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Sophia Bush Was Not Ready For Marriage

Sophia Bush Was Not Ready For Marriage

Sophia Bush finally spoke out about her split from fellow actor Jon Foster.

The 25-year-old One Tree Hill star told Us Weekly Monday that she and Foster “broke up, like, a year ago… I am single. We are really good friends. We keep in touch, and we love each other to death… You can love somebody, and not be in love with them, and I think that was a really valuable lesson. We weren’t ready to get married, but it definitely doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other.”

The actress, who had a 20-month-long marriage to costar Chad Michael Murray, added, “The only two men I have time for are Barack Obama and my trainer. So those are my relationships… I love that [Obama] is the first politician who doesn’t feel like a politician. Senator Obama is the one person who’s saying, ‘We can change everything – but it can’t just be me, and it can’t just be you.’”

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  • the oc fansite

    Shame, I love Sophia ;)

  • randi

    ahh I love Sophia!! I’m glad she finally put out something about the men in her life. Now all the James Lafferty/Sophia Bush rumors can stop!!!! I love that she said you can love a guy and not be in love. Thats sooo true!!!

  • di

    Change… but how may I ask??? hmm, no answer for that..

  • http://msn penny

    luv herr

  • lousta

    aw, i just love sophia bush! She’s is such a breath of fresh air. So beautiful, talented, inspirational and a great role model!

  • andy

    all bullshit

  • lousta

    awwi l just love sophia! She is such a breath of fresh air!

    She is so beautiful, talented, inspirational and a great role model!

  • mich

    yeah he wants YOUR change in HIS pocket! GO MCCAIN!!!! He can take the rich folks change but not mine because Im broke and he’s gonna make me even more broke!

  • mich

    And why do they mention she was Chads wife EVERYTIME she’s in a article? Oh because thats the only reason why she’s famous, suck on it Mizz BUsh!

  • Laura

    Haha, so true she’s only famous because of Chad, no one would ever know who she was without Chad and their divorce. So very lame. Once One Tree Hill ends and her and Chad are no longing co-stars her career will be in the toilet. Oh and her and Jon are not close at all, he can’t stand her or the fact she screwed some of his friends. Spin spin Sophie.

  • michelle

    Sophia is a great role model!! Her and Jon were so cute and I wish they were together but she’ll find someone! GO SOPHIA!

  • kors

    JARED it was a 5 month long marriage not 20 haha

  • nicole

    I love sophia bush, she is one of my fav actress currently and it nice to here she is still so down to earth and isnt jumping from marriage to marriage like alot of people in Hollywood do. She realizes you can love someone but not be inlove with them and I’m glad she is taking her time this time around. I still feel really bad about how her and Chad marriage had to end but I’m glad they are being civil on the set for the show because i dont know what i would do without oth!

  • No Homeless

    All the movie stars want Obama.

    They are smarter than the average Joe Blow.
    Mostly higher IQs.

    You need to follow their leads.

    Obama ’2008

    He will STOP the homeless in your neighborhood.

    They will be taken care of.

  • No Homeless

    All the movie stars want Obama.

    They are smarter than the average Joe Blow.
    Mostly higher IQs.

    You need to follow their leads.

    Obama ’2008

    He will STOP the homeless in your neighborhood.

    They will be taken care of.

  • No Homeless

    All the movie stars want Obama.

    They are smarter than the average Joe Blow.
    Mostly higher IQs.

    You need to follow their leads.

    Obama ’2008

    Help him help you.
    He will STOP the homeless in your neighborhood.

    They will be taken care of.

  • No Homelesss

    Help Obama help the homeless now.

    Obama in ’08

    All the movie stars are smart. Follow their leads. Don’t be left out in the cold.

  • x)

    Sophia rocks. eehh! she is not just famous because of chad and their divorce! thats just something some of u haters out there say.. its just stupid to come here and say bad things about her. and u dont know if she screwed his friends ;S thats probably just rumours. luv her!!! <333333333333

  • ana

    I love sophia!!

  • Zanny

    Sophia is a real hag that broke up many marriages.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke up Obama’s marriage too.

  • Ellen

    Famous because of Chad, funniest thing ever, rotfl

    Sophia looks amazing the hair is a little light for my taste. Heck I’d love to look like her with any hair color. I can’t wait for The Narrows and Table for Three to be released.

  • Joyce

    i loveeee Sophia Bush.
    and im prettyyyy sure she didnt get famous because of CHad.
    whos the one filming all these different kinds of movies and making her own career? not Chad, thats fersure.

  • Anna

    Broke up many marriages! You are too funny. I bet alot of husbands would dump their wives for Sophia. It seems to me like she can have her pick of men. She is single. Obama and Sophia! LMAO latest affair in politics, get over your jealousy.

  • mich

    JUst because some one is famous doesn’t make them smart. Laura I totally agree. I mean hello she slept with Jake Gyllenhaal’s room mate just to get to Jake. I think she’s a star frucker to the bone. She may be getting movies, but she is chosing bad ones, which will make her look untalented and she’ll fizzle out within three years form now.

  • katrina

    I think she’s beautiful, sweet and much more talented than her ex-husband. Bet she’ll be around for a long time.

  • Carol

    Hehe you are reaching to the bottom of your black hearts with this negative gossip.
    Sophia rocks plain and simple.

  • Heli

    I love her and she is my role model :)
    GGGGGOOOOOOOOOO Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) She is simply stunning. :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Sophia bush fan

    Love her so much!

  • Bunny

    well I love sophia..she’s great…but she WAS NOT MARRIED TO CHAD FOR 20 MONTHS…IT WAS 5 MONTHS….because he cheated on her with Paris Hilton during their engagement or slightly before he proposed. Paris and Chad were in HOUSE OF WAX together

  • Kristine

    I love Sophia, and I will not comment on the negative posts.. We are all entiteld to our own opinions ;) But I will say that I chose to believe in the positive things said about her, I might be a fool for doing so, but that is my decicion :)

    But I do believe that they were married for 20 months, I know they split after 5 months BUT the divorce wasn’t final until 29 December 2006, so legaly it lasted from 16 April 2005 – 29 December 2006, might actually be 21 months, but my math sucks so I might be wrong :P (Might be some bad spelling, and sorry for that)

  • aa

    Oh she’s right. She is single, but she still bangs James Lafferty in her recreational time, just like she was sleeping with Jon Foster while married to Chad.

    And anyways, why would anyone care that she supports Barak. Such things are personal and should be kept that way.

    Sophia stop using politics as to further attract media attention. It’s so blatantly transparent.

  • mich

    haha love it. And James is screwing all the college chicks that he meets downtown Wilmington, Gosh, Sophia can’t learn that no guy will stay faithful to her. Maybe she has teeth down there or doesn’t put out. I bet she swings the other way.

  • j

    ^ I don’t think she has teeth down there lmao. She’s probably just loose. Probably not a lot of fun for the guys.

  • shannon

    wow^ so much hate u have time to psread so much stuff about her when in fact ur behind a computer screen ans she’s famous so eat that! luv sophia seems she has grown form her past relationships good on her

  • lola

    The press only cares about her lovelife, that’s so sad. I mean I don’t like an actress because she’s doing who & dating whoever and I don’t want to hear about that, but every time you see her around it’s all. about. her. lovelife. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • not…

    20 months…it was 5 months that they were married…

  • Diane

    Sophia is well known for her career the men are a side factor that peeps care about. That is all. I think she handles the questions well and with respect for everyone. I don’t have a problem with that. If I was a reporter I would ask her because of all the internet buzz about her lovelife. Everyone seems to be so interested in it. I don’t care about anyone’s life. I like to see new pics is all.

  • amy

    the marriage was only 5 months long hence the annulment it was not 20 monthg long, he NEVER deserved her!

  • Alison

    I was going to say, but people have beaten me to it… she was not with Chad that long. Everyone knows he cheated in the very early stages of their marriage and she left him right away. Maybe they dated for 20 months, but they were not married that long.

  • eddie jones

    omg what an idiot, what kind of drugs is this girl on. Obama doesn’t feel like a politician? Look no further then him leaving that church of his, why do you think he left it after all this time right before hillary was about to be bumped out. Leaving it for political reasons is what pushed hillary out of the race. Everything this guy has in life is related to his political connections, he’s never worked for what he has, he’s a career politician.

    Why do you think his wife got the pay raise she did after he was sworn in, what all just happened? Ha

  • jj

    Sophia’s movies are all crap. So I doubt she’s famous for that. She’s known for her sad love primarily. And Chad’s happily moved on. She is such a hag.

  • Jenna

    hag LMAO
    I see you are too busy to post here you’re so famous. lol

  • mich

    omg I never realized that…that everytime she is ever really in the spotlight is when shes at the opening of a mouth or it’s about someone else more well-known than her.

  • mich

    eddies jones I agree. he’s nothing by a celebrity and thats why certain celevrites flock to him. he has done nothing and will do nothing.

  • tia

    I LOVE her!! and shes smart, go obama!!!!!!

  • wendy

    Of course she’s trying to act like this thing ending with Jon Foster was mutual. He dumped her ass for being too clingy and crazy.

    And Obama is a politician through and through. All pretty words with absolutely no back for them. He wouldn’t be nearly as popular if people actually took the time to read his stance on things… that is, when he’s actually clear about what his stance is.

  • jen

    you chad whiners are ridiculous. He might be hot but he’s a total dick who cheats – get over it and him – he’s trash!!

    As for Sophia, that girl rocks, she’s beautiful AND she didn’t put up w/ any sh*t from Chad. I give her major props! And hello – she’s not famous for her marriage, she’s famous for her role on ‘one tree’ a role that she auditioned for that had noting to do with that piece of trash pretty boy!

  • j

    She’s trashy. I mean really really trashy. And she’s lying about being single because she was sexing it up with James Lafferty just recently. But I guess if all the relationship is…is just sex then it’s not really a relationship.

    She got her boob job right after high school. Her parents must be dim-wits to allow their developing daughter to get a boob job at such a precious age.

    And what the hell is a Chad whiner? No one mentioned Chad.

  • Anne

    i think the poster meant that all you folks trashing her are obviously chad lovers. tell me – what is so appealling about a guy who lies and cheats?
    personally i love sophia, she is gorgeous and i’ve never seen her be anything but nice and classy and respectful. what haters you people are!