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John Mayer Jumps for Jen

John Mayer Jumps for Jen


John Mayer goes shirtless for girlfriend Jennifer Aniston as he jumps into the pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Monday.

The pair was seen cuddling by the pool, enjoying the weather and each other.

Ms. Aniston
also recently landed in the Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List, ranking at #17. Unfortunately, John didn’t make the list! The mag summarizes Jen in the following way: “Aniston is toiling on a handful of quirky films: family comedy Marley & Me and dating drama He’s Just Not That Into You. She still collects a sizable paycheck for syndication of iconic NBC sitcom Friends. .”

10+ pictures of John Mayer jumping for Jennifer Aniston

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john mayer jennifer aniston jump 01
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 02
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 03
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 04
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 05
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 06
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 07
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 08
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 09
john mayer jennifer aniston jump 10

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    :) -:) :) He is good looking :) -:) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • boo(real)


  • give it up jenho

    these two give me the goose bumps

  • give it up jenho

    smile for the cameras jenho

  • boo(real)

    FaMEWHORING FUGLY DUO right on time with their publicity pics

  • give it up jenho

    Keep them all coming jenho, by the time the wonder twins show up everyone would be tired and bored of you and john

  • cecil

    I think jen and john equal in the looks department. Jen cannot upstage john and neither can he. They are both immature so maybe their relationship will have a chance in their whor-ing minds.

  • lily

    The bikini shots will appear tomorrow i would presume….one thing good about jen is she is boringly predictable

  • WTF

    it’s a way for john to go ‘green’…recycle!

  • Tina

    They both look cute together…I wish them all the wait for all the so called HATERS who will storm this page with their JUVENILE comments…..

  • give it up jenho

    have you noticed jenho’s face these days. she is starting to look like a LOO that has not been flushed.

  • Team Decency

    I do not know Jolie, Pitt, Aniston or Mayer, but I think I can confidently state that none of them are making life choices based on what is printed in this comment section.

    I am equally certain that anyone with a sense of caring would not be pleased to claim fans who would indiscriminately belittle others.

  • boo(real)

    FUG ALERT!!!!!!
    Oh great….. Days of pics of JUGHEAD and MANISTON, Oh Joy….N.O.T!

  • Tina

    Ohhh that went fast…look at this classic example right below my message….we have a looser “give it up jenho ” who probably looked at its own stinking Loo face that needs to be flushed…get a life man.

  • georgia

    They’re sooooooooooo cute. Love them. Thanks Jared.

  • sue

    get a life jen other than tanning and banging guys

  • anonymous

    There’s something odd looking about him. Kind of icky. Can’t put my finger on it. Probably wouldn’t want to.

    I’m trying to think if I have ever seen this woman doing anything intelligent or substantive.

  • amira

    the queen of loser and the prince of bimbos together

  • poor jenho

    See what I said. next is the parading of her new WAX TWAT .

  • poor jenho

    Sooooooooooo predictable. next is the parading of newly wax twat.

  • amira

    Cannot understand what is cute about a 50 year old woman and a 30 year old guy doing it in mexico? Is it me or is it only a fantasy that jen fans can only weave

  • mimi


  • cara

    the only one juvenile here is jen who is 51 acting like 21

  • boo(real)

    MANISTON is an insecure, immature, needy, famewhoring, BELOW AVERAGE LOOKING, MAKEUP ENHANCED, approval-seeking, 40 Yr. OLD WOMAN!!!!!

  • layla

    Get a life you haters. Please stop spreading your hate all over here.

  • give it up jeno

    Loser is the aging sticom starlet who has to publicize her sexual activities with a 30 year old guy.

  • give it up jeno

    Cute is one word that jenho fans have abused beyond pathetic to describe a 45 year old sitcom starlet

  • give it up jeno

    tell jenho to stop spreading her legs jenho fans then maybe no one would comment

  • give it up jeno

    get a life jenho other than tanning and banging and stop spreading your legs

  • boo(real)

    Look at this JUGHEAD, DOUGHBOY. MANISTON fans ALWAYS compare her latest bootycall to Brad. The freaks can’t let it go! Vince, Paul??, Freaks even wished Ben Affkeck left his WIFE AND DAUGHTER to the LOSER MANISTON!!??? FREAKS!!!!!!!

  • sodapop

    u guys cant even get her age right lol she is 39 if u must know. if there is nothing wrong in demi moore banging ashton who is 17yrs younger than her,why shouldnt jen also bang who ever she wants its, on 9rs difference between her and mayer its not like its a huge age gap.

    if u want to talk about age gap why dont people focus on milo and that hyden girl. he is like 30 and she just turned 18 yet there is no out cry, is it because he is a man, the double standard in the world has to stop.

  • a fan

    Of course its for attention. She has three mansions and I am sure he has a couple of homes and yet they are out by the pool somewhere in public every week. They are constantly living out of hotels.

  • ava

    ha ha ha ha

    someone comment in another post that the next thing that Jen will do is that him to Mexico. And them they break up.

    I think they should have a kid.

  • Team Decency

    Wow, people…who peed in your Wheaties? Get up on the wrong side of the bed much?

    This really is a sad state of affair made worse by the fact that I’m actually responding to this nonsense.

  • http://www.xxxxxx cookie

    Love Jennifer and John together; I think they are going to be a fantastic couple! I really hope it works out. Hollywood romances are so tough because the normal everyday challenges become everybody’s business and it makes it so much harder to move past trivial issues. Jen and John seem to have quite a bit in common. And John is so much hotter than Brad. I’m not crazy about their age gap, because long term Jen may be a bit further along than John. But, it worked for Ashton and Demi!

  • give it up jeno

    no one is shock when jenho spread her legs, i and the rest of the world just roll our eyes and cover our nose

  • mina

    Do they do anything else in life besides be on the pool.

  • poor jenho

    How can an almost 40 y/o middle age woman banging a 30 yrs old boytoy cute ? Cute couples is for the younger couple like Zac and Vanessa, or those kids from Gossip girls.
    Middle age woman banging a guy 10 yrs. younger are never called cute. it’s weird .

  • XYZ

    John Mayer may have a more enlightened perspective on age differences than most expressing themselves here. His parents are reportedly 19 years apart and still together. Somehow I don’t think he is as shallow as some would like to believe.

    Jolie likewise seems to be concerned with more important things than chronology; Pitt is about 12 years older than her.

  • cara

    Oh excuse me….i thought jen is almost 50 that is why she has to use botox. She is not aging well

  • aummw

    Y si aquella mujer de aquella historia
    vuelgve a formar de nuevo vuestro encanto
    aunque os ame, gemid en mi memoria
    ¡ yo os hubiera tambien amado tanto ¡

  • Lax

    So predictable, next is the too small bikini shot., and then , well, a couple of months after , the break-up news.

  • give it up jenho

    Not appalled at the age difference. Jenho got the brains of a 21 year old in a 51 year old body so they should be compatible in whatever brains department they are in. Jenho who? can only get publicity by spreading her legs

  • You/Me

    Team Decency @ 06/17/2008 at 2:28 am
    I absolutely love it when I come across a voice of reason on the JP or Aniston threads. I firmly believe that all three (maybe even four) individuals are decent, loving, respectful people and would hate for anyone calling themself a fan to talk sh*t on their behalf. Great post.

    John is hot :-)
    They seem to be having a great time together, I really thought John was too playboy for Jen but she is playing the field too so all is good.

  • http://www.xxxxxx give it up jolieho

    Jen did a good thing dumping Brad. He is so whipped now, he looks more feminine then ever.

  • andrew

    oh bikini pics in mexico, what a surprise!does maniston have any other important stuff to do? she’s the most boring woman ever and still she think she is all that, please. Just hope she now leaves the arquettes alone for vacation, she is so selfish, always tagging along with them like they don’t want some privacy as a couple just because they are married but she herself goes alone on vacation with mayer.

  • give it up jenho

    mina @ 06/17/2008 at 3:10 am Do they do anything else in life besides be on the pool.


    they are supposed be having lots and lots of sex too. they are trying very hard to publicize the lots and lots. Barking dogs don’t bite

  • boo(real)

    JenFreak fans who say Jen is SSSOOO much better now. Why even bring up Mr. PITT???? Mr. Pitt has been OUT for 3 1/2 years. Man last F**fed Brian ? And is NOW F**KING John Mayer. If the FREAKS STILL compare her lovers to BRAD, then they KNOW BRAD IS THE STANDARD!!!!!! BRAD IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • queenkimba

    Cookie: ‘Jen may be a little bit further.’

    hehe i don’ t think so, how can she be any further, only thing she ever focused on is her career, and its all the same boring rachel stuff, and she never does anything important in her life besides smoking like a chimney and sunbathing the whole day and throwing her ass up in the air for the paps. Do you ever see her doing good work for charity (besides in video’s where she just want’s to show it off)? Or show some respect to her ‘fans’ when she’s out. Never! Even Mayer is further in life!

    Oh and she looks old !not aging gracefully, should stop the smoking and sunbathing but she can’t because its her whole life!

  • cara

    jenho looks older than demi and demi is a classier and sexier than jenho