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Chace Crawford Loves Bikini-Clad Babes

Chace Crawford Loves Bikini-Clad Babes

Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford finds himself in the middle of a gaggle of bikini-clad girls while on break from filming his hit CW drama, on location in Southampton, New York on Friday.

The 22-year-old actor was recently asked how he is coping with the attention from the ladies. Chace said, “You know, they feel like they know you. A lot of the time they just want a hug, I’m like alright, come here I’ll give you a hug.”

And when asked if there were any on-set romances that maybe going on off set as well, Chace joked, “Where did you hear that? I’ve never heard that one before.” (See: Blake Lively and Penn Badgley)

If you’re one of the dozen girls pictured here, shoot us the original photo!

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chace crawford bikini babes 01
chace crawford bikini babes 02
chace crawford bikini babes 03
chace crawford bikini babes 04
chace crawford bikini babes 05
chace crawford bikini babes 06

Photos: Humberto Carreno/, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • macy

    some of those girls are butt ugly!!

  • Kary

    Ahhh he’s SOOO HOTTT!!!!!

    Lucky girls!

    How is he so damn sexy?!!!!!!!

  • parkerjane

    Too bad those ug chicks are like 13 and he is gay.

  • jamie Insider

    I think those girls are just overwhelmed and overexcited.


    he is way hott but they should have got cutier girls haha


  • Yum!

    Chase is a freakin’ queen. He is a great ACTOR pretending to like girls. Guy smokes the pipe and loves the chocolate tunnel. Wake up middle America. Seriously.

  • Kary

    What do you guyz effin care if he’s gay or not? Stop spamming his posts with that crap! What do you guys get out of this?

    He’s hott, sweet, funny, adorkable, and i hate how people hate on him for being “too pretty” i’m not kidding, people actually post things like… ” eww he’s way too pretty, i don’t like him”… yet i’m more than positive if he came up to you, you wouldn’t say no to him…

  • yessiree


  • aly

    OMG! those girls are lucky but i’d like to meet zac efron indtead of him. I mean Chase is cute but zac is way better looking. i cant wait 4 hsm3 to come out!

  • anny

    he comes off as such a douchebag in this set

  • Solène

    Actually, I find them quite cute.

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    WOw! those girls are lucky.
    Look at Chace’s arms

    they are so sexy
    and hot


  • sueli

    He looks real enthusiastic, doesn’t he? LOL

    Maybe he is just exhausted of the overwhelmed energy off the girls.

    Were they part of filming or were they there while they were filming and these photos were taken during set breaks?

  • Yum!

    #7/Kary – did you say “aDORKable?” LOL. No one is spamming this site we are only speaking the truth. It’s a bit odd with all the gay rumors we keep seeing “exclusive” set pix of Chase with girls. Wake-up Ohio, he’s a fruitshake and should stop pretending to be straight!! He’s as gay as:

    Ricky Martin
    Clay Aiken
    Wentworth Miller
    John Travolta
    Vin Diesel

    I could go on but why bother when 14 year old girls can’t accept he loves the ween. Grow up sweetie!

  • yeahhh

    i love chace!!

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) :) He is so charming :) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Stinker

    Those girls are pretty fugly. Whats up with the two coreys ads? No one cares about those two washed up spoiled babies.

  • Kary

    Lmao yeah “Yum” i said adorkable, cuz he’s got the dorkiest laugh ever…

    anyway back to my point, ok yeah i’m 17, young i know, but so what, …exactly why is he gay? because he’s too pretty to be straight??? honestly what’s the point of posting… “He’s gay”??? … you’re callin us immature little girls, but posting he’s queer is even more immature IMO… but w/e… to each their own=)

  • jeff

    Trust me, to quote Seinfeld, alas, he’s not gay. I know this for a fact, and I am gay so I’m bummedt. he belongs to you girls. –sigh–

  • Tyra

    Dude,where is teh arse?

  • Tyra

    W T F with * * * ?
    I am gonna write it again, dude where is the A S S ?

  • Rê.

    He’s not gay. He’s perfect. The people saying this make me go sad :/

  • Lillianne

    Good Gosh get that girl some SPF 99.

  • danielle

    I am in this pic with all my friends!!

  • lucyy

    thats like my best friend to his left. and i’m so jelous of her… to bad i was at work! ahh i need to meet them this summer!
    I LOVEE gossip girl!

  • abby

    I adore him. eeee

  • marianne

    he’s making the world a lot hotter.



  • volleyballgrl

    omgsh like seriously i don’t know how a guy could get any HOTTER!!! his face is perfect in every way and it kinda scares me but he is just GORGEOUS and soo perfect. i think his face is carved by angels.haha.

  • miranda

    You know I’m offended by all the ‘chace is gaaaaaaayyyy’ remarks. First of all, you’re acting like that’s an insult, and it’s not. My brother is gay and is very possibly the coolest person to ever live. So please stop the homophobia!

    I don’t think Chace is gay though. He’s pretty, beautiful, but that fact alone doesn’t mean he’s gay. I’ve heard he’s straight – very straight.

  • esther

    Why do you care so much ?
    It seems like when there’s a possibility that a handsome dude is attracted to guys people go bullocks

    did you also react like this with Jolie back in late 90′s ?

    Oh wait, how stupid I am, America is only truly homophobic when it comes to men. My bad

  • Yum!

    NO ONE said being gay is bad. NO ONE is being a homophobe. And NOTHING is WRONG with being gay. But as someone who DOES work in the entertainment industry, people like Kary, Miranda and Jeff need to chill out and realize his being gay is the worst kept secret among Hollywood. Who cares if he is gay??? Deal with it. You can still like the guy but WAKE UP.

  • CHicca

    Ok, one of those girls is my sister. Whoa, why didnt she tell me about this! Yeah but I live in Southampton where Chace is so I will be seeing him all summer!!! WOOT WOOT!

  • em

    Why does no one try to claim the ugly actors as gay? It’s always the cute single ones people claim to be gay. Interesting.

  • ashleythy

    i don’t usually go all head over heels on just any celebrity dudes BUT chace is an exception. Cant deny his gotta be the hottest and sexiest man alive! gotta love the babe ;)


    I think he smokes cigars. That said, I’d like to hug him – with my legs.

  • Amber

    You know, I would never accuse a man of being gay if he hasnt admited it himself. But for a man who let Carrie Underwood go, he HAS to be gay.

    haha im just kidding, kinda, but he is incredibly gorgeous.

  • Cynthia

    he’s not gay. he’s slept with plenty of girls. some of them are talking. definitely not straight-up gay. Might be bi though. whatever his sexuality is, he’s one hot piece!

  • nikomilinko
  • aummw
  • Laura

    omj the girl to his right is one of my friends from ballet i wish i was there!!!!!!!!

  • JulianA

    omgg that is me right next to him on the left (his right)!!!!!!!!!! THIS MADE MY LIFE!

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love chace crawford!

  • riordan

    I work in the industry, word is he’s not gay. Sorry to burst that bubble.

  • bumblebee

    gosh darn it. i was at main beach in East Hampton instead of this one. I know some of the people in that pic and I am sooooo jealous.
    come visit sag harbor Gossip Girl

  • parisgirl

    He looks so uncomfortable

  • Carolann

    i was there! liek right nest to the paparazzi taking the pcitures, he was coming over to take pictures with us then they all ran over and we coudlnt :-(

  • Anna

    In one of the GG novels, Nate was described as something like, he knows he’s hot, but doesn’t know exactly what to do about it (or something like that) and that is exactly what Chace looks like here. LOL.

  • Linda

    To have that amount of perfection in one human being is almost unbelievable–not only is he physically gorgeous, but it sounds like his personality is just as sweet and beautiful. He always seems like he’s got time for his fans, even when he looks really tired like he does here. I hope he’s around for a long, long time in the industry–he’s gorgeous, sweet and talented and Hollywood could definitely use a good dose of that.

  • anonymous

    that’s one gorgeous man surrounded by a helluva a lot of fug girls.

  • Carolann

    if there are more pictures form this i want them just in case im in them! …. btw peopel in this he was coming over to take pictures you didnt need to run over and get us kicked off the set!