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Violet Affleck is Daddy's Little Girl

Violet Affleck is Daddy's Little Girl

Violet’s all grown up!

Ben Affleck poses with his little girl Violet Affleck on her first day of preschool in Los Angeles on Monday.

Ben, 35, and wife Jennifer Garner , 36, took their 2 1/2-year-old daughter to school where she picked up some paint on her sleeves! Ben got into the spirit of things by wearing a “Ben” nametag on his shirt!

10+ pictures of Violet Affleck – Daddy’s little girl…

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violet affleck daddy little girl 01
violet affleck daddy little girl 02
violet affleck daddy little girl 03
violet affleck daddy little girl 04
violet affleck daddy little girl 05
violet affleck daddy little girl 06
violet affleck daddy little girl 07
violet affleck daddy little girl 08
violet affleck daddy little girl 09
violet affleck daddy little girl 10

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  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :-) She is so pretty. She has a beautiful face :-)

    ¦== ==¦

  • the shiznack

    is that Ben Affleck

    jesus wept

  • Mike

    I love her!

  • OMD

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY :)


    Did you see the ears on that kid? Sorry but she is homely just like her mother. I don’t care too much for her strip club loving father either.

  • Cecilia


  • buckeyegurl

    That is a good name for you #7. DUMBO. You are an idiot and mean spirited for picking on a child. Are you really that insecure that you have to pick on a child to feel superior? That is fcuking sad! I pity you.

    On the other hand…LOVE seeing the family all together. I hope they have another baby soon. Violet is such a happy little girl, she just exudes joy. Love seeing her smile, such a cutie pie. Jen looks good, and Ben is HOT :)

  • Mae


  • josie

    Very cute! first time I noticed her chin dimple…like her dad. Had already noticed the cheek dimples from her mom!

    Good to see they seem to be a relaxed couple. And Jen has been photographed with that same purse a lot… she’s like us, normal!
    Hope they stay married forever.

  • kathy

    she is so pretty..she have her dad’s chin dimples her mom cheek so so pretty kinda exotic to

  • Jane80

    Aww what a cute pic of them. Ben is looking good as usual. There daughter is getting so big shes adorable. I have numerously seen rude comments about Violet on this site and frankly its very rude and obnoxious. You folks need to get a life seriously. She is a kid for god sakes! They all should be left alone they mind there own business not hurt anyone and some of your folks feel the need to throw bullets at them its pathetic. The Paps need to back off to what do they think they are going to get from them when they take pics of them its the same shocked faces and annoyed faces by Ben and Jenn nothing new.

  • Adoring Fan

    OMG! Be still my heart. My favorite family on the planet. Great day in the morning. Violet looks so happy to have her daddy with them. Thanks JJ. I love the Afflecks. So cute. This is what a real family looks like. No fancy clothes…and putting on airs…fake PDA’s…just regular folks.

  • ugly

    R people happy now? Ben, Jen, and Violet are out together!

  • aummw

    Deja que mi ternura
    te cuente mis amores
    porque soy, cuando miro tu hermosura
    un arbol carcomido que echa flores

  • kelly

    Love Ben and his family!

  • Zain

    she is so cute……

  • kelly

    What a beautiful little Violet
    glad to meet Ben here!!

  • XxMANAxX

    Violet is so cute, big ears and all. Beautiful smile.

  • karma

    I like them as a couple and a family and the baby is adorable. But, why is Ben posting for paparazzi with his child? I thought he learned from the Jen years not to make his life a sideshow.

    His child should not be put in tabloids. He had to know if he posed for a pic outside it would be all over the mags.

    They need to not do this.

  • michelle

    Cute? No, she is definitely NOT cute to me
    Look at her teeth and ears, sorry but she is not pretty.

  • Tuesday morning

    #21, I think the story saying he “posed” is a bit misleading. The whole series of shots are on a photo site. They show them walking.

    When he is holding V. like this, he is waiting for Jen to exit the car. The camera zoomed in for this shot.

    From looking at the whole series of shots………….I highly doubt Ben and Jen “posed” for these pics.

    Thanks JJ for NOT posting the close up pic with the name and address of the preschool. I hope they have security, because everyday the paps are going to be camped outside.

  • grace

    finally! maybe now people will be quiet and stop saying hes a bad dad and that they never see him with his family

  • bea

    They are a beautiful family, and Violet is very cute.

  • montana

    they do it for Vi´s sake that´s all you can´t say that there´s a gilmpse of love or something between ben and jen nothing I don´t wanna see them making up infront of the paps but you see the love between Gwen and Gavin f.e. it´s so over for Bennifer 2!Of course he´s with them now because it´s Vi´s first day of school but he´s never with them doing someting in his freetime!
    But it´s great to see that they are trying to be friends for their child no war between them,that´s good vor Vi

  • Beautiful family

    I hope they stay together forever!!!!!!!!!
    they are perfect, all they need now is a little boy- cute! ;)

    thanx JJ :)

  • Helena

    I like seeing these two together, but we rarely see them together!

  • blueeyed beedy

    Unfortunately, due to Jennifer pimping that kid out for the paparazzi when Ben’s not around the kid is looking at and interacting with them

  • tr

    he is holding a tiny jennifer, how adorable =]

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Funny that little Violet is starting school just as school is winding down on the East coast.
    Lovely family, btw.

  • ellie

    cute family
    the gap between her teeth is mass!
    hopefully when her big teeth come threw they will be
    closer together

  • Violets Auntie

    Nice to see a happy Violet with her mom and dad. Ben looks very hot. Love his Old Navy underwear.

  • such a cute family

    and Violet looks happy and sooooo adorable!!!

  • me

    Daddy’s little girl for sure :)

  • Awww

    Precious! :)

    I was never really a fan of Ben, but after he settled down with Jen G.(whom I’ve always really liked) he seemed to change and appeared to be more down to earth and less arrogant, so I’ve changed my mind about him… I think that this is one really “cool” Hollywood fam because they do their best to be so un-Hollywood and create a down to earth normalcy for their daughter… I love that.

    Violet is absolutely precious. Beautiful little girl. :)

  • blueeyed beedy

    the gap between her teeth is mass!

    yeah, she’s kinda a jack o’ lantern

  • jami

    You know what I like about them? They seem so real and normal. Not at all pretentious. good for them. Ben is cute too ;)

  • blueeyed beedy

    They don’t create normalcy for their daughter. lol Garner has her in front of the paparazzi every chance she can get. Then when Affleck’s around (which is barely ever) she feigns annoyance

  • Alexandria

    Don’t you know baby teeth fall out and beautiful permanent teeth come in? If they’re not beautiful porcelain veneers will make them that way. Don’t you know (morons) that ears can be pinned back with a 20 minute surgical procedure? Don’t you know that this family did not ask to be photographed picking up their child from pre-school? Don’t you know that you are dumb as dumb gets?

  • Layne

    Wow, the asswipes are out in full force with the stupid comments as usual about this nice family. Why don’t you slink on to another web site with your carb faces and self-loathing to trash another nice family? After all, it’s was losers do best.

  • to #40

    tell ‘em girlfriend ;)

    the kid is such a cutie

  • my opinion…

    # 39 I would have to repsectfully disagree with you. This family is one of the least pretencious, media-fame-$$$-hungry out there in the celeb world today. To me they appear to shun media/pap invasion (they cannot control if paps take their pics when out in public) and try to the best of their ability to live their lives in a relatively low-key, normal manner unlike so many other celebs out there who play the “game” of celebhood at a nauseating level… i.e.: The Beckhams’ (they are just gross), The Cruises’ (they are plain “creepy”, P. Hilton, L. Lohan, etc… Jen and Ben have not allowed their “celebrity” to overcome their daily lives- that is to be commended. My opinion…

  • katy

    she looks so happy :) i like jennifer garner, she seems really down to earth.

  • meamelia

    Violet is PRETTY!!..
    love her!

  • J


    BEN AND JEN look amazing!

  • sony

    OMG, how she become so pretty & cute. I love so much this family, specially jen, she is so humble & very good mom.
    Cann’t waiting to see Vi grow up as beautiful girl

  • sony

    OMG, how she become so pretty & cute. I love so much this family, specially jen, she is so humble & very good mom.
    Cann’t waiting to see “Vi” grow up as beautiful girl

  • sony

    OMG, how she become so pretty & cute. I love so much this family, specially jen, she is so humble & very good mom.
    Cann’t waiting to see “Vi” grown up as beautiful girl

  • sunnykidstyle

    Violet is such a cutie patootie! Always so happy and cheerful, a real sunshine kid. But I guess with Jen and Ben as parents, you can’t be any differnt than be a great kid. She looks so much like Jennifer in these photos. Hope that she’ll have a baby brother or sister soon, now that she’s a big girl and goes to school, she’d make a great big sister.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)