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Leighton Meester is a Swimsuit Siren

Leighton Meester is a Swimsuit Siren

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively move out of Manhattan and get ready to show off their swimsuit bodies on the set of Gossip Girl in the Hamptons of New York on Thursday.

Leighton recently recalled her time on the show, 24!

“I loved being on that show,” said Leighton. “That was one of the best shows I’ve ever worked on. Everyone is so awesome on that show. It was so exciting. It’s very mathematical when you get there, because of the timing, the continuity. They’re very specific about so many things. Of course, I died. (laughs) It was a very dramatic death!”,

In case you missed it, Blake had a little accident with her dog on Wednesday!

More pictures inside of swimsuit-ready Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

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leighton meester swimsuit siren 01
leighton meester swimsuit siren 02
leighton meester swimsuit siren 03
leighton meester swimsuit siren 04
leighton meester swimsuit siren 05
leighton meester swimsuit siren 06
leighton meester swimsuit siren 07

Credit: James Ambler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Charlotte

    1rst !

  • Charlotte

    1rst =)

  • Dani cunt

    woot woot, llove them

  • vanessa

    love leighton=)
    hate blake =S

  • zeggy

    Blake is beautiful and her body is to die for!

  • aummw

    She reminds me somehow of Hala Gorani, the cnn journalist

  • zeinah

    2nd BEST SHOW EVER !!

  • Pernille

    Wow loving Blake’s sandals. Can someone tell me what label they are?

  • aummw

    I think thta all you need of a womn is a beatiful smile, a slim body and a lot mof patiente. And she seems t o have all, excpet the patience. She frowns to much, and her beatiful eyes are blured aby something thta worries her. Some trouble maybe. The sirene is with too short skirt for being a sirene, or maybe she should have some pills for sleeping. To tell you the truth if I had to make a bet on where does she comes from, I would say that she comes from a French province.

  • aummw

    Well this woman is very responsible, and critical, and she has a way she walks down the street thta is very elegant. I think she should be a very good justjared habitual. I hope she likes fabada.

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) :) She has got experience, more mystery, more confidence… :) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • ellebee

    if you love Leighton then Vote for her over Blake in the Teen Choice AWARDS!

  • serena-brazilia

    I love blake’s sandals too :D
    and i would kill to have her body ( i wish i had long legs)


    luv the show i can’t wait to see this hamptons episode when it airs in sept.

  • aummw

    In reagrd of comment 10, I opuld say thta after seeing some of her youtube videos, she is not the way I though she was. When there is a video you see more the real person if the video is live and with no post production. In the videos she laughs too loud, and looses part of her beauty. She seems to be the center of the video but with no apparent control of it.

  • http://justjared Avory

    I fricken love Leighton
    I vote for her everyday
    she is simply beautiful.

  • Jessica

    Such beautiful girls.

  • ana

    Leighton is gorgeous!

    to someone who said, she wants blake’s body.
    don’t worry you will have blake’s body when you turn 40. lmao
    kelly who plays serena’s mom looks younger and hotter than blake lively. i think they should switch roles.

  • sugar

    wow! leighton a swimsuit siren? wow! she’s a hottie!
    Jared, again, i love your title. Thanks.
    I wish you had posted more pictures of her. hoping we’ll have more..

  • amy

    YAY!!! Blair!!
    Love Leighton. Hottest female gg star and the best actress.

    Jared, you don’t have to post blake lively’s pictures in leighton’s posts. we are not interested in blake. Like the poster above me said, Blake is ugly, looks old, has an annoying voice and is a horrible actress.
    Her picture besides leighton spoils the frame.

  • daniel

    i cant wait 4 the show to start again
    that show is so awsome
    [no homo]
    blair rocks!!!!

  • zeggy

    Wow, Leighton fans are classy!

    Do you always have to put other people down to feel good?

  • little sugar

    Leighton is so pretty and incredibly talented.
    so waiting for season 2.

  • penn fan

    i agree with #20 and #18

    The Nose Job and pounds of make up is not helping Blake.
    She looks like a drag queen. She makes gossip girl boring.

    Penn deserves someone better.

  • ali

    Leighton is the definition of Perfection!

  • pau

    # 20 amy…. stop being personal … thats a little too much.. have some respect.

    Leighton is my fav also but i have respect for the other actors on the show ..even Blake who is not my fav.

  • EMMA

    leighton has a great body. she should flaunt it.

  • emma

    Jared, please don’t post blake’s pictures in leightons category.
    we dont want to see bake, and dont want to see some obsessed blake fan posting here with a hundred different screen names. its annoying.

  • emma

    btw, i agree with all the posters who called blake ugly.

    blake looks 35, the nose job and the gg make up team cannot make her look attractive.
    she has the face and body of a man, hence the drag queen reference. if you are a blake fan learn to accept that she is ugly.

  • penn fan

    ^ agree.

  • Becca


    I am so happy that GG is coming back.

    Now we just need pictures of the boys….. ; )

  • zeggy

    You ask for Leighton’s pictures, instead of enjoying them all you do is bashing Blake. Very telling.

  • irena

    its a gossip girl post so I’m very happy to see both Blake and Leighton. They are both beautiful. Some comments here are very immature.

  • Olivia

    YAY YAY YAY!!!! I can’t wait for September 1st. I’m really missing GG. Blake & Leighton are both very pretty. Love them too, especially Blake.

  • rachel

    vote leighton at the teens choice awards!

  • penn fan

    zeggy, just SHUT UP!

    Jared can you ban this girl please. she is spamming here with multiple screen names.

  • crystal

    Love Leighton. Love Chace. Love Ed.
    I watch gossip girl only to see these three stars.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    meester’s getting fat.

  • anonymous

    I wont let Leighton win. I am voting for blake almost hundred times a day.
    Leighton is going down down down.

  • zeggy

    Penn fan, contrary to you I’m not bashing anyone and this is my only name!

    I actually like the entire cast of GG, and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t bad mouth them.

  • crystal

    ugh! this blake fan is annoying.

  • S

    What the hell is up with all the Blake bashing? Grow the hell up.

  • little star

    This is really annoying. Zeggy, you can get your point across without having to make multiple SN’s.

    Everyone has a right to post their opinion. They can appreciate or bash without having to put up with obsessed fans like you.

    Blake has a massive body structure and her face is manly and unattractive. She can’t act, she makes gg boring.

    This is leighton’s post, blakes pictures and comments related to her are not welcome. atleast the fans here are not bashing blake in her post.

    Jared, Please don’t post blake’s pictures in Leightons post.

  • sugar

    Its quite natural people draw comparisons b/w these two when their pictures are posted alongside.

    if you find blake pretty, fine! you don’t have to argue with all those who think blake is ugly. stop spamming here. no one cares what you think.

  • Kary

    Thnx Jared… aww people, i think both of them are beautiful, i don’t like Serena the character much, but Blake seems amazing, she seems so down to earth and bubbly… i ADORE Blair as a character, and Leighton is awesome too… i love them both=) just like i love Ed & Chace lol, i can never decide between these 2=P

  • AeH

    the sandlas are JIMMY CHOO…

  • sugar

    This is strange! I haven’t seen this many blake fans in NY. I live in NY and go to the filming site often. Chace has the biggest fan base, followed by Leighton and Ed.
    I haven’t seen fans around blake. There are no fans outside her trailer.
    Its really wierd. you see so many fans on the internet.

    as for personality, i don’t know how you can say blake’s personality is more appealing. I’ve met all of them and all my school friends have met the entire cast. Chace is the most friendliest , leighton is very frendly, has a good sense of humor and she’s very sweet to all her fans.
    You don’t see many fans around blake, and her personality is not so appealing. i dont know how you can guage that her personality is more awesome without knowing her personally. I don’t know her personally either…she may have a great personality, not sure. its hard to assess, and from what i see, she’s not as bubbly as you think.

    I’m a Chace fan, not really a leighton fan. I’m only posting my observation. Please don’t think i’m biased.

  • cecile

    I want some Kelly Rutherford pictures, PLEASE JARED !!!!!!!!!!
    I love her !!!! She’s definitely the best actress and one of the only real actress in GG !!

    I don’t like how Blake act !

  • sugar

    wow! that was a long long post. lol

    umm, when are we getting chace’s pictures?

  • Brooke

    Yay! Thanks Jared! I can’t wait to see what other outfits Leighton will have…and if she is with Chuck!!!