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Jennifer Garner is a Pushy Mom

Jennifer Garner is a Pushy Mom

Jennifer Garner pushes her daughter Violet, 2 1/2, in a fun toymobile around their neighborhood in Brentwood, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

The 36-year-old former Alias star was dressed in a pale yellow summer dress and walked around barefoot. Little Violet wore a ruffly light blue dress and carried around her pink-clad baby doll.

Jen has also been busy filming her latest drama comedy, This Side of Truth, with The Office creator Ricky Gervais.

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Credit: DS-ISM/DC/CMD/Tom; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • me

    Violet is so cute, but I wish the paps would leave her alone. We see pics of her almost every day it seems.

  • darlin’

    My GOD. She looks AWFUL in that first picture! Transgender, even.

  • happy

    Nice comfy sun dress. Love ‘em mother and daughter. Very normal, happy relationship.

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    She looks like a good mom.
    and she looks like a strict mom too.

  • Orange Clockwork

    Holy fuck, I thought it was a man! Cillian Murphy, to be specific.

  • me

    I have a feeling these are taken in her backyard. BACK OFF! There really should be laws against this crap. Jared doesnt need to publish them either.

  • annie

    Is that Jen or Ben? YIKES!

  • what happened to her?

    She looks like a good mom.
    and she looks like a strict mom too.

    and she looks like a man.


    awww she looks just like her mother


  • jenny

    I would be FURIOUS if someone was taking pics of me over my fence. That is crossing the line.

  • rueben

    what fence?

    And jen is making vi look good.

  • Cat

    It is sick how the photogs are in their neighborhood everyday taking pictures of them. Jen does look bad in the pics-she reminds me of those Mormon women. At least she doesn’t have her running shoes on. There are such cute casual clothes out there I don’t get why she dresses so frumpy. Throw on a Juicy track suit w/ flip flops or cute Nike atheltic shoes that aren’t running shoes. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look cute. She doesn’t need make-up as she has a great complexion, w/ letter effort she could look fab. You know Ben is going to get sick of coming home to that everyday – no matter how much he loves her.

  • Colleen

    I wish the paparazzi wouldn’t take photos in her backyard.

  • yay!!!!

    I love Jen so much :)

  • she is pregnant

    I knew it!
    come on people don’t tell me she’s not. and now I get why ben is extra pissed off :P

  • dude they are in their house

    what’s up with that???????

  • You/Me

    I used to think Jen was being stalked by the paps but there are entirely too many casual pics of she and Violet taken every single day. I’m thinking maybe she plays to the camera, she knows the paps ar out there so she deliberately takes Violet out so they can be seen together. Seriously. I mean, if all these pics were taken without her knowledge then that means Ben absolutely never spends time with his family because he is in hardly any of them. No, I think Jen wants to step out for the paps and Ben would rather not and that is why they “cathc” her every day….without him.
    The only hole in this theory is the way she looks…..what celeb would deliberately let themselves be snapped looking like THAT!?

  • Idiot^^^^

    Jen is being fucking stocked by the paps.
    she is an easy target no body gurds, she goes to the same places every time and they (the paps) love her!!!

  • Heavenly

    That doesn’t even look like them to me.

  • cute as always

    cute cute cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • To Cat

    You need to look to yourself and dress yourself – not everyone has the same taste. What you described with track suit and nikes sounds like trailer trash to me — Jen has her style – you keep to your own.

  • Adoring Fan

    To Cat #21 in response to #12, I couldn’t have said it better. Jen is great as she is. Why try to make her over. She and Violet are so adorable. A blind man can see those unflattering pics of Jen were taken while she was in motion. I think a lot of the time they post unflattering pics with the hope that the celeb will see the shots and will give them a picture perfect pose next time. Obviously, they don’t know Jennifer Garner very well. That is not her style. Going into a “private” yard, which is what this seems to be, is crossing the line. There should be a law. This is totally unacceptable and a gross invasion of privacy. I am shocked and appalled. Ben should sue the hell out of them. JJ, you share some responsibility in this. OMG!

  • sungrl

    YIKES Fug Alert

  • heather

    I like her. She does and dresses how she likes and is not a slave to the fashion industry. She can think for herself.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Violet is such a cutie, and she seems to be getting blonder every day! She is so blessed to have Ben and Jen as parents!

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • mimi05

    Tranny alert! Ben must be really gay. He’s in love with a man.

  • minime

    She’s got “breakup” face going on. You can just feel the tension in that face of hers. If her and Ben haven’t already broken up, they will break up soon. This notion of hers living happily ever with Ben and all his addictions just isn’t happening. Ben is doing his thing 9 times out of 10 and a lot of that just doesn’t include Jen. PS That dress does nothing for her. Millions of dollars and no dress sense whatsoever. What a shame.

  • Sura

    Jen looks like a old ugly man!

  • to minime

    Obviously the “tension” in her face was when she realized she was being spied on in the privacy of her backyard. Its very interesting when you see the websites of pictures of celebrities and poeple like just jared only show tight closeups. The reality is much different. Especially when you see videos of people running from a restaurant (or whereever) to their car. They are obviously not “posing” for photographers but it looks like that because the photographers freeze them in motion. Or if you saw pictures of celebs looking pissed off and you saw a wide shot of them being surrounding by 100 or so creepy paps you would understand why they look mad. Likewise if you saw the wide angle of these pictures it would obviously be seen as a horrible invasion of privacy. SHAME ON JARED!

  • Layne

    Get real! Not every picture taken of someone is a glamour shot. Think of pics you’ve had taken of yourself. I doubt you looked good in every one. Plus she’s at home and not glammed up. Jen does NOT look like a man… And if this is her back yard there really should be some sort of law against the paps taking photos of people on their private property. It’s probably allowed because the pap is not actually on her property.

  • Mari

    Jen looks like a normal and cute mom.
    Violet is beautiful as always.

    To Cat #12: You are jealous just because you’re no fuc**** Ben Affleck.

  • gail

    sad they endorse Obama. My brothers think she looks mannish but I dont see it.

  • I would be pissed too!

    I would be steamed……………..if anyone besides me took pics of my kids on my property. What the heck is she suppose to do…… God!

    The paps are stalking them………………look at the video of them getting in the car the other day, the paps were totally on the street in front of their house.

    And the way she looks…………..well, have any on you had to walk the dog in your own yard and only been wearing pj’s? Or out to get the paper with that syrup stain on your shirt from breakfast?

    All I can say to the comments about how she is dressed………is count your lucky stars you don’t have 10 paps sitting outside your house.

    People always comment on the still shots, but 95% of the time, a video of the same “hijack”, “stalking event”. Tells a different story.

  • chelsea


  • shammy

    Where are your heads and knocking people for how they appear by a photo. Beauty is within and not only exterior. All of the people that are negative with comments about Jen or Violet really need HELP. Our society is so warped with image,celebs, and nonsense it is disgusting.

    Love Benny boy and wish his family the BEST!

  • Adoring Fan

    Any guy that thinks Jen looks manly is more than likely a closet gay and any woman that thinks it is jealous because they all want Ben for themselves. That is the reality. For a lovely woman who has never done a wrong thing to you or anyone you know, I don’t understand the hatred for her that you all display. I wish you had the smarts to take this to heart and maybe get some much needed help for your issues. I’m sure there are free mental health clinics in your area. Good luck.

  • Mari

    Jen is has the worst sense of style. She always looks so frumpy. Why do you want to look fifty something when you are thirty something. You can so look casual w/out looking like a grandma & running shoes are for working out. To #21 what is wrong w/ Juicy Track Suits – I live in mine. They fit so good & you are causal w/o being dumpy. If you don’t like Nike tennis shoes then you certainly don’t like those Asics running shoes Jen wears all the time.

  • SJ

    I thought it was an ugly dude.

    My God, how did someone so ugly is pursuing a film career?

    Her face is one thing (what can she do about it…) but she dresses like an old grandma with no money or no fashion sense.

    She is probably the ugliest actress in world.

  • Adoring Fan

    All the guys out there saying Jen looks like a man are more than likely in the closet and the woman saying it are jealous because they want Ben for themselves. Question: what is the root of your hatred for this woman, who has not done anything to you or anyone that you know, that could cause such a display of unkindness toward her and her family?

  • josie

    Love Jen and think she’s beautiful…but that dress is not flattering. But, I’m not dressed all that flattering right now either!

  • Adoring Fan

    Josie #40 did you notice that Jen is in her own back yard? She is also barefooted. She could had been naked….she was in her own back yard.

  • sweetie

    I think Jen’s gorgeous but these are really bad photos. She does not look good here.
    Violet is so cute!

  • Lizzie

    Looking like a man does not prevent her from seeing other men…

  • zoe

    jennifer is a great mom to violet. i feel guilty for looking at these pictures- they never have their privacy. jennifer is gorgeous and i know she’s human so we shouldnt critisize for what she’s wearing but the dress is not flattering. it looked quite outdated.

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