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Rihanna's BET: All in!

Rihanna's BET: All in!

Rihanna arrives boots-first at BET’s ’106 & Park’ at the BET Studios in New York City on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old singer has been making the media rounds, stopping off last at MTV’s Studios in New York City. A Rihanna-inspired clothing line may be in the works!

Check out RiRi‘s wild knee-high black and white boots!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s Balenciaga boots — all-in winner or busted loser?

10+ pictures of Rihanna‘s all-in BET…

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • sill

    HOT!!!.. Who are those shoes from..I really love those shoes!!

  • kay

    LOVE the shoes. but i’m not feeling the mushroom hair

  • Brianna

    cute shoes. ugly outfit.

  • Janie

    ^ They are Balenciaga sill! :) She looks awesome! Love her!

  • ?

    her boots look like fish carcus, are u kidding me? long live ashley olsen, rachel bilson and the veronicas! there much better style icons then miss a*s*s hat

  • oh snap!

    i love rihanna i want those boots this girl rockes anything she touches

  • cool

    omg i love her outfit and her boots!

  • R

    I’m definitely digging the Balenciagas

  • Tavis

    she has a man’s face. not hot.

  • cami

    how old is this chick with the fake hair?

  • chantall

    shes stunning but her hair sucks her shoes r ok…..

  • Jolie

    Wrong look for the boots. She makes them look cheap.

  • legs


  • Beats

    Gross. She looks NASTY!

  • Vfan

    Yeah, she has hot shoes…but that’s one fugly wig.

  • Peter parker

    I was surfing the web for a little rihanna and I found these photos of her doing things she shouldn’t be doing with no clothing on before she became famous.. what is that all about? do any of you know?


    when i first saw these i thought she was michael jackson

  • David

    Has she always been this ugly or is it just the super short hair? It sure took the bloom off her beauty.

  • Peaches

    She looks good from the knees down.

  • shenanyginz

    i love everything but the hair… she looks like a mushroom!!!

  • jen

    I think the outfit is all wrong. It’s too conservative for the boots.

  • jimmy

    yuckity yuck

  • Nola

    That woman is SO ugly…I bet you without all that horrible makeup & trashy costumes she looks dead.

  • snow

    She carries herself well but she is not too cute anymore :-(

  • shannon

    in the words of Tyra those boots are FIERCE!

  • luvshialabeoufxoxo


  • John

    Rihanna has fucking man hands! and a man face!

  • Ana

    sorry but she looks like a drag queen

  • tanya

    I don’t understand the interest in her. She’s basically just a glorified lipsyncher.



  • Orange Clockwork

    Those Balenciaga gladiator boots are SO 5 months ago…I hate her.

  • lovely

    I think she got a hair transplant. It’s much thicker on top now.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    31st!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN. Another singer trying to design a clothing line. Next it will be a perfume line, than handbags, and sunglasses, childrens wear, lingerie, make-up, cookbooks, journals, etc.. I have said it a hundred times on this site. Celebrities and singers, PLEASE, just stick it what you do the best. That is what you started out doing too begin with. We have enough of the other junk . It just sits on the shelves of the stores and evenually finds its way to the Dollar Store. In today’s economy, we are flooded with your ” other lines”. Please NO MORE. Just your C.D.’s please!!! Thank You.

  • Confirmed… she is a POSER

    this girl tries so hard. those boots like like something michael jackson would have worn in the 80′s. i don’t care if they are balenciaga. they also don’t go w/ her outfit. the girl is ugly, had no class & has no style. is she even a rocker? i don’t follow her but i thought her music sounded like pop & she is always trying to pull off a rocker look. this sums it up – FLYING MONKEY FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ.

  • kitty_kat

    She is so pretty…so jealous!

  • jason

    yall are all hater, she looks nice. she is the hottiest shit right now .

  • alexandra

    she looks gorgeous

  • duheveryone

    I have to agree, she tries too hard. She says she’s a risk taker, but it seems to me like she’s trying to make herself as that on purpose so it will seem as if she’s daring and bold when it comes to fashion like the olson twins and nicole richie but that in fact, she’s not. As for her hair, I don’t like it. I like it better when she had long hair and dressed as if she didn’t care, which in fact made herself gorgeous and a trendsetter. Now, she’s nothing, but a piece of crap! The only thing she’ll ever be good at is singing and making music. This look isn’t bold and daring, it’s the balenciaga shoes that make it seem like it, but her outfit is too simple. These shoes are high-fashion, and do not deserve to go along with her simple ugly outfit. Let the true fashionistas have a pair of these. and not her!

  • NY

    She looks like a MANnequin, not a woman.

  • uh

    hot messs… i liked her last haircut but i think this one is a little too much? idk that’s just my opinion :)

  • vhudgensbiggestfan

    ew wtf is she doing with her hair she was so prettys before umbrealla came out nd she became a aprently bad girl
    she was so pretty with her long hair now with her short hair shes like arite looking idkk good songs she has tho!



  • Lavin

    Jennifer Connelly wore those boots months ago. RiRi needs to get a new wig.

  • jmo

    I honestly don’t find Rihanna hot. She’s got ok fashion sense, but her face leaves something to be desired.

  • Reagan

    I saw it in the balenciaga fashion show.

  • Jose

    So unfortunate looking…

  • rydee

    ohh i remember these boots from that season! ohh but i also remeber someone trying to pull of the head to toe directly off the runway with those shoes……not too pretty.hmm cant think of the actress’s name now. but they still some hot shoes

    i think rihanna is really pretty its that dog gone hair!! dayummmm women!! what was she thinkingggg! ohh well i hope it looks better at the BET awards…june 24th! lol

  • Immawinner

    the outfit is too conservative for the boots…it’s as if she’s trying to do Madonna’s dapper gangster aristocrat thing and it’s not working. If she was going that route, the boots would have been hot with an oversized jacket with tons of crazy structure and a high waisted mini.

  • Immawinner

    duheveryone, how’s that ^^^^^^for your true fashionista theory?

  • fixed

    Whoever did Rhianna’s hair needs to be shot, it was perfectly lovely before. Have they never heard of the saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?