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Brad Pitt Rocks Out With Radiohead

Brad Pitt Rocks Out With Radiohead

Brad Pitt meets up with his Fight Club costar Ed Norton to catch a Radiohead concert together at Civica Arena in Milan, Italy on Wednesday night.

Norton has said, “Brad and I had a mutual fixation on the second two Radiohead albums.”

Also at the concert was Mariane Pearl, Brad and Angelina Jolie‘s close friend. (Angie starred as Pearl in 2007′s A Mighty Heart.)

Norton‘s latest superhero flick, The Incredible Hulk, is out in theaters now. Angie‘s action thriller, Wanted, is out in theaters on Friday, June 27. Reviews are already pouring in and it looks like it’s going to be a smash hit!

“Relentless, in-your-face action and a classy cast led by a beefed-up James McAvoy and a heavily tatted Angelina Jolie combine to promise powerful B.O. prospects worldwide for Universal.” — Variety

“This over-the-top, ultraviolent, hyperkinetic action thriller pretty much has it all… The three of them (Jolie, McAvoy and Morgan Freeman) prove to be colorful assets in a film where even the bullets seem to have a personality all their own.” — Hollywood Reporter

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  1. 1826
    Alexanderina Says:

    Bdj, thanks for the news articles. I can’t wait to see Wanted this weekend

  2. 1827
    WOW Says:

    Euro 2008

    how do they decide what team plays what?

  3. 1828
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1800 lulu @ 06/26/2008 at 5:19 am

    Lulu -

    I forgot all about the matching Mercedes. And don’t forget they had matching Range Rovers, too. and let’s not forget how much money Brad used to spend on clothes when he was married to X. He dressed in the same sloppy “style”…but he wore a hell of a lot more different outfits back then. When he left her ass he left behind most of his clothes and proclaimed he was “downsizing”. Just about every gossip site and rag reported that story about X boxing up his clothes and dumping them at the Salvation Army story. Plus, like you said – Tate Donovan flat out said the reason they didn’t make it was because he was camping and riding his bike and she was luxury hotels and yachting.

    Once again Ted proves he doesn’t know jack about Brad, let alone Brad WITH Angie.

  4. 1829

    WOW @ 06/26/2008 at 10:09 am

    Euro 2008

    how do they decide what team plays what?


    1.For the group stages, the groupings is based on FIFA ranking.
    2. Top 2 placers in each group (8 groups) qualify for the quarter-finals.
    3. the winners of the quarters go to the semi-final.
    4. the semi-final winners battle it out in the finals.

  5. 1830
    WOW Says:

    # 1829 MASTER SHIFU @ 06/26/2008 at 10:37 am

    thank you very much

  6. 1831
    WOW Says:

    # 1829 MASTER SHIFU @ 06/26/2008 at 10:37 am

    thank you vey much

  7. 1832
    angel Says:

    morning bampzs

  8. 1833
    WOW Says:

    GO SPAIN!!!!!!!

  9. 1834
    NEW THREAD Says:

    New Thread

  10. 1835
    angel Says:

    so fug face x movie has being delayed,i bet it sucks

  11. 1836
    guli Says:

    Good morning JP Fans :-)

    bdj–thank you for the articles…

    Here is another great new JP video…

  12. 1837
    Felinelilly Says:

    GMA showed the celebrities who attended Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebration, and Brad wasn’t mentioned at all. If he was supposed to be there, he stayed with Angie in France instead. :smile:

  13. 1838
    CLINIQUA Says:

    gena, you are a f*cking troll. Get lost you sad jealous and very OBVIOUS b*tch.

    Brad is not listed as attending that ANNUAL Mandela birthday concert you dumb wh*re…he is listed as an ambassador to the mandela org 4464-whatever (mandela’s prisoner id#) but he’s been one for years. I doubt he’d show up this year…he certainly won’t magically appear just because your passive aggressive asss would like to see him leave the house…because it means you can start irrationally inferring brad is without a ‘sensitivity chip’ hahahaah(only with homely TV bishes).

    As for your ‘it’s a once in a lifetime thing,’ – er, not exactly, 44644 happens every f*cking year – that’s why they call it a mandela birfday b*tch…so quit vomiting on the rest of us who have your number. You’re not fooling anyone…and trying to resurrect angie’s adolescent same sex fling STILL won’t make Maniston anything else but a homely, pathetic, old, bad TV sit-com HACK. So why don’t you give up ritzy, I mean ‘gena.’ BRAD & ANGELINA are in love, together for life, having babies and raising babies, and at the height of their profession…plus they are changing the world and helping ‘gena’ try ending the nasty jealous obvious passive aggressive kicks to the head you like giving this family?save it for ugly middleaged famewh*res who are parasitic coattail riders and hang around like a bad case of toe fungus, offering nothing to the world and hoarding theirTV millions – just lucky enuf to be in the right place and land a weekly sit-com ensemble. Who thinks because of THAT she gets to assault us with horrifically bad rom coms, sad public poolside shake & bake exhibitions w/ latent homosexual male pop singers and her monosyllabic whiny boring interviews. Those are the people you need to throw your little b*tch knives at ‘gena.’

    So f*ck off you b*tch, I hope karma bites you in the asss, just as it has your ‘friend.’ Bad luck to you always….starting NOW.

  14. 1839
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1819 gena @ 06/26/2008 at 8:45 am

    Gena -

    You’re forgetting – going from France to London, by plane, is probably a 90 minute trip. Brad could go to the Mandela B-Day celebration and be back the same day. I looked it up – London to Nice is 639 miles. From Monaco is 645 miles.

  15. 1840
    /// Says:

    Holy crap! Why is cliniqua biting on gena, who is a Brad/Angie fan? Boy oh boy, I usually like cliniqua’s posts ripping Aniston, but this ripping on proven fans has got to stop!!! Gena just made some observations, no need to bite her in the ass!!!

  16. 1841
    Please! Says:

    gena has always had questionable posts

  17. 1842
    suspicious chick Says:

    gena is not a Brad-Angie fan. she is a TROLL … can smell her from afar.

  18. 1843
    queenbee Says:


    YOU SUCK A*S*S*S*S*S*S*S*S!!!!!!!!!…..and you’re not foolin anyone B*I*OOOOOTCH!!!@#$

  19. 1844
    neer Says:

    I just got back home after watching Wanted. I watched it twice in one sitting on its first day of showing (Philippines, June 27, 2008). The movie was really action-packed with some humor on it. It’s a different kind of an action film in a sense that the style of its Russian director really impressed me. Surprisingly, it is also an action film that makes one think no matter how unrealistic the scenes may be (though the scenes are really great). It deals with “anxiety attack”, “choosing our fate”, gaining your strength from being “weak” emotionally/physically. It is giving a message of how does a person really deal of the current pathetic, boring situation he may be in.

    James performance is very good. Angelina Jolie is as usual is brilliant. Everything about her in this movie is worth watching. Her very strong screen presence is consistent. Her eyes, oh that eyes of hers is really something! I don’t know, she has this unique way with her eyes.

    Over-all, I liked it and I plan to have a Wanted dvd copy of my own.

  20. 1845
    Phil Laak Says:

    @passing through:

    Guinness world record for Poker Endurance.

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