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Katie Holmes Bumps Mario Lopez

Katie Holmes Bumps Mario Lopez

The curtain will go up Sept. 18 for previews of Katie Holmes‘ Broadway debut, but not before a little controversy.

Katie‘ show, All My Sons needed a bigger theater for their run, so Mario Lopez‘s A Chorus Line is getting booted from the theater they are currently showing in.

Katie wouldn’t sign a long-term agreement with her show, which is why it’s the limited run that it is. They had to figure out how to make more money with the time they had with her,” said a source told MSNBC.

The solution: Move to a musical theater. “Musical theaters have more seats than a traditional playhouse, so they can sell more tickets each week,” the source said. “That’s how the show ended up at the Schoenfeld Theater (where “Chorus Line” runs). Because of the All My Sons rehearsal schedule, they had to cut Mario Lopez‘s run in A Chorus Line.

“[Mario] might be People’s hottest bachelor, but he’s pissed,” said the source. “Let’s face it, he doesn’t have much going on right now.”

The production, which also stars John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson, officially opens Oct. 16 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for a limited run through Jan. 11.

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  • Cat

    No more Mario. I am sure everyone heard about his diva ways on Chorus Line. I am glad he is getting a dose of his own medicine. He ain’t the shit. He needs to go back to Animal Planet!!

  • leddik

    awww. . .kind of sad but seriously though, were people really lining up to see him?

  • Blackworm

    It looks like a great cast for All My Sons, with Katie Holmes being at the bottom. Is she really considered the draw for this play? If so, things are really screwed up.

  • aummw

    helo my name is aumnw, auwmn bond but you can call me auwmn

  • Helena

    This show does have potential with Holmes’s fellow cast members, but Holmes hasn’t given a decent performance in ages. She was great in Pieces of April, maybe she’s great with the right material?

  • me

    Deep down Mario is happy. The Chorus Line was cutting into his man whoring time. Now he can fit 3 or 4 women into a day instead of just 2.

  • Lonely

    # 7 LOL! Very funny!

  • hahah

    I agree with #7 as well, Mario is kind of a has been and he def gives off a very into himself vibe, so I wouldn’t doubt a bruised ego on his behalf. However, I’m skeptical – how long do they think an interest in Katie Holmes will last after the initial curiousity in her performance fades? I’m not saying she doesn’t have the acting chops to pull it off, but recently (ex: Mad Money) she hasn’t proved herself able to carry a live show.

  • pj

    I liked Katie in the early years of Dawson’s Creek but eventually I stopped watching the show. I saw a rerun a while back from the time period that I no longer watched and couldn’t believe the over acting that Katie was doing. The non stop twisted face expressions were insane. Then I watched Mad Money and there it was again, extreme over acting that was really difficult to watch.

    She should look into taking some acting classes or just give up acting all together.

  • rae

    It’s sad that Katie is the draw for this because of her marriage. So much for Broadway being about talent- all she is is stunt casting.

    I don’t like Mario but I’d be pissed too if I were him. He’s getting knocked aside for TomKat.

  • sue

    This story sounds like a whole lot of bull to make people think that Katie Holmes is a big draw. Theaters and play runs are planned out in advance, so Lopez’s run was likely to end in August, anyway.

    As to the producers making their money back on “All My Sons,” is this supposed to make us believe they had to fork over lots of $$ to get Katie? Because that isn’t how Broadway works–not even for the “fabulous Katie Holmes.”

  • aummw
  • M-

    Katie Holmes cannot act

  • sharyllee

    I am sick of Mario s face

  • diane

    I don’t think on acount of her marriage will harm her any but I think she will do just fine on her own

  • julie

    Boring, boring, boring just like KH. TC must have paid alot more than her LA country club membership for her All My Sorrows part.

  • Kelly

    It’s going to be hilarious when Katie’s show is a flop!

  • lauren

    I am sick of Katie’s face with that stupid, crooked smirk. I wonder what she’s thinking when she makes that expression, if she thinks.

  • American

    Actually #4, according to Playbill, tickets are now up to 300 bucks because of interest in her

  • Miapocca

    Defintely not intrest in her acting..they just want to go see the freak show.

    We all know she got no talent at all!!!

    In anycase papawidea-rsebit-ch bought the play for her, he might as well buy tickets for his cult friends to go see their messaih beard who was sperminatd with the psycho hubbards sperm.


  • sunnykidstyle

    Not sure how good Katie will actually be on Broadway, after all, she has never played anything but lighthearted stuff, not real character material. But who knows, could be a surprise. And of course, if the show doesn’t turn out to be great, then they will still have made enough money now that they will be playing in a bigger theater. There will surely be enough people pouring in right after the premiere.

    By the way, sunnykidstyle children’s design blog has a new URL. Now memorizing where you can find all sorts of great toy, fashion and decor ideas has become even easier! Check out: Sunny greetings :)

  • lauren

    They could charge $400 or $500 per ticket, doesn’t matter, her BF will be buying all the tickets for the cult. What a joke, what a disgrace for broadway. Just like the marathon, a farce.

  • dean

    How much you wanna bet the “inside source” is tc trying to make it like the public wants kh on broadway.

  • Emma

    get a life,dean

  • orange

    I prefer Katie over Mario anytime and anyday. Katie will show how great she is and Broadway wants her because she is big money for the biz and will bring big media attention.

  • jedi

    Only Katie makes the CNN and big media outlets headlines. Yesssss and thanks JJ.

  • violet

    Im jealous for those that can watch Katie.

    I want to but I cant.

  • scott

    Katie is soooo hot

  • Chessa

    This is good news. No doubt Katie will be amazing and Im happy she finally realized her broadway dreams. Not many actresses and actors can do tv,broadway and the movies.

  • yankee

    God bless TomKat

  • Beth

    I used to like Mario back in Saved by the Bell..Im always a Zack gal though but now Im turned off by Mario because he’s a playa.

  • jen

    wow that picture of katie reminds me of tom cruise for some reason.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    34th!!!!!! I’m tired of Mario also, and he was not doing well, so that is why he was bumped in favor of Katie. I said in the last blog comment, that I would pay to see Katie, and we all need to give her a chance, to see what she can do. Her talents are much more than being Suri’s mom and Tom’s wife. She needs people to get off her back. Go Katie!!!

  • amcgal

    Great luck to Katie Holmes!

  • sam

    There’s no way Katie’s reviews will end up any worse than Mario’s. He reportedly stunk up that theatre with his onstage atrocities & backstage arrogance.

  • american

    I miss Katie,Tom and Suri.

  • LV

    You would have to pay me §350 to go and see her play in anything.. Even if it was free i wouldn’t waste my time to go and see her.. This girl is juste a waste of space.. She has no talent. Every one knows that the only reason she is in broadway is ’cause Tom has paid some unscrupulous people a good lump of money..

  • crabtree

    Mario Lopez can NOT sing, dance or act his way out of a paper bag. On stage or off! The show (A Chorus Line) is closing because HE DOESNT SELL THE TICKETS the producers thought his ‘star power’ (ah-hem?) would sell.
    For insiders on the show, its obvious what they were doing when they brought him on. Merely to create a holding pattern until the next show was ready to be loaded in. That next show just happens to be Katie Holmes’ show. Big woop. Happens everyday on Broadway. Lopez is far too full of himself and his own importance.

  • Donatella

    How wonderful……two shows I won’t have to worry about seeing. It’s sad that Broadway has become a dumping ground for TV and reality show so-and-so’s. Tons of talent out there being wasted just to get the gawkers and couch potatoes out to see a show. But that’s the mindset of the backers with the $$$: pimp it out and they will come.

  • rudewaitress

    a reliable hotel source (think robbie williams song) tells that tom crewz is a silent (uh-hum) ‘angel’ in this upcoming yawner, nabbing a tidy part for the mrs. . this should bring all that creek drama to broadway where dozens of adoring young fans will anxiously await their half-price tix.
    daddy tom, on the other hand, is hoping that his investment will allow for extended private playtime…..and without the offspring. (wink wink)


    i’ve always hated Maria Lopez, especially when he was in the news about attempted rape a few years ago. When he cheated on Ali Landry and she really was a sweetheart. I think he is a jerk and it’s all karma coming back at him. He claims he is such a devount catholic and look at all the crap he does to women. He’s a loser. I can’t stand him.

  • dean