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Britney Spears is a New Aunt

Britney Spears is a New Aunt

Auntie Britney Spears and her father, Jamie, return home to Los Angeles on Friday after a three-day stay in Louisiana. It’s back to work for our little Brit Brit! (She’s been in the studio working on her sixth album.)

Brit spent quality sister-sister time with Jamie Lynn and welcomed her niece Maddie Briann.

Jamie Lynn broke the news of her pregnancy back in December with OK! Magazine. She most likely made a deal with the mag to also sell them Maddie‘s first public baby pictures. Can’t wait to see what the mother-daughter photo spread looks like!!

25+ pictures inside of Auntie Britney Spears making her way through LAX airport while being swarmed by more than 30 photogs…

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aunt britney spears 01
aunt britney spears 02
aunt britney spears 03
aunt britney spears 04
aunt britney spears 05
aunt britney spears 06
aunt britney spears 07
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aunt britney spears 09
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aunt britney spears 21
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aunt britney spears 26
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Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • t


  • juuulia

    oh my god she is so beautiful

  • Jamie Insider

    She’s certainly great.. Good gesture for her to be there for Jamie Lynn.

  • commentor

    she is looking well and healthy … so please leave her alone !

  • tony

    Britney :)

    So weird u posted on her, I’m having a Britney night, I just randomly started listening to all of her old albums:)

    “Sometimes” was my jam:)

    Love u Brit x

  • http://justjared Victoria

    6th!!! I’m happy for them. I hope Britney gets to spend some quality time with her niece in between getting her act together. Jamie will make a good mother, and hopefully will learn WHAT NOT TO DO , from BRITNEY. Congratulations!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    She’s looking great! But I must say, the dark lip colors she wears really age her.

  • Cecilia

    Love you Britney

  • nat

    beautiful! =) her skin looks clear!
    but god she looks so scared =(
    aww poor britbrit. love you.
    congrats to JL as well!

  • Matingas

    OHHH justjared … you should have used my pictures.. but they were crappy for a reason .. MY FLASH didn’t work (they were gonna be all better than this.. since im the tallest of them all)

    actually .. u see me one of the pics .. way behind ..i’m trying to fix my flash .. i have orange pants and a blue shirt ;)

  • maria


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    britney spears is a loser. so is her mother and sister.

  • Adoring Fan

    All it takes is one negative person commenting and then: THEY OUGHT TO BE CLOWNS. BRING IN THE CLOWNS. OH.. DON’T BOTHER, THERE’RE HERE. (#’s11 & 12)

  • vanessa


  • weird

    she looks always so messy. Ugly hair

  • enough

    i agree with number #13…if you have nothing nice to say, then keep it to yourself.

  • tony

    It makes no sense. If she means that little to you (the haters) and you think nothing of her, why do you bother to comment on her thread?

  • aummw
  • aummw
  • aummw
  • aummw
  • sasha

    she is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raichill

    She doesn’t look happy in these photos. She looks on the verge of tears and seems panicky. It must be awful to have so many people around with cameras and just invading her space.

  • fantomette

    isn’t Halle Berry wearing the same sunglasses in the post below? haha

  • T

    I don’t understand the people who think she looks good?
    she looks absolutely gross. She is fat, she looks like an old matron in her 50′s, and her ugly FAS eyes are poking through her shades. Ugly bitch.

  • MAX


  • jackie

    Her father looks terrified for her. As a parent, I would kill someone if they got that close to my kid, famous or not. Where are the police?

  • jared doesn’t like me

    I think that she looks awful!
    Way to much make-up on those droopy eyes of her.
    Go away Brit!

  • the_boyfriend

    she looks really great here. I Love Her.

  • rachel

    Hats off to Jamie, he stepped in and started taking care of this daughter, to make sure she does not become another Anna Nicole. Everybody needs a dad like that.

  • Why?

    she is going to live…she is not going back to the crazy floor at the hospital …she has showed her vajayjay a few times and it was not pretty and certainly will not look better, LOL, ….her dad is sensible and not a stage parent like Dina Lohan and Lynn Spears, so there is not story really anymore since he has rightfully fought and taken over….there is not story with K-Fed Spederline Kevin Federline anymore since he wants nothing to do with her except to get his money and kids and that is all pretty much a done deal…no more court dates about that. Why don’t these photogrpahers just make a deal to one day just stop taking pics of her. The market is saturated. they all have the same pics. the pics can’t be worth anything because they all have the same ones of her coming and going.

  • K

    Freedom of speech. It’s our amendment. If we don’t like Britney, we have every right to say so.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Brit brit looks so beautiful , can’t wait to her sixth album

    she will rock the world

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    more music by Britney!
    she rocks

    cant wait for the new album!

  • Peter

    OMG! She looks awesome.

    Luv u Brit!

  • sasha

    she looks really beautiful

  • WTF


  • sunnykidstyle

    Congratulations on being an aunt, and I’m glad she continues to move forward and is taking care of herself again. But it looks like all those reports that Britney had planned to settle in Louisiana were just tabloid rumors after all. Though I’m sure getting away from all that Hollywood pressure would certainly do her good.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)



    Next thing ya know, Lindsay Lohan’s little sister, Paris Hiliton’s little sister, Kim Kardashian’s little sister… all these little sisters are gonna have babies… JUST TO TAKE THE ATTENTION AWAY FROM THEIR OLDER SISTERS and probably because they think it’s the ‘right thing to do’ compared to their wilder older sisters. Also, probably because they have NOTHING BETTER TO DO!

    WHO IS INFLUENCING THEM TO DO THIS? I wonder if it’s cult following of Angelina Jolie. That’s just crazy…

  • ana beatriz

    I like Brit , but she looks so strange in this photos … Welcome Maddie :)

  • ana beatriz

    these photos *

  • Billie

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

  • Lissa

    When is Britney’s baby due ? She looks to be about 5 months pregnant. Congrats to her. Little Maddie Brian will have another cousin shortly !

  • http://RELax relax

    She is very humble for her lesson. She need her time alone. TO all peoples to leave her alone. Let her enjoy on her own life. LEAVE HER ALONE. She has a life like you normal people. She is improve by her family supportively. To stay away from Drug or trouble people, so Britney did a good deserve it for good by learn lesson. Let her enjoy her life and her care future. Leave her alone. she is pretty as always. no matter what. Cause I understand how she feel because I have done like her but I am deaf mother. IN my eyes, she need her time to learn more responsible she is improve. Leave her alone to stay away from people who chase her all the time.