i find it ironic that homophobes would get on this site to espouse their hate and disgust for gay marriage.

    i mean, you’re reading a gossip blog. isn’t that like the gayest thing ever?

    congrats to george and every other same-sex couple in california for finally being granted the right to do what every straight human being over the age of 18 with a pulse is able to do.

  • juju

    sylvie, are you stereotyping gay people? do gay people read gossip blogs? wow. just wow.

  • Lenny

    We all know what’s next, that’s anything goes as the liberals have always wanted it. Marry your dog, or pig. Multi-wives is coming down the chute next.

  • Agu

    So Amber…all that things you say are right just because celebrities do them?

    I don’t judge them because it doesn’t matter what’s you sin: all of them are the same for God, we’re all the equal to Him, it doesn’t matter wich is the sin.

    Oh! and about sperm bank and all that things… That’s not right either! If there are women and men, and their union makes children in a natural way…so what are we going to make them in a laboratory??It’ not natural! I wouldn’t like to think that I was born that way: I’d be an invention, no love made me…

    Come on! it’s not just’s common sense!

  • James T. Kirk

    Set a course for Uranus, Mr. Sulu.

  • juc

    THe bible is a source of contentment and peace for many people. So you can’t say that just because it says that gays aren’t good doesn’t make it a bad thing. And i think that most of us don’t hate gays, you haters of us supposed “haters”, but its just that this whole idea of two people of the same sex marrying, is completely wrong and discouraging to the idea of family and marriage. These two people may love each other and we have absoluetely nothing against that but their love cannot be the same thing as what is experienced between a man and a woman, as its supposed to be. They compare this to as blacks and whites marrying – not the same thing. So please stop the hate on us because we are only disturbed and bewildered by this, and i don’t even see how it ‘s even possible of happeneing, even though its already happened.

  • to eddie jones

    let me be clear; i am not gay. having said that; you’re right! the judges did step up to the plate. they did force the issue of gay marriage on the people of california. these judges made a ruling that was right, just, and fair. they ruled that a group of people cannot be denied the right to marry based on whom they love.

    before you say anything; remember it was the united states supreme court; 9 judges who ruled in favor of brown in brown vs board of education. in case you don’t know what i’m talking about the supreme court put and end to racial school segregation in america. my father, who is white, was a teacher in mississippi at the time.

    he can tell you that the decision made a lot of supposedly “good, god fearing white christians” very angry. they were saying some of the things i’ve heard on this issue. but guess what, the world did not come to an end. in fact it helped to make america a better place for all.

    if it had not been for those 9 judges segregation in american schools would have lasted longer. if it had not been for those judges in california a group of people would still be denied a fundamental right: to marry whoever they choose. just as segregation in america was a civil rights issue so to is the issue of gay rights.

  • to agu

    oh please!! i hate to break this to you but there are many straight couples who are not able to conceive a child through the “natural way”.
    the only way the woman has of getting pregnant is to go through iIVF or some other means. this is unfortunately a fact of life.

    i would love to see what happens if you were foolish enough to walk up to some woman who’s been trying to conceive a child for years and make your comment. tell her that the child she now has, with the help IVF etc, is an invention. oh, and there was no love involved.

  • whitegaypeoplenotminorities

    Who cares about Gay marriage. Passing gay marriage bill is just a ploy by the government to DISTRACT us from the real issues facing the United States

    1. Poverty
    2. Lack of Health Coverage
    3. High Gas Prices
    4. Gangs & Drugs
    5. The Iraq War
    6. Crappy Education


    Who gives a fluck about who gays are marrying.

  • whitegaypeoplenotminorities


    I don’t see you shitty Californians sticking up for abused Children. But
    you all go CRAZY for gay rights.


  • manny

    i agree 100% with amanda.
    it is So WRONG AND SICK!!!!
    being gay is not natural! it is sick and wrong. all the gays are going to hell!!!
    and amber….
    i hope you go get a gun and blow your head off because you are just a big worthless pile of shiit!!!

  • lilliums

    Wow, I didn’t know they had such a large age difference! But 17 years isn’t too bad, I suppose.

  • Joe

    I think we should keep gay marriage and ban christian hypocrites. They’re worst than jews!

  • amber

    Manny, you are nothing more than a worthless poor piece of shit uneducated waste of sperm who should have just been swallowed in the first place.

    Dumb fuck.

  • Lainy

    eww this is so unnecessary…god i hate gay people and their stupid excuses of being born are not born gay…somewhere along in your life you took a wrong turn or someone fucked up bad raising you cause gay is NOT the way