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Rihanna is a Cartier Queen

Rihanna is a Cartier Queen

Rihanna (in PPQ) rides up on a blow-up gorilla as she hosts the third annual “Cartier Love Day” Lighting Ceremony at New York City’s Empire State Building on Thursday afternoon.

Talk about Beauty and the Beast!

The 20-year-old Disturbia minx hosted the swank event alongside CEO and President of Cartier North America Frederic de Narp. To mark the date, the future Mrs. Chris Brown helped turn the famous skyline festive Cartier red. (Notice the on/off switch!)

“Cartier is thrilled to have the support of such inspirational celebrities that have joined together to raise awareness for important charitable causes,” said Narp. “This year Cartier is launching a new LOVECHARITY bracelet to commemorate the arts as a part of our philanthropic mission.”

Ankle booties by Christian Louboutin, coronet from Cartier.

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  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    By the way, her hair looks pretty good and her makeup is always magnificant :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Janet

    hair is cute but the dress is ugly

  • zzzzzzzz

    wow starting to get sick of her….
    but her outfit is cute nd her hair


  • Helena

    Can someone please tell her to go away? Who’s actually going to buy this re-release of her album? The first one was bad enough.

  • holly

    She is dressed too casual for a ritzy event. She should have worn this to TRL.

  • parisgirl

    I’m loving the Louboutin boots
    the dress makes her look more flat chested than she already is but cute look nonetheless ;)

  • KONG


  • Mz

    me no likey the dress…..

  • Lexie

    For once her makeup looks decent, but the outfit looks like something from Target. She always makes couture look cheap.

  • crabbie
  • curious

    why is she re-releasing her album?

  • GEnIus

    This isn’t a very flattering look for her. She should’ve just let her hair grow out.

  • sexxxy

    Call me when she gets some originality. She is always copying someone.

  • barbie

    I think she looks very pretty. Love the makeup and the dress and boots combo make her look young, fresh and funky. At least she doesn’t have her breasts hanging out or her privates on display…..

  • keesha

    anyone see the tattoo in between her finger? looks like it says Love. left hand. finger with the ring on it.

  • milli

    I think she looks kinda frumpy. The dress and boots, though better than her BET look, clash…and the length is a bit too short and it does make her look a bit flat-chested.

  • Regina

    I know, right? She’s so unoriginal. She always tries to copy other trends that have came and went. She can’t sing, either.

  • spice

    I wonder if she thinks she’s starting a new trend?


    I think she looks like a monkey so it is only fitting that she is posing w/ a gorilla.

  • devya

    I just had to say this bitch look crazy. her head so big it make everything else look even flatter.

  • Gita

    Rihanna looks great as usual.

    It’s funny how the bigger she gets, the more press she gets, the more people hate her.

    She’s young, she experiments with new looks, new themes, new musical ideas’s what being an entertainer is all about.

    The people who are sick of her should really shut up already. If you see her face, turn away. Who cares about your opinion? I’m sure you’d trade places with her in a heartbeat.

    Now, my rant is over. Good day.


    I think they look like they are related. The tall one has a better haircut & outfit on.

  • southerngal

    She looks really cute, but this look is not for a ‘swank event’.

  • Jamie

    hahahahhahah@22. :-)

  • china

    This looks like somebody put a bowl on her head. Too much weave on top cause it’s too thick.

  • vixen

    Rihanna’s face is too long and her forehead is too big for this look.


    Boring………………………………………..She looks like Peebles.

  • tia

    I like this hair style…just not on her.


    I forgot this, her MAKETING TEAM is on point.

  • ChoCOlaTE

    as long as dat forehead covered, it’s all good..

  • Emma

    Her hair isn’t styled very well, but I love her with short hair.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she’s hot.

    hi haters *waves*

    guess what, she’s not going anywhere! haha stay mad. the hits keeeeep coming!


    #32 she cant sing and you know it, in her case it’s all about her beats and they way the song is written. It’s written for a person who has no musical skill at all and that’s Rihanna. The music business is about making money by all means necessary it’s not about real talent in some cases. You know what I’m saying is right. She has a look, her look gets more attention than she does an here lately it’s tired.

    When she can dance, carry a note, tune and harmonize at the same time then will people respect her.

  • Ingrid

    #32, you’re a bit of a loser and a hypocrite. She can’t sing, plus she can’t even write her songs and she’s a bad dancer.

  • chantall

    i like Rhianna but she is EVERYWHERE she is getting worse than Miley lol jk she looks good her hair is looking better!

  • paulbrick

    Someone needs to outshine her!

  • nikomilinko
  • Jose

    That chick is ugly.

  • asdasd

    i hate her boyish hair look now. she needs to grow it out !

  • jeezus


  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    Rihanna can suck that monkeys balls.

  • groovacious

    I really really cannot comprehend why people think she’s ugly, especially in these pictures. She looks mind boggingly breathtakingly effing gorgeous. I’m like stunned. Her hair-I like how she dyed it lighter and added some purple highlights it makes her look more feminine and classy. The outfit is simply divine and fun and it suits the image she’s trying to portray. I’m sorry I don’t know what’s up with the people that think she’s ugly. I’m definitely convinced their jealous, ugly fat bitches.

  • April

    FINALLY, her hair looks good. I was getting sick of the boyish haircut she had before, this one is freakin’ adorable! The dress is ugly, but other than that she looks great :)

  • ivy

    I think she’s average looking. She has one of those faces that in certain angles can look quite pretty or quite ugly. With the right makeup and styling, she almost looks pretty. Agree, the dress is not the best.

  • oh snap!

    she is soo pretty she looks like a princess

  • Rich

    She looks like a teenage boy tripped out in women’s clothes.

  • danz

    Her hair looks a little better and her dress is cute

  • Ash




  • amy

    i agree with you tia!! :D i don’t like rihanna at all….but i love these shoes

  • aummw