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Deacon Phillippe: World Peace, Please!

Deacon Phillippe: World Peace, Please!

Recently-divorced couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are spotted out and about with their son Deacon, 4, in Los Angeles the last few days.

Reese, 32 was spotted in Brentwood early Friday morning with Deacon, who sported a “World Peace Please” t-shirt. Please ignore the socks and orange crocs combo. Reese must have dressed him blindly that morning!

On Thursday, Ryan, 33, was seen picking up his Deacon from football camp.

20+ pictures inside of Reese and Ryan with their peace-making son Deacon

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deacon phillippe world peace please 01
deacon phillippe world peace please 02
deacon phillippe world peace please 03
deacon phillippe world peace please 04
deacon phillippe world peace please 05
deacon phillippe world peace please 06
deacon phillippe world peace please 07
deacon phillippe world peace please 08
deacon phillippe world peace please 09
deacon phillippe world peace please 10
deacon phillippe world peace please 11
deacon phillippe world peace please 12
deacon phillippe world peace please 13
deacon phillippe world peace please 14
deacon phillippe world peace please 15
deacon phillippe world peace please 16
deacon phillippe world peace please 17
deacon phillippe world peace please 18
deacon phillippe world peace please 19
deacon phillippe world peace please 20
deacon phillippe world peace please 21
deacon phillippe world peace please 22
deacon phillippe world peace please 23
deacon phillippe world peace please 24

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  • Lillianne

    good parents

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    He’s such a handsome little boy. Its official. He’s the most handsome celeb boy.

  • clem

    How can these people bear to expose their children to such media attention. It’s repulsive.


    he is so adorable and so is his mommy:)


  • joy

    Deacon is so cute…he looks kind of sad in the pictures with Ryan.

  • Oh Please

    I wrote a comment the other day about how Reese really seems like a good mom & deals w/ the paps really well when w/ her kids. Now I am changing your mind. Sorry but you don’t dress your kids in clothes to make a political statement. She is obviously dissing the war & President Bush & in my opinion our troops. If she wants to wear the shirt fin, but putting it on your son, especially when you know he is going to be photographed, is wrong. Now she goes on my list as another celebrity idiot.

  • The Enemy

    So why are you looking, hypocrite @ 3.59?

  • Oh Please

    I wrote a comment the other day about how Reese really seems like a good mom & deals w/ the paps really well when w/ her kids. Now I am changing my mind. Sorry but you don’t dress your kids in clothes to make a political statement. She is obviously dissing the war & President Bush & in my opinion our troops. If she wants to wear the shirt fine, but putting it on your son, especially when you know he is going to be photographed, is wrong. Now she goes on my list as another celebrity idiot.

  • Anon

    Reese, Ryan and Jake are all politically active. They are all Dems. But the wish for peace is not for either party. And if wanting world peace makes me an enemy of George Bush I am thrilled and delighted. You can support the poor soldiers who are out there in harms way and be for peace. In fact wanting peace is the greatest support you can give. So Oh Please STFU!!!!! LOLOL!!!!

  • The Enemy

    Are you actually in favor of war, Oh Please? Has nobody told you: “Blessed are the peace-makers….”

  • Just me…

    That’s to cute!!

  • My Thoughts

    I am all for peace but you don’t put your kids in clothes that make political statments – this is a time of war so yes his shirt is a political statement. If Reese had it on I wouldn’t think twice about it but again this is a little kid. Also, there is never going to be world peace – but we can hope & try. There will always be nations who will have prejudice towards others & who will hate this country for the freedom & equal rights we provide.

  • Beth

    I don’t find the shirt overly political. However, the awful orange crocs with the socks are unforgivable.

  • Rebe

    My Thoughts,

    I don’t think it’s political at all to ask for world peace. That’s also a religious teaching and a SMART wish. I’m a supporter of Bush and the war in Iraq, but I’d much rather have peace than war. Anyone with a brain would prefer peace over war because thousands of people die, including children. I think the shirt is beautiful. I think that teaching your children that war should always be a last resort and that you should never stop praying for peace, even in times of war, is a responsible thing to do.

    If you have a problem with celebrities and their political beliefs then stop visiting celebrity blogs. See? So simple.

  • tatum

    or he dressed himself like most 4 year olds want to do

  • sv

    I agree Deacon looks upset in the pictures with Ryan. It’s sweet seeing Ryan hugging him close in the one pic, he seems like a wonderful father.

    There is nothing wrong with Deacon’s shirt. It’s a good reminder that there is a young generation that will someday have to deal with the complete mess our generation has created.


    My son has the same shirt (it has a peace symbol on the back) as well as many others from the same shop/designer. The company is British and is called no added sugar ( They make lots of cute shirts with funky slogans.

    Even if Reese is making a political statement at least it is for the better good. Would you all prefer he wore a shirt with a machine gun on it?

  • sunnykidstyle

    He is the most handsome little boy ever! Deacon is gonna be such a big heart breaker once he gets a little older. Wondering if he will eventually go into acting as well. I know Ava is way to shy to be in front of the cameras, but Ryan said once Deacon does not feel uncomfortable with the paps around. Who knows, he definitely has the looks of a rising movie star!

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆
  • sungrl

    whoring out the kid

  • hello

    What does world peace have to do with her pushing her political opinions on her son. You are aware that “world” does not mean “USA” right??? I would hope than anyone who has children would teach them about “peace” whether it is with the people around you or or on a more global level. it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with how things should be worldwide.

  • samantha

    Clem, what are they supposed to do stay inside their whole lives? They have to go outside and they can’t help it if the paps are outside.

  • Parents, please don’t divorce

    It is just too bad that those parents are no longer together. The kid is so cute. I just wish that his parents were together. I don’t understand why there are so many divorces in this society and the children are getting caught in between.
    If Ryan cheated, he must be a stupid man. Who fault was it?
    What happened to the tradition of the old times when people were married supposingly for life.

  • menon

    Cute? good parents? My eye. You people are stupid and blind. What is significant here is that this kid NEVER smiles or laughs. In fact I have never seen a picture of him looking happy. Divorce is a terrible blow to children and leaves them damaged psychologically, however much you want to defend it. And something funny is going on here. These photos would not be here without the parents making arrangements for them. To dress him up to deliver a political message is OUTRAGEOUS AND REPULSIVE. These two need to get some brains and stop exploiting this kid for their purposes. Dressing him in crazy colored shoes is also another OUTRAGE. So his friends can make fun of him?

  • chill out

    He’s adorable and they seem like great parents.

  • Amanda

    enough with the political argument i dont exactly think all of this was running through reese’s mind as she dressed her 4 year old son? but ANYWAY, this is the most adorable family that ever lived…gorgeous son and daughter.

  • menon

    Jakey should exit this situation pronto. If he stays with her or marries her he’ll be step father to a kid who is probably emotionally wounded. And he sure would be dumb dumb dumb to have kids with her and become part of this mess. Jakey needs to find a woman who can give him kids without baggage from the past. A woman who isn’t damaged goods, so to speak.

  • menon

    chill out and amanda you are both complete fools. Naive fools. You don’t seem to understand that celebs don’t get photographed without asking for it. All this was plotted and arranged. Don’t kid yourselves. And cute is NOT the word for this situation. SAD and PATHETIC are the words for it.

  • anonymous

    the 3rd pic is soooo sweet!!! :) he’s such a good father.
    by the way… anyone have noted how weird looks ryan’s hand on the #17? it’s funny.

  • CLfev

    First off, you can still be happy and have divorced parents. These photographs are of about 3 minutes of their lives. To think they’re unhappy for the rest of them is ridiculous. And secondly, these aren’t PLANNED or schemed! These people have LIVES. It’s not their fault they’re photographed for everything they do. What’s pathetic is that we assume SO much about these perfectly good people thorough about 10 photos. Everyone needs to chill out.

    And world peace is a completely harmless statement and shouldn’t be scrutinized. We all want it anyways.

  • Crystal

    For the millionth time, Crocs are ugly.

  • naomi

    is that Abbie? the brunnete girl next to ryan?

  • Rse

    no wonder reese’s fans seldom come here. don’t know whether to fume or laugh. some comments are quite silly and disgusting.

  • eddie jones

    What a sad sad bunch of parents we have in hollywood. You have a kid wearing peace shirts, may I not remind you the kind of movies the parents have been in? Ryan anyhow has been in violent drug induced movies, what’s so peaceful about that? I know it’s just a movie, and a drug user is just a drug user, people mimic what’s seen on tv right, the kid should be wearing a get high and kill people shirt, and the answer to why these parents expose their children to the media is for attention, attention they can’t get elseware. It’s also safe, it’s rare that you’ll see people attacked in the tabloids with pictures of children, so this is safer exposure. You all know by now that the majority of these celebs call the papa to come photograph them for the $$$ they don’t just ‘show up’ or ‘stalk’ like they lead you to believe, it’s all organized.

  • denise

    shut up people. First off, maybe Deacon wanted to wear it. He’s old enough to pick out his own clothes and dress himself.

    Also, people saying ohhh they are exposing their children to the media! No they are not! When the children were born did you see them selling pictures of Ava and Deacon to magazine for millions of dollars, NO! That is exposing your children to the media. Do they have reality show of their lives with their children in it, NO!

    They can’t help that the paparazzi STALK them. They are allowed to go pick their children up at school, take them to the beach, go out to eat with them, they’re human. Walking outside with them is not exposing them to them media dumb asses. They are trying to give their children as normal a life as they can!

    Get over your jealousy and start bashing the people who sell pictures of their children for money and put their faces on television reality shows for money.

  • solaris

    Getting married is not a birth right. Parents should get divorce if they could not save the marriage anymore. Nothing is worse for a child than to see the people he/she loves fighting every single day. Scream at each other, hitting each other, make each other cry. Nothing is a worse for a child than living in a place where there is no peace.

    Some parents think that by pretending being happy in front of their children will make their children happy. Children have feelings and brains. Do you think Deacon was happy to see his Mama cry secretly? Or to see his Papa always running around with a sour face?

    We don’t know what happened inside their house. How the situation was before the divorcement. And we don’t have the right to know.
    We can not and shall not judge what is good or not for Deacon.

    If there is someone to blame from all the photos of celebs’ children, and it will be US. WE want to see their photos, doesn’t really matter what it costs. WE want to know how they look like. WE are the ones who pay attention to every single details, like some words written on a t-shirt (good words any way, comparing to others. At least it is not advertising of a film from DIsney or something!), and harmless colour of their shoes!

  • aummw
  • aummw
  • kathastic

    naomi #32

    yeh i think it is abbie
    she seems to get on with deacon well

  • menon

    Oh come off it you silly fools. When rich celebrities take their children to public parks they intend for them to be photographed. Both parents have large homes with enormous grounds where the chilldren can play. They don’t need to go to a public park unless they want the kids to be photographed. It is well established that divorce is traumatic for children. That doesn’t stop people getting divorced because they think of themselves first and children second, but it is nonetheless true. Now this kid has been photographed a lot. Have you ever seen ONE photograph in which he is smiling or laughing? I defy you to post a single one. The kid looks troubled and unhappy and the idiots whose only word for everything is “cute” don’t get it at all.

  • menon

    Actually in the photos with her it looks as if they are exiting a day care center or some kind of kid school. I suspect she leaves him there most of the time when she has charge of him. I doubt she spends much, if any, “quality” time with him. She is far too busy making moolah moolah moolah for Avon and movie producers and of course herself. No wonder the kid looks anxious and unhappy.

  • menon

    She’s rich. She should take the kid to a kiddy shrink to find out why he never laughs or smiles. It would cost only about $500 a hour, I bet. Easy for her to pay. And then maybe the kid would smile from time to time.

  • menon

    Life must be confusing for a kid like this. First there are mama and papa and the nanny or nannies they used. Now there is mama’s new papa and papa’s new mama and probably a few more nannies. The kid is lost in a sea of people not knowing whom to relate to so he probably doesn’t develop any good emotional relationships. He is simply handed off from one person to another like some kind of thing and never able to develop a strong tie to anybody.

  • diane

    What a handsome little boy .Reese and Ryan are the best parents

  • rachel

    What a great dad Ryan is. Deacon is getting so big. I remember when Reese was carrying him.

  • kelly

    I have looked at hundreds of pictures of the Witherspoon/Phillippe kids and they never smile. I seen Ava smile once and the funny part about it was that it was with Abbie. She was coming out of a store at Christmas time and had a wreath around her neck and was really jolly. If you notice, Ryan NEVER smiles. They have to get it from him because Reese is always smiling.

    Also, why is Reese yelling or looking mad in those photos? At first,I thought it was Deacon but than I noticed he is with her in the one with her mouth open.

    Also, I think that Ryan is “pushing” Deacon into Football/Flag and he is probably not ready for it. I remember about 2 years ago now that Ryan gave Deacon a football at the beach and Deacon had the sweetest liltte chuckle from it. From there, I think Ryan realizedthat maybe this is something that Deacon might like. He still seems kinda young to be playing it. I mean the kids not even 5 yet!

  • menon

    The kids will soon learn how to play the parents off against one another and manipulate them. That’s one of the problems with a divorce and shared custody. Reese has the big bucks, Ryan has a lot less. The kids will realize that all too soon and make them compete for their affection, if there is any. I don’t see a good future for either of them. If the two parents had any sense they’d let Reese have the kids, get her married to Jakey and let the kids grow up with a mother and a step-father who get along with each other. That would be better than the present situation.

  • justin

    That is the stupidest thing I have read so far in these comments which is really a huge accomplishment since almost all of the comments are stupid.

  • menon

    You need to read your comment Just…in (barely, I would think) and then you will see a stupider comment still. Are you so small that you can’t manage more than to get it Just…in?

  • Reese Witherspoon = fake b!tch

    Reese Witherspoon is a lousy mother, kids are lucky to have a good father.