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Rumer Willis is a Woman in Film

Rumer Willis is a Woman in Film

Rumer Willis is a lady in red at the Women In Film’s 2008 Crystal Lucy Awards held in the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

At the awards show, the 2008 Lucy Award for excellence in television was presented to Salma Hayek, the Emmy winning actress/director/producer who is also Executive Producer of the award winning program, Ugly Betty.

The 2008 Crystal Award for excellence in film was presented to Diane English, together with the stellar cast of her female tour de force, The Women, on which English was writer, director and producer.

More pics of Rumer honoring the women in film…

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty, Fayes Vision/WENN
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  • Lara

    she is always so wannabe sexy.. She is not pulling off those sultry looks very well

  • gena

    She is ugly! Why are they trying to promote her so much! She has not done anything only been the daughter of two movie stars! Talk about PR.

  • faith

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  • Helena

    She is trying too hard. She needs to gain some credibility before going to every event that she can go to.

  • Cat

    She is so ugly. If there is one person famous i cannot stand it is her. She is worse than Heidi & Spencer combined. Yes looks aren’t everything but she is arrogant & has a sense of entitlement. She thinks she should be a big hollywood star because of her parents. The girl is such a wannabe. Her parents money & power can’t turn her into a star. However, it could buy her some better clothes & a stylist. Then again she will still be ugly even w/ good clothes. She needs to go away.

  • Maddie

    poor girl, gained the willis chin!

  • teena

    I don’t think she’s that bad looking. Yeah, her face/head is not too flattering, but I commend her for not getting surgery done on it…at least not yet. Actually, from the nose up I think she looks like Keira Knightly. What I do have a problem with is the fact that she’s at this event. What has she done except have the luck of being the spawn of 2 celebrities? (“actors” is pushing it) Absolutely nothing of achievement here!!

  • Jaded

    I think she’s cute here.

  • Ivana

    Sorry Rumer, but you look ugly…..

  • Tina

    She looks terrible…not feminine at all…waste of space Jared….

  • Tina

    She is ugly…period…nothing feminine about her….

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  • jared doesn’t like me

    Jared, I wish you would just ignore that fugly girl.
    She really does not deserve the attention.

  • tia

    wtf!!!! she is at like every event! i have zero respect for her. she is a nobody. what has she done? NOTHING she has famous parents. thats it. its not even like she is attractive…i mean, look at her! she is a total joke. she needs to come onto sites like this and see that:



  • Kada

    This girl is so unattractive from her face to her personality.

  • Portia

    She tries so hard and she still looks fug.

  • jo

    She looks like she’s wearing a prom dress.

  • lulu

    She look so unattractive.If she is not the daughter of Bruce and Demi , I don’t think she had any chance at HW.

  • lulu

    She should go to acting school and learn her craft. I don’t think she can compete for a role with her look, she is definitely not attractive. may be if she had an extreme talent, there might still have a chance.

  • Ingrid

    I don’t even think it’s her face that makes her ‘unattractive’. It’s her constant demand for attention and same one-note facial expression she pulls in every picture. If she’s bad at taking pictures, what’s her acting going to be like?

  • nikomilinko

    she is like Bruce willis but with long hair.

    Welcome To nikomilinko!

  • http://jj Barbie

    She needs acting school and plastic surgery. Why is her nose so thin?

  • Jaye

    I feel sorry for her. She looks like she doesn’t know what to do with herself most of the time. She has these awkward stances and she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. She looks uneasy most of the time. She hasn’t done anything yet, but no one will think of her if she’s not ‘out there’. Her features , except for the jaw, are not bad, she just had the misfortune to have Bruce Willis’s jawline.

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  • YoYo

    She looks like she rides the shortbus, and because her parents are famous she gets to wear designer clothes. The thing is, you can tell by the look on her face and her body language that she knows she looks like an ugly tard.

  • Sofiarocket

    As they say in Africa, a cow that’s lost weight is still not an antilope!

  • jay

    Some of you are harsh lol. I won’t say she’s UGLY, but w/e .. I agree with #19

  • Tdani

    Gross, Jared. Just utterly gross! Why are trying to hurt our eyes?

  • Milla

    Well, she is not a beauty – but she looks not that ugly as most people here say.
    And the tattoo is cute.

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  • Pepcee

    My gosh she looks just like a younger Angelina Jolie, before all the plastic surgery!!

  • Natasha

    she has the strangest shaped head i’ve ever seen. it has no shape. no cheekbones. tiny eyes, tiny features, huge cheeks. i dont get it. wat’s attractive? especially when you’ve done NOTHING!!!

  • malene

    the camera sure does NOT love her!

  • manitoba

    She’s lucky Daddy has a lot of money….money can buy a lot of things…like a place in the list of 100 most beautiful people.

  • lelu

    She looks so lop-sided in that first pic under the headline. So unfortunate.

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  • http://justjared Victoria

    37th!!!! Bless her little heart! She just does not have a clue what to do when you put on a dress of any type. Pretty or not. This one is a NOT. Look how she stands. I don’t think she is comfortable in heels and cannot get her feet in the correct position, or her hands placed right on her hips to even act sexy. She looks miserable, like ” when is this night going to end”.

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  • Robert

    Man, this chick needs to go to school so she can get a job BEHIND the camera lens.