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Natalie Portman Learns The Ethiopian Alphabet?

Natalie Portman Learns The Ethiopian Alphabet?

Natalie Portman walks her pet pooch while waiting around at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Soon enough, folk rock singer-songwriter boyfriend Devendra Banhart picked her up in his car. They shared a few laughs and kissed before driving away.

Devendra wore a black t-shirt with the Ethiopian alphabet on it. Earlier this month, he wore a scarf with the Biblical quote, “Everything happens through Him”, in Amharic (Ethiopia’s official language).

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Credit: IBSP/MO/Matingas; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • cat

    i have such a low opinion of her since she started dating him. it is one thing to be unattractive – obviously you can’t help that. however, it is completely another to be gross & look like you haven’t taken a bath in a few years. that guy is just dirty.

  • ruth

    i think you mean car not far LOL

  • Matingas

    FIRST! in my own pictures! nice

  • tom c

    The guy’s just gross. She’s insane.

  • irishdreams

    His looks might not be to each person’s desires but the man is very intelligent..looks are not everything and to her this man no matter what he looks like is someone worthy of her time. I don’t think Natalie would be around a person of low self esteem. I just think like many celebrities she rather be places annonomusly..

  • Atty

    He’s got some beautiful music if anyone would care to actually listen to his work, instead of judging him off of the few pictures you’ve seen him in.

  • Jessica

    I don’t like Natalie much anymore…and not just because of this.
    It seems like she’s letting herself go.

  • FAKE

    even if you are talented you can still be well kept, i.e. trim your beard & shower. i think a lot of celebs & spoiled rich kids try to be so anti. Natalie falls into that category. they act like they don’t care about all their money or material things. it is all about intelligence & art & all that crap. i think it is just fake & righteous when it comes to most people. my roommate in college came from a family who had billions. she would date these losers who had long hair & tatoos & take them out to all the best restaurants in town. she drove around in her porsche, would fly home in her folks private jet that they would send for her during breaks & would complain that her mom always wanted to take her shopping & that she really didn’t care about the way she looked & material things didn’t impress her. natalie w/ her vegan shoe line & this gross guy she is dating strikes me the same way. yeah your a great person because you don’t conform. that is easy when you have money. oh w/ her ivy league education i am sure she thinks we are all just a bunch of stupid idiots.

  • Helena

    Devandra is a great artist with a great personality. She’s lucky to have him rather than some pretty boy.

    Does anyone think that the first picture looks like a photoshoot? Haha.

  • Helen

    I’m partly Ethiopian and I’ve a t-shirt like that. :)

  • Portia

    Best young actress in Hollywood by far, smart person and classy girl. She’s amazing, period.

  • jason

    Ethiopian alphabets are the new IT in hollywood. i got one t-shirt with the alphabet. It will soon replace Chinese alphabet on tatoos as well. its probably the coolest writing i seen around the world

  • nikomilinko
  • who cares?

    i agree with you Atty! i think ppl are way too judgemental…..he must be really great, intelligent and fun to be with…otherwise she wouldn’t like to be around….i’m not lesbian but i love her so much lol she’s one of the VERY FEW smart celebrities out there…not judging ppl and making out with someone without the whole relationship being based on looks …she’s amazing!

  • alex_p

    #9 first pic really looks like a photoshoot… probably because of the white background
    and i wonder how can you tell that someone is dirty only by looking at them on a picture? hairy and dirty is so not the same thing

  • Justine

    I think his music is cool.
    I like some of his songs.

  • filipa

    Hi everyone! I love Natalie…she’s a great actress and in my point a view i think she and Devendra look good together…because they are very intelligente, talented and beautiful persons…inside and out. I honestly respec you opinion guys but sometimes you judge too much the persons…only by the way they look. I hope you can see the beauty off the ppl inside…Peace & Love =)

  • lilpiddle

    she could do much better
    no matter how nice he is on the ‘inside’

  • geekazoid chick

    Guys…it looks like Nats crying… why hasnt anyone mentioned that? She looks miserable….

  • suitable

    I like those pics a lot :-) Only complaint is about the direction she flied to. This time I would have taken East instead of West.

    Natalie, you are the most beautiful,
    I love you <3.

  • Anon

    I adore Natalie. She’s a genuine person. She has been vegan since she was 9 years old! She does amazing work with developing countries and helps women all over the world. She has a college degree and I believe she is very sincere.
    Some people can’t see past the fact she is a movie star, because all that money and the private planes etc. means so much to you…yes you, you are filled with envy and resentment for others. I wonder what you are doing to improve your own life. I also wonder what you do for other people. For someone who started as a child actress, who is the only child of a doctor and her mother a genuine artist/art historian, she has grown up to be a fine young person. She is the same age as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton! One thing bothers me about this picture. She seems like she has been crying. Her eyes don’t look right.

  • lili

    wow i don’t see why some ppl find him disgusting(??!)
    cuz he’s totally attractive, stylish, talented… to my eyes
    and seems like a super nice guy to be around with ;))))

    those are tears of joy imo <3

  • Antrim

    Natalie is a Harvard grad. She’s much more intelligent than the typical celeb. Who she dates is no one’s business but her own. I think she always looks stunning.

  • Sarah

    Hah, i liked his t-shirt. Those letters are kind of hot, could be FIERCE to use them in a tattoo or something.
    Im not gonna judge him, but by my first impression i think Natalie could find better ;) but who cares, wish them luck!

  • Jon

    I’m glad to see people pointing out how unhappy she looks. She looks *sad*, genuinely. Weird.

    I can’t wait for Brothers to come out. Jim Sheridan is one of the best directors working. And I always though she and Jake Gyllenhaal would hookup. At least they’ve made this movie together.

  • sunnykidstyle

    I also think he should get his beard trimmed, but if the both of them like it, who cares. Besides, all the dirty comments are a bit strange, just because he has long hair doesn’t mean he doesn’t shower, or has anybody actually stood near him to find out (smell) the truth?

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • cgy

    he is totally her Rasputin –

  • chaka

    Meh, they’re both pretentious, overrated rich twats. Good-looking but talentless.

  • zoe

    there is a large ethiopian jewish community in israel, a place they recently visited together + natalies birthplace. so perhaps it inspired his wardrobe…

  • Jon

    Chaka- such an original response.

    What kind of dog does she have?

  • valentine

    Hey ! Does anyone know at what time she was at LAX yesterday? Because I was there also and I thought I saw her but wasn’t sure, maybe it was her or maybe not… It would be great if someone knows ! :)

  • suitable

    She is absolutely adorable.
    I love you Natalie <3.

  • http://justjared Elissa

    WOW her boyfriend is so UGLY I wish her boyfriend was someone like Zac Efron or Hayden Christensen.For a sexy hot girl like her NO WAY SHE CARNT HAVE SOMEONE THAT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM SUCH A BIG FAN