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Mario Lopez is Shirtless, Hottest Bachelor?

Mario Lopez is Shirtless, Hottest Bachelor?

Mario Lopez has been named People‘s Hottest Bachelor. The 34-year-old actor/exercise guru bares all in the new issue, on newsstands Friday.

Can you believe it? NUDEY PICS IN PEOPLE MAG, Y’ALL!!

Other bachelors who made the cut: The Hills star Brody Jenner and his BFF Frankie Delgado, American Idol champ David Cook, actor/singer Terrence Howard, Bryan Spears (Britney and Jamie Lynn‘s older brother), 300 hunk Gerard Butler, tennis star James Blake, Rock of Love star Bret Michaels, Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg and SNL writer Akiva Shaffer, Hunter Johansson (Scarlett‘s twin brother, younger by three minutes), Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and the Gossip Girl guys (Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford).

Check out the slideshow to see the other Hottest Bachelors at

DO YOU THINK Mario Lopez is the hottest bachelor in Hollywood?

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  • rawya


  • rawya

    yes he’s the hottest

  • Me

    These have got to be a joke! These guys are ridiculous. Who comes up with these lists?

  • hannah

    absolutely not!
    that has to be the worst list i’ve ever seen
    mario lopez is a tool, and is not at all hot.

  • anne

    i used to think he’s cute. but now, i don’t know. he’s kind of scary looking. way too buff for my taste. i’m pretty sure he’s taking steroids. and what is wrong with his belly button? kind of strange looking.

  • Amanda


  • shar

    omfg! mario is sooooo HOT! he doesn’t have a six pack
    he has like 20! :O

    omg.! marry me!!!

  • veisner

    They’ve obviously run out of good bachelors for the Bachelor of the Year list, because it’s worked too well – they all got hitched afterward. So now we’re stuck with Mario Lopez. What a shame.

  • Dancer

    Wow, people has hit a real low with so many of their choices–shallow, self-centered, egotistical, asses wtih no talent like Brody Jenner et al???

  • -.-


  • abby

    Obviously whoever complied this list was smoking some serious s**t

  • Marta

    big NO!

  • http://ugly sharyllee

    no he is not hot!! Jude law is hot!!

  • http://ugly sharyllee

    no, Mario is not hot!! Jude Law is hottie!

  • isya

    I’m sooooooooooo for KIv. XD

  • mememem

    i have never really liked him and after finding out what happend to him and Karina Amirnoff what a duche! i feel so bad for her, I def dont think he is the hottest Bachelor! and none of those guys are really that hot, nice job people haha

  • Hanna

    There is no way Mario is 34! He was in his 20′s on SBTB and that would put him much closer to 40!!! Lies

  • Simone nichols

    no way.

  • Simone nichols

    no way.

  • Rebecca

    I disagree with most of the people on the list. The sexiest single guy has to be George Clooney. The only one on their list I agree with is David Cook.

  • f

    Insane. How can they leave off the guys that really deserve the tag(albeit a silly one)? Keanu Reeves, George Clooney. I’m sure we could think of quite a few more that are better than their selections. Gerry is the only one on their list that really belongs. =P

  • Cook is not hot

    eeeewwww…….David Cook is sooooo ugly, with that huge Homer Simpson head and the really really bad comb over, combined with the man boobs, if he wasn’t on American Idol no one would give him the time of day, and the only reason he won is because middle aged women voted for him like they did for Taylor Hicks and Clay!!!!!

  • Janiedoll

    Marat Safin should be number 1 on every sexy list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ri23

    People magazine must pay their employees in crack. This list is ridiculous.

  • OK

    Yah w a paper bag over his head :)
    then we can call him HOT :P

  • Mike

    i do like his abs….lol…i wish i had those!

  • Shaggy

    Gerard Butler is by far the hottest bachelor. I don’t find Mario attractive in the least.

  • jaims1026

    EWWWWW – NO, Mario Lopez in not hot at all! He is so cocky and looks disgusting with all of his muscles – YUCK!

  • jason lover

    um, what about sidney crosby?

  • kelly




  • rfb

    Don’t know who these people are that have commented, but I disagree completely. We need NEW faces. I agree about Mario and David C. But I really think the new face we need as #1 is David Cook. His actions and looks are #1 in my book. He is very photo genic and is a very humble person that is genuine. NOW THAT IS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joeysgirl

    David Cook is the hottest for me!!!

  • Helena

    The list is full of cheap d-listers. Love Gerard Butler and Adam Levine, though!

  • ha

    THIS LIST IS TERRIBLE! I mean come on, Mario Lopez? He was the hottest bachelor of 1995! Not 2008! How random is this list?? BRITNEY SPEARS’ BROTHER? Who even cares about him? Brody and Frankie? Please, these no-talent somehow celebrities don’t need any more attention.

  • the dq

    In my book, in order to be the hottest anybody, you need to also have a personality, sense of humor, humility………………ooooops, that eliminates almost everybody on that list. ;-)

  • Junie

    Eww. the hottest bachelor is a man who cheated on his gorgeous wife before and after their wedding? Don’t think so! But it was in the long run the best thing that could have happened to her.. she didn’t have to spend her life with a scoundrel like him! Loyalty, fidelity and love are HOT, not just muscles and dimples and sneakiness. ew.

  • Junie

    Eww. the hottest bachelor is a man who cheated on his gorgeous wife before and after their wedding? Don’t think so! But it was in the long run the best thing that could have happened to her.. she didn’t have to spend her life with a scoundrel like him! Loyalty, fidelity and love are HOT, not just muscles and dimples and sneakiness. ew.

  • Anne

    This HAS to be a joke. I’m canceling my people subscription.

  • tarly

    whoa hes buff!!!!! lol

  • Lobo

    The list is made up of who is popular at the time—”hot” is definitely
    not a literal term.

  • Shonathan Hilton



  • Bailey

    Gerry is the hottest.

  • Kiki

    He’s always been a s*** and his marriage of two weeks to Ali Landry, Miss USA of 1996, was annulled because she learned while on their honeymoon that he had been having affairs throughout their one year relationship.

    If Karina Smirnoff, a Sun Scorpio, couldn’t tame his wild ways, this guy is headed for the bottom in relationships.

    Mario Lopez is an example of a man whose father wasn’t in the picture to teach him about ethics and how to be a (real) man in relationship with women which has nothing to do with one’s sexual prowess. No matter how some drool over his body, there is nothing appealling about this manipulative young man. If he has never been treated for sexual addiction, now is the time!

  • Dach

    Mario has a hot body but the face. Gerard & James are easy ont he eyes. Terence needs to go and hide. He is too damn arrogant which makes him unattractive…far from hot

  • not buying

    Ewww, it looks like he has had plastic surgery on his stomach, it looks so fake and to top it off he has a really bad fake tan too!


    Look at what a doofus!

  • whatever

    This poll must be fixed, there’s no way people voted for his fake ass. sexxy Chace Crawford should’ve won that, it’s so fixed.

  • Criss

    NO, he is soo disgusting.

  • lyn


  • vic

    ew what a fag his ugly wow yuck not sexy at all