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The Jonas Brothers - "Burning Up" Music Video

The Jonas Brothers -

The Jonas Brothers just released the music video for their new single “Burnin’ Up”, which was filmed last month in San Pedro, Calif.

In the video, Kevin, 20, learns the ways of a kung fu master by none other than David Carradine from the 1993 TV series, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Joe, 18, plays a funny-looking pornstache-combing 70′s cop a la Miami Vice. And, last but not least, Nick, 15, takes on the character of a tuxedo-wearing 007-type spy.

And there were so many cameos in the vid! Danny Trejo drops in for a quick hello. Their bodyguard Big Rob makes several appearances throughout the video, from rapping on stage with the Jonases to also learning kung fu from Carradine. Profiler‘s Robert Davi plays mahjong (a Chinese tiled game) with super spy Nick. And, best of all, their Disney pal Selena Gomez makes a quick cameo as Nick‘s Bond girl.

Watch the vid below!

The Jonas Brothers – “Burning Up” Music Video
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  • JONAs#1fan

    I am so stoked to be #1 on this, because these guys are AMAZING!!! Thanks JJ for posting!

  • oh snap!

    I love the Jonas Brothers whoa!!!


    omj that video rocks!
    I loved it!
    Selena Rocked


    omj that video rocks!
    I loved it!
    Selena Rocked

  • katie

    i really don’t like selena gomez. MILEY GET BACK AT HER!

  • Porsche

    OMG!! OMG!! I LOVE this video!!!

  • hottie

    I like Demi lovato and Miley Cyrus better than selena
    THE VIDEO IS GREAT !!! im in love with Joe :D

  • ,

    OMJ OMJ OMJ OMJ!!!!!

  • NOUR

    the video is wonderfull !
    Joe is definitley not a Zac Efron wannabe neither are Selena and Demi
    ALL of the members are getting the attention they deserve!

  • Martha

    I LOVE IT!!!!
    I think its hilarious!!!
    Nick is smokin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • jess

    OMJ I love this vid… i love when big rob makes his appearance and i love that they did something different…i really like the song itself too

  • hanna

    ok first off… that was hilarious!

    second off… joe is nothing like zac efron. hes not full of himself at all, unlike zac who LOOOOVES himself.

    third off… since when is joe getting more attention? just because he got the lead role in camp rock doesnt mean hes getting more attention. all three of them get attention.

    people just make up pointless excuses to hate them. whatever, the more haters, the more JB there is for me :)

    oh and HSM sucks! Camp rock will probably be tens million times better without zac efron and his dumb make-up wearing self and without vanessa being naked online. YEAH, I WENT THERE!

  • mrsjoejonas

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • lilly

    the suck ugly people!

    the are so HSM wannabes trying to copy them that ain’t working

  • mandy

    i wish miley or demi were nick’s james bond girl , I don’t like selena that much but the video was so cool !! nick and joe are soooo hot :D

  • Caz

    i love the video!!
    the song.. not so ok.

  • Mimi


    ^^^^ just made that up .. lmao !! .. ^^^^


  • Zenab

    OMG!! Sooo fun! And Joe is THTH (To hot to handler) xD

    Big Rob has future!

  • Fifi

    OMGG!!! THIS VIDEO IS JUST… AHH-MAZING <33 I love it… I’m like watching it over and over! They did an amazing job, and the video is kinda hilarious too (I love Big Rob’s part, man… the dude has a future!). Haha, all in all, this is their BEST video yet! They’re awesome, and whoever doesn’t think so, can go bang their head on a wall cause THEY ROCK <33

    Peace Love & Jonas

    Thanks Jared for putting this up! =]

  • Kayla

    hahaha I love it!! =)

  • Kayla

    hahaha I love it!! =)

  • Tracy

    Gina – Shut up.

    Selena isn’t even close to being ugly.

    Anyways, I loved the vid! It was entertaining. Haha

  • Loly


  • Jewel

    I loved the video and the song. i thought the concept is was cute. and i loved selena’s part.
    and im my opinion i thought they all did good and selena is well awesome. but i didnt like nicks red suit, but nick is my fave.

  • chantall

    JO bros are amazing i am watching this video after camp rock its gonna be sooo fresh to def!! lol <3 Jonas!

  • jenny jonas

    Oh my ‘effin JONAS!!!! That is the most AMAZING music video of ALL TIME!!!! OMG! Joe makes me laugh so hard when he combs his mustache and then he’s like “guys I can’t grow a mustache” haha. I ♥ Joe!!! What a babe!

  • NOUR

    oh please !
    I’am talking to the haters : if you don’t love why are you watching and comenting?

    JO’BROS (L)

  • v

    the boys childhood best friend, maya, also appears in this video. she’s the young girl in pink (i believe) seen dancing & clapping to the left of the JB


  • Anna

    Best vid EVERR !!
    I love The Jonasses & Sel.Gom. tehy are the best !!
    Aww, Joes the H0Ttest thing.
    And this song is also the hottest single of this summer !!!
    THANKS JJ <33

    XO XO

  • anon

    selena… a miley wannabe??
    uh no she said in an interview that she wants to take a different path than miley.. i think selena is BETTER than miley. shes less annoying too.

    anyways the video is cool

  • j

    i love this video! big robs rap is hilarious and only joe could pull off a pornstache. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM the songs i’ve heard so far are a new sound for them and it’s really cool; a little maroon 5ish and more mature.

  • cristina almaguer

    omggg I HATE SELENA GOMEZ i want MILEY CIRUSSSSS selena gomez wanna be mileyyy but she canttt OMGGG I HATEE HERRR

  • krispy

    “I Can’t grow a mustache” lol
    The song kind of sounds like Makes me Wonder by Maroon 5.

  • maaaaaaaaaah prado :)

    OOOMG , jonas lovers xP
    braazil :D

  • hanna

    the majority of you are just jealous of selena
    like back when “niley” existed, everyone hated miley
    get over it!

  • Gina

    Tracy why don’t you shut up !

    Miley new them first
    Miley was friends with them when the Jonas Brothers weren’t even popular I’ve seen pictures .. Selena only tries to hang around them because they’re famous ! and its TRUE !

    GO DEMI & MILEY !! because they can actual sing unlike Selena who is ugly because she is like what Mexican or something ?

  • anny

    an improvement, but they ain’t got nothing on Madonna

  • crispy

    I like Selena ,but I think i like Demi better , she’s more talented , she acts ans sings better too

    but im not hating , it’s just my opinion :D

  • miss jonas.

    Oh. My. Jonas.
    that was freaking amazing.
    but some of you are saying
    the miley or demi should have
    been nicks love interest. but i believe
    i shouldve been. hahah. but selena
    works. they are hilarious.
    i cant stop watching it.

    ive already seen camp rock though
    so tonight it wont be a suprise.
    i went to the premeiree. i actually
    got to meet them. joe said i had pretty
    eyes. hahaaa. and nick hugged me.
    i have connections. hahha.

  • jonaslove

    ok joe is NOT trying to belike zac efron at all. they are two totally different people and they have two different personalities. and just leave them alone and stop trying to compare them to other people.

  • savannah

    what was demi doing something that day that they had to
    replace her with selena?

    Ha. I looove the song and the video was cute but selena and
    nick? not a chance.

  • jonaslove

    and yeah, your right they do kind of sound like maroon five. i love how they are starting to sound a little bit different and more mature, but yet they’re still the same guys they’ve always been. :]

  • Biboboli

    Oh my gosh :) I love this song & this video is so funny <3 Selena looks so beautiful x3 Haha Love it XD

  • SELENA roxs

    Selena looked so pretty!
    and Nick looked so HOT!!!!


  • Jessica

    Anyone who’s dissing Selena is just jealous of her.

    And the JoBros are a band while HSM is a movie so how could they be a wannabe?
    Stop being stupid, people!

  • savannah

    OKAAAY. i’m jealous of selena gomez? not at alll. i justt have my reasons of not liking her as much as I do some other disneyy stars.

  • chacha

    Nick & Demi look better together , just my opinion , super cool video :)

  • Arghh-Jayy!

    ok first of all
    you can stfu beacuse talking about selena or JB wont make you any better than them
    okay so you saying
    “Selena who is ugly because she is like what Mexican or something ?”
    is totally wrong
    why does racism have to come up in a conversation all the friggin time huh!
    so advise you to shut up!!!

  • kylie


    “oh and HSM sucks! Camp rock will probably be tens million times better without zac efron and his dumb make-up wearing self and without vanessa being naked online. YEAH, I WENT THERE!”

    ohh burrn? haha that was funny, and pathetic. HSM went down in history. NOBODY knew HSM was gonna be as HUGE as it was. Camp Rock? Theres nothing special about it. Yeah Jonas Brothers. oooo. thats awsome. not really. We already know its going to be big. But HSM will always be bigger because the cast didnt know it was going to be as big as it got. so eat that!!

  • kylie

    oh and that music video sucked ass!