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Sophia Bush's Summer Switches

Sophia Bush's Summer Switches

One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush gets the summer started with a barbecue at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills on Monday.

DJ AM attended the festivities and posed with Sophia at his turntables. Actress Julia Cohen was also on-hand and was greeted with a big kiss from Ms. Bush!

Earlier today, it was reported that the 25-year-old actress spoke out about her split from actor Jon Foster.

More pictures of Sophia Bush‘s summer switches…

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sophia bush summer switches 02
sophia bush summer switches 03
sophia bush summer switches 04
sophia bush summer switches 05
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  • Jenna

    Love the dress and Sophia.

  • shannon

    she looks so pretty loving the ner hair color on her!

  • Jack

    Very pretty although I have no idea who she is xD.

  • Nadia

    So freaking Sexy and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!I love everything about her! xoxox

    Please promote also Hilarie Burton. lol. She’s amazing too u know.

  • mich

    she’s not like she used to be, her smile is different. she used to be so cute and genuine. what happened?

  • marisa

    she looks awesome.

    i know this isn’t related to the topic but did anyone see the leaked footage of the high school musical 3 movie that comes out in october? the song in the leaked footage is AWESOME!!! and the dance is amazing too!!! i can’t wait for it! but the kid who brought his video tape on set is going to be in a lot of trouble. lol

  • Adie

    She looks soo gorgeous.

  • chantall

    Is she short?

  • T&M.

    Aw. Sophia looks gorgeous here. Love her dress and her.

    Visit our blog,!

  • Sandy

    I loved that Jon dumped Sophia. =)

  • Elle

    Who is this chick and who cares? Oh wait, isn’t she the girl Chad Michael divorced?


  • bammi

    I don’t care for her looks.

    she looks like a real FAT pig.

  • Ty

    Such a media whore. Yawn.

  • lola


  • Arla

    a fat pig? wow, you’re seriously blind!

    she looks amazing, love me some Soph.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh, i miss the darker hair. but she’s still freaking gorgeous.

  • Beth

    Beautiful and vibrant.

  • mich

    Yes she used to be with Chad Michael Murray, she just his ex wife thats all nothing important. But if you open your own store or have a BBQ she’ll be there!

  • dev

    no one cares about CMH – he’s a redneck pretty boy who cheats! Sophia however is MF’ing GORGEOUS and a total class act. I love that girl to bits

  • elf

    We like Sophia because she’s talented and she’s beautiful – the fact that she doesn’t accept crap from asshats like Chad is just the icing on the cake!

  • katie

    Wait didn’t she divorce chad michael murray for cheating on her?

  • DiDi

    she’s an actress and a talented one at that, why would you reduce a fellow female to simply being arm candy- because you find her ex attractive? whatever …
    I give Sophia major props for walking away from that dickwad. Many women would have stayed. Kudos to her for having the strength and integrity to know she deserved so much more than that lying creep.
    She is gorgeous and i can’t wait to see more of her on One tree Hill.

  • DiDi

    she sure did katie, he was cheating with Paris Hilton during the filming of house of wax, she didn’t find out till after they were married tho..

  • Carrie

    Chad is the one who cheated on Sophia with skanky Paris and that 18 yr old extra who is now his fiance, to me CHAD’S the jerk. Sophia is awesome and beautiful.

  • Carrie

    why did s*k*a*n*k*y*? get blipped out???? it’s not a curse word…

  • shannon

    her friend owns the store she went thier to support her abd that makes her a fame whore please..

  • wendy

    So, it took her like two seconds after her movie finished filming to start going to all the events she could. Yeah. Sure thing.

    And I’m sorry, kids, but it has always been well known in Wilmy that Chad sleeps around, even when he’s in a relationship. Either Sophia is mentally retarded or she also knew he wasn’t faithful when they were together and she married him anyway. I have no sympathy for a woman that knowingly puts herself in that position. She set herself up for that fall.

  • Tannis

    I live in Wilmington and it wasn’t well known. We all thought they were just the cutest couple (at the time!) Blaming Sophia for Chad’s abominable behavior is just wrong. She married (like most of us do) with the best intentions, you don’t expect the person you love to be a serial cheater or liar. You just don’t…
    I like Sophia because she is down to earth and I also think she is a terrific actress in her own right. I wish her the best of Luck! She has obviously moved on from Chad and I think it’s time others do the same..

  • Tannis

    I live in Wilmington and it wasn’t well known. We all thought they were just the cutest couple (at the time!) Blaming Sophia for Chad’s abominable behavior is just wrong. She married (like most of us do) with the best intentions, you don’t expect the person you love to be a serial cheater or liar. You just don’t…
    I like Sophia because she is down to earth and I also think she is a terrific actress in her own right. I wish her the best of Luck! She has obviously moved on from Chad and I think it’s time others do the same.

  • wendy

    Tannis, the rumors of Chad’s infidelity were all over the internet from people in Wilmy all throughout their relationship. They started when he was on DC, and they never ended. He’s always been a dog. I’m not blaming Sophia for him not being able to keep it in his pants. I’m blaming her for marrying him when she knew that fact about him, and then playing the victim card when it was all over. I find that ridiculous.

  • Tannis

    Wendy, sometimes we have blinders on when it concerns people we love. The tabloids are always stirring up gossip, some true, some false. Sophia probably just wanted to believe he was the good guy he professed himself to be and trust me he professed it a lot. We saw them quite a bit during filming and still do. Unfortunatly Chad’s not so nice anymore (he snubs the kids who come by to watch filming) but Sophia has stayed her charming and gracious self. I admire her!

  • Jughed

    Yeccch! This chick has no sex appeal for me.

  • Lynne

    She always looks beautiful but I wish she’d dye her hair back.

  • Beauty

    Sophia rocks my socks

  • Jess


    she still looks cute but i think she looked better before with darker hair. oh she looks tired :(

  • Jess


  • anonymous

    she’s a cheater, even though she hid it better than CMM.

    she gets uglier by the day, bleah

  • Jenny

    Get a fuckin life okay??????? She is NOT a cheater. I know the type of person she is because I have a close friend who is friends with Sophia and everyone who truly knows Sophia, has always said nothing but the most SWEETEST and KINDEST things about her.
    You don’t even know her so take that “cheating” thing and shove it up your ass because its quite clear that you’re just trying to cause trouble.

    And you must be one blind idiot to think she is ugly because she doesn’t make those beautiful lists and sexy lists all the time just for being ugly. She is one of the most BEAUTIFUL, SEXIEST, and GORGEOUS women in Hollywood and if you can’t see that…..GET HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  • Rena

    To the girl who said that she doesn’t know who Sophia Bush is and doesn’t care…..well its pretty obvious that you do know her and do care judging from your little useless rant. Next time, you want to make a lameass point….don’t make it look so obvious.

    And well to the other chick who said that Sophia looked like a “Fat pig”. I have two theories as to why you may have said that.
    Theory 1- You are one VERY JEALOUSSSSSSSS bit$h.
    Theory 2- You are one VERY BLINDDDDDDDDD bit$h.

    A lot of people phrase and admire Sophia for her beauty….thats no lie. She is ALWAYS so ravishing and stunning. And she had one of the hottest bodies around. A lot of my guy friends think she is unbelievably hott and they always have some nice compliment about her body….like her amazing curves for example. I’m glad that she isn’t an anorexic and all bones like some of the women are in Hollywood.
    But hey…if thats your type….then GOOD for you.
    Just don’t sit there and say shit about people if you don’t have anything nice to say. The only reason that I even decided to post os because I haters like you make me sick….especially when your hating on someone who is one of the gracious celebs in Hollywood.

  • mich

    Actually Tannis and Wendy it’s the complete opposite. Sophia is harsh to fans,(the incident at the airport) and Chad is a total sweetheart who neer goes out anymore. You can ask anyone in Wilmington.

  • Polish_girl

    Sophia is gorgeous. And she is not only known for being married to Chad. She play in movies, does something with her career and I don’t think anybody would hire her just because she was married to Chad who didn’t play in anything but OTH for two years now.

    Get a life people. I heard ncie things about Sophia and I believe she is a nice person. If it’s not to so…well it won’t be the end of the world… ;)

  • Joyce

    i <3 her. shes beautiful.
    people are just jealous.

  • Tara

    I’ve met Sophia numerous times, and she is nothing but the sweetest person ever. I have nothing but absolute respect for her. Each time, I’ve met her, she has always been so polite and she really makes you feel special. I know other girls who have also met her and love her because she treats you like a friend.

    I know what incident you are talking about though. And that was ONE time. Some people were showing her Brucas pictures and even flashing some pictures during the time she had been together with Chad. So I guess it brought back some painful memories. And she’s a human-being……and I think she is entilted to have bad days here and there. And I know those girls who had went to see her that day and had had that encounter with her and they understand where she was coming from. So if they don’t have a problem with it, then why do you? And Sophia saw two of them the next day at the Charity game and apologized for not being her usual self the day before.

    And if Chad supposedly doesn’t go out “anymore”……then so what???? That doesn’t exactly make him a sweetheart.

  • wendy


    Sophia never apologized for her behavior that weekend. The girl she did that to was still pretty upset long after the charity event was over. And actually, a lot of the fan encounters with Sophia that weekend were pretty negative. A lot of people complained that she wouldn’t even look at them as they passed through the autograph line and said that she definitely had the air of someone that thinks they’re better than everyone else.

    And Mich, that’s the way I’ve heard it too. Chad has become better and better with fans and extras, whereas Sophia has become worse.

  • Allysa

    I know what incident you guys are all talking about and I was there. She DID apologize because I standing literally 10 inches away and you could tell that she felt really bad. AND me and the other girls that went, all had very pleasant encounters with Sophia. It was just that one day during the airport scene where she was upset about something and wasn’t really talking to anyone. And even then, she still took the time to sign autographs that day and even pose for some picturers while SMILING. There are even pictures after that airport scene on various websites so go take a look at them. She just wasn’t in the mood to deal with anything Brucas related or Chad related that day. So What??? Are you really going to hold that one day against her when there are like a hundred celebrities in Hollywood who have done FAR worse things?????

  • Heli

    O-M-G I love her <3



    she looks fabulous here.
    Brilliant and intelligent … BARACK OBAMA good choice lady !
    You always look beautiful
    We adore you in Canada!
    You are my idol !

  • hiii

    Stop writing these negative comments about S.Bush. She is great girl and good human-being.

    And you crazy Chad fans who are just jealous because Chads career is going blah can just go and get a life…

    And if yyou dont like Sophia (for your stupid reasons) dont come in here and leave any stupis comments.

  • t

    Sophia cheated and so did Chad. He cheated first and then she cheated shortly around the end of their marriage. But she didn’t hide it as well she thinks. A lot of people know that she was with Jon Foster in the summer of 2005 so that’s why when she said it was a two year relationship but that it ended last year in recent interviews, I think it was a slip up on her part.

    But she knew about him cheating for an entire year before they got married so I don’t know why she cited that as the reason for the separation. Something else must have happened.

    I don’t dislike her but I don’t think she’s a very honest person. Honesty is a rare quality in Hollywood these days.

  • Kendall

    She NEVER EVER cheated. One of my good friends went to school with Sophia and she told me what really happened because she found out. Sophia never came out and directly said that Chad had cheated on her. But it was very obvious because in an interview once way before they got divorced, she said that in any relationship, cheating was simply unacceptable and it was one thing she could never really forgive. So when it started to come out that Chad had in fact cheated from not just a few, but SEVERAL different types of sources, Sophia dumped his ass. She wasn’t the one who had cheated and my friend told me the same thing because she knows what went on and what the truth was.
    When some people say that Sophia also cheated, those are Chad’s fans trying to make Sophia look bad too so people won’t just blame Chad. When in fact, A LOT of people know that it was entirely Chad’s fault. She didn’t know that Chad had been cheating. Because if she did, then she would’ve never married him in the first place. He was always making up stories and kept saying that it was all lies. But then went it all blew up in his face, she called it quits.
    Sophia didn’t start dating Jon Foster until she knew that she and Chad were over for good and that their marriage just couldn’t be salvaged.